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Deva Fiend

if anyone who still reads this forum, i need to ask a question. basically i'm having trouble remembering the name and the author of a fanfiction i read either early last year or late the year before(2008), i can tell you wants it about and how many pages was written (62) when i last read the fic. 1) its about Naraku, Sesshoumaru and Usagi/Serena/another name used? 2)She is found by Naraku or one of his puppets in a cave with i think no clothes on she doesn't remember who she is and doesn't know were she's at 3) he lies to her and gives her a false name because she can sense when he's doing bad, im not sure how but she knows when he does bad things so he makes something up 4) he has two of his puppets as her watcher and he also desires her as a woman 5) her emotions can cause havoc on the world 6) she meets sesshoumaru who saves her from men who thinks she's a demon but he doesn't rescue her on purpose it's because she smells like Naraku 7) she has not met the inu-gang but they know of her through different events transpiring 8) she meets Kaede because Naraku decides to leave her at a village 9)Kaede trust her and treat's Usagi like a grand-daugther 10) there is more but i can't remember it all.

So if anyone has a clue as to this fic's name or author please let me know either through here or my email: or leave me a message as a review on my page here at ffnet: Devafiend

3/25/2010 #1

The fic is called Breathless and it's by Jay FicLover. A very unique fic for sure, it does not follow the normal type of events that Usagi usually goes through when in an Inuyasha crossover. Still the plot is great and the way the characters are cast is close to their cannon personalities. All in all, a good fic to read.

8/20/2010 #2
memento kuro

Do either of you know why she hasn't updated this story since '07? She may have said already on her profile and took it off?.... I found it and finished reading it around 3 months ago and very surprised there's no explanation for the delay. I love her take on Usagi/Sess. I know reasons can range from losing interest, needing a break, to who knows what else. There ar ethose of us who care. One would think she would leave it on her profile to stay until whatever reason has her starting up again. I hope she's ok.

10/26/2011 #3
Jay FicLover

If you guys still want to know, I've finally updated "Breathless".

At last.

I know I took my sweet time but life and writer's block happened so please don't kill me. _

4/29/2012 #4
memento kuro

I actually JUST saw your message as an email notification :0.......

Of course there are those of us who still want to know!

I never thought badly of you, just to let you know....but I did wonder as any normal person would when they care about something.

If I were you, I'd assume someone is humbly waiting.

I am going to read it RIGHT NOW :)

THANK YOU for coming back and I hope you're alright xD

5/2/2012 #5
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