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the farm house
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Declan sits on a patch of grass beside Morgan, who is twisting tiny flowers into chains. Sasha is a heavy weight on top of him, his self-soothing purring a gentle rumble against his chest. Sasha is as comforting to him as he is to Sasha.

He thinks briefly of Amir and Halo, different executions yet the same at their cores — barbed wire wound tight around candy soft cores that only occasionally leak through. And not even that most of the time. Often, people only got glimpses of their candy soft cores through cracks in their armor, cracks that are always quickly patched up.

He and Sasha are different though. Declan himself is, admittedly self servingly, deceptive. He is candy coating over a barbed wire core. Sasha is gentler, opposite, and not even that. Sasha is fake barbed wire —plastic and sprayed metallic— wound loosely over a gooey candy soft core, and even his faux barbed wire would be discarded if ordered — something that Declan absolutely can't allow.

Sasha pulls back, and for the first time, Declan understands. He understand how Wren can get so worked up, so wound up, so tangled up, all the lines in his mind blurred. He hadn't anticipated that things would go this way, but maybe he should've. He's seen Amir and Halo, and he knows that he's just a little bit to fascinated by, well, himself to not call himself narcissistic. He just hopes it doesn't impair their ability to make friends.

Sasha blinks beautiful gold eyes with shoots of green and black and frowns. "You think too much," he says.

Morgan glances over at them.

Declan blinks back, and Sasha's face is so close to his that he can smell sweetness on his breath. Caramel, of course. "Sometimes," he admits.

"You're thinking too much now," Sasha elaborates. "Are you nervous?"

Declan laughs. He doesn't mean to, but he's dealt with outsiders enough to not be nervous. "No. Are you?"

Sasha frowns, and he presses closer to Declan. "A little," he admits, winding his arms back around Declan's neck.

"Here," Morgan says softly, pulling at one of Sasha's hands. "I made this for you."

"Thanks," Sasha says, inspecting the daisy chain around his wrist. "It's pretty."

Silence falls over them as Sasha fawns of his daisy chain and Morgan starts on another, leaving Declan to his thoughts while they wait for their guests to show up. Declan hopes they show up soon. He doesn't need anymore awkward trains of thought and being off the Property is making his skin sticky.

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"Sorry for the wait.."

Mist stands before then, arms crossed, looking nervous but as well friendly as he smiles at them but his soft misty eyes seem to twinkle with slight annoyance and for a good reason.

Standing just behind him is his brother Shades, walking over to Mist's left side, looking open but also a bit apprehensive as he gives a tiny shy smile while having Mist's long braid about his neck like a fashion accessory.

Nick just behind Shades, openly smile friendly at the new faces before them and much to Mist's dismay also has that long white braided hair about his neck as well. Both Nick and Shades agreed to aid Mist with his long trailing hair as they travel even though it still ends up still trailing behind them, both of them find it amusing how Mist's hair acts like a rope or chain keeping them in line.

They may not say it, much to Mist's relief, but they couldn't help but think Mist's hair is too similar to Rapunzel's.

Mist hope they don't look ridiculous to their new friends with Shades and Nick trailing behind him, carrying his long braided hair.

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Declan glances up and stares, at a loss for what to say. He's usually much better at things like this, but it's not his fault they look ridiculous. "Hi," he says, wincing a bit when Sasha's knees dig into his hips.

Not even a token of affection from a sweet Terran could manage the kids anxiety now.

"Sasha," Declan says softly. "Our guests are here."

Sasha doesn't do anything but squeeze his arms tighter around Declan's neck.

So much for pliant and submissive.

"Sasha," Morgan says gently. Declan thinks he looks a little bit guilty, but maybe he's just imagining it. "Did you hear Declan? Our guests are here."

Sasha nods, loosening his grip just a bit. He rolls off Declan to plop between him and Morgan. His peach skin is still a bit pale from a lack of consistent sun, and because spring hasn't quite come around, the majority of his hair is still a pale, silvery blond. There are strands of copper and of light honey blond tipped in black — his summer coat still trying to work its way in despite the lack of sun and warmth.

Sasha is dressed in hiking clothes — tan hiking styled sweatpants, a black sweatshirt, and tan lightweight vest, and grey and orange hiking boots. Morgan is, as always, in his military uniform, and Declan is the most casual out of the three, in basketball shorts, his college sweatshirt, and converse.

