the farm house
the farm house
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The Farm House is unglamoured today, the Property's sprawling land in full view. It's set up considerably different than it usually, perhaps because it's not a ordinary visitation.

Up on the porch, the Core Four are lounging. Amir and Emil are arguing, but it doesn't seem to be too serious because Adora and Petra are sitting on the ground unbothered while Adora paints Pet's nails. On the opposite side of the porch, Sasha lays splayed out on round, outdoor daybed, napping despite the midday sun.

The door to the Farm House is also propped open also, the screen door offering a distorted view of the back lounge room.

A little ways away from the porch, on the side where Sasha is resting, a small visitation area is set up. There's a green, nylon beach throw with a watermelon slice pattern thrown on the ground down beside a square table where Shoko is hunched over something. There's another, rectangular table pressed up against one side of the square table that's set up with snacks — bowls of cut melon, bowls of berries, bowls of frozen grapes, platters of veggies with dip, a variety of chips and guacamole, several different cookies and bars, individually wrapped cheeses and yogurt cups sit in a bucket of ice. There are two large coolers sitting on either side of the rectangular table, one on each side. One is labeled "ice cream" and the other "drinks". A half-melted popsicle sits beside Shoko, forgotten in the wake of whatever it is he's clearly so enthralled with.

There's a very similar set up down the ways in front of the fragment house. The difference is that the throw on the ground is cotton beach throw with white and blue stripes and fringe on the shorter ends and that its set up is completely empty.

Halo, Declan, and Morgan wait near the gate. Morgan is vibrating with mixture of anxiety and excitement while Halo sulks. Declan seems exasperated with the both of them.

6/1/2019 #1

Mist, Shades and Nick came into view as they walk towards the gate where the others are waiting.

"Hello, everyone," Mist greets warmly as well as politely as they come closer.

Nick is the first to grin as he rushes over towards Morgan before standing before him, giddy and brimming with excitement. "Morgan! It's good to see you again!" He exclaims brightly.

Shades, for the first time, is excited and nervous to see Declan again but he grins nonetheless as he sees Declan as he dashes up to him, red eyes twinkling brightly with awe and wonder. "Hey!" His whispery voice greets cheerfully, almost sounding like a breathy whistle as his body vibrating with so many mix emotions he wasn't sure which he feels at the moment.

Mist smiles at his twin and Nick before walking over towards Halo and nods, giving a small smile as he greets friendly, "Hey..."

6/1/2019 #2

Halo swings the gate open without much fuss before turning and making his way over to Shoko with a low, "Come on."

Morgan gives a start, bouncing up as if to hug Nick. He seems to realize what he's doing though and stops short, face flushed cherry red. "Nick," he stammers. "Hi! Um… This— This way!" He turns, motioning towards the Farm House. "You have to come inside to get to my place, but it's okay, you've been cleared! I petitioned. Doubly, since you guys aren't really allowed inside. But it's okay! I trust you. Come on!" He starts off towards the Farm house, pace quick with nervousness and excitement.

Declan blinks, looking mildly, pleasantly surprised. "Hey, there," he greets with a warm smile. He tilts his head over to the set up meant to the Fragment House. "This way. You're not allowed inside, so I'll have to go grab 'em. Holly might sit out for a bit before Juno let's him come out to say hi. They don't really do too many things apart, and Juno isn't the most sociable."

6/1/2019 #3

Mist gives a small smile and nods as he follows silently, his hair still wrapped around his neck, draping like a scarf.

Nick grins and couldn't help but mentally chuckle how adorable an excited Morgan is before nodding as he follows. "Okay," he chuckles softly, walking just behind Morgan. "Oooh, that's cool... I can't wait to see where you live!"

Shades smiles and nods, though excited he's mostly nervous as he too follows Declan towards where the fragments are. "O-okay!" Shades gives a embarrassing high pitched squeak though it sounds like a flute tuning off key. "T-that's okay! I understand..." He wrings his wrists, hoping his makes a good impression on them. In fact, he begins to doubt himself if he's even good enough to even meet them. Shades' body vibrates even more violently, his nerves starting to overtake his thoughts and emotions, bringing more doubts about himself. He wants to hide, he wants to fade into the shadows but he quickly withheld himself as he follows Declan.

6/1/2019 #4

The pair hardly get two steps in before Shoko springs up, running over at full speed to tackle Mist in a hug so forceful that it nearly knocks them off balance. "Mist! C'mon, hurry up! I made something for you!" He let's go of Mist to grab his hand and pull him along excitedly.

Halo rolls his eyes, but they're fond when they glance over at Shoko.

Morgan's face is flushed hotly as he leads Nick up the stairs. Amir and Emil quiet, Amir's eyes narrowing and flashing gold in contempt. Neither of them say anything as Morgan pulls the screen door open, letting Nick inside. "Don't mind them, Amir's still a little upset about Easter. But you didn't do anything, so…"

Morgan shrugs. The back lounge room is plain, and he leads Nick to the front of the House where the staircase sits, tall and imposing. Morgan offers Nick a brilliant smile before leading him up. The second floor differs greatly in that it's round sitting room with a door opposite the staircase, a small podium with a tablet sitting between the stairs and the door.

Morgan takes a moment to scroll and select something on the tablet before stepping up to the door. "Here," he says softly, swinging the door open for Nick.

