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the farm house
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Halo slides out from under Sasha to stand. He gives the Asterian a pat and leans down to whisper something before straightening once more. Inclining his head in the direction of the food tables, he starts off, only pausing to glance back to make sure that Mist is following him.

Morgan is quiet for a moment, breath still. "Hmm? Oh. Yeah, of course. We'd have to be careful, I live close to a border, but it's not impossible. If you stayed longer, I could probably even take you into the city. It's a bit much, but it's nice for short visits."

"Thistle's just fussy. It's the fear — dad hated me, mom left me, Wren—," Declan says, voice faltering over Wren's name. "He'll be good in a few hours if you just keep a hold on him."

Thistle keens sharply, looking hurt. He sniffles softly, a few tears rolling down his cheeks. Fern continues to sit, huddled in on himself.

"Fern just likes to be alone, especially when he's upset, which is, you know, most of the time," Declan says, voice catching on a slightly self-deprecating laugh. Fern peeks out to shoot Declan an equally wounded look. "Sorrel's— Sorrel's easy — easier." Phantom tingles against the side of his neck warm something low in his stomach. He ignores it.

Juniper glances down at Nanurjuk. "Hmm? That's Holly," he says softly.

Abruptly, Holly jerks to a stand, rubbing the tips of his fingers against the bandages on his arms as he disappears into the Fragment House.

"It's okay. He's alright," Declan assures them quickly. "He's just going to go get something for me that'll help us feel better."

Sorrel's breath stutters as he arches into the feeling. His face flames when Titus snorts with amusement, and he whines sharply, both at the sensation and with embarrassment.

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Mist smiles at the sight once again, finding the scene adorable before following along side of Halo.

Nick smiles a bit and nods. "Ah, okay... That would be nice to see more of your home if I stayed a little longer...," he says in a sigh of wonder and awe. "Now I can't wait to see it!"

Aurora blinks at Declan before nodding, giving a sniffle of her own then nuzzles into Thistle's hair, holding him close. She'll wait for Fern as well. She'll wait.

Shades gives a small lopsided smile at Declan, understanding where's he's coming from but went red when he glances over where Hunter is mouthing Sorrel's neck, his hand trailing up the boy's chest. A choking noise left him as he looks away, face burning brightly. Tulok gives a deadpan look at Hunter's way before refocusing back to Holly.

Nanurjuk frowns a bit at the name. At this stage, Shades was still learning from human speech from his species language. To most who are listening, it sounds like gibberish with a harsh whisper or two, almost as if Shades' speaking backwards but that's his actual language. Though it get worse when Shades gets frustrated, scared and really happy. His brain tends to think faster than he could speak so he would sound like he's gibberish of that some words tend to be skipped or shorten to an unfamiliar. Only one sibling instantly knew what he's saying and translates to the others but he's not here. Mist is another several few who can understand Shades' speech after several years of practice though there are still a few things he get lost on.

"Aollie?" Nanurjuk tries to repeat but with no anvil. "No...eel?" This is quite something. Seeing Nanurjuk trying to make a conversation with Juniper when just moments ago he was petrified.

Yuka remain content to sleep against Juniper once again.

Tulok blinks as he watches Holly leaves towards the Fragment house before both he and Shades nods at Declan's reassurance. Shades gives a ting smile before gazing back down at the box in his hands.

"How long?" He asks softly, lifting the box withholding his gift.

Hunter smirks against Sorrel's skin. "Oh, you're a sweetheart~" He growls against the hot flesh that's now burning with his mark while his fingers trails upward towards Sorrel's chest. "So sweet and so submissive~" His fingers trail over one nipple, blunt nails scraping the sensitive bare skin. "He arches so beautifully, doesn't he?"

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Halo is quiet as they walk. He fixes two plates. One is piled with a bit of fried okra, roasted chicken, and a couple of tomato-ricotta tarts. The other is clearly for Sasha as it has too many oysters piled next to shrimp scampi topped with salmon. It seems that some of his anger has thawed because he waits patient for Mist to make his plate without any snappy comments.

"Yeah," Morgan says, voice soft. "It'd be ... nice." He smiles a bit. "I'm glad you're excited. How ... how long do you think you could stay?"

