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In this thread, you will find all plotlines that are being generally used for characters, which serve as "missions". It should be said that the plots you will find here are only outlines for missions that characters can partake in. These loosely placed outlines are meant to provide the group who goes upon it with a goal in mind and nothing more: they can be taken in any direction that someone feels is needed, although the goal should generally be kept in mind and hopefully achieved.

All sorts of things can happen on a mission, as I'm sure everyone is sure of from having read or seen it in all formats of stories. Outcomes can be cruel or calm, it depends on how the story carries itself. This is why these are simply outlines. Anything can happen to a character on a mission: they can be taken out early, enter late, or even die (if that's the objective you have in mind for your character). Other things can be taken into the story, maybe some personal connection to something within the mission, even a complete sidequest in the middle of it is totally possible. That being said, this is like any RPG where full consent of the people within a party must be given for dramatic measures to be taken.

If you have ideas about where you'd like things to go, those can be discussed in the adjoined thread, Plot Discussions. If you have a full on mission-idea, pitch it! If a mission is decided, and a mod or admin isn't already involved in it, please contact one so that the mission can be posted fully. The person that has created the mission is totally allowed to post it in here, but it must be an outline of the full thing. (Just follow previous examples to fill out how you're going to write it.)

And as always, have fun! That's the objective of this whole concept anyways, so go ahead and do it! (Brainstorm like crazy if you want.) No one will be judged on what they come up with for a mission and all ideas will be considered (and welcomed)!

1/4/2018 #1

Mission/Arc Title:

Status: Incomplete


A strange child has appeared in Berlin, Germany. This girl takes on the appearance of a poor beggar child, and often wanders the streets, now feared by the locals of the city. She owns a thrift shop, in which shifty figures enter in and out of daily. Rumor has it around the worlds that this girl sells powers as never seen before.

In Asgard, the gods have mostly discredited this story, believing it to not be worth their time. Only Idun, goddess of youth and guardians of the apples of youth, is still trying to figure out what part this girl plays. She has sent the word out to the Einherjar of Valhalla, believing that perhaps they can help hunt the "little girl" down and figure out exactly what is happening and who that girl belongs to.

With the little investigation that has been done, Idun has discovered the child owns a strange shape in a teacup. This "thing" appears to be what gives the child control over the store. The shape is sentient, and dangerous. More rumors have played with the concept that this child is sent from somewhere dark from the discovery of the shape, but the locals of Berlin have no concept of where it might have all come from. This, Idun has decided, must be discovered in order to destroy this power that might be a threat.

Berlin must be rid of the creature that rests within, as it may be a possible seed to plant a whole bush of problems for the gods.

OCs Involved:

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All of mine are ready to participate as needed!

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Alright, great!

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