Declan shoots Shades a sympathetic smile. "It'll be okay," he assures him. He waits for Shades to pick a seat, either at table or on the blanket. "Do you want something to drink before I go get Thistle?"

6/1/2019 #5

Mist gives a startled grunt, nearly collapsing to the ground but quickly caught himself so he could hug Shoko back with a grin on his face. "Shoko!" Then allows Shoko to drag him away with a chuckle. "Oh okay!"

Nick glances at both of them and gives them a nod of respect and friendly greeting before placing his focus on Morgan with a smile. "Oh, okay...," and walks inside. Nick then takes in the sight of the stairs before him. They seem like ordinary staircase but Nick knows very well looks can be deceiving but he gives a smile back to Morgan before taking the stairs, keeping his guard up just slightly.

Nick gaze around in wonder as he follows just behind Morgan before coming to a stop, setting his gaze on the door with a small podium in front of it holding a tablet. Nick watches as Morgan fiddles on the tablet before stepping up to the door, opening it. Nick nods and walks over, taking his first step into another world.

Shades smiles back and nods. "Okay...," then takes one of the seats before looking up at Declan. He gives a smile and says, "Water would do, please..."

6/1/2019 #6

Shoko leads Mist to the table, Halo trailing behind them. "Here! For you!" Shoko says, grabbing something off the table. It's a shark tooth paracord bracelet. The inside is blue, and the outside is silver. The buckle is grey. "It might be a little loose since I didn't know how big to make it." He holds the bracelet out to Mist, shiny black eyes bright with the anticipation that Mist will like his gift.

Meanwhile, Halo begins cleaning up the sticky mess Shoko has left on the table, mopping up melted ice cream and throwing the mess away.

Stepping through the doorway is like stepping through a wall of jello. The air is thick and pressurized, heavy with humidity before it lets them out onto an idyllic plot of countryside.

Morgan has been right, at least. There's a lake with a dock to the left of a pretty, large cottage. A tall, dense forest sprawls behind the lake and the cottage.

"I live here," Morgan says softly, leading Nick over to the cottage. It's two stories tall and done in clean, white stone. The roofing is done in light brown and the trim and window panes in dark brown wood. Vegetation is creeping up the side of the cottage nearest to the lake.

Declan grabs a bottle of water for Shades, twisting the cap before handing it to him. "Here you go. I'll be quick."

With that, he disappears into the eerie, grey-blue house. He's right about being quick as he returns less than a minute later carrying a child.

The child in Declan's arms is small, hardly any older than five. He has Declan's light brown skin and shiny black eyes, but his splattering is freckles are white as his his fine, fluffy hair. He whines softly when he sees Shades, cheeks going very red.

"It's okay," Declan soothes, patting the boy's back. "We know him, he's very nice. You know that." Declan's voice is painfully soft and so gentle, but it doesn't sound patronizing at all. "Say hi, Thistle."

6/1/2019 #7

Mist blinks at the bracelet and smiles warmly if not tenderly as well as surprised at the gift at all. He loved it. "Oh Shoko, I love it," he really does mean it. It's beautiful in its own way that states the fact that Shoko made it specifically for him. So with that in mind, Mist held out his wrist for Shoko to place it on him.

Nick shudders, mentally groaning at the sensation before blinking widely at the world around him. He gives a soft gasp at the sight before turning to Morgan when he spoke. Nick blinks through his blind and nods. "It's beautiful...," he says softly before glancing to his right to see Morgan's home, a large homely cottage. Nick smiles as he walks over beside Morgan. "Looks cozy..."

Shades smiles and nods. "Thank you...," then nods once more before watching Declan walk away towards and disappears into the Fragment house. And less than a minute later Declan returns with a child in his arms. Shades couldn't help but feel overwhelming urge to coo and hug the child tightly against him in act of protection.

Shades gives a soft smile as he greets softly and friendly, "Hi, it's nice to meet you..."

6/1/2019 #8

Shoko's eyes shine, briefly flashing a startling shade of light blue. His grin stretches so wide, coupled with the alien shine of his black eyes, he looks truly inhuman for just a few moments. Then it's all gone, wiped away, and he looks like any other, albeit needier, fourteen year old. "Great! I'm glad you like it!" he exclaims. He leans over to snap it around Mist's wrist, and despite the fact that he said it might be too large, it fits perfectly to Mist's liking — neither too big nor too small, but just right. "And I'm gonna make Halo a matching one because it matches your colour schemes!"

Halo rolls his eyes. "Make yourself a matching one," he snarks, glancing down at the mess of leftover paracord still splayed out on the table. Despite his tone, he's in the middle of setting up a plate of fruit for the kid.

"I don't wear white," Shoko says dismissively.

"It's silver," Halo points out, setting the plate town.

Shoko shrugs, stuffing a chunk of watermelon in his mouth.

Declan gives Thistle a small bounce, and Thistles hair fluffs. "C'mon, Thistle," he coos gently. "I'll get you a popsicle, hmm?" He kisses Thistle's cheek before setting the five year old down on the blanket.

Thistle sits, and despite the fact that Declan moves only a few feet away to dig in the ice cream cooler, Thistle begins sniffling, tears rolling down his freckled cheeks as he stares after Declan.

Morgan's face pinks up, and he looks away as he shrugs. "It's okay," he murmurs. He nods, opening the front door to let Nick in.