Thistle sniffles a bit more, and Fern hiccups wetly.

Declan laughs at Shades expression, looking sympathetic. "Yeah. That's just how some of them are. It can be distracting at first, but you'll learn to ignore it." Even so, he leans over the back of the sofa to stare down at Sorrel, who's panting softly, squirming under Hunter's touch. "Knock it off."

Sorrel blinks up at him, confused to a moment, then pouting as he throws both Titus and Hunter off of him. You never let me have any fun.

"I let you have plenty of fun all the time," Delcan says, rolling his eyes.

Sorrel continues to sulk before sitting up properly and righting his clothes. He tugs at Titus, points at the food tables, and makes a sharp noise, no longer speaking with all the attention on him.

Titus hums. "Hungry, dear one?" he asks. Sorrel nods, whining again, and Titus laughs. "Well, alright then. Let's get you some food, hmm?" He stands before helping Sorrel up. The younger fragment glances down at Hunter, not expectant exactly, but hopeful almost.

Juniper nods with a small smile. "Holly," he repeats slowly. He doesn't understand what Nanurjuk is trying to say, but all he does is stroke a hand through his hair gently. "Holly's my other half. I love him, but he'll be okay."

Holly is … private; despite being the most agreeable, Holly is the most resistant to sharing any information deemed personal in Declan's model. Juniper is, obviously, a bit more lax as he's not the least bit shy in announcing his less-than-platonic affection for his other half.

Declan's face burns hotly. Even gone, Holly's embarrassment still stings. He clears his throat, fidgeting with the hem of his shirt. "Sorry. I, uh— For a long time, I— For a really, really long time, the only person I could trust or fully rely on was myself. I mean, obviously I trust people now, but … I still have trouble, like, "being vulnerable" and sharing, you know? It just feels like I'm dumping my problems on other people, and I hate it. I'd just rather deal with things on my own. Besides, it's like … even when I hate myself, I'm the only person who can make me feel better; like, since, I didn't have anyone to turn to for anything, I got really good at it — and it shows in them, a lot." He blinks up at the question. "How long what?"

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Mist doesn't say anything in the comfortable silence and he doesn't mind. He rather like Halo's silent company and even Sasha's if Shoko is busy.

Once they reached the one of the food tables, he picked up his plate and has roast chicken, a homely salad and then his favorite flavored desert. Once he's got what he needs, he turns to Halo and walks along side of him.

Nick smiles and nods. "Yea and yea, I'm really am excited..." He turns to look down at Morgan, smiling softly as he says, "Hmm, two weeks tops but if it's okay maybe three..."

Aurora nuzzles against Thistle while holding the toddler close.

Shades scratches at the back of his head, cheeks still flushed as he nods. Tulok rolled his eyes at Hunter's way, finding the other fragments act bit much to handle for their host.

Hunter gives a grunt, pouts and looking annoyed that his fun got interrupted at his host's way who looks shyly away with a red face, twirling his finger in his long black locks. He never flirted or been flirted so he pretty much in the a virgin to sensual actions like what Hunter expressed towards Sorrel.

Hunter huffs, rolling his eyes at Tulok and Shades before watching Sorrel pointing to the food table then tugging Titus along. Hunter gives a smirk at that but it widens when Sorrel looks his way, not exactly expectant but hopeful. "I'm coming, sweetheart~" He coos softly to reassure Sorrel as he stands from his seat, walking just along side of them on Sorrel's other side.

Nanurjuk frowns again. "H-h-haallliiieee…," Nanurjuk tries again with much earnest, looking up at Juniper for approval. Nanurjuk whines, pleased at the sensation of those fingers combing through his long locks, nails stroking his scalp. Nanurjuk nods, humming softly at what Juniper said, feeling a bit better that Holly will be alright. "Uve 'im…?"

Yuka nuzzles, curling into a tight ball against Juniper.

