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Halo gives a half-hearted roll of his eyes. He doesn't say anything, just sits there sulkily.

Declan nods with a small smile. "It probably won't change his first impressions, but I'm sure he'll appreciate the effort," he says. He blinks, frowning a bit. "I can, uh, try. I know how it works in theory and the differences in Terran and Asterian soulbonds, but I can't explain the emotional side of it to you or anything." He leans against the table, thinking for a few moments. "So both plants share the idea of soulmates, but the definition and conditions are much more strict in Asteria. Right, so— Soulmates are the idea souls are this tangible life force, and that they are split and shared between bodies, tying those two people together inherently. For Terran's it's not an even split; it's more of a 60-40 split, so there's a a fuller soul —called a resonant— and a lesser soul —called a hollow. In Asteria, the title soulmates only goes to a soulbond between an Eidolon and a Wraith, and they have a 50-50 split idea. So in Terra, the resonants tend to be well … more assertive than their soulmates, and hollows are seen as kind of an … extension of their resonant. It's kind of archaic, but that's how they see things. Asterians on, the other hand, view soulmates as the unity of two halves of a whole, so they tend have much more balance partnerships. Usually, there'll be some form of empathy and-or telepathy even if the abilities don't come naturally to either soulmate. Asterian soulmates are usually very amicable, but Terran's can range from being resentful to overly possessive. Sometimes there are romantic relationships between soulmates, but usually, there's not."

Morgan's confusion does not abate, but he does smile just a little bit. "Thanks," he says softly as Bee hisses again, louder this time.

5/31/2019 #31

Mist nods and pulls at his braid, letting it come apart leaving messy silky tendrils slowly turning into mist, almost evaporating into the warm air. If any longer the whole braid would disappear including the hair on his head.

Shades gives a small smile in return before shifting into interest, curiosity and almost serious as Declan went on explaining about soulmates to him. Resonant and hollow..., Shades place a side note to keep in mind. It's practically intriguing to categorize or label the types of souls by the fullness of it. As Declan went on Shades learns so much about soulmates even if Declan didn't o into detail of the emotional part but still vet helpful. "Wow...I never knew...," Shades responds in awe at the overflowing information Declan has given to him.

Nick smiles brightly, still having his eyes closed as he shifts towards Bee, smiling more softly if not apologetically. "Sorry about that, Bee," he says sincerely before turning to Morgan. "Not quite use to me.."

5/31/2019 #32

Halo continues to sulk, not looking at Mist.

Declan nods. "That's how it works for us. Also humans ascribe to the idea that soulmates equal true love, so not really soulmates in the standard Terran/Asterian fashion. Fey, in our world, are considered soulless, especially on Earth," he finishes.

Morgan's cheeks puff out a bit in a pout. "Bee's just being fussy. Like I said, he's nocturnal, and he's never been off the Property. He's probably just tired and a bit spooked." He pauses to scratch the top of Bee's head. "Isn't that right, Bee? You're just tired?"

Bee hisses, the sound much softer, lazier, forked tongue flicking out to brush Morgan's wrist.

Morgan jerks his hand back with a soft gasp and a slightly indignant noise. "You know that tickles," he complains, trying huff scrub the sensation from his wrist by scratching gently.

Bee doesn't seem apologetic in the least.

5/31/2019 #33

Mist continues to gaze at Halo, wondering what to say or do before reaching into his pocket, pulls out his phone, taps the screen as he searches for something before finally found it. He taps the screen once before leaning forward though slightly as he calls out, "Halo?"

Shades nods then he gives a soft, "Oh... So fey like me are considered soulless in your world..." He's fascinated about this as well.

Nick smiles at the sight, finding it endearing if not adorable as Morgan exchange a few tender words with Bee. "You and Bee are adorable together..."

5/31/2019 #34

"What?" Halo asks flatly, still refusing to look at Mist. He wipes his face, and the melting frost sloughs off, falling to the table top with a wet crunch.

"Uh, not exactly. In Earth and Terra, typical fey like elves, pixies, mermaids, and selkies would be considered soulless. On Asteria, they're not because those are just names used to describe characteristics. Asterians won't say, I'm a mermaid, they're more likely to say, I'm a water-natural, even if they don't live on Asteria unless the situation requires them to be specific. Then they might say something like I'm a selkie, but chances are they'll say something like I'm a harp seal. But you guys are different, and I don't know the standard for souls in your world," Declan explains.

Morgan's cheeks pink up. "I guess so," he mumbles, looking a bit shy.

