the farm house
the farm house
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The backyard of the property is set up rather extravagantly for the holiday, and the weather has been manipulated within the backyard to be crisp and refreshing but not overly cool.

Streamers in shades of pink and red and white have been twisted together and hung up along the fences surrounding the property, and bleeding hearts and pink, red, and white tulips line the fences just below the streamers. Shards of pink and red glass hang from the top of the porch, casting beautiful shadows on the ground. Bouquets of pink lillies, red roses, pink and white carnations, and baby's breath sit in the middle of each white-clothed table.

The snack tables today are set up with sweet food and drinks of all kinds.

There are cupcakes of all kinds, rosewater macarons among the usual strawberry, chocolate, pistachio, and raspberry flavors. There are chocolate dipped strawberries and cheesecake stuffed strawberries, There are berry tarts drizzled with chocolate, raspberry buttercream sandwiched between heart-shaped brownies, and strawberry preserve filled pastries shaped like opened love letters among the other novelty desserts. Bowls of pomegranate seeds, raspberries, strawberries, and cherries sit among the pastries and other deserts as well.

For drinks, there are different kinds of hot chocolates and plenty of fruit juices for the kids. For the adults there are strawberry mimosas, cotton candy champagne cocktails, strawberry and champagne margaritas, and raspberry sorbet champagne floats.

Gentle but cheerful music floats in the background.

Fragments sit in clusters at tables or on the ground. Shoko, Olivine, and Aislinn sit on the grass near a patch of bleeding hearts, not too far away from their hosts. Onyx, Opal, Holly, Juniper, Wyatt, Jason, Jamie, Maribel, and Adrian sit at a nearby table as well. Titus sits with Sorrel at a table, while Thistle and Tourmaline play on the grass beside them. Chalcedony, Rory, Luka, Amara, and Kylie nap in a puppy pile with Fern on a pink blanket thrown down in the space between two tables. Leilani cuddles Maya near them.

At the very front near the snack and drink tables, Gabriel, Wren, and Shiro sit at table. They chat amicably among themselves. Wren scribbles in a notebook, and Gabriel crochets while Shiro just surveys the party.

Samael sits with Anima at a table a little ways away from Ethan, who sits alone sipping rose and honey almond milk. Lorcan, Declan, Christopher, Jennifer, Alis, Briar, and Jonathan sit at their own table. They're all talking cheerfully over snacks and drinks. Kayden and Caleb sit at their own table as well whispering over bites of shared pastries.

2/13/2019 #1

Zed blinks and grins widely as he gaze around in slight awe while the rest stroll in after him.

"This is pretty awesome..," Zed says and knocks on the gate. "Helloooooooo~!"

Fred raised a brow at that. "I use to do that?" He comments which Torle caught on, flicking his ears over towards Fred's way, giving him a side glance.

"Yea...use to," Torle says as if it was the most awkward thing to say. "I'm going to greet and get something to eat..."

Fred hums at that, giving Zed more a curious look.

Winter sighs at the two while Rosado just gives a tiny smile of reassurance, giving his twin a small nudge.

"Daddy...can I take a flower?" Emma asks sweetly, blinking her large blue eyes up at him.

Si blinks slowly before giving a tired smile and nods. "Of course but you have to ask, okay?" Emma smiles brightly and nods which cause him to smile more though doesn't look it reached his eyes. "Alright, let's greet everyone... Mind your manners..."

Emma smiles and nods as she hops beside her father wearing her deep red dress with white lace trimmings and bright white bow in her deep blue hair.

2/13/2019 . Edited 2/13/2019 #2

Wren's scribbling stops very abruptly, and immediately turns to whisper to Gabriel and Shiro. Gabriel frowns, and Shiro glares off to the side, but they end up all standing and walking over to the gate.

Wren greets everyone with a smile, although the one he gives Zed is a little tight. He passes out little heart shaped cards personalized with each character's name written on the front in scribbly hand writing. On the inside, Happy Valentine's 2019 is written in the same handwriting.

Shiro is next, pinning everyone but Emma with a heavy stare. "Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, and fuck you two most of all," he tells Zed, Torle, Winter, Fred, and Si in order. Briefly, his gaze drops down to Emma. "And don't even get me started on that."

Wren frowns but doesn't say anything as Gabriel steps up to the fence. "We are welcoming you cordially to our home to celebrate a holiday of love," he says, smile bright but strained. His gaze settles on Winter, Fred, and Si. "Do not start any trouble." With that he steps back and allows Wren to open the gate, letting their guests in.

