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Agent Rosalia slowly pushed herself up. She rubbed the drying blood from her lip as she took in her surroundings. Another new cell. At least this one had a bed, even if it wasn't the most comfortable. The walls were mostly blank, lined with thin cushioning. Perhaps soundproofing? There was a small trunk in the corner, but she was in no rush to check it. Her eyes roamed over to the camera, its light silently blinking as it watched her every move. She smirked, giving it a small wave.

The spy had no idea how long she had been held captive in the enemy's facility now. It was pretty hard to track time with no clocks, windows or natural light. It was also difficult when coupled with the frequent blackouts. They had threatened her, beaten her, tried to bribe her, tried to control her mind and beaten her again. But her lips were sealed. And through it all she remained resilient, cocky even. In their efforts to break her, they only seemed to be breaking themselves, now at their wit's end. Through it all she refused to turn against her own organisation, ready to take their secrets to the grave.

So here she was, waiting to see what else awaited her. What other tricks would these fools try?

She would soon find out.

4/2/2018 #1
starlight glare

As the spy remained silent and stubborn in her captives grasp, resisting their methods of torture from the fiesty female spy they were running out of ideas, it had been several days since the last attempt to extract information and now they had decided to try more unorthodox methods. the camera lit up, a small red light lighting up as the door to her now cushioned and large plush bed filled cell opened, into the small cell stomped a white humanoid form, with plastic carved abs, chisled white formed muscles and exposed mechanical parts at its joints, the android figure stood at least 7 foot tall, on the torso plate of the robot was printed 'Fuckatron 6000, for all your ploughing needs', a blue gleam of light blinking beneath its sunglasses/visor like eyes as it scanned the agent, tracking her movements. the door swiftly closed behind the machine sealing her inside with the mechanical man, no signs of it approaching her, for the momentit just observed her movements ( your android friend, can you describe Rosalia in more detail please?

4/2/2018 #2

The Agent watched him carefully, a nonchalant air about her as she regarded him. "Someone get a new action figure to play with?" she asked, her tone bored as she inspected her nails. She crossed one leg over the other, her posture seemingly casual, but secretly coiled and ready to strike should she need to.

After a few minutes of silence, the spy ignoring the imposing figure; she spared a glance at him again, pushing her long white hair over her shoulder. Her pale green eyes roamed over the robot, silently checking for any visible weak spots. She raised an eyebrow when she read the name. Wow there are some perverts around here......why would they use something like that as a cover for their weapons trade? She thought.

"Don't want to get your own hands dirty?" she asked the camera, her fingertips touching her bruised cheek and bloodied lip. She scoffed "Well, any more than you already have?"

4/2/2018 #3
starlight glare

without warning the android moved closer to the cocky agent raising a arm the hand flipped back revealing a sort of barrel or tube, what might possibly be a weapon concealed in its arm the agent couldnt dodge him within the confines of the small room and his inhuman speed seem too much for her, getting behind her and pressing the barrel to her backside the device activated, a powerful suction formed and it quickly formed a tight grasp on her tight catsuit, literally stripping the clothing from her flesh leaving her in her underwear, somehow leaving her undergarments unharmed, the stealth practical agents outfit consumed and torn from her body dissipearing in the androids arm before his hand snapped back into place, only a vacuum formed hickey on her ass cheek left in the clothings place as evidence

4/2/2018 #4

It moved without warning. She was quick to dodge, but not quick enough as it had her backed into the wall in a few seconds flat.

Before Agent Rosalia had a chance to make another move, the thing's hand snapped open. She stared down the barrel of a gun. So, they were going to finish her off then?

But in a movement too fast to process, the barrel was pressed to her backside. She felt her catsuit restrict, pulling painfully tight against her skin before tearing and vanishing inside the tube with a 'thunk'

She stared up at it with wide eyes "What the fuck just happened?!" she said aloud, bewildered. She rubbed her backside, another tender bruise littering her skin. She looked past the machine, sending a hard glare to the camera, unfazed by the fact that she now sat in nothing but a black bra and thong. She was a Spy, they had to be ready to do anything, and their attempt to humiliate her would be a waste of time.

4/2/2018 #5
starlight glare

with a loud distict whirring of mechanical parts the black front of the androids crotch began to activate, the pieca that looked like the front of his underpants split in two and began to open like a set of launch bay doors, a large black phallic shape extending out, 'launching' from its dock the stand tall and proudly before the andoird, extending out 15 inches, the unfeeling rubbery flesh imposing enough before making a sound like a power drill, spinning violently in a display of power

4/2/2018 #6

The Agent watched cautiously, not knowing what to expect. But somewhere deep down she was beginning to suspect where this was going. Her eyes widened a little as something began to emerge, growing longer and larger till it reached its full height. Her jaw set, the only minuscule show of her emotions. Her eyes flicked to the camera, then back to the robot when a loud whirring filled the air.

She raised an eyebrow "Seriously?" she said, a perfect mask of bravado. "You circle-jerking little creeps think this is funny?" she said to the camera, trying to ignore the robot's new, intimidating appendage.

