the farm house
the farm house
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Declan nods. "Sasha, here, and his friends speak Russian, and Morgan speaks German, and—" He glances over at Morgan. "I think Morgan's feeling a bit unwell, now. We should probably go."

Morgan glances up, face flushed baby pink. He starts to speak, but Declan continues quickly.

"Save any questions you have for me for next time, okay? Sasha, c'mon, say bye," Declan says, squeezing Sasha and giving him a small nudge.

Sasha whines and climbs off Declan, allowing them both to stand.

Morgan follows in suit, much more slowly, wiping his face. "Sorry," he mumbles.

"See ya," Declan says easily.

5/16/2019 #61

"Oh yea?" Mist nods before gives an understanding hum and matching nod. "Yes, of course..." Then climbs to his feet as Shades does the same, pulling his hand from the shadows.

Nick does the same, giving a grunt which caught the sugar glider's attention and the furry creature scurries over, climbs up Nick's leg and onto his shoulder.

Mist gives a small smile as he waves. "It was good meeting you both... See you again... Good day..."

"Same here... It was nice to meet you...," Shades says with a matching small smile. "Hope to meet again... Good-bye..."

Nick gives a smile at Morgan's way. "It's alright... See you again, Morgan...," he says softly.

Mist and Shades turns to Morgan with understanding gazes as they both says, "It's alright, really... See you again..."

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