The 7 Mystic Arts of Remalze
A thousand years ago, the earth was ravaged by an event known as The Great Renewal. The world was changed and new beings inhabited it. The 7 continents were split into 5 nations, each with its own rules and culture. At the center of everything is the mysterious energy known as Rem and the 7 Mystic Arts formed to control it. What adventures await you in this great new world. (This Forum is invitation only for testing purposes. Please IM me if you are interested. This forum allows Lemon. You are Warned.)
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The Laughing Merchant

A topic for Roxana, Kimo,and Kima

7/18/2018 . Edited 7/18/2018 #1
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Roxana sighed as she walked down an empty country road toward her hometown. It had been years since she had visited and it was time to see her home after all these years. Her childhood home should still be standing even if it had been abandoned for thirteen years. The house was just outside the small town and she didn't know what she expected to find, but somehow she knew, hoped, that coming home would help her know what she should do next in her life.

7/18/2018 #2
The Laughing Merchant

"Isss, this the right way brother?"Kimo asked her brother as they began making their way down the dusty road.

"Yess, sssisster. I and sure of it."Kima purred and smiled as he walked with her. The twins began walking by Roxana, arm, and arm as they made their way down. Their hips swayed in unison as they walked, so elegant yet strong. Kima and Kimo were happy to travel more after leaving home. They wanted to see more and heard there was much to see here.

7/18/2018 #3
Take Me To The Candy Shop

Roxana watched as the twin figures swayed past her, her dark eyes following them with interest. So many new people had begun traveling these roads since she left. Just before entering the town, Roxana saw her old home, a grand, elegant two story home with a wrap-around porch and a balcony under one of the windows. That window led to her parents' room and she remembered every time she would come home from wandering the wilderness nearby she would see her mother standing on the balcony, watching for her. Everything was run down, but Roxana did not doubt that she would be able to restore it in no time.

7/18/2018 #4
The Laughing Merchant

Kima looked around the village with interest, staying close to his sister when he stopped and shivered."What isss it, brother?"Kimo asked worriedly.

"Ssssuch raw energy. The Rem left from a horrid event," he said looking over in the direction of where Roxana had gone. He began to ask some of the villagers what lie there and was told it was an old house which he rushed to go see.

7/18/2018 #5
Take Me To The Candy Shop

By the time the siblings made their way back to the house, Roxana had already started restoring the house. She was moving the debris out of the house so she could make a better list of things she would need to restore her home. She hummed to herself as she worked, her beautiful hair braided and pinned up to keep it out of her way. She sensed someone approaching, but she knew whoever was there wouldn't harm her, at least, they wouldn't be able to.

7/18/2018 #6
The Laughing Merchant

Kima walked up to the house and placed his hand on it. His eyes went white and stood there, kind of spaced out."Brother?"Kimo said looking at him, she held his hand, rubbing it."Excusse me!"she called to Roxana."Do you have any water?" she asked.

7/18/2018 #7
Take Me To The Candy Shop

Roxana turned to the siblings and walked toward them slowly. "Water?" she asked, her head tilting slightly before she pulled a canteen from the belt on her waist and held it out to Kimo. "Why are you at my home?"

7/18/2018 #8
The Laughing Merchant

Kimo took it and splashed her brother. He shook his head and breathed heavily."Ssssorry."he said sighing.

"I am as well. My brother tends to wonder sometimes due to his instincts as a Rem Sage."Kimo said bowing."We are Kimo and Kima."she said pointing to herself then her brother. Sages were rare, even in places were Rem knowledge was wide. There were only 200 in the entire world.

7/18/2018 #9
Take Me To The Candy Shop

Roxana's black eyes shifted between the siblings for a moment as they spoke, then she nodded. "That is quite extraordinary," she murmured. "A Remmancer and a Rem Sage," she added, licking her lips as though attempting to trying to remember a taste. "And what Mystic Art do you practice?" she asked, her eyes staring deep into Kimo's eyes.

