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Thanks for asking!

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Shadowmist Of ShadowClan

No problem.

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:) We should probably move this convo to the chat

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Shadowmist Of ShadowClan

First name: Filias

Last name: Fanacon

Blood Status: Pure-Blood

Age: 26

House: Former Ravenclaw?

History: When she was 5 she started reading. When she was 7 she started to get really into Quidditch. Though she never played Quidditch. She entered Hogwarts and got sorted into Ravenclaw House. Her wand is a dark brown wood(spruce wood) with small etchings in it. So, she was extremely mean to muggleborns at school. She was pure-blood, her great-great-grandfather was the first pure-blood in her family. She believes only pure-bloods and half-bloods should be taught. So, in her 5th year she got made prefect. She had a duel with a 6th year making a lot of trouble. She was in the hospital wing for a month. Anyways, her shield charm failed a tiny bit and her left little finger got cursed off. So, when she was in her 7th year, she almost got made Head Girl, but a Slytherin prefect got the honers. She grumbled at it because the other prefect was a muggle-born. So, in her years she was an expert in Defense Against the Dark Arts, she was pretty good at Potions and Charms. Transfiguration was one thing she failed an O.W.L at. She also decided to drop Divination and Care for Magical Creatures, because she didn't like most of them (like hippogriffs, centaurs, dragons, ect.) but she liked unicorns and griffins. So, she graduated school, and her sister started. She got put into Slytherin and later became a Death Eater. So, she was seventeen and she lived with her parents, who are both of pure-blood decent(her great-great grandfather being the first pure-blood on her father's side, her great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandmother being the first pure-blood on her mother's side.), until she was nineteen. Then, she got a small shack on the edge of London. When she was twenty, she got admitted to Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. She likes to do hands-on learning sometimes, but most of the time she has her student's read books, learn about different dark creatures, and practice some spells on a target board.

Personality: Smart, strict, and stubborn. Due to her long history of being pure-blood, she's really mean to muggleborns but kind to pure-bloods and half-bloods. A quick thinker and strategist, freaks out when the rules are broken(small incident, don't ask).

Appearance: A tall, pale-skinned female with dark green eyes and brown hair that reaches her shoulders. She usually wears red robes to teach. No students have ever seen her with different clothes on. Her left little finger is blown off.

Notes: Defense Against the Dark Arts professor, please and thank you.

8/25 . Edited by Stormshine100, 8/26 #36

I'd like more detail on the history, personality, and appearance. Try to make her less of a flat character.

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Shadowmist Of ShadowClan


8/25 . Edited 8/25 #38

Here is a few things you could add to Filias’ History

1: Her life before Hogwarts.

2: Her life at Hogwarts.

3: Her O.W.L or N.E.W.T results.

4: Qualifications in the Wizarding World.

5: Information about her family.

6: A description of her wand would be a good idea.

7: Any near death experiences.

8: Her beliefs on Muggles and Muggleborns.

9: Her beliefs on Magical Creatures.

10: Factions that she is apart of.

11: How she treats students or any fights with other staff members.

8/25 . Edited 8/25 #39

Excellent suggestion, Reekos.

8/25 #40

I fixed it up a bit, I'd like your heart to be in it a little more, though, especially for the personality. Give some reasons why her history shaped her personality, and follow up on each trait.

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Shadowmist Of ShadowClan

I can't edit it.

8/25 . Edited 8/25 #42

Why not?

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Thank you.

I would also like to submit my second OC.

First name: David.

Last name: Kella (Keel-a).

Blood Status: Pureblood.

Age: 15.

House: Hufflepuff.

History: The Kellas are an ancient Northern Irish/Irish Pureblood family. The family was started during the plantation of Ulster, when a English Muggle married an Irish witch and had a son and two daughters. The son would continue the Kella line as the two daughters married into the Hearney family(I will add on about this family when I make a new OC) and the other married into a muggle family that would later become the York family(I will not expand on this, but anyone is welcome to if they want).

David was born in Northern Ireland to Jasper(49) and Francesca Kella nee Briatoli(45,deceased). He had two older sibling as Peter(25) and Jay(24) Kella, both locked up for committing atrocious acts on Muggleborns, and are serving another 17 years in their 23 year sentence.

At the age of three, David’s mother was found dead in the Kella family drawing room. His father was devastated, apparently, and was even more hurt when his son’s were convicted of their crimes, supposedly. Jasper would then give a big amount of galleons to charities in the Wizarding World and pretend to be quite depressed. He never cared for his son and neglected him and was annoyed when David was sorted into Hufflepuff. David was banned from using the family’s vault at Gringotts.