The living room is pale, creamy brown with darker brown furniture and takes up the front half of the bottom floor.

Two large windows take up most of the wall space on both sides of the door, letting natural sunlight pour into the cottage. The space to the left is slightly larger as the staircase runs along the back wall on the right side.

The right side is set up with a small TV against the side wall, cozy looking. Suede sofas opposite the TV create a small barrier between the left and ride sides, and a oval coffee table sits between the sofas and the TV. The left side is set up with several book cases against the staircase and side wall. A very comfortable looking chaise lounge sits underneath the window, and a low table piled high with books sits in the middle of the left space.

Directly ahead of them is an entrance to the kitchen, which from the limited view is done in pale yellows and dark browns.

"You can sit wherever you'd like," Morgan says, gesturing a bit nervously to either side of the living room.

6/2/2019 #9

Mist smiles warmly and nods. "I do, thank you..," then glances down at the bracelet with tender and joy, watching it gleam in the light before setting his eyes onto Shoko, smiling brightly with joy.

Mist gives a quick blink and remembers Halo's color scheme does matches to his own. He gives a smile at that but left it at that.

Shades smiles warmly but went into a small panic when Thistle begins to sniffle, tears rolling down his cheeks even though Declan is only few feet away. "O-oh...uumm…,"then quickly speaks softly as he says softly, cooing even, "Hello... It's okay... Um, look!" He placed his finger tips onto the blanket, using his ability as small as possible, he transform part of his shadow into a small black rabbit with bright soft glowing green eyes. Usually when Shades does this, most of the creatures have either empty pits for eyes or none at all but when he's creative, he can have them with any eye color he wants. So he hopes this tiny fuzzy and friendly looking bunny would make Thistle smile, if a little. Hell, he hopes the boy isn't frightened by his abilities.

Nick smiles and walks inside, giving a small gasp of awe, looking around the place, finding it, bright, warm and cozy and would love to live in. Nick then picks one of suede sofas opposite of the TV, humming in delight of the soft feel of it. "Nice...," Nick comments with a smile. "This is really cozy... I love it..."

6/2/2019 #10

"Sasha is sleeping," Halo says abruptly, grabbing himself a homemade fruit pop and taking a seat on the beach throw.

"He's a cat," Shoko say, pointing out the obvious. "I think it's funny." He doesn't elaborate, though, as he turns his attention to staring on Halo's bracelet.

Thistle blinks up at Shades, and for a worrying moment, his crying crescendos. The shadow rabbit does little to quell the child's tears, but he does put his little arms up to Shades, begging to be picked up judging by his expression.

"I only put you down for a second," Declan chides exasperatedly when he returns with a little cup of ice cream and a spoon a moment later. "Here."

Thistle ignores the ice cream and keeps his arms up, waiting for someone to pick him up.

Morgan's face flushes warmly. "I'm glad you like it," he mumbles. "I'm gonna go get Surya, I'll be right back." With that, he scampers up the stairs, leaving Nick to settle in in the living room.

6/2/2019 #11

Mist nods at Halo's words then smiles at Shoko before setting his attention to Halo. "Then I don't want to disturb him... But is it alright if I go apologize to Amir then?" He asks Halo, as if politely asking to be dismissed.

Shades blinks, startled a bit even that the child even want him to pick him up but he quickly dissipate the rabbit and reaches down before picking the child tenderly into his arms. He settles Thistle onto his lap but pressed against his chest as if hoping to calm the boy the best way he can. "There...feeling better?" He softly coos.

Nick smiles widely at Morgan as he replies, "I do..." Then nods, excited to see Surya again. "Okay!" Then settles against the sofa, looking out of the window contently.

6/2/2019 #12

Halo snorts softly. "Good luck with that," he mutters, leaning over and swiping a babybel cheese from the ice bucket.

"Go 'head!" Shoko says distractedly. "They're not allowed to kick you out unless you piss someone who isn't Halo off. Or unless you and Halo start fighting. Amir can't get mad and kick you out for apologizing."

Halo huffs around a bite of cheese. "Sure he can't," he mutters sarcastically. "Amir can do whatever he wants."

Shoko shrugs. "You know what I mean."

Declan heaves a sigh. He looks anxious, upset, for a fraction of a second, but the expression is gone is a quickly as it has come, and Thistle's crying quiets abruptly as he settles against Shades. "Thistle doesn't like to be put down," he explain.

This time, Thistle takes the ice cream when Declan offers it to him. He leans heavily against Shades as he stabs his little spoon into the softening ice.

"Say thank you, Thistle," Declan says when Thistle stuffs a spoonful of ice cream in his mouth.

Thistle shifts to blink up at Shades, eyes shiny and black in the midday sun. "Thank you," he says, his little kid voice small and soft.

Morgan returns a few minutes later, Surya cuddles in his arms. The fluffy fox is promptly plopped down beside Nick, and Surya yowls unhappily.

"Um— It's technically lunchtime, but I said I'd— Is … is there anything you have a particular craving for that I can make you?" he asks, nervously fidgeting with the hem of his grey t-shirt.

6/2/2019 #13

Mist gives a slight frown at Halo's words but nods with a smile at them anyways. He doesn't want to appear rude without politely dismissing himself to apologize to Amir. "Then I'll go then...," and with that he walks over the porch of the farm. Mist is nervous but determined nonetheless as he continues his trek over the porch.

