Hogwarts: The New Age
The new age of Hogwarts has arrived. A century after the Battle of Hogwarts, everything is back to normal... or is it? Everyone is welcome, only OCs allowed, come here to have fun and roleplay!
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Shadowmist Of ShadowClan

Wait, so are you going to use both Azaleas or just the 4th year one or just the 6th year one?

8/28/2018 #61

Just the 6th year one.

8/28/2018 #62
Shadowmist Of ShadowClan

Okay, thanks. And I'm making it so that Fanacon only likes Purebloods.

8/28/2018 #63


8/28/2018 #64
Shadowmist Of ShadowClan

First name: Rowan

Last name: Roglen

Blood Status: muggle-born

Age: 13

House: Hufflepuff

History: She was born to two muggles, and set about living a normal life. When she was seven, she almost gave her parents a heart attack, and she herself freaked out. She just held out her hand, wishing for a drink, and some water came zooming to her! When she was eight, she started loosing a bit control over her powers, and set a chair on fire at school. At ten years old, she started getting more control. When she was eleven, she got her Hogwarts letter(Fanacon defiantly didn't bring the letter) and got excited that she would learn magic. Her wand is a birch wand, with a scratch here and there. When she was in her first-year, she got caught by the Potions teacher while she was exploring the halls. In her second, she started getting better at magic, but she's just terrible. She was the best in Defense Against the Dark Arts, but she didn't really like it because of Fanacon. So, that summer she practiced magic... and almost got expelled when she ended up making a mailbox explode. She likes Quidditch and is on her House team as a Chaser. She has a male brown mouse named Brownie. So, that brings us here, and the roleplay begins!

Personality: Smart, kind, serious. She doesn't like to break the rules, but she ends up breaking them a lot(kind of like Hermione). Hard-working, loyal to her friends and family. Smart, but not good at magic. Very careful, because of the fire incident, the drink incident, the exploding mailbox incident, and getting caught by that teacher in first year.

Appearance: Dark brown hair that just goes past her shoulders, a bit of a darker skin color with some freckles, and dark brown eyes.

8/28/2018 . Edited 8/29/2018 #65

Welcome to Hogwarts:

Rowan Roglen (Hufflepuff 3)

8/28/2018 #66

First name: Tiana Work In Progress

Last name: High-Elk

Blood Status: Pureblood

Age: 16

House: Slytherin




8/28/2018 #67
Eclipsing Star
can I make my character like the one from the other roleplay?
8/29/2018 #68


8/29/2018 #69

Yes, you may.

8/29/2018 #70
Eclipsing Star

Full Name: Luna Victoria Stone

Blood Status: Pure Blood

Age: 11

House: Gryffindor

History: Luna grew up with only her mother who wanted her to be the best in everything. She learned how to read at age four. She was beat by her mother when she didn't learn quick enough.Her mother din't let her have friends because she thought friends were a sign of weakness but Luna had a few friends who taught her that being the best isn't the most important, so Luna turned out much kinder than her mother. Her mother was later arrested for killing someone. Luna lives with her father. (he is divorced)

Personality: Luna is kind and intelligent but can be fierce when she she wants to be. She e is clever, funny and brave and loves to have adventures. She really likes to read. Luna won't reject any good challenge when they are given to her and is very loyal to her friends even though she had to leave them behind when she went to live with her father.She really likes animals.

Appearance: Luna has long auburn hair and sparkling green eyes. She is medium height and can run very fast. She has long legs. Her hair is wavy and she likes to have it loose.(Luna hates buns(not the bread)). When she is happy her eyes light up.

8/29/2018 . Edited by Stormshine100, 8/29/2018 #71

Welcome to Hogwarts:

Luna Stone (Gryffindor 1)

I'm not going to accept any more Gryffindors for a while, we have 4 1st year Gryffindors and I want diversity among the houses. Sorry for the inconvenience, guys!

