The 7 Mystic Arts of Remalze
A thousand years ago, the earth was ravaged by an event known as The Great Renewal. The world was changed and new beings inhabited it. The 7 continents were split into 5 nations, each with its own rules and culture. At the center of everything is the mysterious energy known as Rem and the 7 Mystic Arts formed to control it. What adventures await you in this great new world. (This Forum is invitation only for testing purposes. Please IM me if you are interested. This forum allows Lemon. You are Warned.)
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The Laughing Merchant

When the world shook and the land was made new, an order had to be established. The land inhabited by the 10 new species was then split into 5 large nations. The population is calculated by a percentage of the world's population.

Nation: Belnor Kingdom

Population: 40%

Ethnic Name: Nors

Currency: Blins- pressed gold coins

Government: Monarchy

Power Rank: 1st


Nation: Niba


Ethnic Name: Nibians

Currency: Nin-nickel based coins

Government: Democracy

Power Rank: 4th


Nation: Asbion

Population: 20%

Ethnic Name: Asbian

Currency: Col- Paper currency

Government: Matriarchy

Power Rank: 2nd


Nation: Zunta


Ethnic Name: Zuns

Currency: Kin- polished gem-like stones

Government: Matriarchy

Power Rank: 5th


Nation: Belrose

Population: 20%

Ethnic Name: Rosas

Currency: Dem- flat silver coins

Government: Patriarchy

Power Rank: 3rd

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