"Hi," Sasha chirrups, echoing Declan's earlier greeting.

Usually, Sasha is more playful, borderline flirty, but he must be anxious to be without his friends given the way he's been raised, and he huddles close to Declan, pressing against his side. It fills Declan with protectiveness that he hopes doesn't get too out of hand.

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Mist gives a smile though small because it mixed with an knowing look that he could guess they look ridiculous especially how Nick is causally swinging the end of Mist's hair, looking like a model showing off.

"Hello...," Mist greets nervously with a smile.

"Hello..," Shades shyly greets, ducking his head in a quick bow in respect.

"Hey," Nick greets with a smile, brushing the end of Mist's hair against his cheek, enjoying the soft feathery touch of each strand which cause Mist's irritation to grow. "I hope my look doesn't cause an trouble..." He lightly jokes and with a flick of his wrist, the end of that braid wraps around him like a scarf.

Shades quickly covers his mouth to stop a snort that might escape before side glancing at Mist who gives Nick a side deadpan look. That cause a small snort to escape between his fingers before he ducks his head, pulling the braid off of him to sit on the ground.

"I'm sorry about him...," Mist apologizes to them before tugging the braid with his own grip, making Nick spin a bit before it came loose, causing the blind male to let out a giggle. "For some reason he's giddy today..."

"Meeting old and new friends always makes me a bit giddy," Nick chuckles though he does sound nonchalant about it as he sits down not far from Morgan. He's happy to see Morgan again as well as gleeful to meet new people.

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Morgan must not mind the outsider's messing around because he knows them, and Declan isn't typical one for snap judgments, but Sasha, apparently, has no such qualms.

Immature, inattentive, rude, can't read a room.

Declan snorts softy, leaning away from Sasha, who tries to press against him further. Don't be rude, he chides back.

I have to know these things, Sasha insist. I have to know if they're going to do a good job of taking care of me before I go off with them.

Declan's smile slips. Sasha's way of thinking makes him so sad, but he can't exactly be upset with the boy for having standards. I guess you're right.

"Um, this is Declan and Sasha. They're— Well, you met Declan briefly when he— Well, during Easter, but you've never met Sasha before. They're both very nice," Morgan says hastily, diplomatically.

Declan glances over at them. "Nice to meet you," he says coolly. He doesn't mean to come off so frostily, but Sasha's words have left him a little uneasy.

"Nice to meet you," Sasha echos, not looking at them and picking at the grass.

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Mist gives a smile friendly smile but in respect, nodding. "Yes but it's still nice to meet you again, Declan," he responds to Morgan with a soft affirmative of the memory of meeting Declan briefly. "And it's nice to meet you, Sasha.." Mist bows respectfully to the boy between Declan and Morgan.

"It's nice to meet you both as well, " Shades says respectfully yet shyly in his hush whispery like voice, bowing his head once again.

"Yes, it's nice to meet you both," Nick responds in kind, now his light joking side long gone as they begin to introducing to each other.

"I do not know if Morgan told you much about us but I hope you don't mind if we introduce ourselves again," Mist went on kindly. "My name is Mist, a weather fey or fairy and this is my twin, Shades, a shadow fey..."

Shades nods his head at the acknowledgement.

"And my name is Nick," went Nick with a content smile. "They're friend..."

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This time, when Sasha attempts to press against him like a needy toddler, Declan lets him.

Not cut out for this.

Declan isn't sure if the thought is directed at Sasha himself or the outsiders. He doesn't ask, and Sasha doesn't elaborate.

Declan nods, not really sure what to say. He's already been introduced, and he doesn't really like to advertise the fact that he's a selkie.

Sasha, maybe mimicking him still —or maybe not, given the outsiders weak first impression—, says nothing either as he rips blades of grass into strands as thin as he can manage. He has no room to talk back, keeping his more sullen thoughts between him and Declan, and so he says nothing at all in an attempt to appear unappealing.

It's not like they could hurt you.

They made that little girl cry.

Declan tries to keep a straight face. He hasn't forgotten that either. Give it a chance. For me? He feels Sasha's gaze bore deep into the side of his head, filling him with uneasiness.

Will I ever be enough?

