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"Well yes, but if you want to explain how an entire room went down -- actually, no, wait. Let's see what we can do them?" She asked, smirking at the surrounding audience.
10/31/2017 #181

"It's a no impaling zone," One of the vikings reminded.

Zane scoffed, "Then let's take it outside," Zane reached for his sword, which rested comfortable along the side of his leg and hip as a newly familiar weight. He knew he'd likely be killed. But he wanted to see how many he could take down first. Then when he came back to life he'd try again.

10/31/2017 #182
"Like he said." Cather felt around in her cape to find some of her most recent bottled experiments. Blowing people up was always much more entertaining to her. It would be fun to destroy an audience such as this.
10/31/2017 #183

"I don't think that's possible," Orla grumbled, looking at Puck with slight discontent. Maybe he was trying to lighten up the mood, but she clearly wasn't buying it. The seriousness with Al outweighed her need for comic relief.

She sighed, looking back at Alfonso. "Im glad you told me, though. Just let me know when you're going out for Hel, and I can accompany you. Two heads are better than one, after all."

10/31/2017 #184
Puck considered answering that, but stayed silent. He knew Al didn't mind it, since he'd heard variations of it quite a few times whenever explanation was needed to be given; evidently Orla didn't enjoy the attempt.

"Will do." He nodded. Getting anyone's help with the jobs was always good. Puck usually went with him - excusing the times he did not, like the most recent one - but other people could certainly be help from time to time.

10/31/2017 #185

"Come on you cowards. Are you vikings? Or the pathetic zombie minions playing for the Giant's team?" Zane taunted, "The first person to kill the most annoying son of Loki in history gets a reward!!!!"

That peaked everyone's attention to where a crowd of twenty rushed out. Consisting of burly vikings and the older einherji. Zane gave a wide grin, laughing. He raised the sword into his hand, "Works wonders that trick doesn't it?"

10/31/2017 #186

"Taunting is the best method." She sighed, pulling out several vials, and waving them slightly in front of her, gauging how far they would need to be thrown to hit the farthest and nearest people. "Who wants a taste?"

Cather threw a few towards the attacking vikings with all she had. Hopefully some of them would go flying. She saw most hit some targets.

10/31/2017 . Edited 10/31/2017 #187

Zane watched, body relaxed. He held his sword and for a moment, it looked like he was content just letting Cather blow them to bits. But then he stepped away from her, bringing her sword down to catch someone in the side.

If there was one thing he learned in Valhalla, going for a killing blow was impossible right away. You had to wear them down. Used other people to do it for you. Cut someone's legs out, they'll bleed out or be trampled to death first. Lead them into the path of a dangerous monster that Helgi and Hunding unleashed on them. Manipulate the situation. So, he had to use what he could to hack away at these people, use them against each other. Take them down as best he could. Because he knew if he went in for a straight kill, someone would do the same to him.

And being stabbed hurt.

10/31/2017 #188

She continued throwing as many as she could find in her cape. Best to start by blowing them up before actually trying anything with a weapon that she had to stick them with. Zane appeared to be holding back a little first as well, although he was probably waiting for the proper time.

"They'll be charging faster soon." Cather warned, as if he needed it. They would do their best to kill him.

10/31/2017 #189

"I wonder if we're getting any new einherjar added to this hall tonight," Orla mused, deciding to switch the subject since it seemed to be a somewhat heavy topic. She was just glad that Al agreed to let her help. She'd hold him to that too. Going alone on such a dangerous task wasn't a good idea. Though she expected his boyfriend helped, Puck also had other duties. Such as the two-week-long favor he just completed, and Al wound up by himself. In those situations, it was nice to know you had someone else to turn to. Al clearly couldn't get out of this station easily, so she considered this serving the warriors of Odin. It was best he didn't die in Midgard and wind up in Helheim.

10/31/2017 #190

"Always depends on how many people are choosing to die in a night." Puck decided to point out, ignoring the little eye roll Alfonso gave at it. "And you can't deny that it isn't true. I mean, we don't get a lot of people at once most of the time, but perhaps someone was flown in and we'll meet them later. You never know. You humans are very predictable."

10/31/2017 #191

(Anyone wanna RP with Reyes?)

The first time Zane had been in a fight in Valhalla, he died pretty early. Like most newbies. It was painful. Looking back was one of those mistakes that would help him die more often than not. So, holding off against the vikings, he was grateful for the hallway. It wasn't big enough for all of them to get them. And he only needed to hold off against two or three at once as they crowded from behind. And the explosions, for the unfortunate ones who were in the center of it, they stood little chance.

"I need to learn some of that!" He turned into a lemur suddenly, running up someone's arm. He climbed up along their arm, jumping along their heads.

10/31/2017 #192

"Maybe I'll teach you sometime."

Cather finished up what she could of the vials in her cape, and then cupped her hand, a black flame forming in it.

"Who wants a piece of this?" She called out, prepping to throw it. People should fear her more, she thought, they simply disliked her to almost hatred because of her natural attitude but in truth, they should really fear her because of her use of dark magics. At least, that's what she thought. In truth, maybe people did fear her because of this.

Either way, several got blasted off their feet with the force of the dark wave that hit them that came from her.