4/2/2018 #7
starlight glare

as she ignored the android before her its massive black phallic like apendage spinning around it suddenly shot before her eyes, springing forward on a powerful piston with a force that could pound through concrete, the force of its sudden motion causing a draft before retreating back into is position just as swiftly, the mechanical man reaching out and seizing one of her wrists in its powerful grasp pulling her onto the bed, planting her face down onto the matress the android positioning behind her even with its emotionless face its intentions clear, the sound of its powerful piston hissing with pressure

4/2/2018 #8

She jerked back on instinct, the phallus a black blur before her eyes. Her hair lightly wafted in her eyes in the draft it created. "Holy..mother of.." she whispered to herself. She scooted back, getting ready to leap past this thing, but just as she sprang forward, it grabbed her with a crushing grip. Her bones protested under the pressure, feeling as if her already battered shoulder would be torn from the socket as her slammed her into the bed. She yelled a protest, voice muffled by the rough sheets.

The Agent felt a cold streak of fear run through her when she realised what was about to happen, gulping audibly at the sound of that hissing piston "Oh shit..." She immediately began to struggle, kicking out at the damned android.

4/2/2018 #9
starlight glare

as she kicked the the android she made it miss with its intial 'thrust' the black pistoning phallus bursting forth punching a hole in the surface of the bed between her thighs, the sping loaded member slowly retracted in preperation to be fired once more, the robots arms divided, splitting in half to form two sets of arms, each arm grasping at her wrists and ankles pinning her to the bed her legs forced wide apart to take the mechanical mans pistoned fury, not bothering to remove her thong the undergarment obvioulsy not providing suffieciant defense to be a concern, now at his mercy its eyes flashing in a calculating manner "reveal the intel ... reveal or suffer the consequences" it said in a bleeping robotic monotone voice

4/3/2018 #10

The Agent masked her shock with a carefully constructed pokerface. She immediately tried to flip herself over, the twist out of the android's grip, but suddenly found herself fighting multiple hands. "Shit!" she muttered with a feral growl, twisting and kicking as best she could before she her limbs were practically yanked out of their sockets.

She grit her teeth, keeping her cool even though she was now strung out and completely at the androids mercy. She cast him a glare over her shoulder, her bruised and split lips pressed in a thin line. She would not betray her people.

4/3/2018 #11
starlight glare

the hips of the mechanical man movd forward, pressing the head of its imitation manhood against her thong, nuzzled between the shape of her pussy lips, the piston hissing as he counted down "intelligence gathering failed, vagina desruction will commence in 5...4...3....2.......1...." with a hiss of pressure the black faaux phallus surged forward in an instant, punching a hole directly through the thong and spearing the agents entire pussy in an instant, her insides felt warped by the brutal entrance, stretch by the assault and her cervix hammered by the cock, as quickly as it entered it returted back, leaving a massive void within seconds

4/3/2018 #12

She swallowed hard, closing her eyes tight and bracing herself. This wasn't her first mission, it wasn't the first time she'd been captured by the enemy, and she had already suffered their handiwork for at least a few weeks by now. She wouldn't cave. She wouldn't tell them anything!

Agent Rosalia grit her teeth, burying her face in the rough sheets to keep from screaming when that massive thing violated her. The android's phallus entered her with enough force to shunt her forward, but the vice-like hands holding her down forced her to take the brunt of it. She balled her fists, nails digging into her palms but refused to speak, only the muffled grunts of pain leaving her lips as the android hammered into her mercilessly.

4/3/2018 #13
starlight glare

after the intitial thrust the black phallus began to thrust back and forth rythmically pumping in and out Rosalia's throbbing pussy, her tight slit now molded to the shape of the unfeeling machines member, on the sounds of mechanical pumping and of her her flesh being pounded filling the room the robot man began to buzz, the sound droning out as fluid began to flood the agaents pussy, a thick white syrup pumping out inside of her as if orgasming she felt the strange substance filling her insides, the mixture was a combination of lubricant, stimuants and a powerful aphrodisiac which was highly addictive, the android now fucking her more smoothly her pussy stretched and lubed up to take him the feeling of intial pain slowing replaced with a numb sense of euphoric pleasure "reveal ... the ... intel" he repeated is his monotone voice

4/4/2018 #14

She grit her teeth, waiting for it all to end. But she knew it wouldn't be quick, no. There was no way of telling how long this would last, not with the mechanical beast pumping into her. Who knew how long that thing's batteries would last?

She tried to concentrate on breathing. She could get through this. It's not like she hadn't had to sleep with an enemy on a mission before.

Suddenly the Agent gasped, her eyes sprang open as she felt something spurt inside her. She wriggled, trying to get away from the unknown substance, but the huge black cock was buried far too deep inside her. She pressed her lips shut, trying to hold back a whine at the odd sensation, it was cool and tingling, but burned at the same time. She felt her heart begin to race, a shudder rolling though her as whatever it was began to affect her body.

