the farm house
the farm house
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The back yard is set up casually, painfully so.

There's bunting in purple, blue, pink, and teal strung up against the fences. Monkshood, buttercups, yellow carnations, orange lilies, petunias, and butterfly weed are planted along the fences as well.

The snack and drink tables have been set up rather juvenilely with baggies of chips and and candies, mini hamburgers, corn dogs, mozzarella sticks, and the like. The drink consist mainly of canned sodas and capri suns.

Shiro sits at the single guest table. He's tense, leaned over a notebook, a pencil clutched so tightly in his hand that it looks like it might crack under the pressure any second now.

Gabriel sits on the wicker, outdoor loveseat, swaddled under a blanket. He's working on a scarf, and doesn't look up when the guests arrive. Wren, who's cuddled next to him under the blanket, sets his book down on the little table in front of them to get up and let them in.

He stares at them, eerie green eyes scanning their faces. He looks like he wants to say something but is quiet as he swings the gate open to let them in.

3/3/2019 #1

Shades walks in with a soft, "Hello," in greeting, stuffing their hands into their favorite hoody pouch.

Just behind walks in Mitch, his own hands stuffed into his pockets of his gray jeans, metal heeled boots muffled across the grassy floor as he nods, looking down at the ground with a, "Hello," as well.

Both continue to walk towards Shiro before taking their seats. Mitch taking his hands out to place them on the table.

"Hello, Shiro...," greeted Shades at Shiro before giving a small waves Gabriel.

"Hello," Mitch follows just behind them with a nod.

3/3/2019 #2

Wren is quick to scurry back up onto the porch to huddle with Gabriel. He doesn't pick his book back up.

Shiro's pen snaps, ink splattering over his hand and the empty page of his notebook. He doesn't seem to notice as he straightens, the sharp blue of his eyes cold. "What the fuck do you want? I don't have the fucking patience for you two right now. None of us do."

3/3/2019 #3

"Alright," Shades says before saying sincerely, "I just want to say that I'm sorry for hurting you..."

"And I'm sorry for not apologizing when I should have," Mitch says just as sincere. "I'm very sorry..."

3/3/2019 #4

Shiro's gaze cuts right into them. "Well, I don't fucking forgive you," he snaps. "I don't forgive you and your shitty brother isn't getting Caleb and your fucking brat isn't getting Kayden. So fuck off."

3/3/2019 #5

Shades and nods. "Alright... But we're not here for them."

Mitch shakes his head. "We just want you to hear us out..."

3/3/2019 #6

"There's nothing either of you could say that would ever make me forgive you," Shiro says, voice low and cold. "I've already fucking heard if from you." His gaze snaps to Mitch. "You don't know where it came from. Fuck off."

3/3/2019 #7

Shades and nods. "Alright...then we'll leave..." Then stands from their seat.

Mitch stands as well. "Sorry for bothering you..."

3/3/2019 #8

Wren hurries to open the gate up, and Shiro just glares.

3/3/2019 #9

Shades walks over towards the gate with Mitch in tow before both said good day and was out of the yard.

3/3/2019 #10
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