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"Al, that sounds serious. It's like she's trying to drag you into her domain somehow," Orla insisted. "You're a warrior of Odin. I mean, he hardly- well never- intercedes here, but you're still one of his. If you wanted this to stop, then we should think about consulting with the All-Father," she said. "Dont you think?"
10/29/2017 #121
"She already has dragged me in, I can't do anything about it. Odin is fully aware of the situation: He also agreed with her to it. Somehow he trusts me to not die again so I don't end up in her clutches, but he is aware of everything, from the initial deal to the jobs. It was something she wanted. I believe at the time it was either allow me to become hers if I died again, or everyone face Ragnorak early, and while I do not know how she planned to start it early, I'm aware that Odin took her seriously." Alfonso replied. He felt Puck grip his hand back with the one free hand the elf had.
10/29/2017 #122
"You've gotten yourself into a pickle, Al," Orla admitted with a long sigh, shaking her head at the thought. He hadnt even had a say in his fate. The gods made a deal, and expected him to comply. Now he was just dangling above hot water. Sooner or later a job would be too much. Orla was sure Hel was counting on that. This was her child, so it made sense she wanted him in her domain. Having the likes of Odin claim him must've been a blow to her pride. At least, that's what Orla assumed. If she died and wound up here, she'd imagine her own mother would raise some questions over the matter. "Striking a deal with gods is always risky business," she warned, though Al was likely all too aware of that already. "But there must be a way out of it. Unless you want to keep doing this?"
10/29/2017 #123
"It's been this way for the past 90-ish years, as long as I've been dead. I doubt there's going to be much changing that." He shrugged. Puck's grip continued to tighten in a comforting motion. Few people knew exactly all of the details of his lovely afterlife predicament, sharing them wasn't something he did in his pasttime. It was rough to talk about in the first place. Puck was the one who had to come to terms with it the most out of anyone, and he was the only one Alfonso really talked about it to when it came to how he was feeling about jobs or the whole mess of it.
10/29/2017 #124

Faye caught the look, and it was part of the reason she had set the shadows to recede. The other girl did not look like the type she wanted to cross. Faye could tell she was a warrior- hardened by battle. Faye herself was not a warrior. Despite staying at Valhalla, despite battling for her life nearly every single day- it was futile. The flame had died with Serafina, with Bastiaan. She was not some hero, she was not some great warrior. But perhaps this girl was. Cupping her chin in her hand, Faye observed her, careful and quiet. Her citrine eyes were intelligent- lemon-yellow and scrutinizing. She wondered what her star sign was. That said a lot about a person, after all.

There were some in Valhalla who laughed at Faye and her predictions. People who called it some sort of stupid voodoo magic, who said, how can the stars possibly control who we are? Faye would roll her eyes- for the stars controlled the very universe itself, and their place within it. Faye would glower at them, because they did not understand. To dismiss the will of the sky and the night was dangerously stupid.

10/29/2017 #125

"A chariot?" He frowns, "You used chariots?"

Zane paused for a moment, not moving to take his turn quite yet, "I didn't think that was a Norse thing. I figured it was just boats and maybe riding on steeds."

He took his shot, nailing one in but missing another. The problem with this was, even if he set them up, Cather was surprisingly good at accidentally messing with them. Not that he'd tell her that though of course.

10/29/2017 #126
"Well I sure as all Hel don't use them. But my mother apparently does, according to all known sources." She shrugged a little. "Seems to be something they use. Freya uses one driven by cats. My mother has one driven by a horse."

Cather made a shot and got it, and nearly had the next one -- until she was distracted by having to glare at an audience member who had come too close and missed horribly.

10/29/2017 #127

Zane shrugged, watching her. As strange as this was to him, he decided to leave it be for now. Why get so confused and let her have an opening to pick fun? He could always research later. Maybe. If he felt like it.

He fired a shot, grinning ear to ear when it sank and turned to the next one, "You seem to dislike the audience? Too much pressure on you?" He asked as he lined up the shot. He was merely setting one up, with no intention of sinking it just yet.

10/29/2017 #128
"More like too much idiocy in one room." Cather curtly replied, glancing up at him with a fainter glare than she had given the audience member. There were several reasons people chose to avoid her in times of a dour mood; her comments were one of them. The Einherjar standing around in here in their dumbfounded silence hardly counted as the brainiest bunch.
10/29/2017 #129

"Need I remind you that even the most stupid creature can be a hero?" Zane smirked. He looked up at the audience, seeing that some of them shot venomous glares his way. Clearly they were hoping Cather would win. It wasn't fun when a son of Loki stole the show. Zane could understand that. He was good at things. He had a way of getting people to drop their guards.