All at once, for a brief moment, stillness settles over the backyard. Then the chatter rushes back as everyone resumes their conversations.

2/13/2019 #3

Zed smiles but give a slight frown at the tight smile then nods at both Shiro and Gabriel, saying nothing.

Fred gives Shiro at glance before looking down at the card and frowns, wondering to himself as Torle nods as the rest of the others.

Emma blinks her large blue eyes before half hidden behind Si who place an comforting hand on her head before reaching down and picking her up into his arms, whispering reassurance into her ears.

All of them, each one greeted everyone there before settling themselves of getting food and something to drink then picking tables to sit.

Of course Zed choose that time to hug Ethan with a bright hello, purring in delight.

2/13/2019 #4

Shiro turns and walks back into the yard. "Jason, Jamie!" he calls.

Both fragments are quick to stand up and scurry over.

Wren heaves a sigh. "Shiro," he whines. "Don't—"

"Don't what, Wren?" Shiro demands, glaring rather harshly at the smaller blond.

Wren flinches back, huffing softly and waving a hand. "I want you here, all of you. It's Valentine's Day, I want to spend it with you." He glances at Gabriel for help.

Gabriel sighs. "Shiro… I don't know what you think is going to happen but… Let Jason and Jamie play with their friends, okay?"

Shiro glances at the twins, who stare back with their night sky eyes. "What do you guys want?"

The pair blink at him. "We want what you want!" Jamie says brightly, looking a little guilty.

Shiro shakes his head. "This isn't fair," he says, turning to stare at Gabriel.

Gabriel swallows thickly. "I know, Shiro," he says softly. "I know it isn't."

Shiro stares. "Go play. Keep to yourselves."

"They're not like us, so they didn't bring anyone for us to play with anyway," Jason says, grabbing Jamie's arm and dragging him back to their table.

"It's not like they're going to do much," Gabriel assures Shiro, guiding him back to the table. "Zed aside, they'll probably stick to themselves."

Shiro shrugs, plopping back down in his seat. "Yeah, whatever."

Everyone greets back half-heartedly, except for the fragments who keep to themselves. Aislinn especially huddles closer to Shoko, head ducked down to avoid greeting their guests.

Ethan offers Zed a quick pat before promptly detangling himself from him. "Hiya," he greets, sounding sheepish and almost nervous.

2/14/2019 #5

Si gives a small sigh before looking down with a tired smile at Emma. "Why don't you go play?"

Emma looks up her large blue eyes, begging. "Can you play with me?"

Si bit his lower lip before giving a weak nod with a matching smile. Emma cheers as she then drags her father about the yard, skipping in delight.

Torle then went to the table, pick up a plate and picked certain treats his likes.

Fred hums in thought, looking over the delicious treats craves while Winter and Rosado start off a sudden topic that gets them lost in the conversation.

Zed grins then releases Ethan, looking sheepish. "Sorry about that...," he gives a soft chuckle. "Well Happy Valentine's Day... I'm giving hugs as my Valentin gift..."

2/15/2019 #6

"See," Gabriel says when everyone goes off to do their own things. He picks up his project and leans back in is seat. "It'll be just fine."

All Shiro does his shake his head, leaning forward to hide his face in his arms.

Wren glances over at Gabriel, who ignores him.

"It's... okay," Ethan says finally. "It just startled me a bit is all." He clears his throat, gesturing at the party. "I'll be right here if you wanna go get yourself a plate of sweet things."

2/15/2019 #7

Zed grins and purrs in delight. "Mmm, sweeeeeets..," he gazes off in a daze of many sweets to eat but shakes the effect away which was comical to watch. "...but no, I have to wait for that... I must continue to give my Valentine's Day gift...," then glance around scratching at the back of his head with a sheepish look. "Does that make me weird?"

Torle picks a table, takes a seat and eats contently while Fred sits just a chair away from Torle.

Winter gives Rosado his drink, still lost in their choice of topic while Si crouches on one knee, chin resting on the heel of his palm, watching Emma with calm blank expression on his face. Emma would sweetly points to a flower and name it before turning to her father approval which he gives with a small smile and nod.

2/15/2019 #8

There's a bit of fussing with some of the fragments that are still awake, but eventually things settle down, and with the guests keeping to themselves, everyone relaxes and resumes their cheerful chatter.

