the farm house
the farm house
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They make the walk to the Farm House quick.

The fragments startle, especially Wyatt and Leilani.

Halo stares awkwardly. "Sorry. It's just us." Not wanting to agitate them further, he leads Mist and Sasha into the living room where he gestures for Mist to sit. "I'll get you some tea."

Sasha trails after him but returns only a few moments later with a thick, plush throw that draps awkwardly. He settles it over Mist before taking a wire and plugging it in and setting it to low so as to not shock Mist's system any further. When that's done, he plops down beside Mist and cuddles into him, purring loudly. The earth-natural is warm, just a bit more than a normal person.

"Is that better?" he asks softly.

Morgan nods, clutching Surya to him. Surya doesn't seem to mind as he chitters contently, soaking up warmth.

Caleb returns a few moments later, passing out blankets. "I can get tea, if anyone needs it," he says, doing his best to sound diplomatic. If falls a little flat, though, when he sees how forlorn Shiro looks, when he sees how empty Kayden's gaze is.

He wants nothing more than to grab both kids up and take them away. He falters, realizing suddenly that they aren't kids anymore. They're older, nineteen and hurt, mature and aching.

He turns back to the group, waiting on their answer.

Amir takes another drag of his cigarette, exhaling slowly. "Is that so, little bitch? You think that your half-assed proclamation of lukewarm affection is gonna put Kayden back to normal?" He laughs, the sound empty. "You can certainly try, can't you? Alright. Standard rules apply. If Kayden decides he still wants to petition for you, we can still hurt him if you act like a dumbass, you just get a bit more leeway, like the brats who are always giving Declan a goddamn existential crisis. Kayden's still responsible for you and your fuck ups, as are the others who petition. Keep it in mind, but otherwise, it's been noted that you've changed your mind. Go on now, quit bothering us."

Emil snorts softly, looking amused. "Well, that's more fun for us."

"Just another headache to me," Amir says. He seems a bit more tame than Emil but more dangerous, like sleeping tiger, dangerous but calm if unprovoked.

"Exciting, exciting!" Adora chirps, looking giddy. "I want to watch next time, Ami!"

Clearly, the lot don't have a lot of faith in Fred.

"My circulation's cut off by a tie.

I don't get what you're saying and I can't read minds,

So we chalk it up to we're both kinda shy

Now, her situation's no harder than mine.

It's just harder and farther to fall behind

When I'm talking to you and you say we'll be fine

…but I don't think so."

Declan looks so comfortable as he plays, his voice steadying and losing its breathiness as he sings a bit louder. His voice is full, as rich as the guitar he's playing.

The calm that washes over his fragments is palpable, the look completely at ease listening to their host play and sing.

"Ya sure? I can grab you something to calm your nerves a bit — lavender, chamomile, rose, passion fruit. It'll help warm your insides," Ethan says softly.

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Mist trembles and violently shakes as he follows, his breaths becoming long and slow, leaving white wisps and mists in their wake.

He feels drowsy and weak as he tries to keep himself warm while following Halo and Sasha as best as he could while his long white misty hair turns into ice, dragging behind him which cause the extra weight to make him walk slower still he fought it.

Once inside, he wish he could properly greet Wyatt and Leilani but at the moment his mind is elsewhere and his body feels more like steel weights than light as air like he originally was. His long hair scraped the floor, leaving tiny snowflakes before they melt into tiny water droplets or small puddle.

His body still feels cold but he's starting to warm up even if slowly.

Once Halo gesture him to sit, Mist mentally apologizes as he knows he's leaving a wet trail and ruining the fabric of the furniture before sitting down, his frozen and now slowly thawing body sinks into the cushion, his now wet clothes soaking his seat.

Mist shivered, his teeth click against each other as his body tries to reheat itself within the warm of the Farm House.

Then he felt something drapes over him awkwardly which cause him to look, seeing Sasha plugging a cord before setting a dial on the blanket about his shoulders on low. Mist shudders as slow heat seeps into his frame. Mist gives a long sigh through his nose though his tremble hasn't stopped but still it's something.

Suddenly Sasha plops beside him, cuddles up to him, purring loudly which made him smile though shaky since he's still trembling as he body tries to warm itself up along with the heating blanket. Mist smiles at Sasha's question before nodding.

