The 7 Mystic Arts of Remalze
A thousand years ago, the earth was ravaged by an event known as The Great Renewal. The world was changed and new beings inhabited it. The 7 continents were split into 5 nations, each with its own rules and culture. At the center of everything is the mysterious energy known as Rem and the 7 Mystic Arts formed to control it. What adventures await you in this great new world. (This Forum is invitation only for testing purposes. Please IM me if you are interested. This forum allows Lemon. You are Warned.)
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The Laughing Merchant

In the world of Remalze, there are 7 Mystic arts that have become commonplace to the inhabitants of the world. These arts each teach not only how to defend one's self but also teach the user how to control Rem in ways relating to nature and the elements. Not everyone chooses to study one of the seven mystic arts but those who do are known as Remmancers. When one becomes a Remmancer they are marked at one of the 7 Rem points in the world that determines their art and unlocks their ability to control Rem. It is possible for a Remmancer to learn and master more than 1 of the 7 arts but to do so is dangerous as there are chances of Rem element conflicts when taking on an opposite Rem into one's body for the mark. Those choosing to take on multiple Rem marks need be wary of the dangers and strong-willed to resist them. There is also a trait known as Rem Affinity that every person is born with. This tells the type of art that would come naturally to you if you choose to become a Remmancer. Each Style has a grandmaster that heads the teachings of the Arts as well as a bestows ranks upon Remmancers.

Style Name: Katin-Vo

Combat Style: A mixture of boxing, kickboxing, and grappling

Rem Element: Fire

Opposite Element: Water

Grand Master: Rono Kamu

Origin: Katin-Vo, a very aggressive style was championed by the Nettle people when the inhabitants of Remalze began to discover ways to harness Rem. The style was created as a form of coming of age ritual for the Nettle people but was quickly made popular around the world by those who wanted to study it for martial combat and sport.

Style Name: Nimble Step

Combat Style: Wing Chun mixed with Jeet Kun Do.

Rem Element: Wind

Opposite Element: Earth

Grand Master: Madam Della Bon

Origin: Nimble Step, originally called Whisper Wind, was created by the Bell people at first. It was developed first a form of dancing that slowly evolved into a combative style as it's optional for utilizing wind Rem was discovered.

Style Name: Solid Stance

Combat Style: Tai chi mixed with some boxing

Rem Element: Earth

Opposite Element: Wind

Grand Master: Bella Kep

Origin: The Solid Stance is a very patient and calm Mystic Art that was created by the Mow centuries ago and is the oldest practiced Mystic Art. The Mow used this power that controlled earth Rem to shape their homeland and create many large structures that still stand today. While not as popular as some Arts due to its slow appearance, Solid Stance is number 2 in the 3 most powerful Mystic Arts just above Katin-Vo.

Style Name: Nol-Bel

Combat Style: Crane Style mixed with snake.

Rem Element: Water

Opposite Element: Fire

Grand Master: Bita Bon

Origin: Nol-Bel is a Mystic art that is almost as old as Solid Stance. It was created originally by the Nu-Men as a form of meditation. It evolved into a combat art in a way for the Nu-Men to defend themselves from the new dangers in Remalze and to better understand Rem.

Style Name: Bolten

Combat Style: Muay Thai mixed with Krav Maga.

Rem Element: Lightning

Opposite Element: Water

Grand Master: Zi-Tama

Origin: Bolten was developed by the Ahbor people as a way to show their strength. They were used to the sound of thunder and lightning in their home and decided to make it a part of their life. This led them to learn to fight with the crack of thunder and speed of lightning.

Style Name: Quicksilver

Combat Style: More remnant of street fighting but has no actual stance or style

Rem Element: Light

Opposite Element: Darkness

Grand Master: Bella Minos

Origin: Quicksilver is one of the two Mystic arts who's true origins are unknown. It first appeared among the Flin people who claim they learned it from the Vil who claim it came from the Mow. No one is truly sure where it came from but they do know it can be extremely powerful depending on the user.

Style Name: Blackguard

Combat Style: Similar to Capoeira

Rem Element: Darkness

Opposite Element: Light

Grand Master: Mesta

Origin: This Mystic art, like Quicksilver, is unknown in origin. The people who it is seen among the most is the Zunza but Zunza elders claim it was taught to them by one of Gaia's Messengers.

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