the farm house
the farm house
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The property is … different.

The farmhouse stands sprawling as ever with its wrap around porch and white trim. The fence that's supposed to gate in the backyard connects to another house settled to the north-east of it, a navy house with black roofing and trim. Way up north of the farmhouse, a very pink house stands is connected to the navy house by another length of fence.

The three houses seem to share the vastness of the backyard. The farmhouse and the pink house aren't connected by fence, but rather by the tree line of a forest that sprawls out west of the houses.

Now, the backyard is set up in winter colours, dazzling ice blues and crystalline whites. It's not quite a solstice set up, but it's set up very similarly.

In front of the back porch of the farm house, there are tables of food. There's a large table full of hot foods —different types of roasts and soups and warm sides like mashed potatoes and roasted vegetables— and a table of desserts —pies and cakes and platters of cookies sit still warm on their displays— and a table of refreshments —half warm with pots of hot chocolate and cider and hot water for the variety of tea sachets, and half cold with cups for chilled sodas and juices.

The plenty of sitting tables are paired up with outdoor heating lamps, and even so, still somehow manages to be plenty of room for running around.

Despite the cheery set up, everyone in attendance seems rather … glum.

Shiro and Wren sit at the table closest to the food while everyone else is spread out between their own little groups.

A group of boys with white hair and eyes in shades of green sit up on the porch with their own little set up. A boy who looks like how Shiro used to sits with them.

Kayden and Caleb sit at one table huddled close while their fragments and Shiro's occupy the tables around them.

Samael and Ethan are sitting at another table, Samael's fragments settled at another table with Declan's fragments. Ethan's fragments are curiously absent.

Declan, Christopher, and a young girl with long brown hair sit several tables away.

Wren gets up to unlatch the side of the gate to let the guests in. "Welcome back, I guess," he says. "God'll make his appearance in … a bit." He glances over his shoulder at the backyard. "Do whatever you came to do, I guess."

1/7/2019 #1

Zed gives Wren and side smile and nods. "Thanks..," then walks in before glancing around for the people he needed to talk to. He swallowed, taking a deep breathe then walks with determination towards them.

Fred was next followed by Si and Torle though seem more segregated than they use to be. Fred did gives a side glance at taller two before walking away towards the people he needs to discuss with.

Si did the same when he sees them as well before walking over as does Torle.

Torle places his hands into his jean pockets as he accidently nudges Phil who steps just several inches beside him before going over to where he needed to go with Phil just behind him.

Winter straighten himself as walks straight to the one person he sees while Rosado follows just behind only a bit slowly since the one person he needs to speak with isn't here at the moment.

1/7/2019 #2

Samael sits, calm and composed as ever, but over at the table next to him, Titus bristles, leaning over to sink his teeth into Sorrel's shoulder. Sorrel's face scrunches up, but the boy doesn't say anything as Declan glances over at them. Ethan waves the selkie off, patting Samael's shoulders reassuringly. Declan continues to stare for a few moments before turning back to whatever conversation he'd previously been having with Christopher and the girl. Titus' grip on Sorrel doesn't ease though, and Samael says nothing.

Aislinn startles, cocking his head to the side before snapping his gaze to Kayden then up at the navy haired boy sitting on the porch.

"It's alright," Kayden murmurs, motioning the fragment over to him. The blond gets up and shuffles over.

"Who'll watch Jamie? Jason? Lani?" Aislinn asks, clutching at Kayden's sweatshirt as he plops down on his host's lap.

"Shiro and Wren know what they're doing," Kayden assures him. "Besides, I think he left Jason in charge for this."

Aislinn hums, not looking very reassured.

At the other table, Jason and Jamie, looking the same as ever, stare with night sky eyes, and from his and Wren's table, Shiro watches his fragments unhappily.

1/7/2019 . Edited 1/7/2019 #3

Zed takes in a breath before looking both Ethan and Samael equally as he stuff his hands into his pocket, greeting with a, "Hey…"

Si glance at the young man he comes to love and cherish more than anything but lately he hasn't been quite a wonderful husband as he should be so he's here to correct that. He walks over and sits just adjutant from Jamie. "Hello there..," he greets softly to Jamie while biting his lower lip.

Torle glance Kayden and nods to him with a small smile in greeting," Hello... How you been?"

Phil nods along with him, "Hello.." Then nods at Shiro. "Hello..."

