the farm house
the farm house
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Ethan smiles softly as he threads his fingers through Zeke's hair.

All Shiro does is glare before turning back to stare down and fuss with his food.

After a moment, Caleb turns over on his side before melting into the shape of a golden retriever.

2/26/2019 #61

Zeke continues to purr at the constant combing of Ethan's fingers while Zed smiles on.

Arthur purrs in delight as he eats his sweets while Basil grins as he give a sigh of being full.

Torle smiles a bit at Shiro then shifting, going to his feet. "I'm going to get something...," he says before walking over towards the table.

Winter blinks before giving a small smile then down at his ribbon. "Golden retriever...," he says softly.

2/26/2019 #62

"They know how to manipulate their forms?" Ethan asks. "They're a bit too big to hold, but I'm sure they like it all the same. Some of the older ones won't, but some of the littler one's --'specially the smaller feeling ones like Olivine and Sorrel and Leilani-- you can find in different shapes every once in a while. Sometimes they present a little older so we might take them seriously, other times they like to look a little younger so might baby 'em a bit."

Shiro ignores him, still fussing over his plate of hardly touched food.

Caleb huffs softly and curls into himself.

2/26/2019 #63

Zed hums in thought. "I think they do...," then glance at the other two since Zeke is sleeping.

Basil grins and nods. "Yea, we can! We've doing it ever since we've been fo-," then Arthur quickly covers his mouth.

"We can," is all Arthur says before going back to eating his sweets.

Torle then returns with another sandwich as well as a drink for himself as he settles beside Shiro. "Is there any favorite books you like to read?" He askes, taking a bite of his sandwich.

Winter hums softly, still staring down at his ribbon.

2/26/2019 #64

Ethan blinks at Basil curiously but doesn't press the subject. "Ahh," he says softly.

"Mine," Shiro says flatly. "Not that you'll ever read it."

Caleb makes himself a small as possible, curled into himself as he watches the rest of the small gathering.

2/26/2019 #65

Zed clears his throat. "Yea so yea, they can change their shape...," then gives a soft snort. "Though I doubt Zeke will wake up so he could be held..."

Basil grins, green eyes sparkling. "But he will if you say the magic word!"

Arthur grunts as if agreement, still eating his sweets.

Torle blinks. "Ah no, I never have... But I still it's nice to know what type of books you like..."

Winter glance down at Caleb before turning towards the rest with a smile. "You remind me of Kevin..."

2/26/2019 #66

"Aw, that's alright," Ethan dismisses. "I don't wanna disturb him none. Maybe next time."

Shiro rolls his eyes, but it's becoming clear that his previously amicable mood is no longer present.

Caleb growls very softly, not particularly liking the comparison.

2/26/2019 #67

Zed smiles as Zeke continues his slumber, purring in delight at the constant petting.

Basil grins and nods. "Okay!"

Arthur hums, still eating his sweets.

Torle gives a small smile. "I'm reading this series called I think the Noble Dead... It's really good..."

Winter shakes his head. "Nothing bad... Kevin just rather be in his true form than human but still I'm sorry for the comparison..," he says softly.

2/26/2019 #68

"Mhmm," Ethan hums softly.

Shiro doesn't say anything, instead ripping a bit out of a cucumber sandwich.

Caleb's human form springs back, and he stares at Winter with cool, blue eyes. "My true form is an amorphous blob of blue jelly, and I don't particularly appreciate being compared to any of your siblings right now," he says lowly.

2/26/2019 #69

Zed smiles while Zeke sleeps, purring away.

Arthur licked his fingers from the sweet sugary mess and Basil just giggles.

Torle then takes a bite of his sandwich, chewing then swallowing before watching it down with his chosen drink.

Winter watches Caleb change back into his human form before nodding. "Of course... I'm terribly sorry for that," he says softly and sincerely.

2/26/2019 #70

Ethan watches the fragments with a small smile.

Shiro gets up, leaving his plate, and walking up the porch steps.

Caleb ignores Winter, watching Shiro instead.

2/26/2019 #71

Zed smiles brightly while Zeke sleeps, purring loudly.

Arthur purrs as well, enjoying his delicious sweet treats while Basil giggles and hums a bright tone.

Torle takes another bite but glances over when Shiro stands, walking up the porch steps. He hums before finishing his sandwich and downing his drink before picking up his plate and throwing it away.

Winter noticed this too before getting up and doing the same.

2/26/2019 #72

After a few minutes, Wren drags himself down the porch steps, arms crossed. "Visitation's over," he says, not looking very happy.

"That's time I guess," Ethan says softly, giving Zeke one last pat.

Caleb gets up and follows Shiro up the porch steps and into the house but not before giving Wren a quick, Thanks.

2/26/2019 #73

Zed smiles sadly and nods. "I guess so...," not really ready to go but it's not wanting to overstay their welcome, he got up which caused the chain reaction with his fragments.

Zeke whines when Ethan stopped petting but also when Arthur got up to wake him. Zeke pouts if not frowns deeply as he stands while Basil waits for them.

"It's good seeing you again...," Zed says with a smile. "See you at the next visitation?"

Zeke waddles over and nuzzles against Ethan while Basil gives him a tight hug. Arthur just nods at his direction.

Torle stands from where he sat, groaning during the process before walking over towards the gate.

Winter pockets his ribbon and does the same, bowing his head at Caleb's back, saying good day before turning to the gate.

2/26/2019 #74

Ethan nods, hugging Zeke and Basil before offering Arthur a wave. "'Course," he tells Zed with a smile. "See ya next time."

Wren waits impatiently at the gate to let everyone out. He opens the gate for them and snaps it shut wordlessly. The property vanishes from sight.

2/26/2019 #75
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