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CGI Tumbleweed
THIS FIRST POST TELLS WHO'S AVAILABLE (and yes it is current) I will continuously edit this post to show off the bat which movie characters are open. Just post in this tread to request someone. Made-up bios can just be posted for reference as people join up. *Taken Movie Characters* Lightning Mater Sally Chick Hicks Doc Hudson Tia and Mia Guido (but Luigi is still open!) Ramone King Mrs. Weathers (King's wife) Sarge Wingo and possible also Boost (although may just be for one thread) Red Lizzie
8/20/2006 . Edited 5/23/2007 #1
CGI Tumbleweed
Ok all, here's the bio for my made-up character :) Name: Benny Gender: he's a boy Relative Age: Um, around 17 movie time, so I guess going with when this role play takes place he's early twenties. Model: Turbo edition New Model VW Bug Color/Paint Job: Just a solid blue color, not too light or dark Personality: Very friendly, optomistic, and a tad naive, Benny comes across as "Kidish" alot of times, but he's pretty much always in a good mood. He's sensitive though, and has a tendency to get his feelings hurt easily. Also very rule following and law abiding Other: He's a life time resident of Radiator Springs. Benny doesn't follow racing at all, but every since Lightening showed up and he found out about Doc's past, the young bug looks up to the two with a sort of awe-struck, hero worshipness he tries to hide. He figures Doc has to like him, and his view on him just went from thinking their town doctor was just plain great to viewing him as completely awesome! Yet Lightening, being new and slightly older than Benny, causes the Bug to feel happy and honored whenever he lets him hang out with him.
8/22/2006 . Edited 8/25/2006 #2
Florida's Firefly
Name: Star McQueen Gender: Girl Relative Age: About 5 years old Model: Kind of a cross between her parents, she's built a bit more like Sally. Color/Paint Job: A soft purple, just the blend of her parents' colors. She has a tiny white star print at the top of her hood with a few flecks of white alongside it (making them look like freckles). Personality: Pretty smart for a kid her age, she's usually good at listening to her mom and dad but she tends to get in trouble a lot. Her key trait is that she is VERY stubborn and sometimes doesn't know when to quit. She doesn't let her small size get in the way of anything, even if it includes confronting someone much bigger than her. She's got her dad's eyes, stubborness, and gift for speed as well as her mom's surefire s***. She looks up Lightning as probably her biggest hero. Other: One of the residents of Radiator Springs that Star really loves and admires is Mater. He's like a big brother to her. Star also has assumed that Doc knows everyhing, so she's always asking him questions. Picture: (Copy and paste)
8/24/2006 #3
CGI Tumbleweed
Ok, here's my other character :) I just had to use him. This isn't all my characters by any means, but it's all the ones I'm using. Name: Phil Flash Nickname: “The Flash” Gender: boy Relative Age: around 21 movie time, so around 26 here. Model: Ford GT Color/Paint Job: blue with yellow racing stripes on his hood. Personality: Phil’s always come across as mature, even for his age, being the quite thoughtful type. He thinks through things before acting. A young champion racer along with his brother, Firestorm, in a dirt track racing championship a few counties and states have come up with called the “Dusty Treads”. This fame (or as much as a dirt track racer gets) hadn’t gone to his head, like it did his brother, and he remains gracious and humble about his winnings. [Ok, this next part all but gives you the main parts of a story I have holding, but oh well, I just have to use Phil!] Other: Phil and Benny met when Benny got pulled into the middle of this dirt track racing championship when Phil’s sponsors noticed him and wanted to replace “The Flash” with this kid they said could be a sure thing (Phil had been coming in second after popping a few tires). After finding out about this, (and after Phil saved the Bug from an attempt by Firestorm to “take out their replacement”) Benny wouldn’t stand for it and left, forcing them to take Phil back. At first, Phil didn’t think he would be able to go back, but Benny convinced him in the end and today “The Flash” is like a big brother to Benny, and the GT has been becoming fond of the grand people around in Radiator Springs. He doesn’t live in Radiator Springs, but he’s staying for a bit.