Fred takes a seat without much thought as he faces Kayden, "Hola…" Then glances at Shiro before waving, "Hola…"

Winter sits before Caleb with small if not tiny smile and nods as he greets with a soft, "Hello..." He tucks a curly lock of his now short snow white hair with braids tied by the same blue bow he has for so long.

Rosado greets to anyone close by before taking seat not far from Winter.

1/7/2019 #4

Samael stares for a moment before standing. "I should not have come," he says.

Ethan takes a steady breath, standing as well. "C'mon now, Sam—" he starts only for Samael to cut him off.

"No," Samael snaps. "I should not have come. I am angry, and there is no changing that."

"Gabriel ain't even angry anymore," Ethan says, sounding tired and exasperated. "Nobody's even asking anything of you right now, except to sit and listen."

Something gutteral tears from Titus, and Sorrel begins to squirm under him. He whines, but Titus doesn't let the boy up.

"Things within myself have been fix. The last thing I need now is to backslide," Samael snaps, refusing to look at Zed.

Ethan frowns, noting Titus and Sorrel.

"Oh, Sorrel's fine!" Holly assures him, waving a hand, but even so, Sorrel whimpers.

Jamie stares, tilting his head to the side. "What do you want?" he chirrups, his voice soft as he squirms back to be closer to Jason. He glances over at Shiro, who shrugs. "I belong to Shiro now. You don't like him."

Kayden glances between Torle, Fred, and Phil. He looks like he's biting his tongue as he shoos Aislinn off his lap. "Why don't you go sit up there with Adora, hmm?" he whispers softly.

Aislinn glances between the three guests before nodding slowly. "Okay," he whispers back before scurrying off.

Kayden grins a sharp toothed grin that doesn't quite reach his eyes. "I'm … okay. I finally found the part of me that loved Fred so much, and I finally got him ripped out of me."

As if sensing that they're talking about him, Aislinn stops midway to the porch and turns to stare before bolting the rest of the way to the porch.

From his table near the porch, Shiro flips them off. Wren tries to stifle his laughter but does a poor job of it as he grabs Shiro's hand, yanking it back down. Up on the porch, Adora bursts into laughter, eyes bright, smile wide.

Caleb glances between all the guests seated at his table, then at Kayden, then at Shiro. "Where's he at?" he asks Winter, ignoring the greeting.

1/7/2019 . Edited 1/7/2019 #5

Zed watches and listens the whole exchange before speaking, "Please, I know I messed up but give me another chance to talk. Please."

Si shakes his head. "All I want is to talk. To apologize." Si nods at Jamie's words. " I understand. Yes, I do remember the fact I was upset with him or maybe find him a bit of annoying but I never said I hate him, Jamie. I still remember the time when you asked me to hold Shiro when you were pregnant with Emma… I didn't mind one bit even though Shiro was not pleased. I find his person quite charming if if anything nice to have around," gives a ghost of smile before it disappeared. "Please, just hear me out…"Fred raised brow slightly at Kayden, very doubtful about that by just observing him. Torle and Phil shares an spiritual agreement with Fred.

"I see...," Torle responds with a nod of understanding before taking a seat adjacent from Kayden. "You must hate us and we can't blame you..."

Fred glance at Shiro flipping them off but returns his attention back to Kayden. He's taking his steps one at a time. Phil licks his lips as he let his head down before a second to run his fingers through his now growing curly hair.

Winter and Rosado knows exactly who Caleb is asking for. "Not here," he answered. "But our creator and yours agree with the names chosen, if that's what you're asking about."

1/8/2019 #6

Samael tenses, refuses to look at Zed. "I have nothing to say to you," he says coldly.

Ethan sighs, running a hand through his hair as he glances between Sam and Zed. "Sam…"

"You didn't not have the same problems we did, Ethan. As glad as I am for it, it means you do not understand, and as you do not understand, I know it is frustrating for you to sit here and see me act unreasonably in your perspective. But there is nothing I have to say to him. I was hurt, I no longer am. I was angry, I am still angry. Titus will always resent him for the way he was treated, and there is no changing that. I will not lie to make him feel better or to appease his creator. They will, for once, fully deal with consequences of their actions," Samael says calmly. "Titus."

Titus finally lets go of Sorrel to blink up at Samael. His mouth is stained with blood, and Sorrel whimpers again, curling against Titus and pressing a hand to his hurt shoulder.

