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the farm house
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Declan sits beside Halo at a picnic table. Halo is currently stabbing a threaded needle through what looks like the chest area of a cream colored shirt. Most of the cross stitch pattern has been completed, and it's a pretty view of a mountainside reflected in a lake.

Declan frowns a bit as he hits the next button on his cellphone. He's not exactly equipped to deal with Halo in the event the boy becomes agitated — and he already looks particularly unhappy with patches of frost clinging to his clothes. Declan hits next several more times and has only enough patience to listen to about a quarter of a song before he resumes his anxiety-induced skipping spree.

Morgan sits on the ground, a little off to the side on the side that Declan is sitting on. He looks a bit nervous, clutching a canvas messenger bag that sits on his lap to himself.

5/17/2019 #1

Mist is first to enter with Shades just behind him like the shadow that he is.

Mist now wears a cream t-shirt, worn down jeans and gray army boots with his long hair usually in a braid as it trails behind him several feet but he quarter of it draped over his left shoulder and wrapped loosely around his neck like a knitted scruff. On his fore arms are black sleeves covers which is odd against his color theme.

Shades on the other hand wears a long sleeved black thing shirt, black jeans and black kicks as he keeps his head down, looking nervous and apologetic.

Nick wears what he usually wears but today he has his hood down but his blind still on as he walks along side of them.

Mist grins brightly when he sees Halo but he quickly holds back that excitement to appear pleased to see Halo again but also calm respectful as he greets them, "Hello, Halo... It's good to see you again... You as well, Declan..." Then to Morgan. "And it's good to see you, too, Morgan..."

Shades gazes up and gives a small smile as he greets them, "Hello, everyone..."

Nick smiles and nods. "Hello...," then his smile turns soft at Morgan. "Hey..."

5/17/2019 #2

Halo doesn't even glance up as he continues to stab his needle through his cloth. "Hi," he says shortly.

Declan yanks the earbuds from his ears and winds them around his cellphone. All he does is wave.

Morgan glances up, clutching his messenger bag a bit tighter. "Hello," he greets softly.

5/17/2019 #3

Mist smiles though small as he picks a seat and settles across from Halo while Shades shifts and sits beside Declan though not too close, not wanting to get in the way.

Nick then went over and sits beside Morgan, giving a raised brow in question at Morgan's demeanor as well at the messenger bag in his tight grasp.

"How are you?" Mist asks, interested.

Shades glance over at both Halo and Morgan before looking at Declan with a small curiosity, "What were you listening?"

"How are you?" Nick asks in a polite calm yet caring tone.

5/17/2019 #4

Halo continues to stitch, his actions quick and neat but vicious. "I … am just … fine," he bites out between stitches.

Declan blinks, glancing over in mild surprise. "Uh, a band called Hotel Mira."

Morgan clears his throat. "I'm— I'm good," he says, voice pitching nervously. He fidgets with his bag, frowning down at it. "Do you wanna see Bee?" he blurts out abruptly.

5/17/2019 #5

Mist noticed this and nods with a small smile. "That's good to hear..." Then watches Halo's vicious movements before he carefully asks, "What are you stitching?"

Shades gives a curious hum. "Hotel Mira... What are most of their popular songs?"

Nick takes note of that as well but says nothing when Morgan blurts out a question which Nick answers with a smile and nods. "Sure, I would love to meet Bee..."

5/17/2019 #6

"Mountains, clearly," Halo spits out, pausing what he's doing to glare. Briefly, his eyes flash silver. "Do you, like, want something from me? Because I'm still pissed off about you pissing Amir off."

Declan laughs, a soft puff of breath that can hardly be called laughter. "I, uh, don't really pay attention to those sorts of things. I do like a lot of their music, and Circulation is my favourite song by them. Oh My God and A Comprehensive List Of Things I Love come in real close though."

