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"Help is always appreciated." He was thankful for her offering it. Alfonso had seen how she was obviously upset with the situation. It was not a new feeling to him or Puck.

"Besides, if he did everything alone he'd capture himself accidentally." Puck had forced that one, he knew it wasn't a good joke, he also knew he had made the joke many times before. He could barely laugh about it. There was no fondness of this discussion for him at all, but sometimes telling other people helped the situation. Or made things worse.

10/30/2017 #151
"Twenty years? And they aren't married yet?" Zane gaped and then said, "I am so glad I died before they had their giant Viking wedding!"

"And fair point, Reyes doesn't care. You don't. Obviously I'm ecstatic. Guess it ain't worth it to be angry about stuff like that huh."

10/30/2017 #152
"It's amazing... I've been waiting for them to announce it randomly. Perhaps someday soon." Honestly she had thought it would have happened much sooner, especially with how Puck as a person was. But she was not against allowing them all the time they needed, for many reasons. "And good. No, it's really not, and the people who are are quite intolerable."
10/30/2017 #153

Zane shot the audience a glance when Cather said that, "Who could be so bitter about such a trivial matter and still be honorable enough to be one of Odin's warriors?" Then he looked at Cather, "Perhaps they need some nudging. After all, why not just put a ring on it if it survived fifteen to twenty years?"

10/30/2017 #154
"You're not wrong. Perhaps we should. I enjoy meddling with such things, believe it or not. It seems my meddling is what got them started in the first place." She nodded thoughtfully. Truthfully, she was beginning to wonder if Puck was pressing toward it more so recently, and perhaps planning was beginning to take form inside that mechanical mind of his. "I wonder sometimes if they've already got something planned or one of them has...I honestly have no idea, though." Another thing about relationships around here was that most broke up and got back together so often, marriage seemed useless, but 15 to 20 years was a record in Valhalla.
10/30/2017 #155

Zane looked at her, confused. She meddled in their lives and got them together? Cather? He just couldn't see it, she always had something scheduled and was to herself. He was sure had he been less annoying she'd have just ignored him completely.

"You set them up?"

10/30/2017 #156
"Well, I introduced them. I'd known Puck for a while, and Alfonso was someone I got to know separately once he arrived. But back then Puck spent most of his time with the girl he had watched over still, and I knew of failed relationships that silly elf had had before hand, so because of that I dragged him away from tagging along with her and introduced him to Alfonso. I knew I was setting up something when I did, you should've seen the nerves in that room."

Cather knew she wasn't the type to meddle with people. It had honestly taken her by surprise that she had ever considered it when she first thought of the idea, but then she had grown quite fond of it and decided to act on a whim. Lo and behold, she had done it. "Some of it probably had to do with how good I've gotten at reading people, truthfully. Puck is a little bit of an open book. It was easy to tell he was lonely and bored most of the time."

10/30/2017 #157

Zane nodded, and suddenly a viking bravely growled, "You going to play or not?"

"Patience now," Zane turned to him, "You have any idea how rare it is for Cather to not be in a mood where she wants to kill me? This is a once in a hundred year opportunity. For all I know Ragnarok could be tomorrow! I'm savoring it. It's nice to know more about the people I pester."

10/30/2017 #158
"So far I haven't managed to murder any of you for standing around or for your opinions of my friends, you should be grateful for that." Cather hissed at the crowd, glaring at the viking. She turned her attention back to Zane. "And you're welcome. My mood appears to have turned somewhat." It wasn't unusual, so she was fine with his questions.

(I'm about to head into dance for the evening, I'll be around in about an hour and 15 minutes for about 45 minutes and then I've got another hour and 15 but then I'm around for the evening and -- well just get used to me having dance every evening all week long ;) )

10/30/2017 #159

Zane merely smirked at the vikings, ignoring their glares, "Sticks and stones will break my bones but I don't give a damn for words," He said cheekily. He looked at Cather, "So Puck and Al are a happy little couple, what else can you tell me about the hall mates? Any other couples I should be wary of? You got yourself a lucky dead demigod? Or mortal. Either works."

10/30/2017 #160
She nearly scoffed at the concept. As if she had interest in anyone. "No. I've been interested in people in the past, but it's rare for me to become attached. You get attached here, most of the time it fades away. I haven't had the capability to feel anything real in centuries."
10/30/2017 #161

"That's not really possible darling, not unless you're a sociopath. Everyone feels something. You're just trying not to, even if you don't realize it," Zane didn't believe you had a say in how you felt. You could try but he believed that there was nothing to stop being happy or sad. Not by the person.

"Or maybe you want me out of your hair."