10/31/2017 . Edited 10/31/2017 #193

The lemur jumped nimbly, landing next to her. He'd been aiming for her shoulder but he hadn't anticipated her attack. Zane shifted back, "Can't I just take a class?" He held his sword up, seeing the numbers dwindled to less than half, "I mean they've got a class for everything here. Why not mysterious potion making to the death?"

Of course, the idea of knowing some magic appealed to him. It reminded him of the movie version of his father, the amazing tricks Loki always had up his sleeves when fighting his foes. Shapeshifting was cool. Magic on top of that, well... Zane was more than a little tempted.

10/31/2017 #194
"Oh sure, but they don't do it as well. It's all to the death. Better to learn alchemy on your own and teach yourself and not die so much." The ancient art form of alchemy was hard enough to figure out at first, and nowadays her potions generally were helped by being made with her own dark magic having some input. Zane would only learn the basics if he tried, but sometimes the basics were all one needed.

She threw another large wave at the Vikings, the remainder of which were beginning to look a little more alarmed. Good. They needed to be worried.

11/1/2017 #195
Zane raised an eyebrow, "So? Isn't the class itself deadly? One wrong move and kaboom!"

Zane looked at the remaining Vikings, "Anyone wanna surrender? We might spare you if you do," A lie. Zane would kill them. But he knew the idea was still appealing. "Who wants to face death once more?"

Zane moved in for a kill, bringing his sword up to the gut of a Viking.

11/1/2017 #196
"Well of course, but they aim to kill you in the end regardless of how well you did on a potion or experiment they gave you." She had no taste for such tasks as that, and had always avoided classes around Valhalla anyways.

Cather was a little tired of throwing flaming balls at these Einherjar in particular, who made it clear they wouldn't stop until every last one of them were dead. That obviously included herself, but she wasn't going to let that happen. After another few fireballs, she stood and stared at the lovely mess they had created thus far, smiting a guy in the face who had come too close.

11/1/2017 #197
11/1/2017 #198
(Sorry im in the car)
11/1/2017 #199

"It's the point to be a challenge isn't it?"

Zane looked around, seeing maybe four remaining Einherjar. The others took a sad temporary fate. Or maybe they ran away. Zane looked at Cather, "I'd might have paid attention in school if we killed each other. It makes things more-" He stopped, turning and driving his sword through someones neck. He had a knife wedged into his right side. It was painful, but not faltering anymore, he continued, "interesting. See? I might have done better than a C average."

He took a sharp breathe through his nose. He wasn't dead yet.

11/1/2017 #200
"C average?" Truthfully she didn't understand modern grading. She'd never attended school in life either - wasn't proper enough - so she didn't understand what all the fuss about it was what with not wanting to go to it. Cather had always wanted to get to go to school, but Valhalla's schooling was too annoying.

"Good luck with that," She motioned to the knife in his side, throwing another black veil in someone's face.

11/1/2017 #201

"It's not good but it's not horrible. It's what you get when you know the stuff and are smart but too lazy to do care enough for anything better," He explained, "C's are like a pass. You were average."

Average did not seem like a word that should apply to Zane. But it did. With his report cards. He touched the handle, unsure how to properly remove this without killing himself in front of Cather, "I'd have more fun fighting people to the death with a protractor than sitting in a desk all day every day five days a week."

11/1/2017 #202
"Ah. I see." She nodded briefly, waving her hands at the last two remaining people who both took the chance to flee. Looking over at him, Cather smirked. "Want some help with that?"
11/1/2017 #203

"Nah..." He took it tightly by the handle it ripped it out. The blade was covered in blood and a nice splotch developed on his shirt. He would be angry if the ravens weren't talented at stitching and getting rid of blood stains.

He clenched his teeth for a minute, "I'm probably going to die from blood loss, so my best bet would be to just start walking and hope I die near floor 31."

11/1/2017 #204
"I could levitate you there. Knocking out some Vikings hasn't killed my strength off yet." She suggested idly. "And anyways, flying is fun. Surely it would be entertaining for you to make me walk down the hall with you floating above my head?"
11/1/2017 #205

"As entertaining as that would be and you are being incredibly kind in a way that strongly contradicts the annoyed manner you regard me with," Zane looked at her, "I would prefer to walk than fall unconscious above your head before I die."

He turned, moving towards the elevator. His hand pressed down against the wound to slow the blood flow, something he learned early in his first month of Valhalla.

11/1/2017 #206

"Would've been a great way to go..." She muttered, but let him go with what he wanted. Oh well. Cather followed him to the elevator, not glancing back at the scene they had left behind.

11/1/2017 #207

He leaned into the wall, pressing the 31st button and leaned his head back into the wall as well. Zane stared focused at the light in the ceiling, "Levitation isn't something you'd learn in alchemy or something I'd expect a child of Nott to know. You also telepathic for some strange reason?"

11/1/2017 #208

"It's just a giant black cloud of the smokey stuff that shows up when a person uses dark magic. Nothing telepathic. And alchemy is separate from dark magic - well, only if you want it to be." She shrugged a little. "I can basically do whatever I want with it, but it does exhaust a person after enough use."

11/1/2017 #209

"Dark magic?" He raised an eyebrow, "Shouldn't that be my father's specialty more than your mother's?"

Zane closed his eyes for a moment, trying to remember what he did know about Norse Mythology. Other than that Thor was Odin's son, married to Sif, and that everyone HATES Loki. Opening them again, he stared at the elevator door, watching the numbers tick.

11/1/2017 #210
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