Declan almost laughs. How many times has he thought the same thing, never daring to share the sentiment? You are more than enough.

Will they think so?

Still, Sasha squirms against his side, peeking up at the strangers with a small frown. He gives a small wave, and Morgan preens, making Sasha blush faintly.

"Sasha's a little bit shy," Morgan explains.

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Mist gives a small friendly smile though now he feels his nerves returning but he controls his urge to reach back for his braid to fiddle with it, pressing his hands onto his lap.

Shades licks his lips, feeling a bit timid, wary but determine and calm as he gives a shy smile.

Nick just smiles back.

Then when Sasha waves back at them, Mist's smile becomes more at ease as does Shades' though his is still wary.

"We understand..," Nick says warmly with a smile.

"I hope you don't mind if we ask about yourselves," Mist says politely to Declan and Sasha, smiling a bit more friendly. "Like your hobbies, favorite food, music, etc..."

"I hope you mind me asking how's Beatrice and Surya doing?" Nick asked Morgan. "And Roshan, Rini and Laika?"

5/6/2019 #8

Not good enough.

Declan tries not to frown, tries to think of how much harder this must be for Sasha than it is for him and Morgan. We don't even know them yet.

I'm a commodity — a pet, a playing thing, I'm something to be cared for; you think any of them are up for that, for the nuance that comes with that? Sasha continues to rip blades of grass into little pieces.

Declan exhales slowly. When'd you get so bratty?

Sasha peeks up at him with a small frown. You think I'm bratty?

I think you're being stubborn. You said you'd try for me. "Uh, sure," Declan says after a moment.

"Sure," Sasha echoes.

Declan huffs softly, a quiet exhale that can just barely be called a laugh. Such a brat.

"Oh, everyone's just fine," Morgan says, continuing with his flower chains. "Everyone's well."

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Mist then reaches behind him, letting his braid fall onto his lap, neatly petting it in place before he could begin.

"What are your hobbies?" Asked Mist with a curious gaze and a friendly smile. "I love to photography, some dancing, jogging and occasional reading..."

"I love to read, write, um tinker here and there and loves to walk around in my hometown," Shades added his own personal hobbies.

Nick smiles and nods. "That's good to hear..." Then turns to Sasha and Declan when they begin to talk about their hobbies. "I don't really have much but I do really love to travel a lot.." Nick turns back to Morgan, gives a curious tilt of his head at the flower chain. "That's pretty, " he compliments on Morgan's flower chain.

5/7/2019 #10

Sasha tilts his head to the side thoughtfully. "I like to cook and clean… And I'm very good with kids…" He huffs sharply when Declan bushes his side. "I like hiking and foraging and quilting."

Thank you. "Uh, I'm studying Marine Biology, which I guess isn't a hobby, but I love the ocean. I play the guitar and sing, and," Declan shrugs, "I'm sort of into fashion, and recently got into jewelry making, mostly just for my friends."

Morgan glances up to preen. "You think so? Here, you can have this one," he says, leaning over to quickly fasten it around Nick's wrist. "It won't last for very long, so you can just throw it away when it starts to wilt."

5/7/2019 #11

Mist smiles warmly. "Oh, you cook? That's neat! What's your favorite recipe? And you are, that's awesome, too!" Smiles wider as Sasha mentions about hiking. "Gods, I love to hike! That's where my love for photography got started! And foraging? That's interesting because Shades loves to forage as well..."

Shades blushes a bit, scratches at the back of his head. " human adoptive family lives out in the wilderness so I learn to forage and hike a lot when I was younger and I still do... I love to watch wild animals and learn so much about them... And I love the allusive ones that hides really well within the forest especially when it snows... Certain animals coats change color to blend in with the changing seasons... They're quite beautiful to watch..." He says with a sigh, smiling warmly at the memory then when Sasha mentions about quilting, Shades giggles softly. "Me and Mist quilt a lot on our spear time..."

Mist smiles and shrugs. "My mom got me going but I do like it... It's quite soothing once you get started.. Even Shades' mom was adamant about it..."

Shades flushes brightly but grins nonetheless. He do loves his adoptive mother a lot and when she says do something, he would in a heart beat.