8/29/2018 #72

First name: Azusa

Last name: Dukes

Blood Status: Pureblood

Age: 17

House: Ravenclaw


Her family moved back to England from Belgium shortly after Voldemort was defeated for the second time. Since they were away so long, they are not as well known as they used to be, and though it's been a century since their return, Azusa's parents are still struggling to reinstate their honor. Her parents are pretty chill about muggleborns and such, considering blood purity to be ridiculous. Azusa's other family members aren't so sure. Either way, Azusa has a lot of pressure put on her from a young age and is constantly under stress. She has a 13 year old sister, and a 9 year old brother. Azusa was sorted into ravenclaw, has no interest in any of her family's ambition, will not listen to her parent's pleading, and was banned from any family meetings or social events of any importance by a particularly conceited aunt. Azusa has gotten pretty distant lately, and constantly finding trouble. She ignores her family as much as possible, including her siblings who are being hurt by that. She still cares for them, even if she doesn't care for her parents, and can be overly protective when she finally remembers they exist.

Personality: She is an aspiring artist, and spends a lot of time locked up in her room painting. She's good enough at basic spell work, maths, and sciences. She hates writing anything. She usually paints realism and doesn't consider herself creative even though she's expected to be. She acts social enough, and hasn't really doubted her friendships until recently. Azusa has found herself laughing along with her friends, but never adding to the conversation, or even caring about what was said. It's like the normal her has been replaced by a ghost of her former self. The worst part was no one noticed. Not even herself.


skin color: dark brown eyes:dark brown

Face: More narrow face shape than her sister, and always has a calm dazed expression, even when she's about to bite your head off. She's working on fixing this, as it annoys her.

Hair: Long, dark brown and curly. She wears it loose most of the time, and usually relies on her friends to do braiding because she loves having it done but sucks at actually doing it.

General Appearance: Casual clothing, plain shirt or branded tshirt with nice jeans when she wants to dress up, and sweat pants when she doesn't give a c***. The only thing she does to bother dressing up is wearing earrings or simple makeup. She used to feel self conscious about how she looked, but now she's just happy to have the freedom to dress in whatever is comfortable without her judging parents.

Face Claim: Skai Jackson

8/29/2018 #73

Welcome to Hogwarts:

Azusa Dukes (Ravenclaw 7)

8/29/2018 #74

First name: Ivy

Last name: Edwards

Blood Status: Muggleborn

Age: no one knows, but she's not older than Dumbledore

House: Used to be a Ravenclaw, but is now Headmistress

History: Being the eldest and only child in her household, Ivy led a pretty boring life up until the age of 8, when things disappeared whenever she was in the room. When she was 11, she finally found a reason for that with her acceptance letter to Hogwarts. She and her Muggle parents were overjoyed to find out that she was a witch, and her first day at Hogwarts was the best day of her life. She was an excellent student, and became prefect in her 5th year. She was Head Girl and if there were valedictorians at Hogwarts, she would have easily taken that spot. When Ivy graduated Hogwarts, she was recommended for Minister of Magic, but she declined because she wanted to work at Hogwarts. She started off as Charms teacher, then she was promoted to deputy Headmistress, and when the previous Headmaster retired, she became Headmistress. She has worked as Headmistress ever since, and wouldn't dream of ever retiring. She plans to be Headmistress until her death.

Personality: Ivy is hardworking and intelligent. She always gets high marks in everything, and is super popular. All the students love her. She is caring and wants the best for everyone, so she works her butt off trying to make Hogwarts the best it can be.

Appearance: Ivy has pale blonde Malfoy hair that is always in a bun. Her hair has a single streak of dark brown, in contrast to the rest of her light hair. Her eyes are dark green, giving her the name Ivy. She is tall and thin.

First name: Raphael

Last name: Rancon

Blood Status: pureblood

Age: in his 60s

House: Used to be Hufflepuff, but is now potions professor

History: Raphael is the child of a well-known pureblood family, the Rancons. He grew up with his nose turned up, but that all changed when he went to Hogwarts. Hufflepuff? He was astounded when he was placed in the "weakest" house. He was furious. The Sorting Hat must have made a mistake. But soon he realized, he belonged in Hufflepuff. He learned to love Muggleborns and half-bloods. He hated the word Mudblood. He grew farther and farther from his family as he learned where he had gone wrong. In 6th year, he moved out to stay with his friend. He graduated Hogwarts near the top of the list in terms of popularity, in the middle in terms of grades. He quickly applied to work for Ivy Edwards at Hogwarts, and he got the position of Potions professor, which is what he still teaches today.