Shades looks over at Declan before smiling, understanding completely. "I understand, I really do... I may look like I'm close to my siblings, I'm not very good at...being vulnerable and sharing either... I feel like I'm being a burden to anyone who I share anything remotely about me, like I'm adding more issues with their already existing ones. I don't want that so...I just remain quiet if not reserve, hiding everything from them so I can fix it. Like I can only rely on myself because I can't always rely on them. It's like if I can't fix this on my own then what good am I? So yea, I understand completely what you're saying." He then flushed brightly as he lifts the box in his hands. "T-this gift... It's beautiful... It must of taken you hours to make this..." He graze his fingers over the wooden lid holding his gift.

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Halo walks Mist back in silence. He wakes Sasha, who perks up at the sight of food. He immediately sits up to start eating. "'S good!"

"Glad you like it," Halo says, poking his okra.

Morgan blinks in surprise. "Oh, that's a lot longer than I expected. I mean, I think a few days would be okay … to start," he murmurs softly, thinking.

Thistle squirms a bit, but it looks like he's stopped crying.

Fern sniffles; he's quieting, though, the stretches of time between his sniffling and whining becoming longer.

Sorrel perks up a tiny bit, taking Titus' arm and hugging it. Even at the food table, when Titus is making him a plate, Sorrel clings to him, refusing to let go of Titus for any stretch of time. He glances over at Hunter every now and then, though, as if checking to make sure he's still there.

Juniper smiles softly. "Exactly, Holly." He nods, fingers combing through Nanurjuk's hair. "Yes, I love him. A lot."

Declan laughs, dropping his gaze. "Yeah, yeah, that's pretty much it." He seems to be thinking about it for a moment before glancing up again. "Oh." He smiles sheepishly. "It took me … probably longer than I'd like to admit, honestly. I'm used to making much smaller things though. You… You like it then?"

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Mist carries his food in content silence before returning back to his seat but since he's eating food, he rather not ruin the blanket so he choose to sit on the sofa instead. He smiles at Sasha who starts eating. He gives a soft mental chuckle before start eating as well.

Nick smiles sheepishly. "Well at least that's what my mother gave me," he gives a chuckle, rubbing at the back of his head then turns to Morgan and nods. "Couple of days? Sure, that's fine! As long it's with you, I don't mind how long..."

Aurora nuzzles while rubbing Thistle's back.

Hunter stands just beside Sorrel, smirking while pocketing his hands. He gives a side glance down at Sorrel, his red eyes glowing brightly at the boy. "You're absolutely adorable, sweetheart~" He coos in a purr.

Nanurjuk gives a tiny smile, very pleased and proud of himself for getting the name right, cooing at the soft stroking on top of his head. "Uve… Uve good..."

Yuka nuzzles against Juniper, fingers gripping the older male's shirt.

Shades nods with a sympathetic smile, "Yea..." Then it turns into a shy but happy smile, cheeks flushed brightly as he duck his head, fingers tenderly grazing over the wooden lip. "Yea... I love it... It's beautiful... It reminds me so much of the flowers back home... I love it very much..." He smiles warmly down at the wooden box, still his fingers pet the wooden lid. "Thank you..." He pressed the wooden box close to chest.

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Halo eats quietly, and Sasha shoots Mist curious glances every now and then.

"How's Shoko?" Sasha asks finally around a mouthful of scampi.

Halo snorts. "Still sulking."

Sasha hums, picking up an oyster and tipping back.

Thistle whines a bit, drawing into himself unhappily.

Fern glances up, frowning a bit. He shoots Declan a look that Declan stubbornly ignores.

"Mhmm," Juniper hums softly. He moves his hand to stroke the back of his hand against Nanurjuk's cheek gently before squeezing Yuka gently.

Declan breathes out softly, looking relieved. His cheeks stain pale red; it's a charming colour on his cafe-au-lait skin. "I— I'm glad," he says softly. "You're welcome."

A few moments later, Holly trudges over, dragging something behind him.

"Don't drag it like that!" Declan chides, sitting up straighter to shoot Holly an unhappy look.

Holly huffs, glaring off to the side. "It's in the solid case anyway," he mutters, shoving the solid guitar case over to Declan.

"I don't care," Declan says, laying the case down and unlatching it. He pulls an acoustic guitar made of pale wood out. "Don't drag it around like that."