Morgan nods, the action a bit jerky. He scoots in closet and opens up his messenger bag slowly, pulling the flap over then carefully unzipping the body. Inside, there's a small, plastic pet carrier, the cheap kind that are usually used for fish or rodent transportation. He pulls it out carefully by the body of the carrier instead of by the handle of its baby pink top. It's about a third of the way full of what looks like a fine, black kinetic sand. "Bee," Morgan calls, holding the carrier up with one hand and tapping the plastic with the other. "Bee, wake up, please. I have treats for you."

5/22/2019 #7

Mist nods with a hum before looking off to the side, feeling chastised. "I wanted to see you, to at least enjoyed your company even if it's for a short while as well as apologize for what happened at the party...Yes and I'm truly sorry for that... Truly I wanted to apologize to Amir but I'm not so sure if we're allowed back to your creator's property...," Mist says softly.

Shades nods, his interest slowly increase as Declan talks about his choice of music as well as the band. "Hmmm...I might have to listen to those sometime... I do tend to listen to random music without the acknowledge of the artist or band so maybe one of those songs I might have heard sometime before..."

Nick watches with in great intrigue, his eyes behind the blind widen as his brows rose just a slight as Morgan unzips the messenger bag and pulls out a plastic pet carrier. At first Nick thought it was odd to see fine black kinetic sand instead of a living creature but maybe it was hiding within the sand? Nick have seen animals living in the sand as part of the habitat so it wouldn't surprise Nick if one was living in this type of sand right now though black as it maybe. Black sand would be an odd color but then Nick has no idea how much Morgan's home like. For all he knows they may have earth like qualities and similarities but could be in a different color.

Nick watches as Morgan taps at the plastic carrier, enticing the creature out with promise of treats. Nick expected the creature to pop out its head from within the confines of the sand it calls home but what he saw next, he never expected at all.

5/22/2019 #8

"No, you're not invited back. And also, Amir has no interest in your shitty apologies," Halo practically snarls. "What the fuck were you thinking talking down to Amir like that? Who the fuck talks to anyone they don't know like that? Who fucking raised you?" He quiets abruptly with a yelp, the silver of his eyes flickering brightly then fading as he hisses down at his finger. A single bead of blue blood wells up before frost quickly covers the tiny pin prick. "Fuck."

"Thought you were the one that liked classical," Declan teases a bit.

"Bee, I know it's early, but I have treats, c'mon," Morgan whispers, giving the plastic another tap. He lifts the plastic box to look at the underside, and he sighs, his body sagging with relief. "Oh, there you are."

Pale dots of gold rise up on the side of the plastic carrier that's facing Nick. They disappear briefly, narrowing into crescents before disappearing completely, giving the impression of blinking. The gold dots slide up to the top, and slowly the sand begins rising, floating out through the slots on the top of the lid. The black sand floats, hovering in front of Morgan's face before taking the shape of small sweet marten and floating to rest on Morgan's shoulders. It yawns, showing off pointed fangs made of the same fine, black sand.

Morgan quickly sets the carrier aside and begins digging in his bag. He pulls out a baggie of thinly sliced, raw meat. Bee, the amorphous, shapeshifting creature, begins chittering excitedly as Morgan offers it a delicate strip of marbled red meat. "Here you go," he coos gently as the creature occupying his shoulders devours the meat. "I know, I'm sorry I woke you." He glances up at Nick with a nervous smile. "Beatrice is nocturnal."

5/22/2019 #9

Mist blinks, his own eyes flash before becoming misty and his anger getting the best of him like it always has and still does to this day. He may be short he could can sure keep his ground if he has to but he knows Halo has every right to be angry. So with a long deep inhale before letting a dragged sigh roll out between his lips he calms himself long enough to say sincerely, "Yes, you're right. You're absolutely right. I am in the wrong." Then noticed tiny wound until it frosted over. He wanted to clean that wound but from looking at Halo, he doubt the male would even let him look at it. Still Mist couldn't help but worry. "I...I have a bandage if you like..."