"Go on," Samael says, inclining his head towards the navy house. "Leave Sorrel."

"Of course, sir," Titus says. He stands, wipes the blood from his mouth, and presses a kiss to the top of Sorrel's head. He brushes past Zed without even looking at him and crosses the backyard to disappear inside the navy house.

"I will be sitting at the other table should you need me," Samael tells Ethan before moving to Delcan's table.

Delcan and Christopher manage to include Samael in their conversation easily, but the girl seems shy, twirling strands of long brown hair around her fingers.

Ethan sighs, retaking his seat. "Sorry 'bout that."

Jamie's smile is radiant as ever, but something in his gaze is biting, cutting right into Si. "I didn't say you hated him! I just said you don't like him," he says cheerfully. He tilts his head to the side. "Annoying and charming. Huh. I think the only person who ever equated those two were Raj. Huh." He snorts softly, smothering a fit of laugher.

Jason rolls his eyes, kicking at the back of Jamie's seat. The slightly more positive fragment pouts.

"Talk about what?" Jamie huffs out under Jason's glare. "Fragments don't really date people. Especially not people who don't like their hosts."

Kayden ignores Torle as he watches Aislinn up on the porch. "Look at him," he sighs. "He's so soft, so sweet." He pauses to slante a glare at the group. "And you all ripped him to shreds."

"Kayden," Caleb minds softly.

"Shiro's angry. We get to be angry," Kayden snaps back.

Caleb nods but doesn't say anything as he turns back to Winter. He studies him, expression unreadable. "Guess so. Just curious, I guess. 'Bout why he didn't bother to show."

1/8/2019 #7

Zed bit the inside of his cheek, his hands curling into fists in his pockets as he continues to stare Samael while Titus passed him. Zed was angry of course but couldn't blame Samael for cold shoulder. Zed disregard Samael's feelings and now he has to deal with the consequences and he would take it without complaints. He'll accept this because it is his fault.

Zed shakes his head. "No, don't apologize. He's right. I do deserve it. I did this because i gave up to quickly and now I have to accept my punishment. But unlike before, I'm not gonna give up again."

Si winces a bit at that retort but he knows he should expect that and to see that same smile, that same beautiful gaze that use to gleam at his way with love and joy now replaced with coldness, disappointment and fierce anger.

"I suppose they don't," Si says softly in a almost dejected tone but quickly covers it up with a determined look. "I want to talk about us. Yes, I will talk to Shiro but I wanted to talk to you first. So please."

Torle wrings his wrists as he nods at Kayden's words as Phile does the same.

"You have every right to be," Fred comments.Winter nods. "Of course…," he replies.Rosado side glance between Winter and Caleb.

1/8/2019 #8

Ethan stares at Zed. He looks tired, he looks sorry. "Zed… I hate to be the one to break it to you, but … you're punishment isn't to convince him into taking you back. Your punishment is that you're done. This— This ain't a fairy tale. It may be writing, but it's still just life."

"He has standards, and you failed to meet them," Juniper says coldly, shoving to a stand. He grabs Sorrel's arm and drags him over to the porch.

Holly sighs, gathering up Thistle and tugging at Fern. "Sorry about him him," he says, not looking very apologetic. He tails after his other siblings, leaving Zed and Ethan alone.

Jamie blinks. "Us… Jasey, when was the last time there was an us?"

Jason glares, giving Jamie's chair another kick. "I don't know, and I don't care. Just hurry up and get this over with."

"He loved you, too, loved you first," Jamie reminds Jason quietly.

Jason grimaces. "Who fucking cares?"

Jamie sighs, a bratty, petulant sound. "Fine, alright. Talk, I guess," he says, waving a hand loftily.

Kayden's gaze snaps to Fred, and his eyes narrow in a glare. "Nobody asked you," he snaps, nails cutting tears in the table cloth where he grips too tight.

"Kayden," Caleb says softly, settling a hand against his back.

"No," Kayden says, shoving Caleb's arm off and shooting to a stand. "What are we even here for? So they can beg for places in our lives? Why should we give them that? Why should we give them the chance to hurt us again? They've already hurt us so much. They hurt me and you and Shiro. Shiro was right. They hurt us just because they could, and they admitted it. How are we supposed to come back from that?"