Once Mist reaches within earshot of Amir, he stops at the bottom of the stairs but with a good distance. He knows he's not allow in or within a good feet of the place so he'll stand close enough so Amir could hear him. "Excuse me..," he politely calls out to them, hopefully Amir will give him a moment of his time even if he rather didn't.

Shades blinks and smiles softly down at the boy in his arms. "Oh, I see...," then panics a bit before looking apologetically at Declan. "Oh, I'm sorry! I should have asked you first! I'm terribly sorry for picking him up without your permission..." Shades gives a start at the adorable thanks from the child within his arms. He couldn't help but smile warmly and says tenderly, "You're very welcome..." Though Shades still feels unsure if Thistle is thanking him or Declan.

Nick smiles when Morgan returns with small fluffy fox in his arms before plopping the furry creature beside him. Nick smiles warmly at the unhappy yowl.

Nick gazes up through his blind at Morgan, humming in thought, "Well...I can practically eat anything but a sandwich would be nice..."

6/2/2019 #14

Halo flops back against the blanket, nibbling his cheese distractedly. Shoko falls quiet as he turns his attention back to the bracelet he's working on.

Amir and Emil's conversation comes to an abrupt halt as the core four turn their attention to Mist.

"Wow," Emil draws, cool blue eyes cutting into Mist. "Halo must be pissed if he let him come alone."

"Who the fuck cares?" Amir practically snarls.

Adora and Pet glance up at the pair.

"What the fuck do you want?" Amir demands, not calming in the slightest.

"No, it's okay," Declan says evenly. "I brought him out here to interact with you, and that's what you guys are doing. You're good."

Thistles is quiet, calm, as he works on his ice cream. Occasionally, he glances up at Shades and looks a bit confused, as if he can't quite remember what he's doing with a stranger. He doesn't cry, though, so he must not be too unhappy about it.

Up close, Surya looks particularly like a fennec fox with slightly too large ears and small but lanky body. He stretches out, glaring at Nick.

Morgan blinks. "That's— That's it? Nothing else?" he stammers, still looking anxious.

6/2/2019 #15

Mist gives a mental flinch but stood his ground as he waited patiently for Amir to address him. Once he does, Mist then sincerely says, "I'm terribly sorry for what happened at the Easter party... I disrespected you, I allowed my brother to disrespect you then did nothing to fix it. I am mostly sorry..."

Shades can hear it in Declan and he begins to slowly doubt that but he hid it well with a small smile and nods. "O-okay...," he says softly, his voice started to tremble even just slightly while his arms unconsciously tighten around Thistle. He's messing up again. He should have asked. He should have asked first. This child is part of Declan, a fragment of the person in front of him who says that even showing his fragments felt imamate.

When Shades caught Thistle's eyes as they glance up at him, he gives a small reassuring smile but it dimmed a bit when the boy looked away.

Nick smiles down at the fox but seeing how nervous Morgan is he then added to his request, "Well...if you have any fruits for a fruit salad on the side, that would be nice, too, please..." Nick smiles warmly at Morgan. Nothing fancy, just something simple. "I mean, I travel a lot so I usually eat light foods that won't cause me to loose my energy and upset my stomach..."

6/2/2019 #16

"I should've eviscerated Halo," Amir hisses with a glare. Adora giggles, and Petra tilts his head, surveying Mist curiously. "Maybe then you would've learned your lesson."

Petra stands and leans over to whisper to Emil before scurrying off.

Amir rolls his eyes before turning his attention back to Mist. "You're lucky the kid was still willing to petition for you. I voted thaf you and your bratty brother be banned until you two can learn some fucking manners."

"In other words," Adora says cheerfully, "not forgiven! Why would you be?" She laughs, the sound bright and bubbly and poisonous.

"Get out of here," Emil says coolly.

Petra sidles up to the small group, and immediately, Thistle abandons his ice cream to put his arms out. Petra stares, frowning a bit. "I don't like children," he says. His voice is quiet and soft and flat.

Thistle whines, making grabby hands. Petra only continues to stare. Perhaps because he embodies something about Wren, Petra caves. "Okay, fine," he says eventually, taking Thistle from Shades. Thistle's legs wrap around Petra's waist, his little arms tightening around Petra's neck. Petra looks disgruntled, shooting Declan an unhappy look.

Declan clears his throat. "Uh, hi, Petra, what're you— What are you doing? Here?"

Petra stares for a few seconds. "I was curious," he says plainly. "I wanted to see you."

Declan stares back. He looks like Wren — mostly. He has the same pale green eyes, the same soft translucent skin, the same white blond hair. What Petra lacks, though, is any kind of warmth. There's a deliberate, palpable chill surrounding the kid. He tilts his head at being surveyed. He's like a fragment, but not. He doesn't quite fit. He's all of Wren's worst qualities amplified and bundled into a neat, unassuming little package.

"Uh, thanks," Declan says, clearly not sure how to proceed.

Petra doesn't look happy that his presence isn't better received. He squeezes Thistle to him. "I think I'm going to take this," he says softly.

Declan pales a bit. "Please don't," he says, trying to keep the tenseness out of his voice.

Petra tilts his head. "Why not? We won't hurt him."

"I didn't— I don't think that you would," Declan stammers, taking a careful step towards Petra.