8/25/2006 . Edited 8/30/2006 #4
Florida's Firefly
Name: Bando Hicks Gender: Boy Relative Age: Five Model: Pretty close to Chick's make, see the picture below Color/Paint Job: Only a slightly lighter green than his dad's Personality: Bando may be Chick's son and a very boyish boy, he's still a kid. But if there's ever someone who tells him there's something he can't do, he'll do just about whatever it takes to prove that person wrong. This can present the problem of him getting in trouble trying to prove himself. (More info will come soon, his character's pretty new.) Other: Bando is Chick Hick's son. Not long after the events of the movie, Chick ended up marrying a young woman named Nora that appreciated his Piston Cup (she didn't exactly care HOW he got it). Four years after Bando was born, though, they split up. Nora didn't want to take Bando, so this is where Chick's soft side shows. He isn't exactly the MOST cut-out father, but God bless 'im, he tries. Now for most of his dad's races, Bando tags along for the ride, and does some training himself to be a great racer. Chick's been inclined to wise up in his ways a bit since he's been stuck with Bando, but still does whatever it takes to win, since he's got this kid now that looks up to him.
8/26/2006 #5
Florida's Firefly
Oh, yeah, here's the link to his picture.
8/26/2006 #6
CGI Tumbleweed
OOC: Ok, I'm going to go ahead and use The Flash's brother, Firestorm, as well, since it's a bit odd using Flash and not him. Here's his bio. Name: Firestorm Flash Gender: boy Relative Age: around 21 movie time, so around 26 here. Model: Ford GT Color/Paint Job: orange with gray racing stripes on his hood. Personality: Impulsive and has a short temper. Firestorm gets angry very easily. He's also arrogant and fame goes/ and did go to his head very easily and quickly. Other: Took the incident with his and his brother's , "The Flash", sponosors dumping them for Benny with less than grace; vowing revenge and trying to take the VW Bug out permanantly. He just got a little carried away during his mission and did feel a tab bit guilty after injuring the kid. Nowadays, Firestorm has yet to join back up in the dirt racing circuit (claiming that he'd just deck his sponsors and a lot of other people if he every saw them again). Not on good terms with Benny, the Radiator Springs crowd or even his brother (who's just shocked at what Firestorm attemtped), the brash Ford GT is trying to turn's just slow coming, esspecially since he backtracks due to the anger that crops up everytime his sponsors are mentioned (even mention of Benny makes his oil pressure boil a bit, but he's working on this since he knows the kid doesn't deserve it).
8/30/2006 #7
The Shattered Spirit
Indeed, I believe that Lightning McQueen got his talent from thin air. If anything, it HAD to be a great Chevy Stingray, in essential, is his father. Hoorah. Offical Name: Landen Dubrunsky Nickname: Speed Demon/ Lightin' calls his 'Speedy' Color Eyes: Blue (duh!) Style of Car: Chevrolet Stingray Color/Paint Job: Ebony. Black rules. Labeled and outlined in a sapphire hue and white, the numbers '77' brights up the dark color he was given. Random stickers of unkown gas stations, oil dealers, tire brands and other kinds of accessory stores are plastered over bumper and hood. Strange, yes? He did it all himself... Personality: Spontaneous. Loves spur-of-the-moment attractions (the largest frying pan, Biltmore Estate, the largest ball of twine, etc...) and weird things... Is ridiculously rebellious. Despite his hatred of the police, he likes making fun of them, as well as mocking them. He knocks down road signs, knocks road punks off highways and routes, throwing cones and clashing with those 'little reflector thingies' to not end. Seems only to be mature when giving unneeded advice in the absolutely wrong moments. Or ironic, perhaps. Either way, it p*** people off. Is incredibly soft-hearted with children, older rusted up cars and vans and trucks of sorts, and his own son...hmm... Is a trickester. Likes to screw up normal things, like putting signs upside down, running through screens and fences, switching out letters of signs and even the lightings of them as well. He likes being on TV, which is obviously a very bad thing. But what could he possibly say? He fell asleep in 1970-something-or-another and woke up in 2006, when television is too popular and can do stupid things in front of millions of people. Hoorah! At times, he can be very selfish and can sometimes have a flaring which is no good for the 'opponent' when THIS clever demon gets angry... Other?: Is enchanted. How you find this out is in the story. Read! :D Has a wife, too...a Vet. A red Vet. Not a race car, but fast enough, even if she DOES choose not to speed...kinda weird...from records and Speedy, her only other identification is that her name is 'Angela' or, in other words, 'Angel'. A/N: I have a posted story of this! Read, please, and I'll give you a cookie. :D I also have pictures, but no hoo. :( Should I develope any kinds of creations, I will indeed send them at request. But for now, I have nothing. Wah.