5/31/2019 #35

"Um... if it's alright, I would like your take on something...," then shows the picture on his phone. It's appears to be a personal work of Mist's: a small cloth with stitching of what appears to be a sky, a black or dark navy blue, no one is quite sure with the bad lighting but you can tell it's the sky with bright white dots decorating a small patch of it on the far left and the rest blank. "You seem so good at it, I was wondering if you give me some advice... I'm good a t knitting but stitching is another level I can't seem to get right..." He then settles back a bit, looking unsure. "So would you be so kind as to give me some advice?"

Shades' eyes widen slightly as his brows just a centimeter at that. "Oooh… I think I get it now..." Then he thought about it. He never knew what he and his siblings considered themselves as and only thought of themselves as just fey. They don't really have names of their characteristics and such. It's strange. How much he doesn't really know of himself as well as his own species.

Nick chuckles, eyes still shut but the crinkles at the corners of his eyes tells many there's mirth in them. "Oh you so are, really," he says softly.

5/31/2019 #36

Halo glances at the picture and immediately looks disgruntled. "First of all, you're supposed to start in the middle of your cloth. Other than that, what do you expect me to say? What kind of advice do you want?"

Declan nods. "Yeah, so Earth and Terra have what you'd consider typical fey, but not Asteria; names and labels get mixed up and thrown around, though, because there's a lot of overlap in culture and stuff. But like I said, this is all just in our worlds, that's how it works for us. I don't know what it's like in your guys world, and trying to classify you in our standards would be tricky and probably wouldn't be very accurate."

Morgan frowns a bit, shrugging. He reaches a hand up to pet Bee, scratching gently. Bee doesn't do anything other than lay there, content to soak up Morgan's heat and revel in his affection.

5/31/2019 #37

Mist hums, finds that interesting. His 'mother' says the same thing but he wasn't paying close attention to her advice and did his own thing. "Ah..," now as he looks at it, it does look awkward at the far corner. "Well...this...," as he zooms in on the picture showing the detailed stitching of his work but you can tell right away it was sloppy at best. "I can't really seem to place the stitching right.. It looks so...awkward..."

Shades nods with a hum, understanding what Declan is explaining before giving a soft hum in thought. "Well...I would say the best I can describe us is that we're elementals...sort of...," he answers some of Declan's as well as his own. That's the best Shades could describe himself and his siblings. They are base on what they are born from out from thin air.

Nick smiles and gives a slight head tilt, still having his eyes closed as he asked softly but curiously, "What's wrong?"

5/31/2019 #38

"Getting even stitches takes practice," Halo says, rolling his eyes. "Working in a place with better lighting will also help. Read your pattern —make sure it's an easy one—, prep your cloth —find your center, secure your edges, grid your cloth, fix your hoop—, work left to right, mark off your pattern as you go, don't work with really long thread it'll tangle and knot easier, your thread'll get twisted so let your threaded needle dangle every once in a while to let it untwist," he fires off flatly.

Declan nods with a small hum. "That's interesting."

"Nothing," Morgan mumbles. He continues to pet Bee, looking a bit solemn.

5/31/2019 #39

Mist nods, very intent as he listens. " pattern, prep cloth, find my center, secure my edges, grid my cloth, fix my loop...alright... I think I get it now... Thank you for the help...," then pulls his phone back giving a small grateful smile.

Shades nods. "Yea... We just...born out of thin air from the elements that we were given or born from... I'm not sure of the details but all I know that we didn't existed and the next thing you know, we did. So I was born from the shadows and Mist's born from the fog, mists and clouds and so on..," he explains, feeling almost he was explaining about weather and how it works.

Nick frowns a bit before scooting forward, eyes remain close as he focus on Morgan. "You can tell me," he says softly. "What's wrong?"

5/31/2019 #40

"You could've just looked all this stuff up online," Halo mutters, looking disgruntled.

"Oh," Declan says. "I think the closest thing to that that we have is mermaids turning to seafoam when they die. Considerably more morbid than being born from elements through." He pauses, clearly trying to sort this out in his mind if his thoughtful expression is anything to go by. "So you guys are like … manifestations of what you're born from?"

Morgan shakes his head, lips parting. "It's— It's nothing," he murmurs. "There's nothing wrong."

In the sunlight, his hair is an angelic shade of ash brown, and it's fluffy and though mostly straight, the very tips curl and frame his face gently. Bee, too, is radiant in the sunlight despite the fact that it's not made for it. Its fine, black sand glitters, deceptively charming.