Ethan falters for a moment, and his smile a bit tight. "No, not at all," he says.

2/15/2019 #9

Zed blinks and stares for a moment before he suddenly sniffs, his nose twitching then grins. "Waaaaaaaaaaaait...this smell...," then grins down at Ethan with excitement. "Do you made some of these treats?" His tail wags with excitement.

Fred hums as he glances over at Zed before going back to his choice of cake and took a bite from it.

Torle picked one of the sweet chocolates, taking content nibbles while glancing around the yard, catching Si's eye for only a second as the blue haired male return his attention back to Emma while Winter and Rosado still lost in their conversation.

2/15/2019 #10

Ethan snorts softly, smiling a bit. "Well, yeah, of course. They didn't just come from no where. Me and Wren and Wren's sister Lilibeth, Caleb, Shiro, and Gabriel have all been in and out of the kitchen making stuff all day."

Everyone continues to sit in their little groups, chatting or playing little games with each other, especially the younger fragments.

2/15/2019 #11

Zed laughs a bit. "'s been so long since I tasted any of your cooking... I love it when you cook..." Then hops with glee, grinning from ear to ear. "Sweet! The best cooks in the world! Be right back! I'm gonna get a full plate!"

Fred brings out his phone and begins texting while nibbling on a piece of pastry.

Torle gives a soft exhale, reclining ass he takes a lazy sip of his drink.

Winter and Rosado takes a break from their conversation to take a bite of the choice of sweet delights from the table and Si plays with Emma, feeling a bit lighter now.

2/15/2019 #12

Ethan huffs a softly, watching Zed go with a smile.

Everyone hangs out, talking loudly and happily. The atmosphere is warm and coupled with the generous decorations, the party is more than pleasant.

2/15/2019 #13

Zed rushes over with a grin, picking up a plate and going down the table, picking one sweet treat at a time and once done, he quickly returns to his seat beside Ethan, giddy to begin.

Emma glances over at her father for a moment as he stares off into space someone where before skipping over towards a table and tugs on one of the seated people which is Caleb.

"Excuse me..," she politely tries to get his attention.

Si blinks when he sees Emma skip off to Caleb's and Kayden's table.

Winter once done eating, Winter gives a side glance at Emma while Rosado returns back to their conversation earlier.

Fred texts on his phone for a moment before pocketing it, then tries to finish eating. Torle glance about the yard but Emma's movement caught his eye, making him curious.

2/15/2019 #14

Eventually, Shiro lifts his head to peek out at the party. "I can't do this," he says finally. "I need to go inside."

Wren stops writing to reach out and catch Shiro's arm. "Shiro, don't. Don't go."

"Why not? We can't even hang out with our friends because they're here, and we need to keep our stupid boundaries in place," Shiro snaps, shoving Wren off him.

Wren has to grab the table to keep from toppling out of his seat, and the table cloth slips a little, nearly upsetting the drinks on the table.

"What the fuck are they even doing here anyway? They're not even doing anything. They're just sitting there! What the fuck did they even show up for? So they can say they tried when they didn't? So we can have twelve pages of shit, of nothing?" Shiro demands sharply, smacking his hand against the table. "If one of us doesn't say or do something, that's what's gonna happen. Nothing."

"I already said something," Gabriel says, voice perfectly calm as he keeps on crocheting.

"Oh, great. You said something. Wonderful. That means shit won't get worked out for another week," Shiro snarks.

Gabriel's hands still for a moment. "Shiro, please. I know you're angry, but…" He stills, quiets. "Let's go inside."

"What? No," Wren yelps, scrambling to stand as Gabriel stands and gathers up his project.

"We're making a scene. It's better if we talk inside," Gabriel says calmly, flatly. "We should be back out in a bit." With that he takes Shiro's hand and leads him up the porch steps and into the farm house.

Wren stares after the pair rather forlornly. He swallows thickly before turning to sit back down. He fiddles with his pen a bit but doesn't continue writing.

A hushed, quiet tenseness has long fallen over the party. Samael and Kayden, in particular, seem to be quiet upset.

Ethan offers Zed a tight smile.

Caleb pauses in the middle of comforting Kayden, who promptly stuffs a creamé filled, chocolate drizzled choux pastry in his mouth, looking anywhere but her or any of their other guests for that matter.

Caleb sets his red velvet milkshake down. "Yes?" he asks as amicably as possible, but it's clear he's not currently in the mood to be entertaining children.