Personality: Raphael is now respectful of all people that respect others. He has a soft spot for Muggleborns. He tries to make everyone happy, but doesn't always succeed. It's hard for him to put Potions class first, but he is able to do it even though the students usually don't like it.

Appearance: Raphael is average height and weight for his age. His hair is black, slicked back to cover the spot on the top of his head where his hair is thinning. His eyes are nothing special, just the average dark brown.

9/1/2018 #75

First name: Desandra.

Last name: Ozone née Desmugas.

Blood Status: Half-Blood.

Age: 42.

House: Hufflepuff.

History: Desandra grew up in a small cottage in Wales with her parents, Yedlin Desmugas and Jasmine Desmugas née Hatham, and her sister Eleanor Hearney née Desmugas.

Desandra, at a young age, found a love for animals and ,with her Eleanor, built a small sanctuary for animals of the forrest. She had a dislike of Quidditch and still does to this day.

Desandra was sorted into Hufflepuff and was the first in years in the Desmugas family line. Her sister was also sorted into Hufflepuff two years after her and as Desandra became Head-Girl, her sister became prefect and the boyfriend of a Noel Hearney, a boy a year older than her sister, which activated operation: Sister Defender.

After her Hogwarts years, she worked in a animal sanctuary in Northern Ireland where she met Gez Ozone, a Monster Hunter. The two married and later Desandra was offered the job of Care of Magical Creatures Professor at Hogwarts. She was named the godmother of Thomas Hearney, her nephew, and vowed to her sister that she would watch over her son at Hogwarts, when he attended. She still teaches and is hoping to teach for a while.

Personality: Desandra is a kind soul and tends to give house points rather than take them away. She is always by the side of the headmistress and is protective towards family and close friends.

Desandra can sometimes have a problem controlling her anger when Pureblood or Half-Blood kids, or staff, pick on Muggleborns. She has a strong detest towards bullies. She is also hard on students who like pranks, which causes issues with her brother-in-Law and sister over their son.

Desandra is normally friendly towards others and will always smile or wave at staff members or students. She loves certain creatures and has a soft spot for the ‘poor’ thestrals.

Appearance: Desandra always has her jet black hair tied in a bun and normally wears dragon-hide clothing. She has light brown eyes and she, like her whole family, has a small tan. She has a sapphire and golden wedding ring and a emerald and silver engagement ring on her left hand and on her wrist a watch, to know the whereabouts of her family. She always has a happy smile and has a kind look in her eyes. Her wand is a ten and a half inch chestnut wood wand with a unicorn hair core. Her wand is also a tiny bit curved(quite like how the movies predict what Bellatrix’s wand looks like, but not as much curved as Bellatrix’s).

Note: I am hoping that Desandra could become Hufflepuff Head of House along with the position of Care of Magical Creatures Professor.

9/2/2018 #76

Welcome to Hogwarts:

Desandra Ozone née Desmugas (Care of Magical Creatures Professor, Head of Hufflepuff House)

Is it all right if students call her Professor D?

9/2/2018 #77

Yeah, but why D?

9/2/2018 #78
Eclipsing Star
because her last name is so long
9/2/2018 #79

It is just Ozone, I just tend to add the OC’s maiden name. Should I fix that?

9/2/2018 #80

No, that's ok, I just thought that was her entire last name. She can be called Professor Ozone.

9/3/2018 #81


9/3/2018 #82
starren 9/3/2018 . Edited 9/9/2018 #83

You still working on that?

9/5/2018 #84

(yes, I'll try and finish it tonight or tomorrow. school is on again and I'm already swamped with work so it's slow)

9/7/2018 #85

(That's perfectly fine)

9/7/2018 #86

Full Name: Selene Anthea Holmes

Blood Status: Half-blood

Age: 23

Former House: Hufflepuff

Subject: Herbology

History: First of all, Selene is definitely no descendant of Sherlock Holmes, who is only a fictional character created by Arthur Conan Doyle (and no, Mr. Doyle is a muggle and had zero connections with the wizarding world). However, without that association, very little is known about the Holmes family... except a few members who have shown a peculiar sensitivity to nature and natural magic. There were rumors that the family might have a rather distant relation to the great sorcerer Merlin due to said ability, but so far there was no concrete evidence to show the connection between the two.