Shades blinks and blushes a bit before looking embarrassingly away if not sheepishly. "O-okay...I did say I liked classical music but I may have a slight guilty pleasure for maybe some punk rock or other music that catches my attention...," he sheepishly admits with an embarrassed chuckle, scratching at the back of his head. Yea, Shades really do love the classical pieces that's hardly played today but he really does have a guilty pleasure of listening to something new every chance he get.

Nick's eyes widen in amazement as pale dots of gold that mimics eyes before he continues to observe them slide up the carrier which in turn cause the sand to rise through the slots of the top lid and floats if not hovers in front of Morgan's face. Nick never before has he ever is mesmerized by the spectacle as it takes same into a small marten before floating to rest onto Morgan's shoulders with a yawn, baring his it's fangs made out of fine sand.

Nick watches before grinning as Bee chitters excitedly as Morgan pulls out a sliced thin raw meat, offering it to the amorphous, shapeshifting creature. It's fascinating to watch the creature devour the said 'treat'.

Nick turns to Morgan through his blinds, grinning as he nods as he replies in awe, "Oh, I see..." He looks back at Bee, in a trance. "He's beautiful..."

5/22/2019 #10

"Yeah, I am right," Halo snaps. "Because you know as well as I do that all Amir was doing was babysitting you because I asked him to. And instead of being a decent fucking person and correcting your brother, you let him be a fucking dick about it, and you still declined to correct him when Amir —rightfully—got pissed with him. I don't need shit from you." He stuffs his hurt finger in his mouth, nibbling the thin cover of ice off and sucking coppery blood until it the small wound stops bleeding.

Declan laughs softly, the sound fuller this time. "No need to be pretentious or embarrassed about the kind of music you like. Having a more eclectic music taste just means that you're more likely to find more music you can connect with," Declan says gently. "What kind music do you like second to classical? Third?"

Morgan brightens considerably. "You think so?" he asks softly, shyly. Bee chitters, and Morgan absentmindedly offers him a bit more meat.

5/22/2019 #11

Mist nods as he says sincerely, "And you're right once more... I failed at being a decent person..." Then Mist frowns a bit as he shifts a bit as Halo stuffs his finger into his mouth. "I know it isn't much and you don't want it form me but it could stop the bleeding...," he says softly.

Shades smiles and looks embarrassed as he too laughs a bit before turning fully towards Declan, smiling even making his red eyes twinkle. "'t look at me funny but I very much like K-Pop... I just...I don't know I just love their style of music! And thirdly I enjoy the techno-music where just basic noises turns into works of art in their own way where everyone could stop and enjoy! Their tempo can go slow and soft or fast and loud... It still makes me wonder to this day how they even do it!" He gushed with awe but went deep red before ducking his face into his long sweater. He practically babbled in front of Declan like crazed fan goof. How embarrassing.

Nick grins and watches with awe and wonder as he nods. "Yea! He's gorgeous…," he says breathlessly as he observes Bee. "I never seen such a creature like him... He's breath taking..."

5/22/2019 #12

Halo glares, eyes flashing a brilliant shade of silver. It's obvious he's not going to let go of his little grudge any time soon.

Declan grins, it's faint but genuine. "I'm not super well-versed in K- or J- pop, but I've give techno a listen every now and then. Electronica, synth-pop, synthwave, lofi, vaporwave are all pretty decent. Ambients, too."

Morgan grins shyly, eyes bright and lustrous. Bee tilts his head at Nick, gold eyes blinking curiously. It chitters, curious little squeaks and clicks that are distinctly non-organic. "Oh, it's okay, Bee," Morgan assures hastily when the creature's chittering becomes distressed. It slinks down into the hood of Morgan's sweater, peeking over Morgan's shoulder with distrustful eyes. "That's my friend; his name is Nick."

Bee's chittering quiets, but it still looks highly suspicious of Nick. "Here," Morgan says, holding the baggie of meat out to Nick. "Try feeding him. He likes food."