10/21/2006 . Edited 10/21/2006 #8
Name: Ashley Motors Gender: Girl Relative Age: About 7 years old Model: Chevy Cavalier Color/Paint Job: Pink with white wave lines down her side Personality: She is a very sweet girl. She usually doesn't get mad at anything, and always looks on the positive side of everything. Even if someone was to hurt her she would not retaliate, because she would never want to hurt someone. She always listened to her parents, and is very upset because of their deaths. Other: Ashley, and her sister Jenn just drove into the town after her parents had just been killed on the interstate in a big accident. They have no other family what so ever.
10/27/2006 #9
Name: Jennifer Motors Gender: Girl Relative Age: 6 years old Model: Kia Sephia Color/Paint Job: Neon orange with blue flames Personality: She is also a sweet girl, but don't get her mad. Unlike Ashley she will tell you how she feels. She doesn't like to fight with people, but will not let someone hurt her, or make a fool of her. She didn't listen to her parents as well as Ashley did, but she tried her best too. She is just as depressed about their parents deaths, as Ashley is but she's not showing it. She does not easily show her emotions. Other: Jenn, and her sister Ashley just drove into the town after her parents had just been killed on the interstate in a big accident. They have no other family what so ever.
10/27/2006 #10
Name: Mercedes "Mercie" Gender: Female Relative Age: 16 Model: Mercedes M class Color/Paint Job: Teal with purple designs going down the sides. Personality: She usually makes guys fall for her. She is very beautiful. She has bright green eyes. Can be very mysterious. Other: Traveling along the interstate, and found Radiator Springs so she decided to stop. Her parents are rich and dont really bother with her too much, but she doesn't care as long as she gets there money shes happy.
11/1/2006 #11
Florida's Firefly
This is the character I'm gonna start an RPG on here about, hopefully. Name: Becky May (Her last name is not yet given) Gender: Female Relative Age: Somewhere in her late twenties Model: A tow truck with a rather similar model to Mater's Color/Paint Job: She's got a dark orange, somewhat rusty paint job and she has aquaish-green eyes Personality: Becky is anything but afraid of getting in the dirt. She comes from the countyside of southern Alabama and she's skillfully trained in herding. Although she is a tow truck, she prefers to use her tow cable as a lasso. Although spunky and seemingly fearless, she can be mean and a bit harsh to anyone she doesn't know or doesn't like. Also, she's hiding something huge from the folks or Radiator Springs.
