The 7 Mystic Arts of Remalze
A thousand years ago, the earth was ravaged by an event known as The Great Renewal. The world was changed and new beings inhabited it. The 7 continents were split into 5 nations, each with its own rules and culture. At the center of everything is the mysterious energy known as Rem and the 7 Mystic Arts formed to control it. What adventures await you in this great new world. (This Forum is invitation only for testing purposes. Please IM me if you are interested. This forum allows Lemon. You are Warned.)
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The Laughing Merchant

The World of Remalze

Remalze, a world once known as earth, changed and reborn by an event known only as the Great Renewal. It happened a thousand years ago, during the year 2386 A.D. The ones who came before, the humans, discovered a new element beneath the earth that they called Rem. Rem was a strange, plasma-like substance that once in contact with living flesh, changed it and altered it in strange and amazing ways. The humans began to test the substance and began to use it to make weapons and this was their downfall. The weapons made from Rem caused a reaction in the earth, angering the source of the Rem, Gaia herself. She punished the humans by causing Rem to erupt from the world in dangerous amounts and when the smoke cleared, 95% of mankind was gone and those that survived were forever changed. The Rem not only destroyed mankind but reimaged the world. Many species began to take on new qualities and became more humanoid and these new species found a new use for the Rem in the 7 Mystic arts practiced around Remalze today.

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