"Y-yes...," he stutters, feeling much warmer now that Sasha's warm body heat is aiding the process. "T-thank you..." He sighs contently though his body still shivering.

Nick then rests comfortable beside Morgan, watching the boy with caring and careful eyes.

Si and Winter looks up when Caleb returns with blankets and both take them.

"Thank you...," Winter says meekly, keeping his eyes down before throwing it over Rosado.

"Yes, thank you..," Si says gratefully before throwing the blanket over Phil.

Even Torle joins in by throwing his ow blanket over the two. None of the three use the blankets.

"We're fine," Si responds to Caleb softly, nodding his thanks.

"But some tea would be nice for them since they're much more sensitive to the cold than we are...," Winter says timidly as he gaze to the floor but has a worried look as he gestures to Rosado and Phil who shakes violently.

Torle did his best to allow them snuggle up to him, allowing his warmth to warm them.

Si nods at Winter's suggestion. "Yes, please," Si says politely to Caleb.

Phil violently shakes and Rosado buries deeper into the embrace of the blanket they are given.

Fred felt an giddy warm sensation at the notation that he's giving the okay to stay but he understands this is where it gets rough. He gets it and he will walk the path he created for himself, takin whatever comes his way.

So with a nod and a yes sir, Fred turns and walks back to his seat.

Shades listens carefully to the lyrics, sensing a kinship to it while calm settles through him and his fragment as they listened as well.

A ghost of a lopsided smile appears on his lips though small as he shakes his head. "Nah, it's alright...," he says softly. "Really...this is fine... Thanks for the offer..." Then he buries half of his face into the blanket, soaking up the warmth and scent surrounding him.

A warm familiar sensation bubbles within him whenever Ethan tries to take care of him but he quickly dampens it so it won't over take him. This one of the many reasons why he loves Ethan so much.

But at the moment, Zed's just content with the blanket. He doesn't want to overstep Ethan's kindness like before. Not this time.

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"Do you want me to turn it up?" Sasha asks, peering at Mist with large eyes. Talking over his purring makes his voice stutter a bit, like maybe he's having heart palpitations.

"Here, I brought you some … tea. It was out of a green tea tin. It has blueberry, mint, and eucalyptus," Halo says, holding the mug out to Mist. It's still steaming.

"Halo," Sasha chides, looking exasperated and worried. "Put something around it. He'll burn his hands."

Halo is surprisingly okay with the tone Sasha takes with him. "Oh, right," he says, setting the mug on the table before rushing off and returning with a small dish towel. He wraps the mug up before handing it to Mist.

Gentle and muted, the warmth seeps into Mist's hands.

Exhaling slowly, Morgan loosens his grip on Surya. He offers Nick an apologetic look. "Sorry," he says softly.

Caleb nods before walking off.

It takes him a few minutes to return, but when he does, he's balancing two styrofoam cups and a cordless space heater. He hands over the cups before setting up the space heater on the hottest setting to chase away the cold before retaking his seat beside Shiro.

He feels a sense of sickening, nauseating déjà-vu, being huddled around Shiro like this, seeing Kayden so defeated. "Lani would like it if you sent Maya," he says abruptly, desperate to change the out come a second time around.

"Of course," Kayden says softly, not lifting his gaze from his cup.

"Thanks," Shiro says, voice a bit small.

Kayden glances up finally, eyes sad. "Of course, he repeats as if he couldn't even fathom anything less.

"A glass of wine made your Sunday calm.

I think it's asinine to say that nothing's wrong

('cause something's wrong).

Insensitive some would say.

Tentative as one mistake,

I made a huge mistake."

Even in the dark, Declan doesn't miss a single note, doesn't mess up a single chord. His playing is flawless, skillful, his voice steady and even. It's clearly a song he plays a lot.

Holly and Juniper hum softly while Sorrel and Fern are content to just listen.

Ethan stares before nodding slowly. "Okay," he says, settling back against the sofa. "If you're sure."

8/9/2019 #63

Mist holds back a squeal at how adorable Sasha looks and sounds. He would have hugged the boy then even weren't for him feeling absolutely freezing at the moment.

Though Mist takes note that he's slowly starting to thaw more but he's still freezing cold.