Petra takes a step back, eyes lighting up. "Well, you should," he says. "You're smarter than that." His eyes are bright as they bore into Declan. "You're just like us, you know. Half-shadowed, less. That's what you struggle with, isn't it? How're you going to feel when the others come back, hmm? What are you going to do then? Won't be so special then, will you? No, you won't be. And he's the wrong one, isn't he?" He tilts his head at Shades, eyes burning with something that's almost excitement. "All wrong. You won't be happy until he's the right one. And neither will Wren." With that, Petra turns and runs off, carrying Thistle up onto the porch, showing the child off to his friends who are less than impressed.

Declan stares after them, expression unreadable.

Morgan nods quickly. "Okay," he squeaks. "I'll just be— I'll just be a moment!" He disappears into the kitchen, the clattering sound of cooking filling the air.

Surya hops off the sofa to steal the TV remote off the coffee table. He carries it back up to the sofa — a feat for such a small fox, but he manages it without too much trouble. He takes a minute to rest before the buttons are hit, turning the TV on to a nature channel. This, apparently, does not please Surya because the channel is quickly switched to a murder-mystery documentary.

Surya, now contented with the channel that's playing, stretches out onto the sofa to watch the morbid show.

6/3/2019 #17

Mist mentally flinched but he bows his head, keeping his hands resting on his lap as he listens. Mist blinks, frowning a but before lifting his head in slight curious and confusion at that statement but remains silent as Amir speaks. When Adora speaks, Mist turns to her and gives her an understanding nod and says, "I understand..." Mist gives a bow at his waist, a sign of respect. "Yes, sir..," he says softly before turning towards where Shoko and Halo are. He doesn't know if they mean leave the property or just out of their sight, he wasn't sure but at least somewhat glade to apologize to Amir but he could have done more but at the moment, he wasn't sure if Amir would even let him. And there's Sasha...

Mist gives a small glance over his shoulder at the still sleeping Sasha. Mist wonders if he'll ever apologize to him but he'll wait and see. So with that though in mind, he walks over towards Halo and Shoko.

Shades blinks up at Petra, feeling no malice or fear from him. He remembers when he first met Petra that he really wasn't as intense as the others but Shades still kept his guard up slightly.

Shades gives a small start when Thistle reached out, making grabbing motions with his hands towards Petra. At first Petra was reluctant but he eventually gave in, taking Thistle into his arms which Shades didn't fight of course but he would miss the little one. He's adorable and made Shades feels content but he was glade to at least enjoy the short time with the toddler.

Now things got interesting between the interaction between Declan and Petra but then Shades learned from his creator that Petra is all of Wren's negative pieces of himself, like a fragment but isn't. So Shades' not surprised how Declan is reacting to Petra but the conversation is a bit off putting. "...won't be happy until he's the right one." Shades watches as Petra walks away before turning to Declan, looking concern for the male.

"Declan...?" Shades softly calls out, very worried for the male now.

Nick smiles, nodding and watching Morgan leave into the kitchen. He gives a mental chuckle but blinks as the little fox hops down from the sofa, steals the TV remote before carries it back and climbs back on the sofa. Nick is impressed by the small fox as it manages to rest back onto the sofa for a moment to catch its breath before pressing buttons, turning on the TV. It lands on a nature channel which Surya wasn't pleased at all. Nick gives a small mental snort at that. I really can't blame him.., he thought to himself as it lands on a murder mystery documentary which is also Nick's thing. A fox after my own heart, he though charmily with a mental chuckle. Nick just smiles as he watches it along side Surya, very content.

6/3/2019 #18

Halo's turned over, and it looks like he's sleeping, face buried in his arms. Shoko glances up at Mist and smiles a bit. He's got another, half melted ice cream next to him.

"Nothing. It's nothing," Declan says hastily. His chest aches.

It's always so easy to ignore his concerns, his fears, when they came from himself, easy to chalk it up to overthinking, but to hear them from Petra, who is of Wren? Well, that stings. Did Wren think—

He shakes his head. No. Petra is all of the worst of Wren's bad qualities and bad habits. If anyone would want to hurt him for no reason other than to prove that they could, it would be Petra.

"It was nothing. Just Petra being Petra," Declan says. Still, he looks unsure, watching Petra and Adora fuss over Thistle, who seems confused but content enough to be with Petra. "I'll go get Holly." He forces himself to turn and disappear inside the Fragment House. It's almost a relief to be alone with himself for a few seconds, to catch his breath. The last thing he needs is to have an anxiety attack in front of his guest.

Surya watches TV with great attention, looking away only to lick his paws and nibble at his fur every now and then. Occasionally, his ears will flick back in the direction of the kitchen where Morgan is still making noise.

6/3/2019 #19

Mist gives a smile back, reassuring Shoko that's he's okay and would still like to hang out with him. "I'll apologize to Sasha next but I'll wait till he wakes...," he says softly, not wanting to wake Halo. Then Mist smiles and asked, "So which ballet is your favorite to preform?" He sits beside Shoko, giving a curious look.

Shades bit the inside of his cheek, feeling doubt rising within him but nods nonetheless as he says, "Okay..." Shades then watches him go, concern eats at him. He wants to help Declan but he doesn't know how without messing up. What could he do?

Nick watches along side Surya, humming in thought at the murder-mystery documentary, putting the pieces together before the episode could finish. Still he do enjoy how the police work their hardest to try and solve it.