"Maybe we won't," Caleb says, reaching out to take Kayden's hand. "That's what we're here to figure out." He rubs his thumb across the back of Kayden's hand gently. "Right now, you're just upset because Shiro's upset—"

"He gets to be upset," Kayden says hastily, voice suspiciously thick.

"He does," Caleb assures him. "And so do you. Just means it might not be the best for you to be here right now. You haven't settled yet, and trying to figure these things out is going to be hard when you're still upset. You don't have to forgive them now or ever, but making that decision while you're angry is going to could your judgment."

Kayden drops his gaze to the floor. "I'm going to go get something to drink," he mutters. He turns and walks off, pace brisk.

Caleb nods before turning back to the four. "What do you guys want?" he asks bluntly.

1/8/2019 #9

Zed was about to speak but Juniper interrupts him before he had the chance to reply. Zed could tell they weren't exactly apologetic but he wasn't mad, just frustrated.

Zed watches them leave further away from them before letting out a log dragged sigh, slumping into his seat as he says, "No...not taking me back like that… I mean, like starting over as friends… I know he's furious if not disappointed in me and wants nothing to do with me but I want to at least try to make him understand how sorry I am… And I know saying sorry won't cut it but I want to try."

Si listens between their exchange before speaking when he was addressed to. "Alright… Jamie, I only got to know you for a short while though I never got to know well enough about you, I still love you. And Jason is still the one I love first, yes that's true but I fell in love with the both of you. And even though you're a fragment of Shiro's, I want to know, can we start over? I know I say if not did some horrible things but I want to do better for Shiro and for you guys. I want to stay with you and continue to love you but I need to know, if there is a chance for us to start over… Please..."

Fred's tail curls and swish from side to side in a quick motion while his ears flick bak for only a moment before straighten themselves. He knows he earned that blow but after spending time with the 'others', he's much more prone to quick temper thanks to their influence.

Torle sighs as he watches Kayden walks away and Phil bit his lower lip before ducking his head.

Winter watches Kayden with soft sad eyes before turning his attention back to Caleb and was about to respond which Torle answered, "To start over. We want to start over…"

Rosado glance to the side and sucks in his lower lip while Winter nods at Torle's answer.

"Yes...we want to start over," Winter repeats softly.

1/13/2019 #10

Ethan sighs, looking at Zed tiredly. "Thing is, no matter how you feel about it, he ain't gotta understand. He was really hurt for a long time. Gabriel eventually mellowed out, but they all got characters they're close with. Wren's got Declan, Shiro's got Kayden, and well, Gabriel's got Sam, and some of the things you guys did to him, well, those are lasting marks. He ain't gonna forget them anytime soon, so Sam ain't forgetting anytime soon. He don't owe you anything. None of us do, and I think that's something you all gotta understand before trying to approach us again."

Jamie shrugs. "I'm inherently tied to Shiro now. You tell me, can you deal with him?"

Jason snorts, a short burst of cool laughter bubbling up. "He couldn't love Shiro if his life depended on it."

That prompts Jamie into giggles. "Yeah, probably not. That's his answer, I guess. Besides, remember and feeling the way he made Shiro feel? Yuck!"

Caleb stares, eyes unfathomly blue. "And what gives you the right to ask that of us?" His gaze focuses on Phil. "You especially. I still remember how our last meeting went."

1/13/2019 #11

Zed nods, placing his eyes on the table. "Okay…," he says with a sigh before leaning back into the chair. Glance up at Ethan, "Same for you?"

Si is crushed at the words yet his heart still beat strong as he nods and responds, "Yes, I can."

Torle and Phil visibly winced while Fred stiffens, his teeth creaking against one another as he clenched his jaw while his tail curled around his leg.

"We don't have the right, that's true," Phil spoke, his voice thick but steady. "Yes, what I said back from our last meeting is fucked up but I want to."

"I've done nothing to stop catalyst that caused all you, including Shiro this much pain and hurt but I want to," went Winer.

"I wasn't there when they needed me," Fred said in a steady tone, "but I want to change that."

"Same," went Torle while Rosado nods, saying, "Me as well."

1/13/2019 #12

Ethan blinks, studying Zed with eyes that are too green to be human. He smiles thinly. "I mean, Sam's right about one thing at least. You and I didn't ever have the same problems you two did, and I ain't Gabriel's favourite. I think you and I could start with being friends again."

