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_Last Post_ Mikro wiggled signaling a giggle as she nodded excitedly. Her little bell antenna banging together in excitement. "Yes, so she will be born from an egg most likely like I was. Wow.....maybe there will be lots of us soon" She chimed before looking up as he did at the two moons, slight tears coming down her face as she wiped at them and hugged Kosmo with her little hands grabbing at his back. Sniffles coming from her form as it shivered mostly simulating crying since her body was starting to melt slightly but still kept together. "You....found me a home, thank you!" She chimed out and pulled back before bringing in their faces and curling their antenna together and kissing him once again. Her face blooming a soft blue before she excitedly tried to get up, tripping slightly due to his tail and also due to her front weighing her down making her chime slightly in pain, not use to the sudden added pounds on her stomach as she put on hand on her back to steady herself. "Are any other living things here?" She chimed with curiosity. Looking around for that very life.

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