All Holly does is hum as he flops down on the sofa beside Declan, looking disgruntled. Juniper gets the look on his face again, like he wants nothing more than to go to Holly.

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Mist takes a few nibbles, deep in thought before side glancing when they mention about Shoko. He paused mid chew, his thoughts running a bit before taking a steady turn to a calm direction. he takes a deep breath and continues to eat.

Aurora frowns a bit, sucking in her lower lip when Thistle drawing into himself. She wonders if he'll feel better with Fern.

Nanurjuk hums softly as he leans into the touch, content and calm while Yuka gives a mumble coo.

Shades smiles shyly, cheeks flushed brightly as he nods, holding the gift close to his chest.

Tulok and Shades looks where Holly returns, dragging something but found out it's a guitar case within holding an acoustic guitar.

Shades smiles softly at the guitar. "That's a lovely guitar...," he comments.

Nanurjuk looks at Juniper then at Holly and back again. Nanurjuk then reaches up, patting Juniper's cheek softly for attention and once he has it, he says, "'Ant....h-heal...'im…"

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"Aislinn?" Sasha asks a moment later.

Halo pauses, staring out blankly. "He's better, but sick, fevered," he murmurs before shaking his head and picking up a tomato-ricotta tart. He takes a bit; the crunch of the pastry satisfying if the look on Halo's face is anything to go by.

"I'd say good, but…" Sasha says, swirling pasta around his fork. "It doesn't really sound good."

"No, it's good. Upset's burning out of him with the fever. They aren't like us, remember?" Halo assures him.

"I guess," Sasha says delicately.

"I think a few days would be better to start," Morgan says, starting to sound a bit nervous. "Three is good, I think."

Thistle quiets, seeing the guitar. Fern, too, wipes his face.

Declan seems exasperated. "I didn't say I was going to play," he tells them, and Fern pouts, scooting all the way over to lean against Declan.

"Please?" he asks, resting his head against Declan's shoulder, stuffing the hem of his sweater sleeve in his mouth.

"I couldn't play with you leaning against me anyway," Declan says, moving Fern to wrap his arm around Fern's shoulder.

Fern doesn't seem as put out now that Declan is holding him. He snuggles close against his host, whimpering softly. He doesn't sound quite so upset anymore, though, the sound almost pleased.

Declan glances up at Shades, smiling a bit. "Oh, thanks. Playing is one of the ways I self-sooth. Selkies sing to the ocean. Or you know, something like that. I've never done it, but playing, singing, does tend to make me feel better."

Juniper tilts his head, a little bit confused. "Hmm?" He glances over at Holly, who's still fussing with his bandaids. "Holly's okay."

Titus returns Sorrel a few minutes later, and despite the plate of food, Sorrel refuses to let go of him. The sit on the space of the sofa that Fern's just moved away from, and Titus feeds Sorrel bites of tomato-ricotta tart.

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Mist paused once again, listening in on the conversation between the two before placing his fork down, deep in thought. He hums softly before placing the plate on the side and tugs something out or at least part of it. He gives a look over, sucking in his lower lip before reaching further into his bag.

Nick smiles but takes note that a bit of nervousness appearing through Morgan's voice. "Three days sounds fair...," he agrees with him.

Aurora blinks at that, looking at the guitar then at Declan before turning to Shades in question. Though she's very happy neither Thistle or Fern are upset but a bit sad it wasn't her doing. So with that in mind, Aurora shifts and moves to sit beside Declan but asks, "May I...sit with you?"

Shades side glance at Aurora before looking at Decla for approval then smiles at Declan's method to sooth himself. "Yes, I understand... It's the same with me and being in the shadows...," he responds softly, bringing the box close to his chest once more. "I bet your voice is lovely..." He gives a faint flush, looking shyly to the side.

Tulok watches Holly before turning back to Shades and Declan before leaning back into his seat.

Nanurjuk's single eye slowly blinks before ducking his head, feeling a bit frustrated that Juniper doesn't understand him. It was hard to speak the correct words when it's so hard to break from his native tongue. Nanurjuk picks at his shirt while Yuka nuzzles, sleeping happily against Juniper.