David, facing a hard childhood, had to use his mother’s side of the family to rent out a room in the Leaky Cauldron for a tiny bit, using money from their vaults, before he meet the Hearneys(When I am able to create another OC, I’ll go more in-depth about the family) and lived with them and spent Christmas with the family.

During his time at Hogwarts, David had managed to find himself in duels with students and has landed himself a few detentions for pranking students and professors. He has also managed to become friendly with some of the ghosts and portraits and joined the Hufflepuff Quidditch team as a Chaser in third year. His wand is a Vine wood, thirteen and three quarters with a Phoenix Feather as a core.

Personality: David is not normally one to speak out, but will when something is unfair or prejudiced. He is quite the prankster and can be a laugh when around. He is, sometimes, smart and top of sone classes, but can let his adventurous side get the better of him, which leads to stupid decisions.

He is loyal to the causes he believes in and will not fail to show it, especially when it is Muggles or Muggleborns getting the appreciation they deserve. David is kind to those who deserve it and a threat to those that don’t and isn’t afraid to pick a fight with those that don’t.

He is really good at Defence Against the Dark Arts, Potions and Charms. He enjoys Muggle Studies and Care of Magical Creatures. A hatred for astronomy, divination and arithmacy can be found within him, and it isn’t that hard to find. He is an terrific flyer and plays as a Chaser.

He will often bite off more than he can chew and that seems to lead to a few cuts and bruises. He is also a quick thinker, but not a good strategist. A Chocolate Frog could probably beat him at Wizard’s Chess or Gobstones.

Appearance: David stands at 5’7 and is really thin. He has a pale white complexion and has dark grey eyes that seem to like to look a light blue(an actual trait that I have with my own eyes, as it is hard to tell if they are green or blue). He is well exercised and has an average build, for a fifthteen year old. His hair is a dark hazel brown that is short at the back and sides but fades into a faux hawk at the top.

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Shadowmist Of ShadowClan

Editing Closed

A moderator has already edited your forum post. Further editing is not allowed.

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Welcome to Hogwarts:

David Kella (Hufflepuff 5)

Huh, that's a problem. Well, you can just tell me the exact words of what you want the personality to say and I'll do it for you.

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Shadowmist Of ShadowClan

Smart, strict, and stubborn. Really mean to muggleborns but kind to pure-bloods and half-bloods. A quick thinker and strategist.

8/25 #47

Good, I like it. Try to add more depth to it, explain why she has the personality she does.

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Shadowmist Of ShadowClan

Smart, strict, and stubborn. Due to her long history of being pure-blood, she's really mean to muggleborns but kind to pure-bloods and half-bloods. A quick thinker and strategist, freaks out when the rules are broken(small incident, don't ask).

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Welcome to Hogwarts:

Filias Fanacon (DATDA teacher)

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Reaper Apollo

First Name: Apollo

Last Name: Blackwood

Blood Status: Half-Blood

Age: 15

House: Ravenclaw

History: Apollo was the son of a Muggle-born and a Pure-Blood. Everyone looks down upon him because of this and he tries to jaiprove them wrong by learning magic before going to Hogwarts but he fails at it and almost burns down his house. So he stopped and waited for his Hogwarts Letter which came and he went to Hogwarts to become strong

Personality: He hates the discrimination in the magic world and tries to fight against it. He is smart and has a thirst for knowledge and is found in the Library of whatever place he is at. He respects those who respect him and is loyal to his friends no matter what.

Appearance: Apollo has medium length black hair which seldom listens to him and black eyes which creeps people out. He prefers muggle clothes over pureblood ones and always wears whatever his mother gives him. He mostly wears black and white colored things

8/28 . Edited 8/29 #51

Reaper/Apollo, you might want to add more detail to the history section, just a hint. I made a list a bit further up about the history section, if you want to check it out. You might also want to put Apollo in the house members topic, once you have been accepted by Stormshine.

8/28 . Edited 8/28 #52

First Name: Miyu

Last Name: Kisaragi

Blood Status: Half-blood

Age: 13

House: Ravenclaw

Clan History: See Gdoc - ht tp://tinyurl.com/y9o9sfg6.

