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the farm house
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Halo just shrugs, still staring down at the table top. "It's fine," he mumbles.

Jennifer seems a bit startled to find that her hand is still in Shades'. "Oh," she says as she nods along. She does look a bit confused, though, as Shades' world's rules on fey are clearly different than her own. If it's just an ability, it ain't a curse. I was cursed once." She squeezes Shades' hand gently. "An' shadows ain't really that scary. Plenty of people like the dark better than the light."

Morgan's smile widens slightly. "Well, I'll ask then."

4/17/2019 #31

Mist smiles warmly and nods. "Alright..." Then gives a curious hum. "Do you have a favorite hobby you like to do?"

Shades nods with a hum of agreement. "My brother says the same thing... He says 'magic isn't cursed, dark, light nor bad or's how the wielder choose to use it.'" Shades smiles warmly, sensing how Jennifer almost feels like home. "Yes, I met many who feel more comfort in the dark than in the light.." He then gives a small squeeze around her grasp before loosen but not letting go. "My Ancestor was always revered as terrifying because of his ability and felt alone... I became his world when I was born so I want to prove to him not everybody is afraid of shadows..."

Nick grins brightly and nods. "Okay.."

4/17/2019 #32

"Not yet," Halo says, still not looking at Mist. "Maybe cross stitch. Might get a dog. Don't know yet."

"Well, I know I'm kinda nervous about a lotta things, but I live with necromancers, and I've been through plent, I ain't so easy to scare," Jennifer says softly.

Morgan nods, smile soft and warm.

4/17/2019 #33

Mist nods with hum, understanding Halo is still in development but he is a bit curious if he has any hobbies he might like even if it's just minor thing. "Cross stitch sounds fun... My Ancestor had me cross stitch, thinking it would help me in someway... Well it did help my...issues...," Mist groans, rolling his eyes at the last part, turning more red than before as he talks about it. "Anyways, well I can't wait to get to know more about you..."

Shades grins brightly which seems to light up his already deathly pale features, bright red eyes twinkling in joy and delight at those words. "I wish my Ancestor could hear those words," he feel giddy and happy to meet another who isn't terrified of his abilities.

Nick hums brightly, grinning from ear to ear.

4/17/2019 #34

Halo perks up a bit, glancing up at Mist through his lashes. "Issues?" he asks curiously.

Jennifer laughs softly, the sound a bit shy. "I think you'd like my friends," she says finally.

Morgan smiles softly before tilting his head to the side ever so slightly as if listening to something the others can't hear.

4/17/2019 #35

Mist blinks slowly at the sudden perk in Halo's voice when he mentions about his "issues" but doesn't see the harm of tell him. "Well...I have insecurity kind of issues...," Mist start, already feeling a right blush coloring his cheeks and forehead.

Shades smiles warmly. "I would love to meet them...," he says kindly.

Nick smiles and gives a head tilt of his own before speaking, "Even though we only met in the rp, I still like want to know you more so what are your hobbies?"

4/17/2019 #36

Halo snorts softly. "You look so well-adjusted," he says flatly, clearly believing Mist.

Jennifer nods quickly. "I think y'all'd get along great!" she says, smiling brightly.

Morgan face flushes pink. "Hmm? Oh, um… Well… It's not technically a recognized hobby where I live, but … I like to foster and rehabilitate creatures. That's mostly it... And you?"

4/17/2019 #37

Mist gives a humorless snort. "Trust me, I may seem to be but actually, I am not... I just have more handle on myself now these days though still going through some episodes occasionally..." He fiddles with his fingers as he weave them together on the table, glancing off to the side.

Shades smiles warmly. "I can't wait," he says brightly.

Nick smiles and nods. "That's pretty neat if not awesome of you..." Hums softly in thought of how to explain. "Well...I like to travel a lot because of my species... And I would sometimes guide people, if you want to call it that... But mostly traveling... I love to travel.." He smiles warmly as he thought about the places he been and people he meet.

4/17/2019 #38

"Episodes?" Halo echos, eyes shimmering silver. He seems … almost delighted.

Jennifer giggles softly, looking pleased.

Morgan nods, humming softly. "Traveling is nice," he says. "Do you have any favourite places?"