6/3/2019 #20

Shoko's quiet for a moment, still working on Halo's bracelet. "Um… All of 'em!" he says, the cheerfulness is his voice flat.

Declan returns a few minutes later, Holly a half step behind him. Holly is almost nearly identical to Declan, except for that fact that his colouring is more drastic —hair black instead of brown, highlights white instead of blond, and like Thistle, freckles a soft and faintly glowing pale white— and that there is something very distinctly inhuman about him. It isn't quite the emotionless that Anima displays or the chill that lingers around Petra, but there is the sense that something about Holly that isn't quite right, like laughter at a funeral or a midday sunshower.

The shiny black of his eyes is flat, but he smiles as they approach the table, leaning over to put his hand out to Shades. "Hi, I'm Holly!" he says, his voice warm and cheerful but still lacking somehow. "You're … Shades!"

Declan winces slightly, feeling the anger bubbling just under his skin. He's the wrong one; all wrong. Except he isn't, and Declan is allowed to make friends with whoever he pleases. You won't be happy, and neither will Wren. Except Wren wouldn't be because he's made it perfectly clear that he's happy with how things are now.

"It's so nice to meet you!" Holly continues. He moves around the side to take a seat beside Shades, blinking at him curiously. "Your eyes are very interesting!"

You're overcompensating.

Morgan emerges by the time the episode comes to an end, stepping back into the living room just as the end credits begin rolling. He looks warm, cheeks baby pink. "I, um— I'm finished…"

Surya hops off the sofa, trotting into the kitchen.

6/3/2019 #21

Mist noticed this but nods, smiling still. "Oh yea? I would love to see you dance some of them..." Then gives a small chuckle, cheeks softly dusted, "And mine is the Nutcracker... I just love the fun story line and many scores and performances..."

Shades glances up as Declan returns with another boy who looks nearly identical as him except with may differences and his aura is one of them and for once in Shades' life, Shades feel contempt. In fact, he doesn't feel too off from Holly, even though he still feels awkward and if a bit slightly on guard but nonetheless, he feels very much at ease with Holly.

When Holly greeted and introduces himself, Shades smiles and nods. "Hello and yes, that's correct...," he says warmly and very friendly. "It's very nice to meet you as well, Holly..." Then he watches Holly choose the seat beside him but Shades couldn't help but noticed a slightly tensed Declan from the corner of his eye. He wants to ask but he left it be and focus on Holly.

Shades blinks, giving a faint blush on his cheeks before ducking his head. It's been awhile since anyone compliments on his eyes. "T-thank you..," he stutters, feeling a warm sensation within him but he quickly cover it up with a smiles. "Yours is just as interesting if not more so than mine..."

Nick smiles over the back of sofa at Morgan and nods. "Alright!" Then hops onto his feet and walks over towards the kitchen where Morgan stands. "I'm really happy that you invited me over.."

6/3/2019 #22

Shoko glances up. "That's a good one! I like Clara a lot."

Halo stirs a bit, but all he does is shift to curl into a small ball.

Declan feels it abruptly, like being submerged in water. He feels it in the tilt of Holly's head, a question that refuses to be asked out loud, feels it in Holly's laughter, hollow sounding but undeniably genuine. He knew it was likely to happen —they are raw, physical chemistry after all— but he is wholly unprepared to deal with the consequences.

I thought I could handle it, but I can't.

"No," Holly drawls, voice a little bit syrupy. "We have alien eyes, that's all." It's a reference to the colour, an intense shade of black that shines in the light like typical alien cartoon representations. "Yours are interesting. Red. Pretty. Like candy apples. Also your hair! May I?" Holly's hand is outstretched, slender fingers splayed out questioningly but not demandingly.

Declan's stomach churns. He feels like he's going to be sick.

Morgan's blush deepens. "I— I'm glad you're here! Here, um, this way."

Like the living room, the kitchen area is split. The left is the actual kitchen and the right is a dining area. The furniture occupying the dining area is the same dark brown of the kitchen cabinets. There's a small table pressed against the back wall and three chairs pushed into each of the remaining sides.

Morgan scurries over and grabs a plate and a bowl from the pristine, black countertops. He sets them down in front of Nick, awaiting judgment nervously but patiently.

There's a sandwich with lightly toasted sourdough bread. It's insides consist of roasted garlic mayonnaise, grilled chicken, avocado, sautéed mushrooms and onions, lettuce, and tomato. The bowl consists of meticulously chopped fruit —raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, grapes, apple, kiwi, strawberries, and mango— all drizzled in honey.

Surya is already snapping up a mixture of cooked and raw chicken. He seems happy with his meal if the fervor with which he eats is anything to go by.

6/3/2019 #23

Mist smiles and nods. "Oh yes, Clara is a wonderful character! And the adventures she takes...absolutely beautiful exciting..." He glances over at Halo and smiles softly before turning back to Shoko.

Shades blinks slowly and gives a tilt of his own head, not understanding why Holly would say that. His eyes look amazing if not ten times more interesting than his own but as Holly describes his eyes as pretty, red like candy apples it made Shades' face turn bright red though not as nearly as close as the color of his eyes. To hear someone compliment his eyes remind them of candy apples, Shades couldn't comprehend how to respond to that. Suddenly Holly mentions his hair which is odd because there's nothing special about his hair. Sure it's black as the shadows he's born from, no form of glow of any kind, no shine what so ever like normal hair would. Nonetheless, Shades agrees to allow Holly to do as he pleases. "Oh sure...," and tilts his head forward just slightly.

