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Wildebunny the Eternal

Any complaints about me specifically relating to reviews or anything else can be addressed here.

1/19/2018 . Edited 1/19/2018 #1

The Starleaf story. That's all I have to say. Also CHANGE THE RATING IT VIOLATES RULES

1/21/2018 #2
Wildebunny the Eternal

I respectfully disagree because while it might be above the rating it requires, I don't think that is an issue. Also, in my own view, I think elements of terrorism are enough to make it T instead of K plus.

1/21/2018 #3
Samuel Seabury

Can you please leave my stories alone. I get an account, and wait until I am allowed to post, then immediatly you are the first reveiwer and you say that there is somthing wrong with my stories. I happen to like the chappters I put out, and I see no reason for you to feel the overwhelming scence of get these stories off, immediately. I get that you are a stickler for the rules, but please get on someone else's case. I can find at least 3 other storys that have 'submit your own charecter's.' The same holds true for the story-less chapters... Thank you for looking at my stories, but I want constructive criticism. Larkfur, over and out!

1/24/2018 . Edited 1/24/2018 #4
Wildebunny the Eternal

Following website rules lead to better experiences for everyone. Use FORUMS to solicit ideas and suggestions. As for constructive criticism: Use spellcheck. Your complaint post is riddled with errors.

1/24/2018 #5
WARNING: Post contains an opinion that might not be yours! You have been warned. Venomheart, there is a fine line between critic and nitpicking. In your case you are way over it. ( As far as i know). If you want to actually review a story/chapter don't just complain. Say what was actually good. If you never find something good to write about you might have to go to another website or lower your standarts. This is the internet after all. (Also i don't think that your name "Venomheart" helps people to see you as an good guy. But thats just my point of view) But anyways the critic you do isnt bad as it, it's just to much negative/critical at once and without balance. If you keep going you will be called a hater and thus be ignored. I hope that i helped to show what people think about this. I didn't mean to attac you in any regards, so please don't get me wrong.
1/25/2018 #6
Wildebunny the Eternal

I give actual reviews to stories I read for content, not for ones mentioning rules in passing through. Sometimes, there's nothing to praise about a character list or OC submission sheet.

1/25/2018 #7


1/26/2018 . Edited 1/27/2018 #8
Wildebunny the Eternal

Your fanfic suffers from actual problems beyond just this site's guidelines: Copyright infringement granted it's an unreadable mess because you can't be bothered to fix it, it doesn't mean it should stand.

1/26/2018 #9


1/26/2018 . Edited 1/27/2018 #10
Wildebunny the Eternal
See? You have a major problem with letting people be. Please make actual CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, not nitpicky criticism. Really, no one likes this criticism, except for a few people. VERY few people.

Sorry, it doesn't take any SKILL to copy and paste from a book and change a few words. Here's some criticism for ya: Stop stealing and actually try writing.

1/26/2018 #11
To Venomheart: 1. Can you prove it? 2. If so: Why don't you report it to an actual admin? To the author: If he is right stop what you're doing otherwise report him to the support. To both of you: You're both not constructive to this. If you continue to accuse one another for doing something wrong you wont reach anything. Look at yourself instead and look waht you could change/ do better. I know i dont actually have to do with this that much, but people like you guys make it quit difficult to enjoy being on this website. So please: Pull yourself together, both of you! Futhermore will i look up if Venomheart is right with waht he says. If so i will support him on this specific case, because copy and past isnt actual writing, but an insult to the author. If not Venomheart might get in trouble, if he continues with then would be wrong acusses.
1/27/2018 #12
* ...continues with what then would be a wrong accuse.
1/27/2018 #13
Wildebunny the Eternal

Feel free to compare ch2 of his story with ch4 of the dragonet prophecy.


"I assume you used your NightWing powers to figure out I wasn't going to hurt the SeaWing. Perhaps you even had a vision of my visit today. No doubt you already know I am taking you into the next cave to have a private conversation with you."

The Dragonet Prophecy:

I assume you used your NightWing powers to figure out that I wasn't going to harm the SeaWing. Perhaps you even had a vision of my visit today. No doubt you already know that I'm going to take you into the next cavern for a private conversation.

There are multiple excerpts that are taken like this but his story is an unreadable mess. I think there's like 4-5 occurrences of such. Yes, I have reported it but the website like never acts on these things.

Most problems on this site are dealt with because the author chooses to comply rather than having the admins do anything.

I think his CH1 also violates website rules for the same reason but... that means you actually have to read it.

Edit: originally thought it was ch1 of the dragonet prophecy. Anyway, reading the first book / his story you can easily see multiple similarities. There is no way his story coulda been written without the books already open.

Another excerpt CH5 of the Dragonet Prophecy:

"I joined the Talons of Peace to stop killing dragons," Webs said. "I won't argue with Morrowseer, but I'm not doing it myself."

His CH2: "I joined The Talons of Peace to stop killing dragons, not to kill more. I won't argue with Morrowseer, but I'm not doing it."