Born sometime in the late winter, Selene is the second child and only daughter of Damon and Ariel Holmes. She has a brother two years above her (Apollon), and another three years younger (Thedus). Being stuck in the middle of two outstanding brothers didn't bode well for the poor girl, especially with her quiet and reclusive personality. Being Sorted into Hufflepuff, the mediocre house at Hogwarts, only served to worsen her already pitiful background. The only thing that made her a tad special compared to her peers was the rare ability that would appear in some members within her family - empathy for nature and affinity with natural magic. It was a power that few could understand; coupled with Selene's introverted personality, she was quickly shunned away and treated as a weirdo, ridiculed whenever she was spotted talking to flowers and bushes around the school grounds, and how she always excelled in Herbology, her favorite subject at Hogwarts. Selene might have appeared indifferent at how she was ignored and left alone at school and even at home, but beneath her unexpressive face hid the pain of loneliness without friends she could trust, the shame her very existence had brought to her family, and helplessness trying to find the light in the darkness around her.

Selene only began to realize the need to change herself after graduating from Hogwarts, when her mousy personality was the biggest obstacle in her first step into adult life. Facing many harsh rejections - from job interviews to even being kicked out of the house by her cold parents - Selene was forced to face the reality she had been running away from throughout her childhood. Time had begun to move forward for the woman who was a girl no more. After all, it's never too late to make a change as long as one has the determination to do so, innit?

After three years of hardships trying to meet life's end on her own, it finally paid off when she got the post to work as a Herbology professor at Hogwarts. Although she didn't have many good memories as a student here, she was determined to rewrite that as a teacher in the school, and learn to love the place that would be her new home from now on.

Personality: Selene feels more at home in the tranquility of nature than being surrounded by the noise of people. She often keeps to herself, and enjoys the company of the various magical plants she is looking after in the greenhouses. She finds human beings difficult to approach and get along with - too complicated to understand, and too fickle to be trusted. Still, Selene is not exactly anthrophobic - she does speak up when it's necessary or when she feels the need to, although there are times her nerves may get the better of her, making it more difficult for her to voice out her thoughts. Selene knows that she cannot stay this way forever, and she has been trying her best to change for the better, albeit slow and in small steps. She may appear timid and weak, but it takes time for Selene's true strengths to shine - when you break the wall of uncertainty around her, you'll be glad to have her as a friend who is loyal, helpful, and she will always have your back whenever you're in a pinch. Other than her gardening and research work around the greenhouses, Selene is also an avid reader and writer. She hopes to turn her research into a book one day, just like how Newt Scamander wrote Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

Appearance: Selene has long auburn hair that reaches all the way to the bottom of her spine, with streaks of emerald green highlights due to a side effect during one of her research works on new herbs based on more exotic magical plants. She has a slightly tan complexion and a short, slender stature. Her eyes are of a bluish-grey color. She usually wears loose clothing, but when she does wear something with a fitting cut, she actually has a pretty nice figure. When she is at work (teaching or gardening), she would keep her long hair in a loose bun on her head.

Additional Notes: (WIP - may expand and re-organize in a Gdoc in the future)

Patronus – Nightingale. In Literature and popular culture, it often represents mastery of the arts (creativity and the muse), purity of nature, virtue and goodness. It's also a universal symbol of poets and poetry. It strongly reflects the strengths and qualities that Selene possesses.

Boggart – Being mocked and bullied by her family. Selene's relationship with her family is complicated - deep down she still loves them and values the blood ties with them, but parts of her still retains some fear for her strict and ambitious parents, acutely aware of the thick, icy wall between her and her family. She longs to be accepted and acknowledged by her parents, but it will take a long time before she can ever make this happen...

More About Innate Ability – Selene's empathy with plants and nature is not equivalent to chloropathy (a.k.a. telepathic link with floras). It's more of an innate ability that enables her to sense emotions without relying on mind-reading skills such as Legilimency (also, sensing is not the same as reading). Selene's ability gives her an edge to perform spells that require or rely on emotions to amplify their power, hence why she is able to learn and produce a Patronus.

