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Wildebunny the Eternal
You didnt answer my question: Why do you make the effort to read a story you dont like/hate and then to upset the author by a review about how much you do so. Also why do you think those guys, who didnt listen to the rules in first place, would listen to you? They wouldnt, just like you with the people telling you to chill and leave them alone. Also: As i have heart you complained about fanfics on PAW Patrol. I mean this is like a show for 5 years old. What do you expect the authors to be?

The authors if they follow the rules should be above 13. Not everyone reads the rules, so the reactions are different. Some are thankful for the reminders.

Most of my reviews are neutral anyway.

2/12/2018 #31

Not really a complaint, but people have been publishing MA content on this site for a quite a long time. (This site was established almost 20 years ago now.) Why is this all happening now? I've never seen people leaving these types of reviews (ex. Telling someone to remove a story for sexual content) this much before.

2/13/2018 #32
removed acc

Dear Venomheart, I chat with Coraldawn over FanFiction email very frequently, and I have to say that this first review was fairly disappointing. I have hope she'll get positive feedback, and though I feel it was useful, this was(according to her profile) her first story and my fourth(I wrote it with her) and we'd appreciate some positivity. With respect, Azureflower

2/17/2018 #33

Hiiii! I'd just like to add something here.

Some times critics help you improve right? Some times they notice things that you don't.

But sometimes, you don't just call a story trash because YOU don't like it.



3/18/2018 #34
Please stop stalking my stories and me! The only two you haven't critisised are Warriors: Dumb ways to die and Wings that bring the silent night! Leave me and my stories alone, okay?
5/19/2018 #35
removed acc

Hey, hey, hey...

Are you all right? You seem a little a lot on edge, need some help?

5/19/2018 #36
No thank you, Azure. I'm just a bit annoyed that Venomheart reviews every single one of my stories (almost) with a negetive comment, last time less than an hour after I published it!
5/19/2018 #37
Wildebunny the Eternal

Follow website rules and learn to take constructive criticism.

5/20/2018 #38
Be less mean and learn the difference between constructive criticism andannoying criticism.
5/20/2018 #39
removed acc


5/20/2018 #40
Wildebunny the Eternal
Be less mean and learn the difference between constructive criticism andannoying criticism.

Even if you don't like it, there's no point of pretty much taking the premise of an already existing story and writing it in your own words without adding anything to it.

Be original.

The code of the clans summary was pretty much your plot and you didn't even add anything beyond that.

5/20/2018 #41
Even if you don't like an author's story, there's no point in swearing in the review.
5/21/2018 #42
Wildebunny the Eternal

How sheltered are you?

I don't appreciate knockoffs of official stories. There wasn't even any attempt to add value.

5/21/2018 #43
I actually thought up how it would go and wrote the entire one-shot before I realised how similar it was to the other. I didn't copy. It just happened to be similar.
5/21/2018 #44
Seriously? Leave my stories alone! There are hundreds of other rule breaking stories out there but you just have to pick out mine. Really?
6/3/2018 #45
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