Hunter follows along side of them, very content with the smirk on his face is anything to go by. He then settles beside them, lounging back into the sofa beside Sorrel's other side.

6/30/2019 #70

Sasha shrugs but goes back to eating his food, stuffing pasta and shrimp in his mouth.

With that, Halo settles back, nibbling a piece of chicken.

Morgan nods, squeezing Surya. "I'll ask for three days then," he says softly, expression going thoughtful once more.

Declan glances over, and for a moment, his expression isn't entirely readable. Fern squishes in closer, but finally, Declan nods. "Yeah, sure," he says with a small smile. He turns back to Shades with another nod. "Yeah. Uh, well, I have range, that's for sure, and I mean, I like my voice, but people have their preferences, you know?" Despite claiming that he wasn't going to play, his fingers keep fussing with the strings, sliding up and down and forming chords as best he can while he's still holding Fern. Everyone seems more comfortable for it, too.

Even Holly leans over just a bit to watch, gaze intent on the way the metal cuts into the soft pads of Declan's fingers.

Juniper smiles a bit apologetically, moving his hand lower to pat Nanurjuk's back reassuringly.

Titus continues to feed Sorrel small bites of food, the younger shaped fragment refusing to let him do much else.

7/1/2019 #71

Mist takes another bite of his own food before looking over at something in a distance, deep in thought.

Nick smiles and nods. "Three days...," he repeated before side glancing down at Morgan, a curious hum escaped him but nothing else.

Shades gives a quick glance to the floor for a second then smiles timidly and if not shyly as he nods, cheeks flushing faintly. "I love your voice... Your voice is lovely... I do enjoy hearing it whenever you speak... So your singing must be just as beautiful...," he replies softly. Then realized what he just said and ducked his head, hiding his red face behind his box. "U-um, w-what I mean was...what I was trying to say is...I mean..." He groans, piratically screaming in his head to stop talking before it make it even more weird.

Tulok's cheeks turned red as he side glance to the side, rubbing at the back of his head which reveals how Shades feels at the moment.

Nanurjuk pouts a bit but leans into the touch, whining, very pleased at the gesture while Yuka sleeps away.

Hunter reclines beside the two, very content where he sits beside Sorrel's other side while the boy is fed.

7/2/2019 #72

After a few more bites of food, Sasha begins yawning.

"You can go back to sleep if you want," Halo says, testing his okra.

Sasha just shakes his head.

Morgan nods and resumes his earlier action of petting Surya.

Declan stares, pink slowly seeping over his cheeks. Just as slow, a small, shy smile creeps over his face. "Thanks," he says voice soft and shy around the edges. "Maybe— Maybe I'll play something for you sometime."

"Play something fun," Holly insists, already perking up.

"I said sometime, not now," Declan says exasperatedly, rolling his eyes.

Holly pouts, pressing in close. Declan doesn't seem to mind that his fragments are smothering him. "We can do—"

"Later," Declan assures him.

"Or me and Juno—" Holly continues.

Declan hums in agreement.

Juniper huffs softly, the sound light and gentle, bordering on laughter, as he watches Holly argue with Declan. He continues to rub Nanurjuk's back gently.

Sorrel glances over at Holly and Declan in curiosity. He makes a small noise but doesn't speak.

7/2/2019 #73

Mist stays deep in thought but Halo's voice made he look over, smiling a bit softly before returning bac to his plate to continue eating.

Nick hums softly under his breath now, letting his ability keep Morgan cool.

Shades nods against the wooden box that he uses to hide his red face behind while Tulok rubs at the back of his head, cheeks flushing more while he looks sheepish an shy.

"Mhmm," went a mumbled response from a terrible embarrassed and shy Shades. "I...I would love that..." Then he sees Holly is perking up already, he gives a tiny happy smile.

Tulok smiles as well while Aurora sits near by, still holding Thistle while looking miserable but she hid it well with a smile.

Nanurjuk gives a tilt of his head at Juniper before leaning forward to place his forehead against Juniper' shoulder, enjoying the tender touch. Yuka continues to sleep.

Hunter hums at that before looking down at Sorrel and gives a lopsided smile.

