Red vs Blue: Project Gaia RP
25 years after the end of the Shadow Element RP, a new generation of Freelancers are ready to kick ass. [ACTIVE AS OF 10/24/20]
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SE Association

1. Be nice and respect others.

2. No god modding.

3. No killing characters without their creator's permission.

4. Don't control other characters if you aren't a moderator.

5. If you are gone for a short time (1-7 days), expect a moderator to control your character.

6. Let us know if you plan to take a break that is more than 2 weeks.

7. If you are gone for longer than 2 weeks without prior notification, what happens to your character will be up to the moderators.

8. No ridiculous events or characters. (Mods will decide what is or isn't ridiculous).

9. If you are fighting another character, you can land hits, just give them a chance to block, recover, or hit back. Just remember, you can't block everything.

10. Stay in character on this forum. Out of character comments are to be denoted by parentheses ().

Official Forum Discord: discord. gg/ pkvwr2c

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