Waiting for her to take her turn, Zane decided to bring up what felt like, to him, the elephant in the room, "So? Aren't you going to ask anything in return?"

10/29/2017 #130
"Right. Ask for what? About what?" She moved around and shot. Nothing hit anything. Cather would be so bad at this if she didn't purposefully avoid it since most people played to the death. Dying multiple times a day just wasn't enticing to her, at all.
10/29/2017 #131

"Anything darling, how I died if you don't remember perhaps? Or if that bores you, get creative. I bet you could name any animal and I'd be able to turn into it," He moved into a new position around the table, "Life before my death... probably not as interesting to you. You seem like you couldn't care less about where I went to elementary school."

He lined up a shot, glanced up at the audience and gave them a taunting grin as he hit another ball in. Then moved to start setting up another. As he did this, he didn't even take a second glance at the pool table. Then he turned to look at Cather, waiting for her to let any curiosity have its moment.

10/29/2017 #132
"What are your main interests?" She asked, answering and asking all at once without hesitation. All people were intricate. Cather was good at reading people, but she wasn't able to read interests from their expressions or body movements. "Surely you don't just stand around torturing me and not doing anything else except to be annoying?"
10/29/2017 #133

"I do love getting under peoples skin and being a lovely every day nuisance," He hummed, but Zane leaned against the wall, "But that's only one of the things I like. I was a pretty avid reader back on Earth. Mostly graphic novels and comics honestly, I loved the visuals, but I could easily get into science fiction if you handed it to me. Been getting deep into some of the new Thor comics. You know they turned Thor into a girl in the comics?"

The mischief left his voice as he spoke, "Love binge watching NetFlix, though it's hard to really get into anything. Trying to get into Stranger Things, was on the bucket list until death came and snatched me away. Haven't had the time nor the motivation. Besides, I prefer to watch stuff with people. It's more fun when everyone reacts."

10/29/2017 #134
She wondered if Thor was aware enough to be pissed at some comic writer messing with his gender or not. It sounded like an interesting scenario, though.

"Netflix is great. It's the only modern thing I really pay any attention to." Cather said. She honestly watched it because she enjoyed most of the shows. "Stranger Things is great, but you wouldn't want to watch it with me. I've already reacted to most everything there is to react to."

10/29/2017 #135

"Then you can watch mine and find utter joy and humor out of riling me up over nothing," He says, waiting for her to take her turn, "Some petty revenge for everything I do to you. Think about it."

Zane glanced at the audience again, before deciding to ask, "How long did it take for you to learn English? Or do you die and just automatically understand it?"

10/29/2017 #136
"Maybe I will." She was being honest about it. "Oh... Well I don't know if I remember every day of learning it, but it was a good few years. I didn't go to classes that were offered - I didn't feel like fighting to the death to learn a language - but I taught myself and had help from others. It was miserable for the first 20 years before I really was able to fully speak English. It can still be curt and broken. You eventually figure it out after 4 centuries or so, of course. Sadly it is not automatic, that would have been rather nice."
10/29/2017 #137

"Twenty years?" Zane frowns, "How'd it take twenty years?"

He was forgetting the part where there probably weren't many English speakers back then in the halls of Valhalla. That it had probably been a bit more conservative to Swedish and Nordic people unless there were children of the gods who were worthy. It was possible. Always possible. Zane didn't think of that though, "It took you twenty years for one language?"

10/29/2017 #138
"Well to finalize it. I wasn't great at forming the sounds. There weren't many people who could help me." Cather replied. Her sensitivity to how long it had taken her to learn English was almost nonexistent by now, but it used to be a touchy subject. Used to be meaning maybe 200 years ago at this point.
10/29/2017 #139

Zane nodded, he could relate. Taking Spanish in High School had been horrible and difficult. Not that it wasn't a good skill, but Zane just had a hard time focusing in class. And a bit lazy. He know how to ask to use the bathroom and his name. That was basically it.

"You know anything else?" He asked, the pool game forgotten, "Swahili? French? A bunch of people on the floor are from different places aren't they? Like that girl Melody right? Surely you know more than just the two after four hundred years."

10/29/2017 #140
"I've studied Icelandic and can speak it decently enough. It's still basically Old Norse, so it's almost impossible as a language in itself." Cather had always been fascinated by Icelandic, so she had decided to learn it. "I had Puck to assist me with a lot of it for the past years because he knows it quite well. So obviously, everyone is from different places."
10/29/2017 #141

(I'm exhausted...)


Zane wasn't familiar with the elf, "Is he that elf always sneaking into Alfonso's room? Hair fussed up usually when he leaves it?" He was sure he heard the name somewhere before, but he couldn't put a face to the name.