7/2/2019 #74

Sasha continues to eat. His pace slows considerably, though, his movements sluggish.

"You can sleep, I don't care," Halo says, taking Sasha's plate and setting it aside. "We'll be up later anyway."

Sasha frowns at him. It's interrupted by a yawn, and Sasha's face pinks up. "Fine," he mumbles, scooting back to lay down. Once again, he presses his head against Halo's thigh, and after a few moments, he's out, breathing soft and even.

Halo's face is faintly blue as he continues to eat.

Morgan sighs softly, glancing up at the steadily darkening sky. "Oh, they're going to light the fires soon," he murmurs.

Declan laughs softly. "Maybe next time then," he says softly. "If we have time." Fern whines sharply, shoving his face into to crook of Declan's neck.

"Something fun!" Holly repeats, sliding off the sofa to move near Juniper.

"Something easy," Juniper insists, rubbing firm but gentle circles against Nanurjuk's back.

Sorrel holds up a finger, then two, then makes a so-so motion with his hand, making Titus laugh.

"Yes, dear," he says, reaching out to cup Sorrel's face gently. "Those are nice ones."

Thistle whines softly before laying his head, albeit a bit defeatedly, against Aurora's shoulder. He hums softly, no discernable tune, the sound nearly lost to the din around them.

7/2/2019 #75

Mist almost finish with his plate but couldn't help but smile when Sasha's begins to become sluggish which Halo caught and assured the boy to sleep. Mist gives a small smile before finishing the last bit of his food.

Nick glances up and smiles a bit. "Oh yea?"

Shades lifts his head, giving a shy smile and brightly flushed face as he nods. "O-okay..."

Tulok smiles, flushing less but still faint on his cheeks.

Aurora blinks down at Thistle before giving a smile though tiny as she continues to hold the toddler close.

Nanurjuk sighs through his nose, leaning against Juniper while Yuka sleeps.

Hunter glance over at Titus with a question on his face.

7/2/2019 #76

"He's nocturnal," Halo explains a moment later around a mouthful of okra. "My body's pretty tolerant to keeping either schedule, I just need to stick to it, but Sasha's pretty miserable most of the time since he's expected to keep a diurnal schedule."

Morgan nods, smiling softly. "Mhmm," he hums softly. "I think you might have to leave before then though." He frowns slightly, tilting his head to the side.

Declan nods, cheeks faintly pink as he grins. "Yeah."

"Something fun!" Holly says, waving a hand enthusiastically.

Juniper laughs, the sound soft as it bubbles up from his chest. "Easy."

"Fun!" Holly insists, his eyes shiny and dark.

"I'm talking about you," Juniper says, squeezing Nanurjuk and Yuka absentmindedly. "Settle down. You're getting all riled up."

"Oh," Holly says, pouting. He crawls forward to lay on his stomach beside Juniper and the kids.

Juniper stares down fondly at him.

Fern continues to hum softly, twirling his fingers in his own hair. He's beginning to look at bit sleepy.

"Songs, sweetheart. Do try to keep up," Titus drawls, his grin sharp. Sorrel whines and prods at Titus, prompting him to laugh. "Okay, okay, dear one. I'll play nice for you." He turns back to Hunter. "Maybe our favourite song," he holds up a single finger, "or maybe one of the other two," he holds up to fingers, then moves his hand in a so-so fashion, perfectly mimicking what Sorrel had done only a few minutes ago.

7/4/2019 #77

Mist nods, remembering Declan and Sasha mention something similar when they first introduced each other. "I understand...," he gives a small smile, nodding before humming in deep in thought. "Um...can there be visitation at night?" He asked Halo, looking unsure but also curious. He doesn't want to see Sasha miserable but he doesn't know if Shoko can come out at night. Which is why he's asking, curious.

Nick smiles down at Morgan. "It's alright... As sad as I am to leave, I'm still very happy to spend time with you..."

Shades smiles shyly, the red in his cheeks glowed more against his pale skin while he hugs the box against his chest.

Tulok blinks before smiling at Holly, feeling happy and content.

