The London Institute (RP)
Original roleplay. Three years ago, the entire London Enclave were massacred by a mysterious force. No Nephilim survived, and Idris has no idea what was behind the vicious attacks. Now the Starkweathers have taken over the Institute again, aiming to revive the London Shadowhunter community,protect the mundanes of the city, and uncover the evil that tried to tear them apart. **OPEN**
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Do you have any questions? Feel like introducing yourself to the other roleplayers? Just want a chat?

Come here and relax! This is for out of character interaction, but the roleplay rules still apply -- kindness and tolerance is still rule number one.

5/30/2018 #1

Hi, everyone! I'm arrosaarmiarma, but please call me Saarmi or Arro. I'm a student in England and 19 years old, with aspirations of someday creating an original urban fantasy series half as creative as the Mortal Instruments!

5/30/2018 #2
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Hello, I am Lottie and I'm 22 years old. Yesterday I had my graduation ball, as I have spent the last three years at university training to be a primary school teacher :) I also live in England.

6/2/2018 #3
Hey guys! I am Ntina and I am 20 years old. I kinda of dropped out of my old college last year and spend my time with actually figuring. Out what I want xD(and now I am waiting for the new unis I applied to, to answer) I live in Greece(for now, hopefully not in the next three months)
6/2/2018 #4

Hi, Ntina and Lottie! So lovely to meet you guys. Congrats on your graduation, Lottie!

6/2/2018 #5

It's lovely to meet you both too! Can't wait to rp with you.

6/2/2018 #6
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Thank you :) We had the ball yesterday, but we don't graduate until mid July. One assignment left to hand in..and three grades left to get back (the nerves kill me every time!)

6/2/2018 #7
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I am looking forward to rping with the both of you :)

6/2/2018 #8

I am free to rp now if anyone wants to :3

6/2/2018 #9
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I do, but there's no RP topic yet xD

6/2/2018 #10

Oh god XD I feel so stupid for not noticing that

6/2/2018 #11
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Haha I think it's the first thing I noticed xD

6/2/2018 #12

I truly miss a lot of things these days XD I blame it on the fact that I work double shifts for the past week

6/2/2018 #13

Sorry about that! I can create the RP topic if you'd like to get started but I may lag slightly as I have an essay due in tomorrow x

6/2/2018 #14
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What type of job do you have Ntina? And Saarmi, thats completely understandable! What are you studying?X

6/2/2018 #15

I'm studying law! In my first year at the moment but loving it so far.

Also, I have created the roleplay thread x

6/2/2018 #16

I work at a clothing store :P It's a nice store, and the owner even lets me sit and be on my phone when I don't have a customer so I am not really complaining XD

6/2/2018 #17
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Thats awesome! Goodluck with University, and that sounds like a great boss xD

So! Who's up for an RP?

I have an 18 year old, male, Shadowhunter

6/2/2018 #18

I am! I have an 18 year old female Shadowhunter or the new Head of Institute x

6/2/2018 #19

I am! I have a 515 female Warlock(she looks 18-20 though xD) and a Faery who looks like she is 21

6/2/2018 #20
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Well I don't mind rping with both of you! (My multitasking skills are surprising xD)

I can have Dante arriving at the institute for the first time?

AND I don't mind if it's the warlock or fae, he's looking for anyone that might have known his parents after all :P

6/2/2018 #21

Tbh I don't mind rping with both of you either :3

Hmm, then Angelica(High Warlock of London basically XD) will be most willing to help...for a prince :P

Alvira will most likely just be playful or flirty.

6/2/2018 #22

Do you mean a threeway RP? It would make sense that the High Warlock is at the Institute to meet the new Head so we can incorporate characters that way xx

6/2/2018 #23
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I was going to just split my characters, but we can do a threeway RP instead if you prefer? Its up to you guys :)

6/2/2018 #24

I meant like a scene with each one of you XD But I don't mind a threeway either!

6/2/2018 #25

What does "split" mean? I've never done rps like that but I'm up for anything x

6/2/2018 #26

It means using the character in two different scenes at the same time :3

6/2/2018 #27
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It just means using the same character in more than one place at once.

For example, I would most likely set it out like:


Dante arriving at the institute etc...


Dante arrived at.... blah blah blah

6/2/2018 #28

Ahh, okay! Haha, feel a bit stupid now, I've only ever done kind of linear RPs where you could only use one character at one time... this sounds like fun for sure!

6/2/2018 #29
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Not all RPs allow you to split your characters! So as the admin, I guess it's your decision xD I Just find it useful if you don't have a large number of characters :)

6/2/2018 #30
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