11/5/2006 #12
Three Wooden Crosses
Okay, ya'll might already know my characters, but I'm just gonna go ahead and post them. ;) Name: Amy Bug Age: 5 Model: VW Bug (unlike Sally and her mom, Amy is a Bug, like her father) Color: Green Description: Amy has hazel eyes, and has 1 eyelash on each side of her eyes/windshield. Personality: Amy is a sweetheart. She has a heart of gold, and is willing to help anyone in need. She is just like Sally. But there's a side of her that is UNBELIEVEABLE. She LOVES to snoop in her family's stuff, like diaries. She is also a daredevil, but can be the goody-two shoes type sometimes. Except for that, Amy's a little angel. Other: Amy is Sally's little sister. Amy and Sally's mom and dad are Fred and Bonnie. Fred is a blue VW Bug, and Bonnie is a green Carrera Porsche. Fred used to be the famous racecar, "Buzzer Bug". Sally ran away like she said she did in the movie, and after that, Fred gave up his celebrity life just to get Sally back. Fred hates going to races now, like Doc did. XD
11/19/2006 #13
Three Wooden Crosses
Name: Tiffany Hicks Age: 5 Model: Honda Civic Color: Metallic Silver Description: Tiff has pretty brown eyes, but they're a little darker than Nora's. Personality: Tiffany is very very sweet. She is very easy to get along with. But she's usually very quiet and shy. She loves to explore, but not too far. Tiff will do anything for anybody, even if it means putting others first. She doesn't talk very much, but when she does, it's a mouthful and usually very important. But, if you get Tiffany mad, LOOK OUT! Other: Tiffany is Nora and Chick Hicks' daughter. She is Bando's twin, but they're fraternal twins. Tiffany misses her brother dearly, and when she thinks about him, she usually ends up crying. Her main goal is to find Bando again, and get Nora and Chick back together. But that mostly seems impossible right now, to her. Nora doesn't take her to Chick's races anymore, so she watches them on TV behind Nora's back. She secretly still loves her daddy Chick, but doesn't let anybody know it. She admires and looks up to Nora, and someday hopes she'll be as beautiful as Nora. (Which she probably will, for Tiff looks exactly like her)
11/19/2006 #14
Three Wooden Crosses
OOC: Oh, and I forgot to mention, Amy and Fred are the new version of the VW Bug.
11/19/2006 #15
Three Wooden Crosses
Ya know, like Benny. The New Turbo Edition. Okay, I'm gonna stop explaining now. XD Sorry for leaving another reply. XD
11/23/2006 #16
CGI Tumbleweed
Name: Wally Gender: boy Relative Age: 12 Model: VW Bug (with a bit more of an elegant style after his mom) Color/Paint Job: pale yellow Personality: more curiosity than he needs, tends to get him into trouble. Good humored. Deep down he would do anything to protect his younger sister, Lily, but he also, while loving enough towards her, tries to maintain that he's not wimpy or anything and so doesn't over do it. Wally is just a normal VW bug and it bothers him to no end since he wants to be a Turbo edition like his father! The fact that Lily got their father's speed doesn't help either, though he would never take it out on her in jelousy or anything.
12/6/2006 . Edited 12/10/2006 #17
Three Wooden Crosses
Here's a new character I'm gonna play. :D Sorry I'm playing so much characters..let's review..I'm playing Amy, Chick, Sally, Tiffany, Tia and Mia. Oh snap. :/ Name: Rosia (pronounced Rosie) Age: 20 Model: Buick Century Color/Paint Job: A pretty violet Description: She has pretty sky blue eyes Personality: Rosia will so about anything you ask her to. She's absaloutly sweet as can be. She loves about anyone that's nice and kind to her. Rosia will stand her ground and other's too. She likes to get in the action. She is an extremely good fighter, since she's learned from her older brothers when she was a young girl. She's hiding a little secret from Radiator Springs.. Other: This is her secret. Her family abused her 24/7. She HAD to fight with her brothers; she didn't have a choice. It was either learn to fight or get beat up. Her mother hit her hard, and her dad nearly broke her engine once. Rosia went away because she was sick and tired of being treated that way. She has several dents that hurt. Her engine is a little messed up, too. BTW, I'm gonna put in Rosia a little later.
12/7/2006 #18
Name: Lily Gender: girl Relative Age: 6 Model: Mercedes Color/Paint Job: light purple Personality: She is really shy, and adores Star, Amy, Ashley, and Jenn. She looks up to them. Mostly Star. She is the sweetest little girl you could ever meet. She never causes trouble, and will always listen to all the adults in Radiator Springs. She looks like her mom, but is fast like her Dad. (Sadie is fast to, but she never really raced or anything.) She looks up to Wally to. Instead of calling Doc, Doc. She has always called him gramp. Without the influence of anyone.