2/16/2019 #15

Zed was about to devour the first treat he picked up but Shiro's voice caught his attention. All paused and listen, a few frowning while several looks awkward or unsure.

Si was about to stand, seem to be carrying something in his arms but he paused and gazes at Shiro and Gabriel.

Once Gabriel calmed Shiro enough then went inside the house, now several looks nervous and uncertain.

Zed stares at the retreating back of Shiro and Gabriel then turn his gaze back to Ethan. Zed studies Ethan for only a second before smiling though it doesn't reach his eyes before taking a bite of the pastry in his hand. He hummed at the wonderful flavor exploding onto his tongue but he didn't purr.

Si remains quiet for a moment before taking in a deep breath then turns towards where Emma is, carefully clutching something hidden in his arms.

Emma glance over at Shiro and Gabriel before refocusing her attention on Caleb. She then reaches up towards Caleb, her small hand clutched onto something. "Here...," she says softly, almost a whisper as if she didn't want to annoy Caleb further. "Happy Valentine's Day..." Then did the same for Kayden but place it on the table.

Si walks over towards Fred and whispers something into his ear which made him confused for a bit before recognition shimmered in his eyes before he got up and takes whatever is in Si's arms. Torle sees this and turns to Winter and Rosado.

Zed blinks up at the others before grinning from ear to ear, green eyes twinkling. "Oh wait! Actually I got one more gift for you! Wait right here!" Then stands up, and rushes over towards Si who smiles a bit and nods at his question while Winter, Rosado and Torle reaches over and to take whatever Si is holding.

2/16/2019 #16

The backyard is quiet, save for the music, for several minutes before people finally begin speaking in hushed whispers. It's mostly fragments, the louder, angerier ones, who hiss sharply to each other. Everyone else whispers quietly.

Ethan offers Zed another strained smile before glancing off to the side at nothing. "Oh, do you now? You didn't have to do that," he calls after Zed, frowning a bit.

Calbed nods curtly. "Thank you," he says, taking the valentine and setting it beside Kayden's before promptly turning back to the Beta to continue comforting him.

2/16/2019 #17

Zed walks back with a grin though small as he set it down on the table. "Here...," it's a jar that is covered in brow wrapping paper. "Yea... I wanted to... Sorry about all this..," he apologizes to Ethan. "It took a while but here they are... Happy Valentine's Day..." Tail swishing back and forth, ears flatten on his head.

Emma immediately dashes over beside her father, hiding behind him which cause Si to carefully shift without dropping the gifts.

Winter lets out a slow breath, looking determined and ready before grasping a small package before walking over and setting it on the table where Caleb and Kayden sits with Fred hot on his heels, placing the package just beside Winter's.

"I'm sorry for ignoring you...," Winter says calmly, then gives a small smile, "..but this is for you.."

"Yea, sorry for doing that to you," Fred says softly as he steps back to where Winter stands. "...Happy Valentine's Day..."

Rosado gives Si a communicative look before taking Gabriel's and Wren's gift while Si takes Shiro's. With Emma attached to his leg, Si slightly limps across and sat the gift where Shiro should be as Rosado does the same for Gabriel's and Wren's gift with Wren's gift set in front of him.

Rosado gives a misshapen smile before saying, "We uh hope you like your gifts...."

Si nods with Rosado, stood besides him as he gives a tiny smile. "We apologize for taking this long but Happy Valentine's Day..."

Torle takes Samael's, gives a tiny smile before walking over towards Samael's table. He then set it onto the table not far from the male.

"Sorry, it took a while but we hope you enjoy it...," Torle says and steps back a bit. "Happy Valentine's Day.." Then takes another step back.

2/16/2019 #18

The only person who takes their gift with any grace is Ethan. He takes it, looking a bit awkward before setting it to the side without opening it. "Oh, thanks," he says, scooting his drink away. "Gabe left some things for you. Well, not for you exactly, and it'll come up later, too, but uh, he left them with me for now." He moves three rather lumpy packages onto the table for Zed to open. "He said, I know that things have changed a lot, but I still wanted you to know that I still love every single part of you," he reads off of a little card. "Didn't ... really know we were doing gifts or I mighta got you something."

Kayden stands rather abruptly, turning and all but bolting up the porch steps himself, and Caleb gets up to follow him. Their gifts are left on the table.

With the other fragments, Aislinn is visibly upset, and in their sleep, Rory and Luka fuss a bit before settling back down.