5/31/2019 #41

Mist nods. "I could have but I rather have hear it from you... I feel...less inadequate if I ask someone physically than online...," he says softly.

Shades nods with a hum then more frequently but with a smile. "Yes! We are manifestations of what we're born from," Shades says with glee, happy that Declan understands. It was hard to explain to others and the only few who understand what he meant was Si and a few others. "Many find that strange but fascinating as well as apprehensive about it..."

Nick notices this, giving a soft gasp before smiling as he says in a dreamy state, "Pretty..."

5/31/2019 #42

Halo shoots Mist a scathing glare. "I learned from online."

Declan's eyes light up a bit, and he offers Shades a small smile. "I don't think it's strange or apprehensive. Fascinating, sure, but not strange or anything. Sorry if it sounds rude, but it reminds me of soul fragments, since they're manifestations of our soul. It's like you're a very condense soul fragment for what it is you were born of. Like I said, sorry if you don't appreciate of it being thought of that way, but it was the easiest way for me to understand." He offers a sheepish smile. "Besides, I'm probably a bit biased since ai have soul fragments myself."

Morgan blinks, glancing up with a small frown. "Hmm?"

Bee rests lazily, tail flicking.

5/31/2019 #43

Mist smiles a bit. "You're just talented... I feel more comfortable by learning through hands on...," he says softly.

Shades grins and nods. "Really? And no, no, it's fine! I heard about fragments and I think you're correct! I'm a fragment of the element I was born from as everyone else... I always feel more at ease if not complete being one with the shadows and I know everyone else is the same with their own elements!" He gives a giggles, feeling his voice now returning to it raspy if not whispery tone like it use to as his red eyes twinkle. "No, no, it's fine and you don't have to apologize because now thinking about it, it make sense!" Blinks, curiosity peeking. "You do? I always wanted to at least meet one of them..," he says in awe.

Nick gives aa small yelp, cheeks turning faintly pink before he clears his throat, rubbing at the back of his neck as he looks away, beyond embarrassed. "U-um...n-nothing..," his voice squeaked and shake.

5/31/2019 #44

"I'm only talented because I practice the things I looked up online," Halo hisses, looking affronted.

Declan's smile widens a bit. "Really," he confirms. His smile widens to a grin. "Well, I'm glad you like the comparison. Feel free to steal the term or modify it — elemental fragment does sound pretty cool." He falters, face pinking up a bit. "Oh— Sorry, I enjoy having fragments, but … having them interact with other people is still kind of a challenge for me. But there are plenty of other— Well— It just seems very intimate to me," he babbles, scratching at his cheek. "Maybe I'll introduce you to Holly or Thistle sometime."

"Huh?" Morgan tilts his head, sadness abating in favor of confusion. "Nothing? Your face is red."

5/31/2019 #45

Mist nods. "Yes, of course...," he responds softly, pocketing his phone.

Shades grins, vibrating with joy and giddy, feeling more comfortable and himself after talking to Declan. "Okay! Elemental fragments...that does sound pretty cool! I love it! I let the others know!" Shades tilts his head for the moment at Declan before his own pale cheeks dusted with pink color as well before looking off to the side, embarrassed as Declan feels. "O-oh! I'm sorry I said that..." Then smiles softly though still have some pink dusted his cheeks. "I would like that.."

Nick squeaks and ducks his head, trying to hide his red face into the collar of his jacket. "I-is it? I-I didn't noticed, heh, heh..," though of course he noticed the ever growing heat of his cheeks. He just doesn't want to acknowledge it.

5/31/2019 #46

Halo just rolls his eyes, looking pissed off as usual.

Declan laughs softly, the sound full and sweet low, his embarrassment fading some. "Okay," he says. "Not it's okay. I get that to some people they can be really interesting. Some of us are just more reserved about it than others. But Holly's very friendly, and well, Thistle's a little kid, and he's shy, but he's friendly, too. I'm sure you'll do really well with them." He looks nervous, but hopeful though it's not really clear why.

Morgan stares for several moments before smiling a tiny smile. "You're funny," he says softly.

Bee hisses quietly, like the air hissing from a deflating balloon.

5/31/2019 #47

Mist looks off to the side, fiddling with his braid once again as he sat in silence, unsure of how to approach Halo again.

Shades smiles more, his own embarrassment fading as he nods. "I understand…," then his smile becomes warm at the thought of meeting Holly and Thistle. "I would love to meet them…"

Nick gives a soft squeak as he ducks his head, doing everything in his power trying to appear as small as possible without really so. Though he would admit, now giving Morgan a good look even if his eyes are closed, Morgan looks really nice smiling.