5/24/2019 #13

Mist gives a small respectful nod as he reaches into his pocket before pulling out a small band aide then leans over, the small bandage in hand.

Shades grins back as he nods. "Right? My favorite artists are Daft Punk! I got into them thanks to my twin DJ.. I never thought I would be interested into their type of music until now.." Shades then chuckles softly. "The tempo, the mood choice for the music, the bass... The bass I can never get enough of... You can barely hear it but you can feel it..."

Nick smiles brightly before giving a curious tilt of his own head as he listens and watches the shapeshifting creature. That chitters ad clicks caught his ears as he listens before Bee slinks down into the hood of Morgan's sweater. Nick gives a tiny soft giggle at the adorable sight of Bee peeking over Morgan's shoulder suspiciously.

Nick glances at Morgan with a smile before nodding, taking the bag of meat, pulling out a good healthy slice of marbled meat and held it out to Bee, waiting patiently.

5/24/2019 #14

Halo pulls his finger from his mouth, the taste of copper long faded. Frost creeps over the tip of his finger, crackling sharply in time with the flashing silver of his eyes. "I don't want shit from you," he repeats, enunciating each word sharply.

"Daft Punk is pretty okay. I think I'm a little more partial to bass guitar, but yeah, I get what you mean," Declan says with a soft laugh.

Bee pokes his head out a bit further, delicate nose of fine sand twitching at the scent of raw meat. It's surface ripples, shifting and adjusting to that of a ferret. Lightning quick, it darts forward and snatches the meat from Nick before returning to the safety of Morgan's hood to devour its treat.

"Bee is carnivorous predator," Morgan explains. "But he's not opposed to scavenging. I think he prefers it, honestly. Well, I think it's probably my fault because I've had Bee since he's been born. He's a hybrid of two very finicky creature, and he wouldn't've made it if I hadn't taken him in, but I've probably spoiled him a bit."

5/24/2019 #15

Mist nods and respectfully pulls his hand back, placing it onto his lap.

Shades smiles and nods, grinning brightly before letting a out a soft giggle, feeling giddy but quickly calms down to hold himself a bit as he shifts, leaning back to rest onto his hands. He sighed a bit, feeling a bit calm, allowing his finger tips to sink into the ground where shade of the tree is not far from where he sits. He feels relaxed as the cool temperature of the shade soothes him.

Nick smiles at the sight before it before blinking, watching the meat disappears from is finger tips, Bee returning to the safety of Morgan's hood to devour the rest. Nick finds the scene quite adorable sight to behold.

Nick then turns to Morgan with a smile and nods. "Ahh, okay... And oh yea? What is he the hybrid of?" Then chuckles softly at the mention of Morgan spoiling Bee. Nick knows all to well how Morgan feels. "I know what you mean... I think I spoiled my little travel partner too much..." Nick mentions about the sugar glider that travels with him.

Nick then waits for Bee to be finished with this meat treat before reaching into the bag to pull out another one.

5/24/2019 #16

Halo continues to glare, the silver sheen to his eyes poisonous.

Declan allows Shades to calm himself before continuing. "So what kind of classical music are you into? Ballet scores? Opera? Sonatas? Romantic? Contemporary?"

Morgan perks up a bit, clearing his throat. "Well, Bee's surprisingly docile for what he comes from, likely because I took him in. But I digress." He shakes his head, clearly delighted to have a chance to babble about his little companion. "Bee is the offspring of a sandman and a shadow creature. Sandmen are what you'd consider faeries. They're carnivorous, and they're are partial to the eyes and internal organs of Terrans. They're predatory, aggressive, territorial, and have a habit of eating their young. Shadow creatures are just that — they're sentient, amorphous shadows. They have a very good sense of intuition and take a variety of forms. Mostly they just like to hang out, but they tend to spook people and have a tendency to be very finicky with their young. It often doesn't matter too much because their young are self-sufficient upon nascency."