Jamie blinks, eyes glowing bright and harsh. The flecks in his eyes glitter charmingly when he tilts his head. He giggles. "You can't love Shiro. You can't love just one or two parts of him." He bounces up from his seat. "But you can go ahead and try! C'mon, Jasey!" He bounds off, giggling as he heads up the porch steps.

Jason stands slowly, studying Si with too blue eyes. "We're not people anymore. We're fragments," is all he says before following Jamie's path.

Caleb's gaze snaps to Winter, and it's surprisingly cold. "It's a little too late for that, don't you think?" He lets his stare sweep across the rest of the group, equally cold and biting. "He doesn't need you anymore. None of us do."

1/13/2019 #13

Zed gives a half a smile back. "I think I like that..."

Si watches them before letting out a sigh before raking his fingers through his hair. Fragments or not, he still love them no matter what. What Jamie said is right though. Si can't just love Shiro or just one to two parts of him either. But Si can grow to like him and given time maybe love but who can tell through time? Si glances at Shiro before taking a deep breath then letting it out. Only one way to find out. Si stands and walks over to where Shiro is.

Winter who is born from the cold is use to cold stares like Caleb's but for some reason this hurts more than any of those combined. Rosado bit the inside of his cheek before glancing to the side. But Winter agrees with Caleb, it's little too late for starting over. They lost their many chances in the beginning and now they have to deal with it.

Torle flinched back before nodding as does Phil while Fred just shifts, leaning back into his chair with his ears pressed on top of his head, tail curled around his leg.

Fred's ears perk up as he watches Si walks over to Shiro before standing himself, pushing the chair back and follows.

1/13/2019 #14

Ethan's smile widens to a grin. It's small and tired, but it's a grin. "Alright."

Shiro is chattting idly with Wren about something or other. Wren is first to glance up, pale green eyes glowing with curiosity. His voice falters a bit, and Shiro turns to look, electric blue eyes flashing and mouth pursing with irritation.

From the porch, Adora and Jamie bubble with laughter, Jamie's a little less kind. Leilani stares with large, worried eyes while Wyatt and Jason exchanged bored but slightly exasperated looks.

Shiro stands, the action forceful enough to knock his chair back, and stands in front of Wren, shielding the blond from Si's line of sight. "What the fuck do you want?"

Caleb continues to stare with his unsettlingly even gaze. Finally, he glances over to where Shiro and Si are standing and to where Kayden is also watching the pair worriedly before finally saying, "There's plenty of food, help yourselves," and getting up to do just that himself.

1/14/2019 #15

Zed gives a smile then it quickly vanishes when he heard the chair being knocked back enough to get his attention.

Fred stills, tail swishing back and forth, ears flat on his head as he watches for only a second before subtly leans against the chair not far from Si and Shiro. He and Si may a strained friendship but that doesn't stop him from being concerned for his friend.

Winter held Caleb's stare before he blinks at the noise which cause the others to straighten and look as well. Winter and Torle were the only two to nod at Caleb before he left which cause the cascade effect of the others getting some food as well.

Winter places a hand on Torle's shoulder before walking towards the table, "Come, eat. You must be starving..."

"I really cannot blame you..," went Rosado softly. "Ari is worried about you..."

Torle sighs and nods before standing to follow them. Phil watches his twin but follows the others.

Si place his hands up as if to defend himself. "To talk," he replies.

1/15/2019 #16

Ethan glaces over as well, humming softly.

Electricity sparks around Shiro. "Oh, now you want to talk?"

Wren shuts his eyes, covering his face with a hand. "Shiro, please don't."

"So I got a couple of questions, for all of you," Shiro says loudly, gaze sweeping the small crowd as he ignores Wren. "Was I really so fucking annoying I deserved to be treated the way you guys treated me? You're all supposed to be such stellar fucking people, why didn't anyone try to protect me? I was so little, I was only fourteen. What the fuck did I ever fucking do to you, huh? Answer me that." He's glaring now, but the blue of his eyes are suspiciously shiny.

There's a sigh, and then Gabriel's tired voice. "Shiro, that's enough." Shiro gaze snaps over to the brunette, who stares down at him tiredly from the porch steps. "I know you're upset, and you deserve to be. But this? This doesn't accomplish anything. All you're doing is working yourself up. I know it's hard, but they can't apologize to you, not anymore. You know this."

Shiro grits his teeth and glares off to the side, raising his arm to scrub at his face.