Personal History: Born on the 15th of June in Kamakura City, Japan, Miyu is a half-blood wizard descended from a powerful Japanese wizarding clan that practices a specialized wandless Eastern magic, Onmyodo, which is considered a secret art in his homeland—except that the person himself knew nothing about his birthright. The only child of muggle-born Mahoutokoro graduate Kisuke Amano and pureblood Onmyodo prodigy Yuko Kisaragi, Miyu's existence was deemed as a bane to the Kisaragi Clan, forcing Yuko to run away with her husband and son to London in order to protect the ones she loved. However, freedom came at a heavy price for the sheltered princess with a baby in a foreign land—without the support from the clan that Yuko detested, the family of three had to go through many hardships to survive. As such, Miyu grew up without all the luxury his mother once had, but Yuko never regretted the choice, believing that it would make her son a stronger, more independent person that she was. Together with Kisuke, the parents began teaching their child Onmyodo techniques and martial arts as soon as Miyu could walk, and they were pretty strict with his training. However, Miyu was still too young to understand the grim destiny that awaits him, so his parents never spoke a word about the Onmyodo clans to him.

Kisuke and Yuko were overjoyed when Miyu received his Hogwarts letter on his eleventh birthday, and they decided that their boy should study about Western and wand magic at the British wizarding school rather than going to Mahoutokoro in Japan. Yuko also thought that Hogwarts would be a good place to keep Miyu safe from the other Onmyodo clans who might be searching for them for an ominous agenda…

At Hogwarts, Miyu excelled in all areas of academics through both innate smarts and hard work. However, he was noted to have problems controlling wand magic, where he once turned the classroom into a maelstrom of flying books with a simple but overpowered Levitation Charm during Charms class in his first year. Unlike Onmyodo, Miyu realized that channeling ki into wand magic would greatly amplify the power of each spell, but in turn render it extremely difficult to control; sometimes it would even backfire horribly, putting himself and the people around him in danger. Miyu couldn't help applying ki into his magic out of habit due to his Onmyodo training since at a very young age. It would take some time for the boy to find the balance between the two types of magic before his real strengths could shine.

While Miyu was content with his learning new skills at Hogwarts, training to get better at both wand magic and Onmyodo, he wasn't aware of the dark fate looming closer and closer to the boy…

Personality: Growing up in an environment without the Kisaragi Clan's luxurious support and under his parents' strict upbringing, this has caused Miyu to mature beyond his years, with an insight as deep as those twice his age and has exceptional self-discipline synonymous with his ethnicity. He has exceptional self-discipline for a child of his age, and is very much self-driven when it comes to his relentless pursuit of knowledge. However, on the flip side, Miyu is too independent, too used to stand up on his own feet, and this results in him having a lack of empathy for others, unwilling to lend his help to them unless he thinks it's necessary or if the person is worthy enough to assist. This is not arrogance per se; it's stemmed from his firm belief that people can stand up again not because of the help they get, but only if they have the will to overcome the obstacles on their own. This strong sense of self-reliance has also led to Miyu's quiet and reserved nature.

Unfortunately, very few people are able to share a similar level of intelligence as Miyu, which causes him to be seen as an anomalous existence among his peers, like he is someone with the mind of an adult trapped in a child's body. He is often reclusive and awkward in social gatherings and interactions, though he has been trying to break out of his shell to reach out to others in small steps. When he's not diligently practicing magic and martial arts, Miyu enjoys reading and playing video games. He's also a fan of Quidditch and a good flier, currently playing Chaser for the Ravenclaw team.

Appearance: Miyu has windswept jet-black hair and dark brown eyes, with a pale complexion and a short, slim build. He inherits most of his looks from his beautiful mother, which makes him appear somewhat effeminate, occasionally being mistaken as a girl. When he's not wearing his Hogwarts robes, Miyu is often seen in an assortment of hoodies and sweaters, long jeans and sneakers. Other than his wand, he also carries a tanto (a type of Japanese dagger), usually hidden in his robes' or hoodie's pocket, and a wad of paper talismans/manikins, which he can use them to cast Onmyodo spells.

Additional Notes:

Wand – Miyu's wand was bought from the Ollivanders like most of the students who are enrolled at Hogwarts. His wand is made from cherry blossom wood with a phoenix tail core, ten inches long, and slightly springy. Cherry wands, though mostly seen as a mere exquisite object for collection to Western witches and wizards because of its beautiful appearance, is known to possess a lethal power that doesn't coincide with its elegance. It is usually paired with someone of special prestige.

Pet – Miyu's pet is a grey screech owl named Sora, a gift from his parents to congratulate his enrollment at Hogwarts. It also helps him to keep in touch with his family.

Patronus – If Miyu has reached the stage to learn and produce a Patronus, it's most likely to be a raven. In Greek-Roman Mythology, ravens are associated with the god of Prophecy, Apollo, and are said to be a symbol of bad luck—which is in line with how the Kisaragi Clan views his existence. However, in Norse Mythology, ravens are associated with Odin, the god of wisdom and knowledge—and this reflects Miyu's attitude and motivation towards learning, absorbing new skills quickly and efficiently, like a newly purchased sponge eager to do its job.