More About the Holmes Family – Many members of the Holmes' family were Sorted to either Gryffindor (if chivalry was their dominant trait) or Ravenclaw (if intelligence was their dominant trait). One of Selene's great-great-granduncles was a Slytherin, and he was later blasted off the Holmes' family tree for his association with the Dark Arts. As of the current generation of Holmes, here is the breakdown of houses they were Sorted to:

  • Damon - Ravenclaw
  • Ariel - Ravenclaw
  • Apollon - Ravenclaw
  • Thedus - Gryffindor
9/7/2018 . Edited 9/7/2018 #87

First Name: Audrey / Ao-di

Last Name: Au-Yeung / Ouyang

Blood Status: Half-blood

Age: 16

House: Hufflepuff

Scion History: The Au-Yeung Scion, also known as the Ouyang Scion, is an ancient Chinese wizarding family whose origin can be traced back to the beginning of Tang Dynasty. They served as a secret op under the Li Clan, who was also the ruling family for the longest period in China's history. Only the inner circle of the clan knew about the Ouyang due to their magical background that was feared among the Ancient Chinese people; members of the scion worked as bodyguards and assassins for their master clan, protecting them from both magical and non-magical threats. Officials from Korea and Japan would often visit China to strengthen political and economic ties with each other, and the royal families would sometimes pitch a mock battle between the best warriors they had to show off their respective powers. That was when the Ouyang Scion had any public appearances, and it was also at that time they had the first encounter with the legendary Onmyoji, Abe no Seimei. They built a deeper relationship with the Onmyodo clans through the strategic marriage between one of Seimei's four disciples, Kisaragi Yue, and Ouyang's strongest assassin, Fei-long. They had two children together; the son was appointed the heir of the Ouyang Scion, while the daughter became the next head of the Kisaragi Clan.

However, after the fall of the Tang Dynasty, a series of revolts sprang up across China as the militarized clans began to rise up and overthrow the useless noble families. The period of political and social unrest led to an invasion from the northern tribes, which was what the Chinese needed to set their differences aside and unify as one people to drive out the invaders, eventually establishing the Song Dynasty. The Ouyang was one of the families who joined the revolt to break away from their corrupted master, the Li Clan, to use their magic for the greater good of China independently, free from the shackles of the muggle royal families. Besides China, Japan was also going through a period of social reform, and the ongoing wars on both ends made the Ouyang Scion lose touch with the Kisaragi Clan. The connection between the two families faded with each passing time, and soon it was forgotten.

China continued to go through many ups and down as one dynasty fall to make way for another to rise, until the eventual end of the Qing Dynasty, where China was in complete disarray for almost a century due to the Japanese Occupation during World War II, and later the Cultural Revolution due to military clashes between two opposing political parties. Meanwhile, the magical communities in China chose to go into hiding, refusing to participate in what they call "the longest and dumbest catfight ever existed in human history" as they didn't want anything to do with the war that was clearly unbeneficial to them, regardless of the bullshits the muggle leaders had promised to their people. Most of the descendants of these Chinese wizarding clans are scattered worldwide, and many of them choose to blend in with the magical societies of other nations rather than going back to their homeland. Those who have remained in China are mostly found in Shaolin temples or hidden away in the mountains, cutting off their ties with the chaos of the world at large.

As for the Ouyang Scion, they escaped to Hong Kong in the late-Qing Dynasty and changed to Au-Yeung, which is the Cantonese spelling of their family name. After China's loss to the British Army in the Opium War, Hong Kong was colonized by Great Britain. Hong Kong under the British rule had been relatively peaceful, and the people had come to accept their government, even citing that they were better than the corrupted Chinese Communist Party. To start a new life and make a living in the place they would be calling home from now on, the Au-Yeung Scion opened a small school to teach the locals Wing Chun, one of the martial arts that even women could pick up easily for self-defense in the times of uncertainty. After Hong Kong was returned back to China in 1997, the Au-Yeung Scion decided to migrate to Britain as they didn't wish to stay under the Chinese rule. That was also when the children of the scion began their magical education at Hogwarts.