"I'm sorry," Gabriel says softly, climbing down the porch stairs and making his way over to put a hand out.

Shiro glares around at all the characters gathered. "I hate you," he snarls, glaring at Winter and Phil in particular.

"They know," Gabriel says gently, dropping his hand. "Now let Kayden and Caleb play with their friends. We both know you'll make sure to watch over them, and besides, I already promised I wouldn't let them hurt you ever again, remember?"

"Yeah," Shiro mutters sullenly, plopping back down in his seat. "Whatever."

Gabriel smiles, looking exhausted. "Good." He takes a seat beside Shiro before smiling at all the characters. "Hi, guys. Been a while, hasn't it?"

1/15/2019 #17

Torle paused and gaze at Shiro before reaching up and rub his left arm with his right hand in a shameful action without breaking his eye contact with Shiro's burning electric glare. Fred bit his lower lip, tail swishing back and forth while his ears flatten on his head and his twin bit the inside of his cheek.

Winter paused at getting his plate for a second as he stares at Shiro before settling it down to give Shiro his full attention as Rosado.

Si sucks in his lip and was about to respond but Gabriel's voice beats him to it.

All turn their gaze at Gabriel's entrance from the house. Tension still high but still a bit of relief that Gabriel calmed it down enough to feel comfortable. Winter flinches but quickly accepts it with a nod while Phil just gaze down at the ground.

"Hello to you, too," Si responds first before nodding. "And yes, it has... How are you?"

"Hola," Fred waves at Gabriel, now half siting and half leaning against it.

"Hey..,"Phil greets softly.

"Hello as well," Winter greets as he politely nods his head.

"Hello," Rosado greets softly, sounding much more nervous than before which cause Winter to glance over at his twin but quickly place his attention forward.

"Hey..," Torle greets.

1/15/2019 #18

Shiro sits sullen between Wren and Gabriel, looking much like he used to: looking chastised and rather forlorn despite having done nothing wrong. Up on the porch, it sounds like Leilani might be crying while Adora attempts to console him.

Wren gives Shiro a nudge, offering him a small smile. Shiro lets Wren takes his hand, but he continues to look rather unhappy. "He's right, you know," Wren says softly, pushing a slice of opera cake over to him. "They can't do anything for you."

Shiro shrugs, using his free hand to poke despondently at the cake. "I know," he says finally, stuffing a chunk of cake in his mouth. He chews and swallows slowly. "I need to go inside."

Wren nods and lets go of Shiro's hand, and Shiro stands, disappearing into the farm house quickly. "He needs a moment," Wren says when Gabriel glances over.

Gabriel nods before turning back to everyone else. "We're all just fine," he tells Si, polite and cordial but very blatantly reserved. "Shiro will calm down soon which means Kayden and Caleb will calm down soon, so feel free to go ahead and play. I know it'll be hard for you, Si, given that Jason and Jamie are more tied to Shiro, but Jason, and subsequently Jamie, has always been of Shiro, so I'm sure you'll adjust just fine. Or maybe you won't —Shiro's still very upset—, but we'll sure see, won't we?""

1/15/2019 #19

Si lets a soft sigh as he watches Shiro goes inside before nodding at Gabriel's words. "Alright... I'll adjust though slow but I will...," he replies softly with a nod.

Zed smiles before turning to Ethan. "You don't mind if I visit Gabriel for a moment?" He asked.

Rosado licks his lips, nervous and unsure until he got a nudge from none other than Winter who nods at Gabriel's direction. "Go," he says softly but firmly before turning with Torle and Phil to get something to eat.

Fred went lax before pulling out his chair, sit in it so he comb his fingers through his unruly hair.

1/15/2019 #20

"Mhmm," Gabriel hums. "He's just upset right now. You all hurt him a lot, and now that Jason and Jamie embody his anger, well… Not only did they get to see how you guys treated him, but now they can remember and experience it firsthand? Even if Shiro does calm down, I don't think they're going to let it go for a long time. "

"I don't mind, but there ain't any guarantee he'll talk to you much like this. They're not … like us, remember?" Ethan minds softly. "It's something that they like to make very clear now."

Kayden takes a seat at a table near the porch with a large mug of mexican hot chocolate. Caleb takes a seat beside him with an equally large mug full of lemon tea. They share a slice fraisier cake.

1/15/2019 . Edited 1/15/2019 #21

Si nods. "I know I did..," he says softly. "Yea... But I'll adjust..."