Mist grins brightly at Declan. " Studying Marine Biology is still awesome! What field are you studying for?" Mist giggles softly, "Oh man, I wish Shark was here to meet you because he loves the ocean as well! Oh yea? Do you produce your own songs?" And chuckles, "Well I know Rosy would love to hang out with you after learning you're into fashion and jewelry making..."

"Yea, of course! They're really pretty!" Nick smiles brightly as he let Morgan place the chain of flowers around his wrist. He smiles happily at Morgan, "Thank you! I love it..." Then brushes over the flowers before smiling at Morgan. "Don't worry, I'll make sure to take good care of them..."

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"Chicken and mushroom pie, squash and spinach lasagna, and chicken and mushroom with herb-cream sauce," Sasha mumbles. He raises his eyebrows at Shades, slanting a look at Declan. "I know certain animal coats change colour. I'm a lynx."

Declan swallows an exasperated sigh. "Sasha is part Terran, part Asterian like Halo. Sasha was raised Asterian, though. He's earth-natural, a lynx," he explains.

"My mom was sent back to Terra for having an affair with her boss!" Sasha cuts in cheerfully. The sharpness is his grin is all fake, the mentllic of his spray paint glinting faux-dangerously. "Well, it wasn't so much an affair as she was forced because, you know, he was her boss, and she was just Asterian. My dad, I mean, was her boss. New hires raised me. We get one in every few years because Miss Violetta's a bit paranoid after what happened with my mom. My favourite was Sable. He was an earth-natural, like me. He taught me how to make salted caramel cheesecake."

Declan exhales sharply. And there it is. The gooey candy soft centre, seeping out of Sasha without him even noticing. "Mammal training," he says quickly. "I'm studying for mammal training. No, I don't make my own music, and I got into fashion for someone else —so I could pick out nice things for them—, but it's something I notice a lot when I go out, so… I know who he is, and I don't think we'd be good friends."

"You're welcome," Morgan says, looking cheerful. "Oh, don't worry about it. Like I said. They'll wilt soon anyway, and besides, I could just make you another one."

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Mist hums at the description of the food. "Sounds delicious~ I would love to try some," he says with a smile.

Shades look apologetic before bowing his head as he hears how Sasha emphasize on a few words. "I'm sorry if I offend you..." Then straightens to turn to Declan with a interest in his eyes. "Oh yea? I mean, I can somewhat understand a few things from my creator about Terran and Asterian but I feel like I won't get much so I rather learn about them directly from you guys..."

Mist nods with agreement with Shades.

Suddenly Sasha cuts in with a cheery voice describing about his past which of course cause Mist and Shades to stiffen at the word forced. They never liked that word. In fact, all their lives they try to avoid that word or anything that could remotely be similar to the deadly creatures they been trying to defend from. Hell, it gave Mist a cold sensation because of his bullied past. They never forced themselves on him but they sure did force him into humiliating situations of which he didn't like. Still they kept calm, relaxed and let Sasha continued, listen to his back story, carefully thinking as well from trying to jump the male to comfort him before responding.

Mist's hands inches towards his braid, feeling the soft silky texture of it from just the tips of his fingers. Mist's eyes looks sympathetic, apologetic but he nods with an understanding smile as he calmly asks, "I do not know of your Terran and Asterian culture so forgive me if I sound ignorant but do you ever visit your mother?"

Shades nods with Mist, waiting for answer then giving a small smile at mention of Sasha favorite person, "Sable sounds like a sweet man to meet.."

"Yes, Sable sounds like a wonderful person indeed, " Mist says with a softy smile. "Salted caramel cheesecake... I never had one but I would to try some one day..." Then replies to Declan, "Mammal training? That's outstanding! Not only will you be around sea mammals but you get to teach others about them, too..." Mist smiles and nods. "That you must have a beautiful voice... I would love to hear it one day..." Mist's smile widen when Declan about being into fashion for someone else. "Really? That's so sweet and kind of you... Well what kind of jewelry have you made so far?" Mist smiles with understanding as he nods. "That's fine..."

Nick smiles wider. "Then make as many as you like because I love it...," then glances down through his blind to gaze at the flower chain around his wrist. It is very pretty. Nick happens to glance up at the others for a moment before glancing back down at Morgan with a grin.

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Sasha shrugs. "Maybe," he says loftily. All he does is hum at Shades.

Declan nods. "It probably sounds confusing at first, and it is a bit nuanced, but it's pretty simple once you start hearing about it."