Boggart – If Miyu encounters a Boggart, he would see a reflection of himself—except that his doppelganger is the amplification of all the negative qualities and feelings that he has been trying to keep under control. Miyu believes that the only way for him to break through the various challenges and trials in his way from reaching his goals is to first overcome his own fears and insecurities, anger and hatred… all of which are a part of his own self. When he succumbs to these negativities, only failure awaits him until he picks himself up again.


Gdoc Link - ht tp://tinyurl.com/y9o9sfg6

The doc contains the following topics:

  • Miyu's CS (copy)
  • Introduction to Onmyodo
  • History of Onmyodo Clans (Kisaragi, Igarashi, Amamiya, Hyuga)
  • Introduction to Mahoutokoro
  • Glossary of Terms, Names and Other Notes

It's still work in progress as this is really a huge crazy lore I'm building here. This also involves my other student OC (who is Chinese). YOU ARE EXPECTED TO READ THE DOC BY YOURSELF FIRST BEFORE YOU START ASKING ME STUPID QUESTIONS.

8/28 . Edited 9/6 #53

I hope Apollo and Miyu get accepted, I was planning on making my third OC just to have more Ravenclaws, but you two have done that.

I think we need more professors in the school and I hope that I read it right that if you have been on more than a week then you get two-three, otherwise I’m an idiot.

First name: Jordan.

Last name: Dryake (Dry-i-ke).

Blood Status: Half-Blood.

Age: 47.

House: Ravenclaw.

History: Jordan was born into the Dryake family and was the daughter to George Dryake and Samantha Dryake nee King. She grew up in the family manor on the outskirts of Newcastle upon Tyne.

She supported the Wimbourne Wasps Quidditch team and her father occasionally took her to matches, she also, like her team, has a rivalry with the Appleby Arrows, or more like their fans. Her mother, having a muggle father, took her to watch the local muggle sports and Jordan took a liking to Newcastle Football Club.

Jordan received her Hogwarts letter nine days before she turned eleven and her parents took her to Diagon Alley to gather her supplies. At Ollivander’s wand shop, Jordan bought an eleven inch cedar wood wand that had a Phoenix Feather core. Her father also bought her a white cat, as an earlier birthday present, and she called it snowy.

Once she arrived at Hogwarts, she was sorted into Ravenclaw, after six minutes, because the Sorting Hat couldn’t decide wether to put her in Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff. She excelled in all of her classes and was top of the class in most. She loved Charms, Muggle Studies and Care if Magical Creatures over all her other classes. During her years at Hogwarts she became prefect and in her sixth year she meet a Muggleborn wizard, Jason Langley, who she went on to live with and after graduating Hogwarts, they got engaged. Three months before the wedding, Dark Wizards had murdered her fiancé and she swore to never love another man again. Every year on the same day she visits Jason’s grave.

She had taken up a job in the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes and explained to muggles that something had happened because of a gas explosion or car crash, when it really was a magical attack or incident.

She lived in Hogsmeade and once she heard that Hogwarts was under threat, she joined the fray and fought against the forces trying to destroy her old school. Once the Battle of Hogwarts was over, she was offered the job as Muggle Studies Professor, which she took gladly and helped to rebuild the school.

Jordan still teaches today and is one of the most strict, but kind teachers in the school. She is hoping to one day become the Head of Ravenclaw House.

Personality: Jordan is very strict with students and isn’t afraid to take away points, but she is also quite kind and anything such as a really good homework or anytime a student answers a question, she will give house points.

She is always smiling and implied a muggle three strike system into her classes to show that her class is t about learning about muggles, it is about being like muggles. She is quite vocal about her ideas to her fellow staff and friendly with them.

She loves to walk by the lake whenever she has a break and loves reading in her office. She created a club where students can enhance their knowledge on muggles and learn about muggle hobbies or habits that are not in the school’s curriculum.

She will instantly dish out detentions to bullies and will give an essay along with the detention, of the student was bullying because of blood-status. She stands up for her fellow staff members whenever they are threatened by the ministry or parents and is loyal to some of the staff members. She also encourages students to wear muggle clothing or play muggle sports or games during the weekends of the school year.

Appearance: Jordan stands at 6’1 and she has a dark skin complexion. Her hair is jet black and it goes halfway down her back. Her eyes are ocean blue and she is quite thin. She has a scar on her right arm from the second Wizarding War. She wears muggle clothing around the castle and in her classes.