7/18/2018 #10
The Laughing Merchant

"I practice Quicksilver and Nimble Step myself," she said smiling some. "My brother has a high wind affinity so he is useful in assisting me. He also has Rem Sense so he can see the past of areas with strong Rem impressions."

7/18/2018 #11
Take Me To The Candy Shop

"Ahh, what an interesting combination," Roxana murmured, tilting her head. "So what brought you to my home?" she asked, directing her question to Kima. She led them into what remained of the kitchen and went about pouring them cups of water.

7/18/2018 #12
The Laughing Merchant

Kima nodded."There was a very strong imprint on this house and I am drawn to such imprints. The emotions were too intense for me to get a vision clearly though.":

7/18/2018 #13
Take Me To The Candy Shop

Roxana nodded, looking around silently. "My parents...they died here many years ago," she murmured, her eyes going back to Kima. "That was when I left here."

7/18/2018 #14
The Laughing Merchant

"Oh I am very sorry. I did not mean to bring up such a thing."Kima said sadly

7/18/2018 #15
Take Me To The Candy Shop

"I was a child, then, but I came back because it's time I stop running," Roxana replied, smiling gently at the twins. "Which is why I am here, cleaning up."

7/18/2018 #16
The Laughing Merchant

Kima and Kimo nodded looking around."Hmm we can help you." they both said in unison.

7/18/2018 #17
Take Me To The Candy Shop

Roxana tilted her head. "Why would you help me? You've only just met me and I could be a killer for all you know," she replied, raising a brow.

7/18/2018 #18
The Laughing Merchant

"You are not a random killer. You have a calm heart. I can tell from your Rem."Kima said smiling some.

"Plus we enjoy helping others. It is a good way to make friendssss."Kimo purred softly

7/18/2018 #19
Take Me To The Candy Shop

Roxana smiled, shaking her head. "You don't even know my name," she continued, standing and starting to collect debris from in the kitchen.

7/18/2018 #20
The Laughing Merchant

"Would you be Roxana? That was the only thing I heard from the imprint."Kima said shyly

7/18/2018 #21
Take Me To The Candy Shop

"I've never heard of Rem doing that," Roxana replied, raising a brow as she looked over at him. "But since we are not strangers, your help is very much appreciated."

7/19/2018 #22
The Laughing Merchant

"Most of what Rem can do it still a mystery. It is the job of us Sages to discover more," he said smiling some. He and Kimo soon began picking up debris around the house to assist in cleaning it."With 3, this restore will go much faster."

7/19/2018 #23
Take Me To The Candy Shop

Roxana nodded, cleaning the house and making notes of all the things they would need to rebuild parts of the house. Once it was all cleared of trash and debris, Roxana stood in the entrance hall with her hands on her hips. " I just need to go buy supplies to rebuild," she said, smiling at the twins.

7/19/2018 #24
The Laughing Merchant

"We will help where we can with that asss well,"Kimo said purring softly and smiled a bit.

"Asss well asss with any repairsss."Kima chimed in.

7/19/2018 #25
Take Me To The Candy Shop

Roxana smiled at them and nodded. "Come along then," she said, turning to walk out of the house and toward the town nearby.

7/19/2018 #26
The Laughing Merchant

The twins smiled and went to follow behind her."Roxana, I noticed a Rem mark on your neck. Are you a Remmancer as well?"Kimo asked smiling to her.

7/19/2018 #27
Take Me To The Candy Shop

"Yes," Roxana replied with a shrug. "Quicksilver and Bolten," she added, glancing back at them as she walked.

7/19/2018 #28
The Laughing Merchant

"Very interesting. I have never met another who practiced Quicksssilver as it is quite hard to learn ssssince it has no particular ssssstyle or sssstance."she said smiling some

7/19/2018 #29
Take Me To The Candy Shop

"It was my affinity so it came easily to me," Roxana murmured, her voice breezy and carefree as she walked into one of the stores and bought lumber, tools, and paints.

7/19/2018 #30
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