4/17/2019 #39

Mist nods with a hum. "Yea...episodes... You would know them when you start seeing a lot of fog... That's how I know I'm going through my episodes..." Then nods to the side at Shades. "Shades has them, too as every one of my siblings well except a chosen few..."

Shades chuckles, it almost sounds like hissing than the sound of warm mirth.

Nick grins, his features brighten and even behind that blind, you can tell his eyes were twinkling. "Ireland! That's most favorite place to be! It just...feels like home...," then looks at Morgan. "Do you have a favorite little creature that you love to take care of?"

4/17/2019 #40

Halo blinks, smiling faintly. "Like a temper tantrum? Why?"

Jennifer smiles shyly, but it's bright and warm.

"That's a place on Earth, isn't it? I've never been to Earth," Morgan says. He blinks, considering the question. "Not exactly… I love all my wards equally. Two have elected to stay with me though, Beatrice and Surya. Bee is the offspring of a sandman and a shadow person, and Surya is a kitsune."

4/17/2019 #41

Mist nods. "Something like that..." Then hums in thought, trying to phrase this in his best words. "Well I'm still what you call, legal to say, wild. Wild magic. We tend to...loose ourselves to our primitive forms... You know...going feral. And this only happens when we lose sight of ourselves, to have our weak points to be use against us to where we just...lose it..."

Shades smiles just as warm and bright.

Nick grins and nods. "Yea...," then he bare his teeth as he grins though they seem to be sharpen at some point. "Then m-maybe some day I'll take you there!" Nick hums with a smile, "Oh yea? They both sound cute... I would love to meet them..."

4/17/2019 #42

Halo hums softly, looking considerably less amused. He sighs, glancing off to the side.

Jennifer giggles softly, twirling a lock of hair.

"That sounds nice," Morgan says softly. "I'll look forward to that." He nods, eyes brightening a bit. "They are! Well, maybe soon…"

4/17/2019 #43

Mist takes note of the sigh and tilts his head to the side. "Something I said?" He asked, concerned if he said something wrong.

Shades chuckles softly.

Nick smiles and nods. "It is...," then giggles. "Then I can't wait to meet them... Oh, do you have a picture of them?"

4/17/2019 #44

"No," Halo says, tone a bit lofty.

"So you said you had a brother? Do you have only one or do you have other siblings?" Jennifer asks, letting the hair fall from her finger. "I don't got any siblings, but I have one friend who I consider my brother, and one who I kinda consider … well, like, a brother-in-law."

Morgan blinks at the question. "Ahh, I don't, actually… I'm sorry."

4/17/2019 #45

Mist nods with a hum. "Alright..."

"I have more," Shades responds with a smile. "I think...I have twenty-five to twenty-six more siblings.." Shades tilts his head to the side. "Oh yea? That's nice..." He smiles at her.

Nick smiles and shakes his head. "No, it's alright... I'll just meet them face to face... It makes me excited even more... I bet they're adorable..."

4/17/2019 #46

Halo hums, gazing out into nothing.

Jennifer blinks, wide eyed. "That's so many!" she exclaims. "How do you keep track of all of them?"

Morgan smiles sheepishly. "If you say so…"

4/17/2019 #47

Mist careful studies Halo a moment more before shifting, resting his chin onto his clasp hands with his elbows propped up on the table.

Shades chuckles with mirth, always love the reaction whenever he mention the number of siblings he has. "I know...," he giggles. "They're not hard to keep track... Each one is very unique... The only thing we have in common is that we share the same face though each features is slightly different.." Both Mist and Shades do share the same facial feature of slightly clef chin, angular face, high cheek bones, arched brows, thin yet full lips, fitting nose and slightly long lashes.

But both have some differences; Shades' features or more hallow, his cheeks bone are more prominent, his eyes shape into slight almond shape than Mist's and his eyebrows much thinner than Mist's. His lips look thin and his nose almost have a point to it while Mist's looks more softer with thicker eyebrows, lips a bit more full, the clef chin nearly gone, full angular face making his cheek bones none existent, eyes slight more round and his lashes longer than Shades'.

You could get they're twins but their facial features are unique as their personality and abilities.

