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Anima blinks and seems to contemplate the question. A choux pastry gets deflated as he pushes the top down, a macaron pulled a part, the sugar rubbed off a madeleine. "Maybe," he says eventually.

1/17/2019 #61

Zed hums at that response as well at Anima's small pause but nonetheless nods with a smile. "Okay, that's cool..," the hums in thought. "Have you ever play any games?"

1/17/2019 #62

Anima shrugs, and a petit four gets pulled apart.

Ethan heaves a sigh and gets up to walk the short distance to Gabriel. The pair chats for a moment before Gabriel stands and follows Ethan back to the table. "Hiya," he greets cheerfully. "What's going on here?" he asks, surveying the mess Anima's made of the desserts.

Anima shrugs, and another choux pastry gets deflated, the cream oozing out. "He's asking me questions," he says flatly, devoid of any kind of emotion.

Gabriel hums softly, taking of Anima's hands. "Right. He wants to be your friend." He pauses, cleaning bits of pastry off Anima's hand. "But I think playtime is over for now."

Anima blinks up at him before nodding. He stands and walks off without any kind of goodbye.

"Ani isn't quite socialized yet," Gabriel says with a smile that's just a tad less genuine than the one he'd given Anima. "I hope that isn't a problem."

Ethan rolls his eyes as he retakes his seat. "He's drawing his lines in the sand," he says, stealing one of the few choux pastries that Anima didn't destroy. "Making certain things clear and setting his boundaries and all that."

1/17/2019 #63

Zed smiles and nods, taking the shrug as his answer then he turns to Ethan once the male stands and walks over to Gabriel. He watches them chat a bit for a second before setting his gaze on Anima. Zed gives a soft smile before frowning a bit at the mess and was about to offer his assistance to clean up the mess but Gabriel is already there taking that role.

Zed listens to their exchange then watches Anima leave without a word or even a goodbye. Zed didn't mind.

Zed smiles up at Gabriel and shakes his head. "Nah, it's cool...," waves a hand. "No worries." Then when Ethan retake his seat and spoke, Zed quickly understood and nods. "Ahh, I get it..." Then glance down at the torn apart pastries. "I can clean that up for ya..."

1/17/2019 #64

Ethan nods, looking exasperated. He turns to stares that the mess Anima's made. "Hmm? Oh, no, that's alright. We'll get it later."

1/17/2019 #65

"Ahh, okay...," Zed says before smiling. "Say I got a pet I want you to meet.." Then reaches into his pocket to pull out his phone so he could show Ethan the picture. "I'm not sure if you met her but she's freakin' adorable..."

1/17/2019 #66

Ethan leans over to look. "Maybe," he says amiably.

1/17/2019 #67

Zed pulls up the photo and present it to Ethan.

In the photo is the still shot of Zed's hands cradling what appears to be a small white fluffy bat that reminds anyone a living cotton ball if it weren't for the yellow ears, pointed nose and flushed wings that are tucked contently under it. It's eyes are shut as it sleeps in Zed's hands.

"It's an Honduran white bat..," Zed says, beaming with pride and joy. "Isn't she adorable?"

1/17/2019 #68

Ethan smiles a tiny bit. "She sure is."

1/17/2019 #69

Zed smiles and gaze down at the photo. "Yep... I helped raised her when she was hurt...," then returns his phone to his wallpaper before pocketing then smiles at Ethan. "Besides the a few changes going on, anything particular happened to ya?"

1/17/2019 #70

Ethan smiles. "That's nice." He hums softly as he thinks. "Ah, no. Not really."

1/17/2019 #71

Zed smiles and nods. "Yea?" Zed asked, curious.

1/17/2019 #72
Ethan nods, stealing a petit four. "Yup."
1/17/2019 #73

"Ah," then snatches a macaroon, plopping it into his mouth and hum in delight, purring with glee.

1/17/2019 #74
Ethan blinks at the action before smiling fondly. He wipes the expression away quickly though, replacing it with a slightly more reserved smile. "Well, feel free to take a plate or two anything you want home with you. I think I oughta be getting Sam home now though..."
1/17/2019 #75

Zed blinks before nodding, swallowing. "I shall do that...," then hums with a small frown, realizing something himself. "Yea, I should probably get going... I mean, I got a lil one to take care of," and by little one, he's referring to his bat.

So with that Zed stands, straightens his clothes as he smiles at Ethan. "It was good seeing you again," he says softly.

1/17/2019 #76
Ethan nods, standing with a polite smile as well. "Yeah," he says softly. "It was nice seeing you. Bye."
1/17/2019 #77

Zed smiles and nods. "Yea...see ya..," then stands before walking over to alert Gabriel he's going home. "I'm going home, alright? It's good seeing you..."

1/18/2019 #78

Ethan turns to pick the mess Anima had made.

Gabriel glances up, smiling a bit. "Hmm? Oh, okay. Nice seeing you, too. Bye."

Wren gets up to unlatch the gate, offering nothing more than a half wave.

1/18/2019 #79

Zed smiles and nods and was about to walk out before he pauses and turn to Wren with a uncertain smile. "Say...wanna hang sometime?" He asks. He loves to hang out Wren as much he does with Ethan and Gabriel combined. He hopes in future they could all hang out.

1/18/2019 #80
Wren blinks, suddenly looking just as uncertain. "What? Me, hang out with you?" He snorts softly. "First of all, why don't you just go hang out with your best friend? Second, it's not really allowed. I don't hang out with people who aren't people, the same way Gabriel doesn't, and you're not a person." He gestures to the gate. "You can request playtime if you're super adamant or whatever, but otherwise the answer is no. Later."
1/18/2019 #81

Zed raised a brow just slightly at the uncertain look before giving a small smile. "Alright...later," and with a wave he left.

1/18/2019 #82
Wren snaps the gate shut, and the property vanishes.
1/18/2019 #83
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