"As if," Samael says coldly, "We want anything from you."

All Wren does is stare. It's clear he's upset, fussing with his notebook and his pen, but all he does is move the gifts off to the side. "You know, we invited you here for, like, a nice time. Not so you could piss Shiro off even more. Do you even--" Wren swallows his words, his grip on his pen tight. "Thanks," he says tightly, looking a little bit like he wants to cry himself.

2/16/2019 #19

Zed grins though not quite reaching his eyes, nodding with glee. "You're welcome...," then swallows as he takes the three gifts, ears flatten on his head and his tail curled around him. "T-thank you...," licked his lips, sucking in his lower lip before nodding. "Alright...tell Gabriel thank you when you can..." He gives a warm yet weak chuckle, grateful if not happy towards Ethan. "Having you here is enough of a present for me..." Then looks uncertain yet love and joy at the gifts from Gabriel, fingering with the wrappers.

Winter bit the inside of his cheek, side glance while Fred's ears flatten on his head and tail curls around his leg.

Torle nods, "Alright..."

Rosado nods, sucks in his lower lip. "Yes you did and we're sorry...," before giving a small nod. "You're welcome.."

Si nods, "Yes, you're welcome..."

2/16/2019 #20

"Of course, I will. Here. Go 'head and open 'em," Ethan says, sliding the card over to Zed. It's a plain little cardboard card with little heart balloons drawn on the front and the message scribbled inside in neat penmanship. "I'll open mine, too." He reaches over to take his gift once more.

"Wren," Shoko calls loudly. "Aislinn's gonna throw up! What do I do with him?" The alien child is in the process of helping the Beta-Shifter up, and Olivine has scampered over to huddle with Sorrel on Titus' lap.

Wren abandons his guests to meet the fragment halfway. He glances around the backyard. "Well, just... Take him home, I guess," Wren says softly.

Shoko blinks, something about the shine of his very black eyes completely inhumane. "But I thought you wanted to have a party?" he says with a tilt of his head.

Wren glances at Aislinn's fever flushed skin, and over at the way Olivine is sobbing into Sorrel's shoulder. He stares rather unhappily at Shoko himself, shaking his head. "It hasn't hasn't been much of one anyway. Just take him home."

Shoko shrugs. "I'll take Cam and Ash, and I'll come back and be with you," he says before promptly dragging Aislinn off.

Cameron gets up of his own accord to trot after them worriedly, and Wren watches them until they disappear into the fragment house before going back to take his seat.

2/16/2019 #21

Zed smiles a bit before nodding as he carefully opens the first present which sat in the middle.

Ethan's gift turns out a pretty crystal jar full of colorful paper stars called lucky stars.

Fred curls his tail around his right leg as he glances down at the table while Winter leans against the table.

Torle glance about in a slight panic before side stepping while looking down in slight defeat before quickly shaking it away.

Rosado place a hand onto his arm, looking ashamed while Si bit his lower lip, placing his hand on top of Emma's head.

2/16/2019 #22

The first one is Basil's, it's a crochet blanket in the alpine stitch. The colours are made up of soft blues, creams, and yellows. On top of it, is a crochet brown and cream ragdoll puppy.

Ethan smiles softly. "Thanks, I love it."

Wren sits, looking glum. It takes several long minutes, but eventually, Shoko comes trotting back, plopping down beside Wren. He steals a rosewater macaron off what is, presumably, Shiro's plate.

2/16/2019 #23

Zed blinks and grins brightly, green eyes glistens for a bit before he quickly covers it by burying his face into the blanket Gabriel made for Basil, giving a soft squeal at the soft texture.

"Basil loves it...," Zed whispers before lifting his head with a grin and nods. "Lucky stars...I...they were the best idea for Valentine's gift..." Then he points to the glass jar. "There are 99 stars in that jar... you know what the number means with lucky stars?" He grins, a soft flush from embarrassment. "I...made more.... Also there's more..." He nods at the cork on the jar. "Open it..." Then he reaches for the gift on the left and opens it.

The others then settle down though looking uncomfortable except Rosado and Si who then stood in front of Wren.

"We're sorry...," Rosado says softly and looks down at the wrapped gift. "Um...Zed hopes you like the gift he made for you..."

Si nods.

2/17/2019 #24

Next is Zeke's, a linen stitch blanket in varying shades of blue and grey and white. There's a ragdoll bunny in white and light grey.