Note: Jordan is, or I hope will be, Muggle Studies Professor.

8/28 . Edited 8/28 #54

Welcome to Hogwarts:

Apollo Blackwood (Ravenclaw 5)

Miyu Kisaragi (Ravenclaw 3)

Jordan Dryake (Muggle Studies Professor)

Please post them in the Official House List topic.

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First name: Azalea

Last name: Everglade

Blood Status: pureblood

Age: 16

House: Slytherin

History: Azalea was born in New York, the child of two well-known pureblood families. Her father was an abusive drunk, and often beat up Azalea, her little brother, Ethan, and her mother. Her mother fled the country when Azalea was 8, taking her son and daughter with him. His mother married another man, and when Azalea was 11 and went to Hogwarts, she got a new half-sister named Eva.

Personality: Azalea is eager to prove herself, and has a lot of ambition. She tends to have very strong magic, which is slightly uncontrollable because of its power. She is very brave, but sometimes can't resist fear. She believes that the only thing to fear is fear. She feels as if she has a lot of potential to live up to, because her parents were famous professors at Hogwarts before they retired to raise a family. She enjoys being the center of attention. She is headstrong and the only thing she thinks of when fighting is the weight of her family's name on her shoulders. She's a little arrogant, and sometimes bites off more than she can chew.

Appearance: Azalea is small but strong. She stands at about 5 ft, but can move almost twice her weight with her mind alone. She has long golden hair, which is woven into a thick braid almost all the time. At the special times at which she lets her hair down, it comes almost to her feet. Her hair has frequent highlights, which appear to be straw-yellow. Her eyes are a deep blue. She looks like an exact copy of her mother.

First name: Ethan

Last name: Everglade

Blood status: pureblood

Age: 11

House: Gryffindor

History:Ethan was born in New York, the child of two well-known pureblood families. His father was an abusive drunk, and often beat up Ethan, his sister Azalea (5 years older) and his mother. His mother fled the country when Ethan was 3, taking her son with him. His mother married another man, and when Ethan was 6, he had a new half-sister named Eva. Eva is Ethan's greatest treasure, and he's beat up quite a few bullies while trying to protect her. His acceptance letter arrived a week before his 11th birthday, which was the day before term started, but he was reluctant to go to Hogwarts because he always spent his birthday with Eva. His mom talked him into going, but he was a little surly about it.

Personality: Ethan comes off obnoxious, rough, and cold at first, but if you get to know him, he's actually quite sweet and caring. The problem is, no one ever bothered to get to know him because of his fierce protection of Eva, which causes him to seem aggressive and cold. The few people who got to know him know that he is someone worth knowing.

Appearance: Ethan is naturally tall (taking after his father) and has wavy, platinum blond hair that falls over his eyes. His eyes are blue-gray, appearing gray from a distance. His pale skin and eyes make him look forlorn and lonely.

First name: Lola

Last name: Anderson

Blood status: half blood

Age: 11

House: Gryffindor

History: Lola was the child of a Muggle politician and a witch who was not his wife. Her birth was a scandal, and she lived her life trying to stay away from paparazzi. She had to learn to handle them properly, closing herself off from publicity. Even when she went to kindergarten, she could barely escape the paparazzi, so she became homeschooled. A private tutor would come to her house every weekday, and she connected with the tutor as she would with an older sibling. However, one day when she was 7, she checked her computer to see pictures of her studying. It turned out her tutor was taking pictures of her and posting them on the Internet. Needless to say, the tutor was immediately fired. Lola's mother took over teaching her from then on, and she remained friendless, closed off from the outside world. She was overjoyed to find the Hogwarts acceptance letter in the mail on her 11th birthday. She immediately sent a letter back, saying that she would come that year. Her mother was relieved to find that her only daughter was a witch, while her father became furious. That is where her history ends for now, but it continues to expand every day.

Personality: Lola is bold and extroverted, having learned to stay on top of the situation since she was a toddler. She seems to be a born celebrity, because of the paparazzi she endured at a very young age. Any scandal makes her nervous, although she's careful not to show that around others. She can't stand cameras, because of her paparazzi problem. She's fairly anti-social, having no friends and almost always being holed up in her mansion.

Appearance: Lola looks like a female copy of her father, with pale skin, dark blue eyes, and flaming red hair. She takes after her mother in height, being a solid 4'5" at age 11.

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I think you already made Azalea Everglade just a different age.

8/28 #57

Really? Where?

8/28 #58

You are correct, I did, thank you for catching that. The correct one is 6th year. Also their histories are different.

8/28 #59


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