Bee, enticed by the lingering scent of meat, peeks back out, golden eyes slitted with suspicion and longing.

"Go ahead, Bee," Morgan encourages.

Bee chitters unhappily before scooting onto Morgan's shoulder and yanking the delicate, paper thin slice of meat from Nick. This time, Bee stays on Morgan's shoulder, hunched over and huddled against his head as it snaps the meat up. It doesn't seem to chew, rather it snaps off bits of meat and swallows them whole.

"See?" Morgan coos gently. "You know I would never let anyone hurt you."

Bee chitters around a mouthful of meat, and the sound is like the wet clink of a spoon against a glass bowl full of oatmeal — sharp but muffled by sticky wetness.

5/24/2019 #17

Mist sits still, shifts only his head to place his gaze down in total respect and submission.

Shades smiles softly as he responds, "All of them... I can never get enough of all of them but if anything my most favorite is ballet scores... I can never get enough of watching all those lovely dancers move along with the music to express the story, the emotion... Most don't even need a dialogue... There's so much to take in..."

Nick nods with a hum as he listens, adsorbing the information that Morgan is presenting to him. Once Morgan is finished, Nick gives a hum of great intrigue and awe as he responds, "So Sandmen are carnivorous faeries and Shadow creatures are shapeshifters with good intuition... That's really awesome.." Nick grins brightly, his eyes would have twinkled if it weren't for the blind covering them. Nick then chuckles as he glances over a Bee who's disgruntled at the thought of taking another slice of meat from a suspicious stranger like Nick. Though Nick would admit, he does love the interaction between Morgan and Bee. It's endearing and cute.

Nick then watches with delight as Bee snatches the slice of meat from his fingers but remains on Morgan's shoulder. Now Nick got a full look of Bee and couldn't help but be amazed by Bee's grace and beauty.

Nick gives a tiny chuckle at the muffled clicking and chittering noise emitting from Bee after Morgan assures the creature.

5/24/2019 #18

Halo rolls his eyes and begins the laborious process of packing his project up.

Declan nods. "We listen to a lot of ballet scores because Shiro's very into it. I think you'd get along well with him on that front. He has a huge interest in classical and techno music. Anyway, ballet is pretty cool. We're stuck on Giselle, right now. Last was Swan Lake. I think I like Giselle more though."

Bee snaps his meat up quickly, turning its gold eyes back to Nick. It blinks, suspicious but expectant.

"Usually Bee is much quicker to warm up, but he's never been off the Property," Morgan explains. "That aside, Bee isn't exactly something that's really allowed to be alive in Lumen. I have to be really careful who I show him to. The wrong person will have him … terminated."

Morgan's demeanor noticeably dampens, and his early anxiety makes more sense.

5/24/2019 #19

Mist blinks as he watches Halo begins packing his project he's been working on. "You're work...," he starts before continuing carefully. "..what were you stitching? If you don't mind me asking... I never got a good look..."

Shades nods with a hum of interest and would love to enjoy a conversation with Shiro about Ballet scores and techno music. He knows they could probably go on and on about them which he doesn't mind one bit. Then when Declan mentions about Swan Lake and Giselle, Shades is floored. "Oh I love Swan Lake! I've watched my brother danced to it! Such as he moves along with the score of the music, so much drama and power into that play! I've always try to get a chance to watch Swan Lake whenever I can! And you're on Giselle now? How wonderful!" Then gives a slight frown. "Now when you say 'stuck' what do you mean?"

Nick glances over before smiling then pulls out another slice of meat and gives it to Bee. Nick then turns to Morgan and nods, understanding what he meant before smiling softly. "Well don't worry.. I love Bee so nothing will ever happen to him... I'll make sure of it," he assures Morgan with a smile.

