Red vs Blue: Project Gaia RP
25 years after the end of the Shadow Element RP, a new generation of Freelancers are ready to kick ass. [ACTIVE AS OF 10/24/20]
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9/10/2018 #1
YA Rasputin


"Will, stop that."

"Stop vhat?"

"Looking at your son like that."

"It's my fault that she left."

"Will. Stop."



"That will be his name. When he joins."

"If he joins."

"Please. Eleven and he's just like us. A rifleman, through and through."


"Thanks for the room. I guess I needed some time to think."

"Of course, old friend."

"What's the vidcam doing on?"

"Ah, schiebe."


9/10/2018 #2

Recovered personal video logs of Crystal Lawson-Frasier:

[Two years before the establishment of Project Gaia]

Alec smiled as he stretched back in his chair. Retirement was sweet, even if he only got to experience it for a couple more years. Then, he'd have plans to set in motion. He had honestly never expected to live this long.

He leaned over the cake in front of him, and blew. Forty-five.

Smoke drifted through the air, stemming from the eighteen candles in front of the two twins. Stephanie punched her brother Jason lightly in the shoulder and smirked. "Still older than you, sucker."

"We're twins, dumbass."

"Well, yeah, but I'm the oldest twin. By two whole minutes. You know how much you can learn in two minutes? I learned how to fire a gun in two minutes. Maybe that's why you're shit with guns..."

"Language, Stephanie," Alec muttered.

"Shut up dad, I'm eighteen now."


9/10/2018 . Edited 9/10/2018 #3
YA Rasputin

Alexandr Tikhonov sat down at his desk, an old helmet resting over to the side. Glancing over, he bit his lip, picking the multi-eyed helm up. Staring back into the eyes of Panoptes, he remembered the events that had taken place over two decades ago. His first deployment with the other PEGASUS agents in New New Mombasa. New Alexandria. Draethus-III. Then the reachout to the Freelancers, and the second- and final- assault on New New Mombasa. Setting the armor that was his namesake aside, he picked up a phone and dialed a number. It picked up a second later.

"Ja?" the deep voice inquired.

"William," Alex replied.

A pause. "Hallo, Alexandr."

Panoptes cocked an eyebrow. "Your accent is getting thicker."

Thanatos grunted. "It plays better in the leadership role."

The Russian cleared his throat. "That's what I'm calling about, actually."

The surprise was evident in Than's voice. "You want back in?"


The German sighed. "I'll put a word in with Phaes."

9/10/2018 #4

Recovered Journal entry belonging to Jocelyn Owens

[One year before the establishment of Project Gaia]

Dear Diary,

I fucking hate Kara. With her stupid robot voice, her stupid long hair, and her stupid pretty face. And she's always flirting with daddy and calling him 'Space Cowboy' and he says he's not interested but I can tell he is.

She was in charge of training today and she made us practice knife fighting with real knives. What a psycho bitch. I told that to Mr. Schmidt and he said 'pretty girls shouldn't have such foul mouths'. What a pussy.

The twins birthdays are next week and they turn 19, Stephanie thinks she's so cool because she's a year older than me but I bet I can still kick her ass.

Alex said there won't be any training all week so what the hell am I supposed to do? There's nothing else to do on this damn ship.

Shit. I gotta go, Mr. Z is bringing in new blanks and I like when he yells at them. Last time a guy fainted.


P.S. Oliver gets out of the med bay tomorrow after blowing out his shoulder from the 'Splaser' I need to get him a card.


9/13/2018 #5
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