Sasha blinks, and for a split second, his metallic coating nearly rubs off. Then he's laughing, bright and loud and so cheerful, nobody would've guessed what a loaded question he'd just been asked if they hadn't heard for themselves. "Visit my mother? That's funny! I don't even know her; she was sent back as soon as I was weaned. Five months, I think? Violetta never lets it go." He rolls his eyes, waving a hand as if to exaggerate. "Should've just sent you back with her, but no, Matthias wanted his spawn." He laughs a bit more, as if something about what he's just said is funny. "Sable was around when I was seven, so I haven't seen him in over a decade! Dunno where he is or what he's doing now; probably tending another house, but who knows really. And I haven't made a caramel cheesecake in a few years. I did make cheesecake stuffed strawberries the other day though. Close enough, right?"

Declan sighs, hard and slow. "Yeah, mammal training." He nods. "I sound okay, but maybe some other time." He gives another nod, blushing faintly. It highlights the splatter of freckles against his cheeks. "I guess so… I just want them to be happy, so I do what I can. Mostly just bracelets and a few hair pins."

Morgan's face pinks up a bit. "Oh! Well, okay then," he says, leaning over to pick more flowers so that he can immediately start on another chain.

5/8/2019 #15

Mist smiles and nods at Shades.

Shades licks his lips nervously at Sasha's hum before turning to Declan, looking very interested. "Yea? Okay... I'll ask questions if I get confused..."

Mist blinks at that as does Shades. They never expect him to out right laugh at Mist's question but never the less at least it seem to bother Sasha one bit to answer at all. Once Sasha elaborate his answer, Mist nods.

"Oh?" Mist says in a curious manner about Sasha not seeing his mother since he was five months old and about this Violetta woman as well about only seeing Sable at age seven. Mist gives a smile. "That sounds delicious so yea..."

Shades nods with a smile.

Mist turns to Declan with a smile. "Oh, okay," he replies softly with a smile before giving a soft giggle at Declan's blush. "You're really sweet guy... They are lucky to have you.." He misty grey eyes twinkle about hair pins. "Really? I would love to see your work..."

Shades turns to Sasha with a curious look. "Do you have a favorite color? Any music you enjoy?"

Mist smiles and turns to Declan. "Oh yes, do you have a favorite color as well any music you love to hear?"

Nick smiles and chuckles softly at Morgan before leaning forward, resting his elbows onto his knees, watching contently. "Oh, hey, Morgan? Do you want to meet my little companion?"

5/8/2019 #16

Sasha falls quiet, needing a moment to respray his metallic coating. He can't miss what he doesn't know —not like Declan, so full of resentment for Aoife for abandoning him and Ailis—, but he can certainly burn with curiosity and hurt feelings.

Declan nods. "Okay, I'll be happy to answer." He shrugs a bit when Mist calls him sweet. "I'm lucky to have them." He blinks, pulling his cellphone out. "I haven't really made a lot, but here, you can have a look." He selects a folder in his photos app, and passes it to Mist.

There are only a few pictures. There are three of pearl bobby pins — a single white one, two grey ones, and a set of white, red, and black. There's a picture a larger pin with wire and labradorite. The wire surrounds the one long half of the oval labradorite to make it look like a lotus flower. There's one last picture of four smaller pins with small, pink pearls surrounded by loops of pink wire mesh to look like little sakura blossoms.

"They really like flowers, and gems," Declan explains.

"Orange," Sasha mumbles with a shrug. "Whatever's on the radio."

"My favourite colour is purple, and I listen to a lot of punk-rock and similar genres — it's mostly what I play, too," Declan says, reaching out to take his phone back.

Morgan pauses what he's doing to glance up at Nick. "Hmm? Oh, sure," he says with a small smile.

5/8/2019 #17

Mist smiles a bit when Sasha went silent before turning to Declan, still smiling as the male answer back with the same sentiment for the people he cares for. Then Mist reaches over, grasp the phone before looking through the small gallery of hair pins. All look beautiful and very well hand crafted. "Oh yes and they're so pretty... I love the last one with the sakura blossoms... They're so cute!" Then hands back Declan's phone. "You did a wonderful job on these..."