5/24/2019 #20

Halo's glare snaps back to Mist with full force. He clearly hasn't had enough time to cool off and calm down — though Amir's feelings about things might possibly be influencing Halo's. Even if it is the case, Halo doesn't seem to be trying to separate Amir's lingering animosity from his own, at least not very hard. "I told you. Mountains," he says, his voice managing to be hard and sharp all at once.

"Swan Lake is nice. A bit slow for me though. Like I said, I think I prefer Giselle. Romeo and Juliet's up next, I think," Declan says with a small nod. "Oh, that. Shiro can be a little bit … obsessive about things. Not in a bad way or anything, he's just a bit intense. Right now, he's fixated on Giselle, so we're, y'know, stuck on it, we hear it a lot."

Morgan's gaze snaps up to Nick, a rosy, baby pink flush filling his cheeks. "Oh, you do?"

Bee snuffles, the sound more akin to that of a very low-power, handheld vacuum than that of a living creature. It slides down Morgan's arm, tiny sand claws gripping Morgan's sweater deftly and with ease. It takes the meat and skitters back up to hunch on Morgan's shoulder. It seems more relaxed now, perhaps because of the soft, strawberry flush to Morgan's cheeks.

5/24/2019 #21

Mist place his hands up in mock defense. "No, I mean-," then paused for only a moment before shaking his head. "Nevermind… Sorry, I'll be quiet now..." Then reaches behind him, his fingers grazing the braid of his hair, feelin the soft yet cool texture, feeling the moisture raising from it as it slowly begins to change.

Shades nods with understanding. "Yea, Swan Lake is a bit slow... And Giselle is more up tempo than Swan Lake...," he agrees before giving a chuckle and smile, raising a brow. "Obsessive? Then again, Giselle is a masterpiece so I cannot blame him..." He chuckles a bit. "Seeing it myself, I'm overcome with the same obsession for it... I even ask my twin if he'll ever preform it again..."

Nick grins and nods. "Yea! I love Bee!" Then chuckles softly as Bee yanks the meat once more from his fingers but feeling giddy now that the said creature is becoming more relaxed around him which give Bee to inch closer to Nick but returns to the safety of Morgan's shoulder.

5/24/2019 #22

Halo continues to glare for a few moments before resuming his earlier task of packing his things away.

Declan nods, smiling a bit. "Uh, yeah. Obsessive. Like I said, he's pretty intense. I— I didn't mean that he watches it, he performs. He dances ballet. He's intense and volatile and generally unpleasant as a front, but he's really interesting, and if you manage to get on his good side —and if you can stomach his moodiness and snarky attitude—, he can be a really good friend. Generous and helpful and— Sorry, that's Wren talking. He's real fond of Shiro, and well, I'm close to Wren." He seems a bit embarrassed, cheeks flushed a pale pink, his smile not quite reaching his shiny black eyes that don't seem to quite meet Shades'. "I mean, all those things about him are true, but… Talking him up like that feels weird."

Morgan doesn't say anything, his charmingly coloured gaze drifting down to stare thoughtfully at the ground, his rosy blush refusing to abate.

Bee seems content with his current fill of treats, and so he shifts into a long snake and drapes himself around Morgan's neck like some kind of odd scarf.

5/24/2019 #23

Mist continues to fiddle with his braid, his fingers now digging into each nook he could feel before burying each tip into the thick rope of cool moist tresses.

Shade blinks and flushes. "Oh! Yes, of course! That's what I meant when I said that... I'm sorry! I also meant I'm obsessive in my own way which is by watching the ballet... So sorry for the misinterpreting that..." Then Shades warmly as Declan went on about Shiro before shaking his head. "No, no, it's fine... I don't mind hearing about him..." Shades warmly at Declan. "You just have great fondness for Wren is all..." Then Shades gives a chuckle though and not any form in a teasing way but more understanding what Declan is trying to express at the moment. "I understand what you mean..."