"No, I don't," Ethan says a bit softly. Hesitantly, he reaches to open the jar.

Wren glares a bit, but Shoko perks up, alien eyes shining brightly. "Oh, Zed made Wren's gift? Olive will be happy about that! Can I open Shiro's?" Shoko doesn't wait for an answer before he springs up to grab both the presents up.

"Shoko-- Shoko, no!" Wren yelps, scrambling up to run after Shoko. "Shoko, don't!"

"Oliie! Oliie, catch!" Shoko shouts, tossing Olivine Wren's gift. Olivine fumbles with it, and Opal lets out a delighted yelp.

"Are we playing a game?" Opal asks brightly, jumping up. "Olive! Throw it here!"

"Olive, don't you dare," Wren shouts, sliding to run after a panicked Olivine.

"Fun!" Jamie shouts, scrambling up to run after Shoko. "Me next! I want it!"

"No!" Shoko yelps, hugging the gift close as he runs. "You'll just throw it away!"

"Shoko-- Opal! Onyx, Wyatt!" Wren practically wails, sinking to the ground, clearly frustrated with the new turn off events.

Opal gets tackled by his twin, and he laughs as he stretches to keep the gift away from Onyx. "Stop being so stupid!" Onyx growls, struggling to keep his counterpart pinned and take the present back at the same time.

"What? Let Jamie throw it away. We don't want it," Wyatt says loftily as he inspects his nails.

In the end, Adrian is the one to rein Shoko in, catching the boy around the waist. Jamie skids to a stop to avoid crashing into them. "Shoko, that's enough," Adrian says. He sounds angry and sad. He sounds tired. "I can't be running after you right now. You're upsetting Wren. I know that you're feeling...mixed up, but Shiro isn't going to be happy. He's going to be even less happy if Wren is upset with him."

"I'm not mixed up," Shoko says, frowning just a bit.

"You know what I mean," Adrian says softly. "Give the present back now."

Shoko frowns down at the gift, fingers digging into it tightly. "I don't want to." Shiro's words from last time seem to echo. You'll never be able to deal with Shoko when he gets all hyper and energetic and annoying if he ever gets attached enough to make the mistake of falling in love with you.

Adrian sighs, hugging Shoko close and petting his hair. "I know you don't, but you need to."

Shoko is clearly unhappy with this arrangement, but he nods slowly. "Okay," he says finally, his grip not once relaxing on the gift.

On the grass, Onyx and Opal have stilled to watch Adrian and Shoko, and when Shoko stops by to retrieve Wren's gift from the twins, Opal lets him take it without fussing.

Wren gets up and sits back down at the table just as Shoko is setting the gifts down. "Sorry," the fragment says.

"It's okay," Wren says, voice a bit low. "This was a mistake anyway."

"It wasn't," Shoko tries to assure him, staring out at the fragments who are still arguing and the people who are a little less than comfortable after the scene that he'd caused.

2/18/2019 #25

Zed grins wider and nuzzles against, humming, tail swishing back and forth. "Zeke loves it... Now he has something to cuddle with..." Then looks up to see how Ethan likes his gift.

Inside the jar was a miniature wooden figurine of a stag with mighty antlers to match its bulk and the fine details of the fur, hooves, the head and all the features of the male deer would have.

"Since you're an earth element...I hope you like it..," he says a bit shyly and embarrassed before reaching for the final gift.

Rosado squeaks as he looks between the fragments in a panic. "Oh dear..."

Si hissed, wanting nothing more than to jump in as the boy dubbed Shoko then watched as the others joined in as they take the gifts as if they're toys. "Please be careful...," he calls out to them in panic and worry. "Those gifts are made of glass..."

Winter, Fred and Torle look over and almost went along with Rosado but all let out a sigh of relief when the gifts where taken away. No one got physically hurt as the gifts were taken away.

Si bit his lower lip at Wren's words.

2/18/2019 #26

Ethan smiles, the expression a bit soft. "I do," he says. "I like it a lot."

The last gift is Arthur's, a basket weave blanket in red, orange, yellow, and dark green and a ragdoll kitten in soft orange and pale cream.

Not a second later, Shiro comes storming down the steps, Gabriel shouting after him. "Get your ass in that house now," he snarls, putting his face close to Shoko's and point at the fragment house.

Shoko blinks his alien eyes, shine and inhuman, at Shiro. "I don't want to. I want to be out here," he says, tone a bit flat. "I want to play with Opal."