Nick glances around the kitchen, smiling while admiring the lovely set up before taking his seat. Nick glances up as Morgan places a plate before him, he couldn't help but let his mouth watered at the sight of well crafted sandwich and perfectly chopped fruit before him. Nick smiles brightly. "Wow...this looks awesome...," then takes hold of the sandwich before taking a good bite of the sandwich, hearing the faint crunch of the toasted bread. Nick hummed in delight as his taste buds singed as roasted garlic mayonnaise coated his tongue along side with grilled chicken followed by avocado, sautéed mushrooms and onions, lettuce and tomato. It bursts with such flavor and texture that Nick had never tasted before.

"Geez, this is so fuckin' delicious!!" Nick moaned, piratically in heaven. Nick continues to chew before swallowing, gazing up at Morgan , grinning from ear to ear. "This is amazing, Morgan! You're amazing!" And reaches over and pick a fruit covered in honey before popping it into his mouth. Nick moaned at the sweet sugary flavor of the fruit and honey. "And this so good! I never though drizzled honey over kiwi and mango... So good!" Then he takes another bite of his sandwich, wanting to finish his meal and enjoy it.

6/3/2019 #24

"We should watch it sometime!" Shoko exclaims, eyes gleaming with excitement at the idea.

Halo makes a noise, small but annoyed, in his sleep. He drags an arm over his head, likely to block out Shoko's voice while he tries to sleep.

Holly reaches his hand out carefully, fingers tangling in Shades hair. He's overly careful not to pull or tug, and he spends several moments just combing his fingers through Shades hair. "Thanks!" he says, sitting back. He sits for a few moments before leaning forward and hugging Shades, resting his chin on Shades' shoulder.

"Holly," Declan says tensely.

"Hmm? Oh, right. Sorry." Holly pulls away without looking abashed at all.

"They're, uh, a smidge intense," Declan mumbles, not quite looking at Shades. Soft pink has spilled over his cheeks.

"Sorry," Holly repeats, not looking sorry at all.

Morgan lets out a sharp breath as his blush deepens to deep red. "I'm glad you like it," he says softly, collapsing bonelessly into one of the free chairs. He seems content to just watch Nick and Surya eat.

6/3/2019 #25

Mist grins, his own grey eyes twinkling into silver as his hair shift abruptly into mist, twinkling silver under the light but if you look closely you can faintly see many individual micro-drops of water that makes a hidden rainbow. "Yes! We should!" He sounds excited as he clasps his hands before him in a giddy motion.

The hair is odd of its own; it feels cools but not moist like Mist's but like the shade against the blazing sun but still remains silky soft to the touch. Shades gives a soft hum, actually enjoying the touch. He only have his siblings doing this to him once in a while but now with someone else, it feels strange but also wonderful. Once Holly removes his hand, Shades felt a faint disappointment but he quickly hides with a smile. "You're welcome..." But Holly just sat in silent for a moment, Shades gives a curious hum, wondering what the male is thinking but he was cut short when Holly out of no where hugs him, resting his chin on Shades' shoulder. Shades gives a squeak at the action, face turning red, his heart nearly leaps to his throat but now thudding against his chest as he went a bit stiff. This is something he never expect from the male. What should he do? Should he hug him back? Should he not? Still... Shades' body stir as it tries to take in everything that is Holly. But Declan steps in, a warning call is enough for Holly to pull back, letting go, not looking ashamed at all for his action.

Shades just stares, face turning redder, his body automatically remembering every inch of Holly; his warmth, his scent and frame...everything. Shades swallows, face still aflame, his heart still pounding against his chest as Shades shyly reaches up and twirls a single lock in a nervous gesture.

"N-no need to apologize...," Shades' voice shakes but not in a fear kind of way but more close to nervous and unsure how to response way. He never really though he would find anyone interesting, let alone someone finding him interesting so this is new to him. Shades gives a shy smile, ducking his head, his face still hot and heart still pounding away. "I d-don't mind..." He doesn't mind what? The hug? Being hugged? The person that's hugging him?

Nick grins, still chewing away and nods, "Mhmm!" Then hums at the taste, loving every bit of it.

6/3/2019 #26

Shoko blinks, smiling just a little bit. "Your hair went all funny!" he announces with all the tact and amusement of a four year old.

Holly snorts softly, giggling. "Oh, I wasn't apologizing to you," he says cheerfully.

Declan swallows against a wave of nausea. "Holly, can you—"

"Sure!" Holly says, not even letting Declan finish. He stands and makes his way over to the porch, presumably to ask for Thistle back.

"They're— They're— They're physical chemistry," Declan repeats. "They're intense, concentrated." He looks disquieted. "It would've taken me months to say something like that to you, to touch you like if things had— But I guess they have, well, for me— And it really isn't fair, to either of us—"

Declan distinctly remembers Shiro being upset about something similar. He takes a deep breath and tries to calm himself.

This is what we're here for! What are you getting so worked up for? Things are easier this way. That's why you let them happen, isn't it?