She balled her fists tighter, trying to focus on the sting as her nails cut her palms......instead of the strange.....pleasure building.... "hnng!....N-ne...ah!..N-NEVER!" she growled out, keeping her voice schooled.

4/4/2018 #15
starlight glare

As Rosalia was now pumped full of pleasure enhancing, mind numbing chemicals the restraints on her wrists and ankles lifted, the agent speared on the rubbery fake manhood just sliding herself free of its length would be a struggle as synthetic plasctic hips pressed tight against her ass cheeks, a cool sensation on her cheeks making her tingle in comparision to the burning friction that still made her pussy ache, all stood still for a moment as she was stuffed with both aphrodisiacs and botrod before hearing a whirr of motors and within moments the cock stuffing her insides began to spin and rotate, drilling inside her sloppy lube drooling hole, stirring up her insides at a fearsome speed, lube still oozing into her as her cervix feels the length spinning against it her tight folds grinding around the spinning manhood

4/4/2018 #16

The Agent tried to keep her breathing and heart-rate under control. She relied on her training to keep herself calm...but the chemical pumped into her were strong. When the restraints loosened, she gripped the bedding, her legs trembling as the android thrust deep, over and over. She bit back a moan as the head of the thick rubber phallus hit her cervix over and over again, making her ache deep inside.

Without a doubt, she'd be feeling this for days! Suddenly, Rosalia could hear another sound. She spared a glance over her shoulder at her emotionless partner. She had no idea what to expect before suddenly she felt the thick, vibrating cock begin to spin. "F-Fuuu-UUUU-uuu-uuck!" she cried out! She gripped the sheets tighter, her back arching as she tried, and failed to fight off the building pleasure as the droid literallydrilled into her aching cunt. It quickly built up an alarming speed, robbing her of breath......oh hell no....she would not allow it to do this to her....would not allow it to make her feel this way! She thought as her body began to tighten.

4/4/2018 #17
starlight glare

being relentlessly drilled, the fuchatron 6000, powered away between Rosalias thighs, its motors showing no signs of burning out surely she would break before the machine, only the constant spurting of lube stopped the friction making her pussy burst into flames the endless liquid pouring from her and pooling on the bed making the surface slippery and it even tainted the air around them creating a intoxicating smell, the agent unaware she was slowly being hooked on the robots fluids, a mix of drilling, pounding and hammering fucked the agaents pussy in all directions and as her womb sloshed full of its potent drug seeding her it repeated "reveal...." the monotone voice sounding more demanding, a loud clunk sound stirring the agents attention as something more was coming

4/4/2018 #18

A shudder rolled through her. The Agent wanted to move, she wanted to pull herself free, but her body would not comply. She felt hazy, something was wrong. Had they drugged her?

"hnng....n-nooo.....mhhh!" she cried out, still refusing to comply. She was a top agent. She wouldn't be broken! She bit her swollen lip, trying to hold back the moans building in her throat. It felt so good. Deep down, a part of her wanted to give in to the pleasure. But she would never allow that! "F-ffuuuck! No! Never!" she cried out, tightening her white-knuckled grip on the sticky sheets. She desperately choked back another moan, eyes cracking open at the sound of another mechanism whirring to life. She swallowed hard as the droid's pummeling thrusts rocked her into the bed, bracing herself as best she could.

4/4/2018 #19
starlight glare

behind her she could hear another set of his 'bay doors' opening and as the black member drilled into her a second toy pressed itself at her tight rear, a jet of the white drug laced ooze spurting inside her ass preparing her for what was about to come, a second fake black rubbery manhood pressing tight against her rear before the piston hissed and powered the entire length into her, the agent now with both holes speared on whirring rotating cocks her holes gushing with the powerful drug that slowly melted away her resistance as hew lower body was pounded and ravaged

4/4/2018 #20

Agent Rosalia kept her eyes shut and her ears trained. She heard the mechanisms whirring, the clicking as a compartment opened, and the hiss as something sparked into motion.

Her hips jolted when she felt something splash her skin, followed by the blunt pressure against her rear. "Oh fuuu-" she managed to shout before her ass was speared open. She whimpered this time, her arms slipping from under her as her back passage was forced open in one harsh thrust. She whined and squirmed, trying desperately to cope with the new appendage. The Agent's tight holes were stuffed so full and so deep, she couldn't take it. "Oh shii...mmmhh....gnaah please!" she cried. The searing pain was quickly fading, her senses overwhelmed with pleasure. Something deep in her mind was telling her to accept this, she wanted it! Needed it!

Rosalia shook her head, desperately trying to keep a grasp on reality. "'re to-oo-ooo much!!.....hnnngg!....s-s-slow d-do-ow-nnn!" she begged, her voice stuttering with every brutal thrust. "Stop!" she cried "D-don't!"

She begged over and over, but as the drug seeped deeper into her system, her pleas were slowly changing "Hnng do-on't stop!....unng...ple-eeease.....mhh..Don't st-o-o-p!! ahhh...yesss...yesssss!"

4/4/2018 #21
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