"I don't care what you want," Shiro hisses, grabbing Shoko's arm and forcibly dragging him away. "I didn't want you or Jamie or Jason here and look what fucking happened. You think I don't feel it? I fucking do."

"It's not my fault!" Shoko whines as he digs his heels in, struggling against the way Shiro tries to drag him along. "It's Jamie's!"

"Don't blame Jamie for your fuck up. He's still mad," Shiro snaps as he struggles to tug Shoko along.

"It's not a fuck up!" Shoko shouts, stopping his struggling to stomp a foot. "It's not!"

"It is!" Shiro shouts back. He stops dragging the boy, but tightens his grip on his arm. "So you don't get the privilege of being here! You get to go home so you don't make things worse."

"Shiro, don't yell at him like that," Gabriel hisses worriedly, hands ghosting over the pair. "That isn't going to work. That isn't going to make him feel any less. They act out when they need something, you know that, Shiro-- Shiro, you're upsetting yourself."

Sure enough, Leilani is sobbing, hiding under a table while Wyatt scratches bloody lines into his skin. Jason and Jamie are whispering sharply to each other, and Jason kicks at one of the foldable chairs, toppling it over.

"Stop, you're upset," Gabriel says.

"How am I supposed to not be?" Shiro demands. Shoko's arm is beginning to bruise under his grip. "Tell me. Tell me how I'm supposed to be okay with this."

Gabriel falters. "I don't know. But you're making yourself upset. Just let go of him so we can go back inside, okay?"

"Shiro, I'm really sorry," Wren says softly, hands worrying nervously at the hem of his sweatshirt.

"It wasn't your fault," Shiro mutters, glaring darkly at Shoko, who's whining and stretching at Shiro's hand on his arm.

Wren is quiet for a moment. "It is though. I wanted a party. I asked you to be here, and I let them be here. It's my fault. I'm sorry."

Shiro swallows, his grip on Shoko finally loosening enough for the fragment to topple back into the grass. He whines, rubbing at the black-blue bruise on his arm. Shiro shakes his head, leaning down to grab Shoko's wrist. "Come on," he says softly, pulling the fragment up.

2/18/2019 #27

Zed grins at the blanket and squeezes it, purring loudly. "Arthur may not want to admit it but he loves his gift!" He then grins at Ethan, green eyes twinkling. "I'm so glade you do!"

Si flinches and looks down at the floor while the others varies; Winter watches the interaction with a slight dip of his mouth, Fred crossed his arms over his chest, glancing off to the side and Torle pockets his hands, gazing at the scene before looking towards Si.

Rosado bit the inside of his cheek, looking around between each person.

2/18/2019 #28

"Well, Gabriel'll be happy about that," Ethan says softly before nodding. "I really do."

"It's not a fuck up," Shoko whispers.

Shiro frowns, letting go of Shoko to scratch absently mindedly at the inside of his wrists. "It is, but if Aislinn can get over it, you can, too."

"Aislinn is different," Shoko says.

"We'll figure it out. I don't want you like Lani," Shiro says, voice quieting. The fragment in question is still wailing, sobbing under the table. Maya and Adrian and Opal are trying to sooth him, but it isn't working in the slightest.

"Aislinn isn't over it anyway, he's just sad and scared," Shoko continues, staring at Leilani.

"Come on," Gabriel says, guiding Shoko away from Shiro and towards the farm house. "Let's get you inside. You can play with Mab."

"Shiro, I'm really sorry," Wren says to Shiro, who's watching the pair go. "I am."

"I know. It's not your fault," Shiro says. "I need to go inside. Can you get Lani home?"

"I think Opal and Adrian can manage it," Wren says softly.

"Great. Get all of them home," Shiro says. He pauses for the briefest second to touch Wren's cheek gently before walking off towards the farm house as well.

Wren watches Shiro go before staring down at the floor, hands fisted in his sweatshirt, expression cloudy.

2/18/2019 #29

Zed grins brightly and nods. "Mhm!" Purring in delight, tail swishing back and forth as h hugs all three gifts.

Si watches them go before letting out a sigh before walking over, pulling something out of his pocket and setting another package on the table with metallic ring.

It sounded like keys would make when you jiggle them and the package looks pretty small.

"I'm sorry," Si says, staring down at the table where the package lays. "We're all sorry..." Then pushes it towards Wren. "This belongs to Gabriel... He given them to us years ago...we want to return them."

2/18/2019 #30
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