12/9/2006 #19
Florida's Firefly
Name - Aaron Age - Just over a year Paint Job - very much a similar paint shade as his mom's, kinda earthy dark orange Eyes - bright green like Mater's Model - more similar to Becky's model than Mater's Personality - Like his dad, Aaron has the makings of a good country boy in him. Even though he still can't quite drive on his own yet, he's quite vocal for such a little guy. But "Mama" and "Dada" are the only things he can say so far. He's also quite the little troublemaker, and has no shame of it whatsoever. (XD)
1/14/2007 #20
Three Wooden Crosses
They're not characters I play in the RPGs, but I have brought them up before. I just wanna give out sommore info. Name: Gary Age: 20 Model: Z-71 Chevy Color/Paint Job: Red Description: He has dark brown eyes Personality: Gary was all sweet and kind at first, but then started just being plain cruel to Rosia. He dispised both Rosia and Alisha, and wanted to get rid of them. Other: Gary is Rosia's ex-husband. Rosia called a divorce when he started being cruel to her and Alisha. He was the one that caused Alisha to disappear. Gary did it on purpose. He crashed into Alisha and her grandmother, making them wreck. Alisha suddenly just disappeared. Everyone assumes she's dead. Ever since Rosia ran away, Gary's been on the look-out for her. The least place he expects to find her is in Radiator Springs. AND Name: Alisha Age: She was 2 yrs old when she "died" Model: Buick Century Color/Paint Job: A red violet, the blend of her parent's colors Description: She has dark brown eyes like her dad Personality: Alisha is afraid of the world and is even shyer than Tiffany. Inside, Alisha's a huge sweetheart and a good friend. She can be a little sensitive at times, but has a heart of gold. Other: Alisha, yes, was spun off the road in the wreck. She spun off into a nearby forest and was stranded for about 2 hrs. A female royal blue Cadillac happened to be taking a drive in the forest and found Alisha and adopted her. Alisha is now about oh...22 years old maybe, and has grown into a beautiful young woman. She isn't married or dating yet. She is still pretty scared of the world but doesn't know why. She is constantly trying to find out more about her past, and about who her birth mom and dad are.
1/14/2007 #21
Buick Regal Racecar 56
If I'm not on my topic, these are the characters I'm going to be. Name: Kina Ann Weathers Age: 20 Model: 1970 Plymouth Superbird Color/Paint Job: Mainly silver, with a gold 56 on her side. Black stripes. She sponsors for Thunderbolt Production Studios. Description: She has silver eyes with flecks of gold. Personality: She's sweet, and has a way of seeming really innocent. She's always nice to everyone, no matter what. Other: She's The King's niece, to get confusions out of the way. She almost landed Dinoco, but she didn't want to- since TPS let her stick with the silver and gold and black. She sometimes hangs out with her best friend when she's not racing. Name: Fantasy Age: 19 Model: Mustang GT Color/Paint Job: Black with silver dragons and a few red roses. Description: She has pink eyes. Personality: She has a rough edge that shows through when you get her angry or upset. Description: Fantasy cheers on her best friend, Kina, while Kina's racing, but is always nervous when Kina invites Fantasy to Kina's uncle's house, since he is The King. Fantasy's favorite racer, besides Kina, is The King. Her least favorite is Chick Hicks. Sometimes, Fantasy goes a little too far with her anger, and has been known to really hurt people.
1/17/2007 #22
Buick Regal Racecar 56
I forgot about some other characters I'm going to use sometimes. Name: Ranger Age: 65 Model: 1942 Army Jeep Color/Paint Job: Light olive green Description: Light olive green eyes Personality: She has a way of seeing the good in everybody. She is always optimistic, except when around Sarge, her more than just a best friend since 1960. Other: Ranger came to Radiator Springs in 1960, lost and scared. Then she fell in love with Sarge. About in 1962, she left. Now she's come back and surprise- they're still in love. Anyways, she has always loved Sarge, and doesn't care who knows. Just because she's always been that way. Name: Thunder Hicks Age: Four years younger than Chick Model: 1980's Buick Regal Racecar Color/Paint Job: Mainly red with a single blue stripe down his center. Silver 26. Description: Green eyes. Personality: A lot nicer than his brother, practically the exact opposite. Other: In truth, Thunder is a Sith fan. Although he hasn't seen Chick in years, he still keeps up with his family. Although, he's not too happy when he finds out that Chick keeps forgetting him.