10/29/2017 #142
(Sorry to hear that. Hope you aren't so tired soon. I'm tired too, rehearsals exhaust me.)

"You've caught on quick to the hair bit." She chuckled. The dishelvement of Puck when he came out of room was always entertaining to her, even after all of these years. It was better when they both came out looking like that, and considering Puck basically lived in Alfonso's room, the coming out of the room like that was almost normal. "That's the guy."

10/29/2017 #143

"Is he also dead?" Zane asked, "Or... do elves just come and go as they feel like it depending on who they know?"

Zane was still learning his hall mates. He was observing, seeing what made them tick. Specifically what boundaries to not cross. He figured with Cather, never disrespect her father. He didn't know the man but judging from how she spoke about avenging him, Zane knew better than to cross that line. Especially since she'd kill him easily. She was WAY more experienced than him.

"I'm guessing he's a close friend of Alfonso's," Oh Zane hadn't put two and two together yet. Then again, Zane didn't want to make quick judgement about their relationship. People could be that close and not be having sex with one another and in love romantically.

10/29/2017 #144
"Oh, no he had a demigod he was watching and they died, so he came here as a "punishment". Although let me tell you, it isn't a punishment anymore." She snickered lightly. "He and Alfonso are certainly better than simply close friends."

She knew the audience around them shifted in many ways on the topic of that couple. Many all over Valhalla had been targeting the two for years. A son of Hel wasn't tolerated in the first place, and then him dating the resident elf... It hadn't and still wasn't exactly accepted by many. Regardless, she knew Zane hadn't caught on very much yet and she was okay with him not knowing everything about everybody just yet.

10/29/2017 #145

"Ohhh...." A grin spread over his face. Not quite full of mischief but similar to the ones he'd pull, "I wouldn't have thought you'd all would tolerate that here. Good to see old conservative vikings being more accepting than the living. Make's it even more clear that they're honorable and worthy soldiers of Odin," He spoke it louder, just to make the audience shuffle uncomfortably and feel a bit guilty. After all, he wasn't blind. He saw the looks that flashed over their faces.

"Gotta say, the two of them don't look too bad together. And if the Elf can overlook Al's..." He trailed off, unsure how to say it, "you know? Appearance. Then he's a lucky guy. Too few people like that in the world."

Zane won't deny, the elf was pretty handsome. Just... in a supernatural way he was still adjusting to. The sharp features and such... made him look too unreal. And despite Al looking slightly like Two Face from Batman, he wasn't too bad off. Good looking really. The dark hair and eyes... If he knew the guy better he probably would have considered flirting to see if it got under his skin. But he had the wits to back off of their relationship.

10/29/2017 #146
"Puck overlooked that the minute he met him. He's a little overexicited sometimes." She chuckled. "That's another thing that sets people off. The face, the hand, the entire left side of his body... It's good that he even has Puck. Admittedly, I make strange friends most of the time, those two are no exception, but I have few friends, as you may have guessed. One has to deal with what they run up against. In their cases, Al and Puck are ... running up against a lot. Something Einherjar often deal with around here." Cather was pleased to see the discomfort of the audience at what Zane had said.
10/29/2017 #147

Zane nodded, listening and turning this over in his head. Honestly, was he sure he was even dead and not dreaming this up in a coma?

"And everyone else on the floor is cool with it?" Little did he know how many of his floor mates, some born and dead before his great grandfather had been a thought to the world, were actually homosexuals or bi. He hadn't quite figured it out yet all the way. Mostly because he wasn't sure if they had special friendships and were that close or not. Why couldn't Loki be good at seeing peoples emotions? As confident as Zane was in himself, he never found it right or appropriate to tell his gang buddies that he found guys as hot and sexy as girls. He didn't feel like seeing the backlash of that.

"How long have they been a thing?"

10/29/2017 #148
"Those who know don't show any discomfort. They are all fine with it, apparently." She shrugged. No one who had any problems said things, the problems came from people not on their floor. "Let's see... hmm.... Maybe ... 15 years? 20? They still act like their relationship is months old, let me tell you."
10/29/2017 #149

Orla felt helpless. Poor Puck must've felt like that too. Neither of them could do anything to help him out of this situation. The only one capable of that was aware of Al's situation, but didn't seem to be able to help. If Odin himself couldn't save him, then what could an elf and a Valkyrie do?

"There isn't anything I can do to help you, I dont think," she admitted. "But," she looked up at Al, not wanting to just leave him like this. She wanted to do something for him. Anything. He didn't deserve this. "If there is anything I can do, let me know," she insisted. "If you ever need a Valkyrie, just call on me. I know a thing or two about capturing souls," she said with a small smile.

10/29/2017 #150
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