The London Institute (RP)
Original roleplay. Three years ago, the entire London Enclave were massacred by a mysterious force. No Nephilim survived, and Idris has no idea what was behind the vicious attacks. Now the Starkweathers have taken over the Institute again, aiming to revive the London Shadowhunter community,protect the mundanes of the city, and uncover the evil that tried to tear them apart. **OPEN**
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"Are you sure?" Dante asked, his eyebrows drew together. "Because if you do need someone to go to Idris...then I will go." He always liked to appear fearless, even when he wasn't.

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"I am positive love" Angelica told him as she stroked his cheek gently. Obviously she appreciated the effort he put in looking fearless but, it was honestly no big deal when she already had ways to get what she wanted without putting him in danger "but, if I need something from there then I will let you know"

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Dante nodded. "As you wish," He agreed. "If I am supposed to protect is better than I stay here - I can't know if you're in danger all the way from the institute."

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"I don't need protection from Shadowhunters love, your kind is the least dangerous to me" Angelica responded to him simply as she leaned against the couch. Most importantly, they both knew that she didn't really need any protection at all "but if you wish to go back to the institute, then be my guest"
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Dante frowned. "But you asked me to stay in London to protect you," he reminded her - gesturing to his packed bag. He had been ready to leave for good.

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(Don't forget the other forum too :))

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"I said that I don't need protection from Shadowhunters, there are also demons around in case you didn't notice love" Angelica reminded him as she used her magic to teleport his packed bag to the room he used while he was staying here. besides, they both knew that she didn't need his protection and the only reason she even said that was to get him to stay here.

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"You don't need protection from demons either," Dante pointed out. "They're quite literally afraid of you"

(So tomorrow I officially enter the world of adulting. I begin my first full time job, and also my first job as a qualified teacher - it'll be my first time teaching without a mentor holding my hand. I'm currently a mixture of nerves and excitement, any words of advice?)

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(I am sorry! I was busy af with my exams n the new courses beginning :3 I hope everything is going quite well and well, my advice is to always try remain calm even if you want to smack them in the face!)

"Oh don't be ridiculous, why would a demon be afraid of someone who is half a mortal?" Angelica teasingly asked as she leaned against her seat "but even if that was the case, my decision is final Dante, you are staying here with me"

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(It's okay! How are things?)

Dante sighed and nodded. "I guess I'm going nowhere then." He put his packed bag down.

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Angelica smirked slightly as he let his bag down before she snapped her fingers, making his bag disappear and appear to the room he was going to stay in "of course you aren't"
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(I have no idea what's going on anymore)

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(Well nothing is going on so)
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