1/18/2007 #23
Luca the Loner
*Shifty eyes* This is totally not what I'm used to when I think of forums, 'cause it feels like I should...sign up or something rather then just...pop up. So I'm not %100 sure how any of this works, so bear with me here and let me know if I screw something up. ^.^ I've role-played before though, so at least I know how to do THAT...hum, looks like Lightning and Chick already have kids, dang I can't use Rook or Flash. ^.^ Well, I shall have to improvise here...'kay, 'kay, here goes! Name: Rook McGill Gender: Female Relative Age: 18, 19-ish in the New Girl RP Model: Ford Taurus Color/Paint Job: Black with an orange Nitroade logo on her side. Number 23 Eye Color: Pale blue Personality: Rook is quite a character. She is bold, outgoing, fearless and always ready to share her opinion on things. Rook has an ego, thought it's not TOO overblown and she knows she's not invincible (a lesson she learned just recently). Quite fiesty, she's not one to park on her tires if someone decides to lash out at her, and she won't hesitate to let someone know they're bugging her. Rook hardly ever keeps quiet, and likes to be in the know when it comes to town events. Rook loves to race, and with her good acceleration and amazing speed, has a lot of talent, but, as all racers do, she has a few flaws she needs to work out. The huge obsticle that she's never really been able to fix is that she can't handle sharp turns and is rather...unstable, making her an easy target for those drivers who are a little more aggressive. Extremely competitive, Rook loves nothing more then a good race, or, if you don't feel like racing, a good game will satisfy her. Rook, despite the fact she is a bit prickly, really is a sweet gal once a car gets used to her sometimes brash manner. Oh, and count her out of any girl talk, she's a tomboy and simply refuses to participate in any girly girl stuff. Other: On a mission to find her parents. Rook was abandoned in Radiator Springs at about two years old, so when Flo stumbled across a very young Ford Taurus all alone, the townsfolk took her in and raised her. However, they didn't lie to her, and she knows none of them are her REAL parents. Rook grew up in Radiator Springs, but as she got older, the more she wondered why her parents had left her all by herself, and eventually, at around 17, she ran away to go looking for them. Rook never found them, but she did discover her knack for racing, and caught the attention of the owners of the Nitroade company. Wasn't long until she became a member of their racing team, and she's raced Lightning himself a few times (of course, being a rookie she hasn't ever come close to beating our favorite scarlet racer). Still, Rook gave all she had to each of her races, hoping that maybe her parents would hear that their daughter was now a talented racer and would come looking for her. Just recently, Rook was involved in a crash that was neither almost-fatal nor career-ending, but enough to have to docters say she would have to stay off the track for awhile. So, she's decided to come visit her old home again. One of her favorite sayings is: "Check, and mate." Voice Actor: Nicole Sullivan - ((I absolutely love her voice ^.^))
2/5/2007 . Edited 6/1/2007 #24
*raises hand* Can I be Ramone? :)
2/8/2007 #25
CGI Tumbleweed
Sure Yoshizilla, he's all yours! I'll edit it to put him down as taken
2/8/2007 #26
Yes! WOOHOO!! *throws confetti* And I guess I'll be Mack, too, since no one's using him. :D
2/9/2007 #27
CGI Tumbleweed
Ok, I'll have to check Mack's status. I'm not sure, but I think he might have been taken and I didn't jot it down.
2/9/2007 #28
Okay, I can wait for Mack to be determined. I'll just check out the other RPs. As Ramone, of course. XP
2/9/2007 #29
CGI Tumbleweed
It's ok Mack's all yours :)
2/12/2007 #30
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