Nick smiles softly at Morgan before giving small gasp as Bee shapeshifts into a snake to drape about Morgan's shoulders like a unique yet odd scarf. This cause Nick to giggle at the sight, finding the sight too adorable for words.

5/24/2019 #24

Halo continues to pack up, stuffing his things methodically into a white holographic backpack that shimmers iridescently.

"Uh, well, it's not that," Declan said. He seems to realize what he's said and is quick to correct himself. "I mean, I do care about Wren a lot, but it's not a matter of me liking Shiro because Wren does. I like Shiro just fine, we get along really well, but— The way things go with us is kind of like… Well, first off, we're split into departments. Obviously, I'm in Wren's. But second, and more importantly, they … influence us. Like gods and devotees. We're happy when they're happy, we're angry when they're angry, we're sad when they're sad, and you know, so forth. But some of us are closer than others like Gabriel and Sam and Shiro ans Kayden — and I'm close to Wren, so certain feelings are … exacerbated due to that. So I already like Shiro, but Wren being particularly fond of him makes it … doubly so. I'm really good as separating what's me and what's Wren, but it's still, like, a thing."

Bee hisses, and the sound is the sharp hiss of an aerosol can. Morgan smiles fondly and strokes the top of his finger down the top of Bee's now flat, angular head.

5/24/2019 #25

Mist noticed the backpack, finding it very pretty and interesting to gaze at.

"Oooh," Shades says, now getting what Declan meant few minutes ago. "Now I see... That make sense.." Shades nods with a understand nod at the last sentence.

Nick smiles at the sight, finding these two before him wonderful and amazing.

Then Nick groans as he place the bag down, closing it before shifting his face towards Morgan with a smile. "Hey, I'm about to remove my blind..."

5/24/2019 #26

Halo packs his things into his backpack before dumping it on the ground. His gaze snaps back up to glare at Mist. "Oh, and another thing I'm pissed about. I heard," he starts slowly, his eyes brightening to silver again, "that you made a real shit impression with my soulmate." He pauses, the silver of his eyes cold and sharp. "Terrans have soulmates, you know, and Sasha's ended up being my soulmate." The silver of his eyes dims, going steely blue. He seems to be distracted by the mere thought of Sasha. "I'm not really surprised, I guess. Sasha is—"

"Part Terran, part Asterian just like you!" Declan completely abandons his conversation with Shades to shoot Halo a bubbly, poison coated smile.

Halo flinches, twisting to better face Declan. Frost coats his cheeks like blush, blue and silver shining from underneath the glittering vener of ice.

Something about the way the shine of Declan's eyes cut into Halo seem to make the boy disgruntled and nervous. He doesn't seem to like feeling nervous, and so he lifts his hand, fingers curled in a loose fist.

Declan catches Halo's hand easily, caging the boy's wrist in his hand. It seems to make Halo even more irritable. "It's not even any of your business," Halo hisses, the frost on his cheeks thickening.

"Sure it is, sweetheart. And I don't think he'd appreciate you dragging him into your little spat with your little friend," Declan says flatly, tossing Halo's wrist.

Halo yanks his hand back to his chest, cradling it against his chest as if Declan's touch had burned him. "What would you know about it?"

Declan quiets for a moment. "Everything," he says finally. "Don't drag him into it just for your own agenda."

Halo continues to stare at Declan long after he's turned back to Shades.

"Sorry," Declan apologizes. He frowns, expression distracted. "It's just that … Sasha's kind of important to me. We're close."

Morgan nods. "Okay," he says as he continues to stroke the top of Bee's head.

There are no definitive markings on Bee as all of its sand is black, but its head is distinctly triangular and its tail is distinctly textured. It shifts, moving to tighten itself against Morgan, who strokes his hand against Bee's entire body.

5/30/2019 #27

Mist stiffens and looks crescent fallen as Halo glares and scolds him about Sasha. He wring his wrists over his lap as he brings the braid over, twisting it while undoing the braid more as his chest hurt and the heat rise in his face.