Personal History: Audrey is the youngest child in the current generation of the Au-Yeung Scion that is now living in the London Chinatown. He has two older brothers, Howard and Robin, who were Sorted to Slytherin and Gryffindor respectively. The three brothers are very different from each other, which people around them would joke that the three formed a tripolar balance with one another. However, on Audrey's tenth birthday, there was a shootout in their neighborhood… or at least that was what the muggles living in the area had believed after a massive cover-up by the Ministry of Magic and casting Memory Charms on all the muggles around the vicinity to make sure none of them could ever remember the dark truth. It was actually a magical duel between Audrey's parents and a mysterious hooded person. The stranger used both wand magic and some kind of technique that seemed Oriental, but Audrey couldn't tell where exactly it was from. In the end, his parents were killed by the hooded man; with whatever energy was left in her, Audrey's mother left her son with a parting quote:

"Do not hate evil, or you will become evil itself. Learn to love, and the light will always guide you on the right path."

Even though the fire of hatred burned within Audrey as he watched the departing figure of the person who killed his parents, he swallowed his urge to go after the murderer and made a vow to honor his mother's last words. He even had the quote tattooed on his back so that it would stay with him wherever he goes, serving as a constant reminder to himself. During Audrey's Sorting in his first year, he had an internal argument with the Hat to put him in Hufflepuff instead of Slytherin. He never once regretted the choice; he had been doing relatively well in school, fairly popular among his peers for his nice personality. He also went on to play Keeper for his house's Quidditch team, and was chosen to be a Prefect in his fifth year. Other than the Hogwarts curriculum, Audrey is also trained in Wing Chun, and he can hold his own ground in both wand duels and physical brawls. After all, he came from the family known for their prowess in martial magic and magical duels.

Personality: On the outside, Audrey is a goody-two-shoes—polite, helpful, and considerate to the people around him. He always tries to stay positive, and encourages his peers to give them the push they need to make them feel better. As such, he's fairly popular among his housemates for his Nice Guy image. However, inside of him is a conflicted young man struggling to come to terms with his inner demon, searching for the zen to silence the fire of vengeance that is trying to corrupt him, to turn him into a tool for revenge. Will he emerge victorious and banish the darkness within him, or will he succumb to the devil's whispers and hunt down the mysterious figure to avenge his parents once and for all?

Appearance: Audrey has short jet-black hair in a pompadour cut, and dark-brown eyes. He's tall, standing at 177 cm (5'9"), and has an athletic build (by Asian standard, and nothing too beefy like Caucasian Hollywood stars). When he's not wearing his school robes, Audrey has an eye for fashion, and he's mostly seen wearing v-neck shirts and tapered jeans that work well with his figure. As mentioned previously, he has a tattoo of his mother's last words in Chinese on his back; thankfully no one around can understand his native language, so nobody paid much attention to the truth behind the tattoo… so far.

Additional Notes:

Wand – Blackthorn wood and unicorn tail core, eleven and a half inches, swishy. Wands made from blackthorn are highly sought after by both Aurors and practitioners of Dark Arts due to its prodigious power best suited for witches and wizards with a warrior-like nature. To truly bond as one with this wood, the owner has to pass through danger or hardship and rise above the obstacles they are facing to be recognized by the wand.

Pet – A female white pied imperial pigeon with black marks around the tip of her wings. Audrey has called her "Mei", as he would treat the bird like a little sister of sorts. (The Au-Yeung Scion—in fact, most Chinese wizarding families—have been using pigeons rather than owls to send mails since ancient times.)

Patronus – wip

Boggart – The replica of the mysterious hooded stranger that Audrey saw on the night of his parents' murder. To him, that very memory is the root of the growing evil inside of the young man, the thin line he can never cross if he wants to stay humane. The figure is the devil's whisper to seduce him to the dark side, to drop his defenses and give in to the desire of wrath and revenge.

I know that "Audrey" is supposed to be a feminine name, but this an intentional pun on the character based on the pronunciation of his Chinese/Cantonese name.

Will expand on the Au-Yeung's branch of martial magic in a Gdoc in the future. Let me finish Miyu's doc first.

Some references to Miyu's clan in Audrey's background. You can look up the Gdoc notes (still WIP) in Miyu's sheet for more info.

9/7/2018 . Edited 9/7/2018 #88

Welcome to Hogwarts:

Selena Holmes (Herbology professor)

Audrey Au-Yeung (Hufflepuff 6)

9/8/2018 #89

alright the app is doing that thing where it messes up edited posts, so I'll just finish it up and post it in a bit

9/9/2018 #90
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