Shades smiles and nods. "I like organ and oh yea? That's cool you're open to any types of music..." Then leans back with a hum, "I love pink and I tend to listen more to classical music like Mozart and such..."

"Purple is a pretty color... And oh yea?" Mist grins widely. "Well my favorite color is silver and I love heavy metal rock but I do tend to listen to occasional classic rock and punk-rock as well..."

Nick smiles then reaches to his long sleeve black hooded jacket that is his undershirt of his sleeveless trench coat, unzipping the jacket to allow a small furry head pop up. It twitched it nose, curl it's ears back and forth before climbing from within the confines of it's hiding place, gripping Nick's arm. It's a sugar glider and it's pelt is as white as snow with those round black eyes staring all around it.

"This is my traveling partner," Nick introduces his furry friend to Morgan. "I really haven't given him a name for quite some time but for some reason he seems to know when I call him so I never gave him one..."

5/8/2019 #18

Sasha glances briefly at Mist before pressing into Declan's side

Not cut out for this.

Declan doesn't quite ignore Sasha, but he doesn't indulge the boy either. He simply puts his arm around the boy, squeezing his side gently before taking his phone back. "Thanks. The recipient really loves them, too."

Sasha doesn't said anything as he leans into Declan's side, he reaches up to fuss with his hair, twisting and tugging fluffy white locks.

"Mhmm," Declan hums softly, Sasha's hurt feelings muddling his own. Still, he's candy coating, so he continues diplomatically. "Silver's nice, I do have a soft spot for white, but it's not my favourite."

Morgan leans over to peer at the small animal. "It's very cute," he compliments.

5/8/2019 #19

Shades glances at Sasha for a second then asks, very curious, "What's your favorite terrain you love to hike in?"

Mist smiles at the subtle movement as he nods about the recipient loving their hair pins then replies back about the subject of colors, "White is a lovely color, you can't beat that..." He gives a soft chuckle.

Nick smiles warmly. "Thanks...," he says tenderly as his travel companion twitched it's nose at Morgan's way, taking in his scent before curly up to clean its face, licking it's small paws before bring over and wipe down it's small narrow head.

Nick looks up at Morgan with a smile. "Do you want to hold him?"

5/8/2019 #20

Sasha doesn't say anything, ducking his head against Declan's shoulder.

Declan nods, glancing down at his lap, turning his cellphone over in his hand. It's getting progressively harder to untangle his emotions from Sasha's, and Sasha is very unhappy. His thoughts loop back to the usual, to him and Sasha and—

He doesn't let himself get that far.

He sighs softly, giving Sasha another squeeze, and Sasha purrs loudly, the action soothing against his side.

Morgan glances up at Nick. "Oh… if you'd like," he says with a small smile.

5/8/2019 #21

Instantly both Mist and Shades went alert at the sound, blinking before smiling warmly but their eyes twinkle in the delight at that sound.

"That's so cute," Mist gushed, face flushing slightly.

"It's adorable..., Shades agrees with a grin before realizing what they're doing and quickly caught themselves. He cleared his throat and look apologetic. "I'm sorry about that..."

Mist does the same, caught himself before he could coo at Sasha, not wanting to upset the boy even further. "Yes, I'm sorry as well for cooing like that..."

Nick smiles and nods as he stretched his arm out with his furry companions is resting though now more alert since Nick started moving. "Here, put your arm out like this...," he gestures to his outstretched hand.

5/8/2019 #22

Sasha quiets again nearly immediately, and this time, Declan can tell Sasha is even more upset at having his main form of self-soothing taken away.

Instead of rolling his eyes like he wants to, Declan glances off to the side, setting his phone down to play with the little white flowers surrounding them. He plucks on and tucks it behind Sasha's ear, hoping the small token of affection might soothe the boy.

It doesn't.

Nothing short of a full blown, elaborate confession of Declan's undying affection would probably soothe him now.

Morgan does as instructed, putting his arm out.

5/8/2019 #23

Mist on his own soothing method but stroking his braided hair, fiddling with it as it very faintly becomes mist again while trying to think of a way to make it up to Sasha.

Shades' form sort of fades a bit, almost blending in with the shadows but he quickly refocus on his form and says sincerely and regretfully, "I am sorry for saying that to you, Sasha... I really want to get to know you but I'm sorry for upsetting you or make you feel uncomfortable." He bows his head in shame.