Nick makes a mental choking noise, face turning even redder as he reaches back and tugs his hood down over his face.

6/1/2019 #48

Halo just sits there, content to sulk.

"It's just that they're like physical markers for chemistry," Declan says after a moment. "They're the very culminations of our beings. They're that tangible life force split up into neat little pieces. They're physical manifestations, personifications of our souls. They embody certain facets of our personalities, our mannerism, our thought processes, everything — so they're a quick and easy way to read someone. And since they're so concentrated, they can be a bit intense. All of which can be intimidating for hosts and people without fragments. But like I said, Holly and Thistle are generally easy to get along with, and we get along okay, so I'm sure it'll be fine."

Morgan's smile widens just a tiny bit as he gives Bee another scratch. The sand creature is starting to lose its shape a bit, perhaps because its golden have shut as it rests drowsily.

Morgan grabs the plastic pet carrier up, and Bee slithers in, abruptly losing any definition as it settles into the carrier. Morgan packs Bee back into his messenger bag before looking back up at Nick. "Do you … wanna— Do you want to visit my home?" he asks abruptly, cheeks stained pink, oddly coloured eyes wide and hopeful. "You'll get to see where Bee and Surya live. And there's a lake. And it's very nice. I can make you dinner or whatever you'd like."

6/1/2019 #49

Mist bit his lower lip, fiddling with his braid, leaving it undone.

Shades listens in awe and wonder, smiling at the thought of meeting actual fragments, excited even. He couldn't wait to meet them. "Wow, that is a bit intense but they sound wonderful! I would love to meet them!" Shades exclaims with glee even though his voice sounds harsh and airy but quickly blushes and ducks his head as he quickly calms himself. "I mean...I would love to meet them sometime...," softening his voice a tad.

Nick mentally groans before lifting his hood, hoping the warmth in his cheeks faded away but he watches in curious wonder as Bee looses its shape before Morgan tenderly let it slither into the plastic pet carrier where it lost all definition as it settles into place. Once inside and Morgan place Bee back into his messenger bag before asking Nick abruptly if he could visit his home.

Nick grins widely, excited, thrilled even at the thought of visiting Morgan's home, seeing where the boy he becomes to know live and came from. So with a enthusiastic nod, Nick says, "Sure! I would love to come visit!! That would be awesome!"

6/1/2019 #50

Halo glances over at Declan and Morgan, rolling his eyes. He picks his backpack back up and fiddles with it impatiently.

Declan blinks. He looks a bit confused but smiles nonetheless. "You can be excited if you want. No need to be embarrassed."

Morgan stares. It takes him a moment to process Nick's reply, but when he does, baby pink spills over his cheeks and his eyes light up, shining like polished stones. "Okay! Okay, um, great! N-Next time!" he says cheerfully with a bob of his head.

6/1/2019 #51

Mist blinks at that before glancing over as well before smiling if small as he pulls and tucks his messy braid around his neck like a unique scarf.

Shades smiles shyly if not embarrassed but he nods, happy nonetheless. "Okay...," he says brightly in a whisper.

Nick chuckles softly and nods. "Sure!" He replies just a cheerfully.

6/1/2019 #52

Halo slips his backpack on and climbs out of his seat, starting the walk back to their home without a single word.

"You don't have to be so quiet either if you don't want to," Declan says, his smile going slightly distracted as he glances back at Halo. "Well, it looks like he's impatient to get back. See ya next time, okay?" With that he stands, offering Mist and Nick a wave. He waits patiently for Morgan before he starts after Halo.

Morgan gathers his bag up, practically vibrating with excitement. "Okay! Next time! Bye!" He, too, offers a wave to Mist and Shades before running off.

6/1/2019 #53

Mist glances over at Halo and wave a halfhearted wave, "See you..." Then let his hand drop onto his lap.

Shades smiles but blinks when he notices Halo leaving couldn't but glance at his brother for a quick second before returning his gaze back to Declan with a smile and nods. "Okay! See you next time!" His whispery voice exclaims brightly, waving at Declan then Morgan and Halo's back before he quickly went to his twin's side.

Nick nods with a grin. "Okay! See ya! Bye!" Then waves at Declan and the retreating back of Halo's before glancing over, even though his eyes are closed, at Shades and Mist.

Mist smiles warmly at Declan and Morgan and waves back then pats Shades' rested hand on his shoulder.

6/1/2019 #54
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