1/27/2018 . Edited 1/27/2018 #14
First things first: I dont know this book so i had to improvise. But my results are now here after reading all reviews, some parts of the story and some extern stiff. : Venomheart was right about the format of the chapters, which are quit hard to read. The problem of the copied parts is not that easy. You could argue that because he said that he wanted to stay close to the book it is ok. You could say those parts just let you know where in the original story you would be. But it could also be just the laziness to write something original. Either way stop it Artoriasninja, to prevent further problems like reports to admins etc. As you can read from this i wont report this story, at least not now. If you continue this however i will. Thats all i have to say to THIS. Venomheart you're not of the hook yet. I saw your reviews. Most of them (85%) have at least parts of actual critic in them. Your problem is that when you say something that is right you deliver it in a way that it looks like an insult or treat: "Wall of text crits you for over 9000. You die." So try to be nice leave things like that out. You should say something like: "No offens, bit in my opinion...", "You could improve your story by..." Etc. The point is dont offend people (wich is quit easy here, especially new and young authors). Otherwise thy wont take you serious and you end up in conversations like this. I hope this might help at this conflict and future reviews. Id even like to see some consturctive critic from you under my stories when i upload them on this website (probably Steven Universe, Star Trek and or HTTYD).
1/27/2018 #15


1/27/2018 . Edited 1/27/2018 #16
See? He is offended, so be nice or at least act like it.
1/27/2018 #17
Wildebunny the Eternal

Out of the reviews, I've written, one counts as genuine constructive criticism.

For the record, the last time mentioning that particular story to him was like...... a month ago.

Edit: For him.

1/27/2018 . Edited 1/27/2018 #18
Nice to see that you can give constructive criticism. But you have to make it the norm. Not just once. I dont wanna preach here or turn this into an argument. So here some tipps/ basic rules for reviews: 1. Say something only if it is true. 2. Never insult someone, even if he/she did so. 3. Be helpfull and dont just complain, offer tipps/help. 4. Be polite and try to mention something, if there isnt any ackowled thier effort (ae at new writers to this page). 5. Do not nitpick, exept if asked ro do so (actually happens \_(ツ)_/ ) Stick to them and there wont be any complaing or threat. Exept from people you already offset. Good luck dealing with those, they can be just as anoing as some of your... lets say "bad" reviews. Live long and review properly.
1/28/2018 #19
*Stick to these rules...
1/28/2018 #20

You're a fucking asshole who loves to cyberbully the other people on here into removing their stories. I banned you forever so that your really mean comments come up.

2/7/2018 . Edited 2/7/2018 #21

You shouldn't bully the other people on this site.

2/7/2018 . Edited 2/7/2018 #22
Dankius Memeius

Sweet hallelujah!!

2/7/2018 #23

I like how people preach against your reviews, yet they're the ones breaking site rules. I in no way support you as a reviewer, but still, it's quite entertaining to watch the hate flow as an outsider. Realistically, it'd be nice if you perhaps contributed the occasional piece of actual constructive criticism or frugal compliment, though I entirely understand not doing so. Fanfiction society has degraded, partially because of this website's lackluster rule enforcement, even more so because of its poor coding and social features, which inspire the rule-breaking stories.

Anyway, I saw this forum and thought I might as well drop a post. Have a wonderful evening.

2/11/2018 #24
Its been a while, but now decieded to check on you. I knew people dusliked you but now... Anyway as i told if you wouldnt be nice you would get problems. I dosent matter if you're wrong or right with your critic. You delivered it as hate (if you wanted to dosnt make a difference) and thus people hate you now. If those guys gain enough attention, you will even be hated by people you didn't upset and by people with influence on this page. It basicly dosent matter now what you do, you went into war with an internet-community after all. You have 3 options: 1. Ignore everyone and eventually get in trouble with the support (if it didnt allready happend). 2. Make an public apologie and/or via PM to every author you have attatcked. 3. Delete your account. I tried to help but it seems hopeless, you must live with the consequences. The internet dosent forget neither does it forgive (easily).
2/12/2018 #25
Wildebunny the Eternal

I do review with constructive criticism occasionally.

You seem to be delusional. You know there are 4 large forums that exist primarily dealing with rule-breaking stories, right? I don't include this one.

1 - Website admins don't care else reporting forums wouldn't exist.

2 - Not happening, I'm not gonna apologize for something that I'm in the right on.

3 - LOL, users can't delete accounts (that's a fact by the way.)

4 - Please learn paragraphs.

2/12/2018 #26

Really delusional? If anything maybe overly dramatic. However if the support dosent care about rule-breaking storie, it dosent give you the right to bully the authors writting those. We could argue if you actuallly bully them or not, but i dont think it would lead anywhere, also thats not the point. The point is that apparently they feel like you do so. So if you dont like the content simply ignore it. I could say how horrible some of your storys are (like "a really big favor"), but i dont. Why? Its just my opinion and i dont have to invest time with trying to destroy something. Especially if that just causes hate from someone, who put effort into it. So why do you? Tell me. Also about the account: Thanks for the info, i didnt knew that. Regarding the paragraphs: I use them, but for some reason this stupid page dosent upload it as intended. So sorry for that, but i cant change that at the moment. (Exept you have any idea.)

2/12/2018 . Edited 2/12/2018 #27
Wildebunny the Eternal

Feel free to give your blunt critique on that story.

You can't really worry about the minor hurt feelings of people when reviewing either to inform or rules or opinion or otherwise.

Some feel like I'm bullying them but there are also people thanking me.

2/12/2018 #28
You didnt answer my question: Why do you make the effort to read a story you dont like/hate and then to upset the author by a review about how much you do so. Also why do you think those guys, who didnt listen to the rules in first place, would listen to you? They wouldnt, just like you with the people telling you to chill and leave them alone. Also: As i have heart you complained about fanfics on PAW Patrol. I mean this is like a show for 5 years old. What do you expect the authors to be?
2/12/2018 #29
"Feel free to give your blunt critique on that story."

Why schould i waste my time by doing that, what would i achive?

2/12/2018 #30
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