Nick smiles warmly and nods. "Really, it's fine..."

4/17/2019 #48

Halo stares blankly for a few minutes. "I think I have a dog."

"But still, that's so many! Well… I can imagine you'd never be lonely with a family like that, at least…" Jennifer says.

Morgan nods. "Okay…"

4/18/2019 #49

That brought a smile on Mist's face. "Cute... Small or big?"

Shades chuckles. "It is and yea, I'm never am...," he smiles fondly if not tenderly as he thinks about his siblings before setting his focus on Jennifer. "Well, I feel bad for Nick though... He has more than me..." He gives a chuckle as he side glance Nick who's talking to Morgan.

Nick grins and nods.

4/18/2019 #50

"Big," Halo says distractedly. "Pit bull. Red nose, blue eyes, cream coat."

"Large families are nice. Before I started leaning magic, it was just me and my parents," Jennifer says softly.

Morgan glances up at Nick. "Do you have any pets?"

4/18/2019 #51

Mist smiles warmly. "Oh, sounds gorgeous… Boy or girl?"

Shades smiles, humming, "Yea?"

Nick grins and nods. "Yea, a sugar glider! And he's awesome!"

4/18/2019 #52

Halo blinks. "Girl," he says eventually. "Yeah, girl."

"Mhmm!" Jennifer hums, going back to twirling her hair. It shines caramel in the sunlight.

Morgan smiles. "Oh? That's an interesting pet…"

4/18/2019 #53

Mist smiles. "She's pretty... I would love to me her..."

Shades notice this, shifting his eyes towards her hair before speaking, "You're hair is pretty..." He would admit everything about her is pretty.

Nick smiles and nods. "Yea, it was weird... On my travels, I just resting for a bit, taking a break and before you know it, this sugar glider climbed down and onto ground at my feet... Of course I think nothing of it and just let it be, not trying to bother it but then I noticed its age. It was pretty small for a sugar glider so I thought it was a curious baby just checking me out... It was kind of cute and it didn't seem frighten of me so I just chill there, still as I let it climb up my leg to rest on my lap. It stared at me for a moment as if expecting something. Food of course so I gave it a peanut and ever since then, it never stopped following me... So I kind of adopted it... I do let him be part of his natural habitat but he seems more attached to me so I let him travel along and he's been my travel buddy ever since..." He chuckles at the memory but then something popped into his head. "Though just recently I'm kind of helping Kat out by raising this very sick ferret so I might have another friend to travel with..." Then smiles at Morgan. "What about you? Do you have a pet? I know you have Bee and Surya..."

4/18/2019 #54

Halo tilts his head to the side, expression distant, as if he's staring at something Mist can't see. "Maybe."

Jennifer blinks, face pinking up. "Oh! Thank you," she says with a small, nervous giggle.

Morgan smiles softly. "That's very sweet." He sales his head. "No, I don't really … keep pets. I have my wards, but I'd never make any of them stay. Bee and Surya stay because they like to."

4/20/2019 #55

Mist smiles a bit at Halo, giving a small nod.

Shades smiles warmly, saying, "You're very welcome!"

Nick chuckles. "Yea...," then nods at Morgan's answer. "Well that's nice.."

4/20/2019 #56

Halo stands without a word, and immediately turns to start the walk back home.

Jennifer glances over at him and gathers her hair over her shoulder, combing her fingers through the long, chestnut tresses. "Well, we gotta go now… We still got a lotta setting up to do for easter…" She stands. "We'll see you soon."

Morgan nods, standing. "We'll see you tomorrow," he says with a small smile. He waves, a gentle sway of his fingers.

With that, Jennifer and Morgan rush after Halo.

4/20/2019 #57

Mist blinks at that but says nothing as he watches Halo turns away.

Shades noticed this too but smiles at Jennifer and nods. "Okay...," he says softly before standing from his seat which Mist, now understanding Halo is actually leaving, follows his twin. "Yea, see you tomorrow..."

"Later, Halo!" Mist calls out to him. "See you tomorrow!"

Nick gives a grin and nods. "Yea, see you tomorrow..." Then waves back as he stands from his seat.

All three watches the trio walk back home before turning and doing the same for themselves.

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