Shades hears this as well and looks just as upset as Mist but both quickly give a stun look at Declan. Their creator explains the purpose of Declan's presence and role to keep the peace between Morgan and Halo but also keep Halo calm and in check as well.

Both shivered as Halo and Declan held down a hard stare with one another before Halo being the first the first to cave by closing his hand into a fist though loose, then lifting it. Mist and Shades watches in calm amazement as Declan easily catches Halo's wrist, caging it which cause more irritation to rise from Halo.

Mist feels ashamed and guilty as does Shades as they listen to the exchange before Mist focus on Halo and Declan returns back to Shades, continuing their conversation.

Shades gives a small smile and shakes his head. "It's alright... We made a very horrible impression. We tried to make it easier for Mist since his hair is very long but Nick made a joke before we go there which I joined in. Mist did fiercely reminds us to behave but we didn't listen," then pulls his hand from the shadows, not feeling the full comfort of the shadows at the moment. In fact, he rather be drowning in the shadows than be here to cause more trouble. It was his fault after all.

Shades takes a deep breath and let it out a long dragged sigh to calm his overrun emotions. Carefully he scoots back then leans his head back, letting the shade of the tree overcast his face, causing it to slightly distort his features for just moment then he reels back into the light with a faint gasp, feeling calm but still shamed. "So it's okay, really..," Shades says with understand smile. "We deserve that... Mostly me..."

Nick finds Bee fascinating and beautiful to gaze at even though his blind but he reaches back , unties the blind before pulling it away from his face. Nick carefully folds it onto his lap before reclining against his hands, keeping his eyes shut.

5/30/2019 #28

Halo sits, cheeks frosted with glittering ice, wrist cradled to his chest as he sulks. His expression is cloudy though, as if he's thinking of Declan or perhaps Sasha — likely the both of them. "It just makes sense," he says finally. "That's all I was going to say."

Clearly something about Declan intimidates Halo, but Declan doesn't seem care if Halo feels comfortable around him or not because he ignores Halo completely. Halo seems entirely put out by this, gritting his teeth and turning back to Mist. "You owe them both an apology," Halo mutters, leaning heavily against the table top.

Declan shakes his head at Shades. "Most people wouldn't be bothered, but Sasha isn't most people. Like I said, Sasha needs to have higher standards for, well, what we're here for. It's his way of protecting himself. That doesn't mean he dislikes you or that he'll disagree to be on friendly terms later on down the line, just that he was a bit uncomfortable for that one day." His voice is soft, careful and gentle, as if he doesn't want to spook Shades. "I care about him, but it's not like you hurt him or anything. I'm not upset about it, and Halo's just … a bit overzealous about having a soulmate. It's new and exciting for him, and he's a bit intense anyway. It's okay."

Morgan tilts his head but doesn't say anything as he feeds Bee another slices of meat. Bee swallows it whole, hissing.

5/30/2019 #29

Mist looks between Halo and Declan just for a second before focusing on Halo alone and when Halo says about Mist owing them both an apology, Mist nods quickly. "I will apologize to them right away," he says, nodding his respectfully towards Halo.

Shades nods Declan, feeling a bit better knowing that Sasha wasn't hurt and doesn't mind the friendly terms in the end but he still feels responsible. "I'm relieved to hear that... Still I wish we could have made it more comfortable for him though.. But I'll be more respectful when I see Sasha next time..," Shades says softly but firmly with some determination in his voice. Then he gives a smile and nods. "I understand, I really do... My creator kind of explain it to us..." Then frowns as he tilts his head in a curious way. "I'm sorry to ask this but can you explain about soulmates to me?"

Nick gives a sight of relief before smiling at Morgan with his eyes still closed. "He's beautiful...," he comments, his face shifts towards Bee's direction. Even with his eyes shut Nick can still "see" around through his extremely strong senses and one is his sixth sense that gives imagery using his primal spirit energy.

5/30/2019 #30
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