Zed nods. "I know.. I still want to say hi to him though... I hope he doesn't mind..."

Fred stretches with a soft groan before glancing at his twin, Torle, Winter and Rosado before staring back at Si but his ears flick back for a moment then perk forward.

Rosado is uncertain if he should talk to Gabriel now or later but he knows he needs to talk to him. So taking a breath he walks over to where Gabriel sits.

Fred heard Rosado's footsteps but makes no move to acknowledge it but he does a side glance at Rosado when he passes him.

1/15/2019 #22

Gabriel smiles a smile that doesn't quite reach his eyes. "Mmm… Well, you will, or you won't. We'll just have to see. I just hope you don't cause much damage along the way."

Ethan shrugs. "Well, you can go ahead and see, but I wouldn't be too hopeful."

Gabriel glances up as Rosado approaches, as do Kayden and Caleb. They quickly turn they attention back to each other while Gabriel gives soft hum.

1/15/2019 #23

Si shakes his head with a hum. "I-," then takes noticed of Rosado and went quiet. He instantly side steps to give the pink haired fey room to stand before Gabriel.

Fred's ears perk forward and his tail swish from side to side as he watches.

Winter places his plate onto the table and sides beside Torle who has his own plate while Phil sits adjacent from Torle but he gives a glance over his shoulder at Rosado.

"Hm? I guess Rosy is going first," Zed said before laxing into his seat.

Rosado takes a breath and says, "Gabriel... For what I said and did to you, I was wrong and still am. I hurt your feelings about someone you really cared about callously if not ruined it. I put you and everyone else through so much torment of heartache... I acknowledged what I did was horrible and it won't happen again..."

1/15/2019 #24

Gabriel blinks. He's quiet for a moment before he smiles. "That's a very nice apology, and I appreciate it," he says, "but it's alright. You can't apologize to me anymore than any of them can apologize to Shiro. I really do appreciate it though, and it really is the nicest, most thoughtful apology we've ever gotten from any of you."

Ethan watches. "Looks like it."

Kayden blows a raspberry down at their cake, and Caleb smiles before patting his back gently.

1/15/2019 #25

Rosado nods, looking at ground. "Okay.., he says softly.

Si gives a silently nod towards Gabriel.

Zed hums softly. "Well I better give a quick hello then..," then rise from his seat walks over towards Gabriel.

Fred gives a quick glance at Zed before looking off to the side with a slight frown on his face.

Winter begins to eat but encourages Torle and Phil to eat as well.

Zed politely insert himself into Gabriel's vision and with a smile he greets, "Hey..."

1/15/2019 #26

"Mhmm," Gabriel hums gently, offering a smile. He blinks at Zed, staring curiously. "Hi. Is there something you want settled?"

A few moments later, Shiro steps out and retakes his seat between Wren and Gabriel. He looks considerably calmer but no less irritable.

Ethan sighs softly, standing up to talk with Samael for a moment.

Kayden and Caleb sip at their drinks quietly.

1/15/2019 . Edited 1/15/2019 #27

Zed with a small smile, he says, "I think I understand now... I just want to say hi to you..."

Si's shoulders went lax while Rosado side glance at Zed before nodding at Gabriel and walks back to his twin.

Fred watches with some interest, tail lazily curls from side to side at the tip while the rest just lay at his feet.

Winter looks on at Trole and Phil like a mother would with her children before glancing up at Rosado and nods at him which his twin nods back. Both remain silent as Rosado takes his seat beside Winter.

1/15/2019 #28

"Understand what now?" Gabriel asks, offering Rosado a smile and a wave before turning his attention back to Zed. "And hi to you, too, but you should really run along to play with Ethan."

Shiro rolls his eyes, stabbing his fork into his and Wren's opera cake, making Wren pout.

Gabriel (and Ethan) must be right about Gabriel and Shiro and Wren affecting their character's emotions though because Kayden and Caleb seem considerably calmer now that Shiro seems calm.

1/15/2019 #29

Zed nods. "Just something what Ethan told me... And I will... It was nice seeing you..." Then glance over where Ethan went, sees where he's at before nodding and walks over to him.

Si nods as he leaves going over towards where the others are before Winter encouraged him as well to get something for his stomach and hydrate which he did.

Fred watches him before standing up himself, taking another chair adjacent from the others.

1/15/2019 #30
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