10/30/2017 #162
"Perhaps it's both." She retorted. Admittedly, emotions were possible, but she wasn't willing to say that in front of all of these people who weren't supposed to know deep things about her anyways. "Or neither." That was supposed to confuse them, she didn't need anyone on her case.
10/30/2017 #163

Zane just grinned, unable to let that slide.

"Both or neither? If its neither than you must want me to harass you," He wasn't going to let that go, "Only explanation I can think of really. Come on Cather's, you can whisper it in my ears. I'll get down on my knees too if you'd like."

10/30/2017 #164
"You will do no such thing." She was back to being annoyed again. "I will also tell you no such thing. I won't sink to your level."
10/30/2017 #165

"Aw..." He looked at her, "Come on, please?"

Zane looked at her, "And need I remind you darling, you can't tell me what to do. I don't really like being told what to do if you haven't noticed."

One of the vikings snorted, trying to be discreet about his laughter.

10/30/2017 #166
Cather sent a scowl at the Viking who laughed.

"Fine then. Both." It really sucked that Zane was almost as much of a stubborn person as she was. It meant arguments were always going to be far harder to win. "But surely you have taken a look or two around and seen some people you find attractive as well?"

10/30/2017 #167

"Oh of course," Zane straightened up a tad, ignoring the viking, "Have I acted on it? Not quite yet. Why?" He teasingly waggled his eyebrows, "You know something I don't?"

10/30/2017 #168
"Nothing at all. Just thought you might be the type to do so." Cather honestly wasn't aware of anyone harboring anything for the newbie that Zane was. As with most, though, given time, he would go through enough relationships that he would learn. Few people didn't have a few flings in Valhalla, and excusing some of those who identified as asexual, most people had times in death where they wanted to be close to another again. It was how it was.
10/30/2017 #169
Zane looked at her, feeling a bit cheeky. He raised an eyebrow, "The type to what? Flirt? Cather everyone flirts with everyone. The world is changing. Probably not for the better but that's debatable."

He looked down at her, "Everyone's a flirt."

10/31/2017 #170
"To flirt, yes. To chase those who you want." Cather crossed her arms. "Not as if you've been here long enough to take any action on anyone anyways, but you're not wrong with the idea of everyone being a flirt."
10/31/2017 #171
Zane smiled, "How would you know? You been watching me?" He looked at her with a raised eyebrow, way too cocky.

"Constantly watching me are you?" He moved to put his elbow on her shoulder.

10/31/2017 #172
"Gods no. You just come off as that type of person." As if she had any interest in men in the first place. Zane was just another sort of friend person to her, nothing more anyways. "You wish."
10/31/2017 #173

Zane smirked, seeing she wasn't shoving him away, "You're fond of me."

"Seems they've given up their game," A viking grumbled annoyed. Zane ignored them. He was getting good at that.

10/31/2017 #174
"Only to as much of an extent as need be." Damn it, he knew he was winning with this. She had to watch her gaurd or he would totally beat her at it all today.
10/31/2017 #175

Zane, feeling accomplished, reached over to the table and took his ten dollars. He was so tempted to take hers but knew it result with a good stab in his side. Regardless of the no impaling rule.

"Come on Cather, you know you love me," He said it loosely. It didn't hold the same weight as one would suddenly declare to someone, thrusting the contents of their soul to them. He meant it in the same way you care about someone. There were different forms of love. Zane, he meant friend love. Or, 'I want to decapitate and stab you' love. Not romantic. After all, he hadn't ever seen Cather check out any guys at the evening feast, so he wondered where her romantic interests laid, if any existed.

10/31/2017 #176
"Oh please." She took her own money and returned to her arms crossed position. She wasn't in the mood to bargain with him about whether she cared about him or not.
10/31/2017 #177

"Oh don't be so heartless," Zane hooked his thumbs into his pockets, "You know you do. There's no use denying it."

Of course, if he kept getting under her skin like this it would be closer to the killing him sort of relationship. Which was fine with him really. Zane didn't really care, at least now, how people saw him. If they saw him as an annoying pain in the butt, fine. He certainly was. If he was seen as intimidating, not just by height but because of his dad, then so be it.

10/31/2017 #178
Cather didn't have an immediate reply to that. She was certain that she wanted Zane as a friend, or at least a close compatriot. She had never wanted him as an enemy, that was for sure. And now she was feeling confident about their building relationship.

"Let's take this elsewhere. I don't want to murder our audience."

10/31/2017 #179

"Why? I do," That definitely changed the atmosphere of the room. The son of Loki looked at them, still smiling, but he seemed even more like a daddy's boy. But looking at Cather, it lessened and disappeared, "Isn't that the point living here? Kill the other residents repeatedly?"

10/31/2017 #180
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