Nanurjuk blinks his eyes slowly before curling against Juniper tighter, nuzzling his cheek against the older male's shoulder. Yuka sleeps on peacefully against Juniper's chest.

Aurora gazes at Fern before gazing down at Thistle that she holds close and dear.

Hunter is unfazed by that but he replies with an understanding tone, "Ahh... Well at first I wasn't sure what you two were talking about since the conversation to me was a bit vague and I am still learning..." Nods, bowing his head just slightly. "Now I understand so thank you for explaining to me..."

7/5/2019 . Edited 7/5/2019 #78

Halo shrugs. "The restrictions for visitation depend on a person's behavioral history and whether or not we, knowing that history, are willing to petition for that particular time or place." He shakes his head, giving Sasha a pat before standing. "It's time," he says. He waits for Mist before starting in the direction of the gate.

Morgan sits up finally, nodding with a shy smile. "Yeah," he agrees softly. "It's been nice." He stretches, glancing at Nick expectantly.

Declan's smile slips a bit as he glances up. "Well, that's time, I think. C'mon, I'll walk you." He stands, and Fern is quick to scoot into Declan's spot, taking and fussing with the guitar that Declan's set aside.

Juniper pats Nanurjuk's back gently. "C'mon," he says softly, waiting for Nanurjuk to climb off him before passing Yuka back to Tulok.

Thistle whines, squirms, reaching for Juniper, who takes him wordlessly.

Sorrel blinks, glancing over and pouting. "Well, that is time, dear. You remember how messy things got with..."

Sorrel stops pouting, expression sobering as he nods. He sits up a bit, reaching over to touch Hunter's cheek gently, fingertips cold as sea water. "Bye," he says softly, voice hardly louder than a breath before dropping his hand and waving.

"Till next time, sweetheart," Titus says with a grin, his teeth sharp even in the low light of he steadily deepening twilight.

7/5/2019 #79

Mist nods, understanding what Halo is saying before blinking then climbs to his feet, shrugging his bag onto his shoulder before walking over to the garbage, dropping the trash into it before following Halo.

Nick sighs a bit, smiling as he nods before standing along side Morgan, stretching as well before turning with Morgan walking back to the gate.

Shades nods, biting his lower lip, feeling sad to be going so soon but he stands without a word.

Nanurjuk whines a bit before standing onto his feet, blinking back sleep as Yuka whimpers, fingers gripping onto Juniper's shirt as the toddler is handed to Tulok who gives a small smile at the sleepy child in his arms.

Hunter sighs a bit, feeling a pout growing on his lips, not wanting to leave just yet, wanting to stay and be around Sorrel and Titus a moment longer. Though he knows if he doesn't follow, it would only cause more trouble for his host and Sorrel's and Titus' host.

Aurora gives a tiny smile as she carefully places Thistle in Juniper's arms, "See you soon..." She gives Thistle one last nuzzle before straightening, waving at Fern before walking after Tulok carrying Yuka and Nanurjuk.

Hunter stares at Sorrel, eyes turning dark red before his usual smirk appears as he touches Sorrel in return. "See you later, sweetheart~" He coos softly to the boy, leaning forward, bumping his head against Sorrel's softly then stands. His smirk widen as he gaze at Titus. "Oh yes, till next time indeed~" He purrs as he follows the others.

7/5/2019 #80

Morgan is already waiting with Nick at the gate before Halo and Mist get there. Halo seems a little exasperated by it, but he waits patiently for Declan to show up with Shades before swinging it open.

"See ya," Halo says evenly. He seems less hostile, less irritated than before.

Morgan waves shyly. "Bye."

Declan smiles at Shades, eyes shiny and dark. "We'll see you next time," he says softly.

Halo waits for them to exit before swinging the door shut. The Property remains, though, instead of disappearing the way it usually does. It's radiant in the twilight, shimmering with magic as the guests leave.

7/5/2019 #81

Mist gives a small smile and nods in respect. "Have a good day... See you again," he responds back.

Nick smiles warmly and he nods, saying happily, "See you soon."

Shades smiles shyly, blushing brightly, nods as all his fragments instantly disappear back into him. "Yea...see you next time," he says softly before all three leave together.

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