"I want to apologize as well since I started it...," Mist speaks sincerely as well. "I'm sorry for gushing like that as well as for earlier... Like Shades said, I still really want to know you and hopefully become friends..."

Nick smiles as he gently nudge his sugar glider across his arm over to Morgan's which the animal quickly did. It uses its claws to grip and climb over, almost toppling over before quickly regain its balance by lifting its tail just leveled with Morgan's arm, nose touching skin and fabric for a moment. It paused for a second, sniffing for any danger as Nick let his arm fall to his side and before long the sugar glider then continues to crawl over and perch on Morgan's forearms, finding no threat from the male it's resting on. The sugar glider's black eyes glance up at Morgan, expecting something.

Nick sees this and snorts before reaching into his pocket and hands a small bag over to Morgan. "Here, he's expecting you to feed him...," it's a small bag full of sliced apples, grapes, chopped carrots and sweet potatoes. It's a small amount since the small creature still forages for it in the wild whenever Nick travels.

5/8/2019 #24

Declan nearly snaps, Sasha's emotions almost getting the better of him. He doesn't care about you, he wants to say. The words are bitter on his tongue, burning to get out, but he bites them back, swallowing them down. "As an Earth born and raised Asterian, Sasha's standards are a bit higher than ours as who ever claims him is expected to take care of him," is what he says instead. "For Sasha, first impressions are everything."

He leaves it at that as he hasn't quite figured out a tactful way to get across that their very important first impressions have been very poor so far.

Sasha's soft rumbling starts up again, a tickle against Declan's side, and Declan allows himself to breath a little easier.

Morgan laughs softly, the sound barely a breath. "Just like Bee then," he says, taking a piece of fruit and offering it to the small animal. "Here you go."

5/8/2019 . Edited 5/8/2019 #25

But Mist figured it out easily through Declan's words. "Our impression earlier was poor then." It wasn't a question but a statement to which Mist takes with a nod, shamefully but understanding nod.

Shades licks his lips as he side glances at Mist, looking apologetic at the same time at Sasha and Declan. "We...we would like to make it up for that... If you allow us..."

Nick chuckles softly as the sugar glider leans its head over, nose twitched and instantly knows its food before grasping it then bringing it close to itself and begins nibbling on it, making small wet smacking noise as it chews.

5/8/2019 . Edited 5/8/2019 #26

"It's… It's not the same for Sasha," Declan tries to explain. "Sasha is viewed as … as a commodity, a thing to be consumed. Having higher than normal standards is how Sasha protects himself, and from the moment you guys got here, you've made a less than stellar impressions as a group and as individuals."

Sasha's purring becomes louder, likely an attempt to drown out the conversation taking place. He's restless, anxious, but he's used to being spoken about as if he isn't around or as if he's just a thing.

Morgan smiles fondly, simply watching.

5/8/2019 #27

Shades nods, now understanding what Declan means. "Oh, I understand now... I'm sorry," he apologizes.

Mist nods, quickly catching on what Declan is saying and even though they would never view Sasha as a commodity it's part of who Sasha is. He was raised around that type of culture and Mist knows the only type person or people that would fit Sasha completely is... Mist side glance at Nick for a moment. The only few that I know of who can is Nick's siblings but I doubt if any of them would be invited..., Mist thought to himself before returning back to Declan.

Nick smiles as his furry companion munch down its given fruit to nibble on, continuing its tiny but adorable smacking noises as it chews, feeling more content now Morgan means no harm if the male if giving him food.

5/8/2019 #28

"He did grow up on Earth, which is considerably better, but he was still raised in a very traditional household," Declan says, squeezing Sasha's side gently.

Sasha continues to purr loudly. He's still tense, but he's settling.

Morgan is content to just watch the small creature, smiling gently as he observes.

5/13/2019 #29

Mist nods. "Ah, we understand now... We were rude and our impression was poor so I hope he can forgive us..," he says softly.

Shades nods and bows his head as well. "Yes, I hope he can forgive us for how we acted..."

The sugar glider nibbles away on the fruit before its devoured all together, licking around its muzzle and front paws before looking around for more, one paw gripping Morgan's arm while staring at him, nose twitching occasionally.

Nick chuckles softly at that. "He's kind of greedy..."

5/13/2019 #30
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