It's Holly's voice in the back of his mind, cool and collected, rational. Still, the thought process doesn't comfort him one bit. His feelings aren't rational and trying to rationalize them away only makes him feel worse.

"I'm sorry. I know this is what we're here for, and it's really great that Holly likes you, it just … feels unfair when I'm suddenly much more ahead in falling head over heels when there's no guarantee you feel the same way about me," Declan says. It pains him, a little, to be so blunt given that he's a generally a private, reserved kind of person, but he needs to be blunt. He needs to know where he stands before Holly comes back with Thistle and makes things even worse than they're starting to become.

"Fragments complicate things," Declan says, voice a bit small.

Morgan's face stays very red despite the chill permeating the kitchen. He startles abruptly. "Oh! Did— Would you like something to drink?" he asks. "We have, um, lemonade and green juice with kale and stuff in it… And water and milk."

Surya pauses his eating to yowl, and Morgan laughs softly. "Okay," he says softly as if he understands the kitsune. Maybe he does.

6/4/2019 #27

Mist blinks before grinning as he realized what Shoko meant. "Oh? It means I'm really happy and excited to hang out with you..." Then clears his throat, trying to calm himself down and once he felt he's calm enough, his misty hair returns to normal hair only still have that misty quality to it.

Shades blinks, face still flushing and was about to ask but Declan caught Holly again before he could. Shades watches as Holly walks over towards the porch to request Thistle back then shifts his attention to Declan. After hearing all that, now Shades understands and it made Shades turn even more red than before. It's been a while since he dated anyone or at least very interested in someone and Declan's presence felt comfortable, he gets giddy when they exchange information, even if Holly looks alien, he never felt unnerved or terrified, maybe awkward but not afraid. He loves Thistle which is odd because he never love a child...he loves his little nieces and nephews but he mostly awkward with them. But as soon as Thistle got upset and wanted to be picked up, Shades didn't hesitate and quickly gave what the boy wanted. So deep down Shades is awkward and uncertain about relationships since his never worked out or last long, but he really like Declan and wants to like him more.

So taking a deep breath, calming his nerves as he says, "Thank you..." Looking straight into Declan's eyes in hopes to calm the male's nerves, smiling. "I appreciate you for telling me... I'm so happy and relieved that you told me how you feel... So it's fair I should do the same." Taking another breath before saying, "I like you. I really like you... When we started talking to each other, sharing awesome information each other's cultures, I kind of have develop a tiny crush on you and was sad to see you go." Shades blushes brightly for admitting this because honestly, that's how he felt. When he and Declan first exchange information, he felt happy and excited then when they did it again, Shades felt that excitement once more, loving every second of it. "And then when you come back, I wasn't so sure about this tiny crush but as we talked...I felt some connection between us and was happy to talk to you again." Shades licks his lips, looking shy and embarrassed for this confession. "I may not be head over heels but want to be... I want to come to 'like, like' you more... That's why I was so happy that they gave us time... I want to spend more time with you, talk to you, hang out with you, I want to know more about you, your friends...everything." Shades sighs, letting off his chest, feeling lighter then chuckles. "Though I think Holly might have seen right through me before I could even tell you this... I love Holly and Thistle and would love to see more of them... I just wish I have some fragments of my own..." Shades then gives Declan a smile, a warm loving smile. "So I hope you don't mind waiting after a few dates until I'm ready to say it?"

Nick moans as he swallows and replies, "Lemonade, please..." Then smiles at the exchange between the two before smiling at Morgan. "You can understand him?"

6/4/2019 #28

"It's okay," Shoko assures him. "I think it's pretty. And Halo will, too."

"Holly is … fey. He tends to think he knows best; I'll admit it's a bad habit of mine," Declan around the palpitations fluttering in his chest.

See? Nothing to worry about!

"Things are definitely easier when both parties have fragments since they tend to pair up and keep each other occupied, but it'll be fine, just know they'll probably be vying for your attention a lot," Declan says, trying for humor. "Yeah, no, that's— That's fine." It's more than fine, he thinks. He's just relieved that he hasn't made a mistake in introducing his fragments so early. "I usually tend to take things pretty slow, but like I said, fragments are so concentrated, they tend to complicate things."

Morgan nods before jumping up to rummage through the fridge. "Hmm? Oh, sort of. It's a rudimentary, bond-specific telepathy," he explains as he pours a bowl of green juice for Surya and a glass of lemonade for Nick.

6/4/2019 #29

Mist smiles warmly with a faint blush at the compliment then the blush darkens a bit more at the mention of Halo liking it. It will take time but he believes Shoko. "Thank you..," he says warmly and sincerely and he really means it. He needs that encouragement to continue work on himself to be better for not only Halo but Shoko, Sasha and everyone. Then a thought popped into his head before turning to Shoko with a smile. "May I make you one?"

Shades chuckles, knowing few who is similar to Holly in a way so he understands what Declan meant. Shades grins and chuckles. "I don't mind giving all my attention to them...," he gushed with joy and excitement. "I still wish I can have my own... Maybe I can talk to creator and see... I want to be fair, you know?" Shades smiles brightly and nods, more than just excited, thrilled even to hear that Declan doesn't mind waiting and take things slow. "Okay! And I understand...," and Shades does, he really does understand.

Nick nods, in awe at the explanation. "Ahhh, I get it… It's sort of like how me and my little traveling partner has only without telepathy..."

6/4/2019 #30
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