Mist gives a grateful nod. " you...," he shivers out through chattering teeth, huddling deeper into the throw heating blanket for more warmth.

When Halo returns with a mug of steaming blueberry flavored teat with mint and eucalyptus. Mist gives a grateful smile at Halo for the thoughtful care of finding his once again favorite flavor, hell he was even blushing when Halo actually keep surprising him of that sweet act. Quickly Mist takes note that if he was blushing, feeling the hot heat rising into his face then that means he's getting better thought slowly.

Mist blinks at Sasha before giving a sweet smile, mentally chuckling at the two as Halo returns with a dish towel to wrap the mug before handing it to him. It's the most sweetest gesture from both of them he never felt more happy now.

He's still cold.

"T-thank you..," Mist smiles at Halo for the tea then blow at it before taking a careful sip, shuddering at the hot blueberry, mint and eucalyptus tea pours down his throat, settling in his belly, warming his core. He sighs, feeling the hot heat of the tea warming him.

Nick gives a sweet smile back. "It's fine..," he assures Morgan tenderly.

Si turns when Caleb returns, taking the cups with a soft, "Thank you..." He then hands them over to Rosado and Phil who is placed before the heater by Torle and Winter.

Both shivered as they huddle over the life saving machine, blowing on hot steaming teas and taking sips.

Winter and Torle keeps a careful watch over the two while Si turns to a returning Fred from where he walked from.

Fred wraps himself as he got closer, shivering but says nothing as he returns back to his seat in silence.

Si frowns a bit at this but remains quiet then turns to the others.

Shades continues to shut his eyes, listening tentatively to each word sang to him, feeling each strum of the strings of the guitar in Declan's hold while softly humming along without realizing it.

His own fragments; Tulok rocking a now sleepy Yiuka, Hunter glance over at Sorrel look content now and Aurora smiling at Fern while giving a gentle nuzzle to Thistle in her arms.

Zed nods with hum. "Yea...I'm sure...," he mumbles softly, burying deeper into the blanket, contempt.

8/9/2019 #64

"Halo, can you turn the heater up and grab some towels and some warm clothes?" Sasha asks.

Halo nods. "Okay." He turns the electric blanket to medium before darting off.

It takes him a little longer to return, but he does eventually, with several thick, fluffy towels and a dark sweatshirt, white undershirt, and a pair of black sweatpants.

Sasha nods. "You can change in the guest bathroom if you want or you can change in here."

"It doesn't matter too much," Halo says.

"Which ever's more comfortable," Sasha corrects.

Morgan looks like he doesn't quite believe Nick, but he nods. "Okay," he says, voice soft and muted.

Caleb sits, stares at Kayden and Shiro, desperate to make them feel better. "Kayden?" he prompts softly.

Kayden's eyes flash. "I'm fine," he snaps sharply in a way he hasn't since the very beginning, since he'd been fifteen-year-old vampire with daddy issues.

"Okay, you're fine," Caleb says quickly, noting how Shiro tenses between them.

Kayden stares, clearly not sure what to make of Caleb's willingness to agree. Finally, he nods, choosing to take the agreement at face value. "I am," he repeats, softer, gentler, but in a distinctly cool tone that he (similarly) hasn't heard since Kayden was fifteen.

"How— How was everyone?" Shiro asks, voice equally soft, subdued and muted with anxiety.

"Better," Caleb says, wishing more than anything for Shiro to be anything other than downright terrified. Shiro being angry was better than him being an anxious wreck. "Everyone but Cameron and Rory were healed up, but Cam and Rory looked like they were regenerating well. I didn't see— I didn't see Shoko or Aislinn."

Kayden snorts softly, the sound slightly superior. God, he's going to be insufferable. Still, Caleb's worry outweighs his annoyance. "Of course you didn't. Aislinn is sleeping. They put him up in the Fragment house."

"Shoko is probably with him," Shiro murmurs, pressing against Kayden's side like that alone could fix Kayden's current personality issues.

Caleb nods, panic, desperation, clawing at his guts. "Right, that makes sense."

"My circulation's cut off by the tie.

I don't get what you're saying and I can't read minds,

So we chalk it up to we're both kinda shy

Now, her situation's no harder than mine.

It's just harder and farther to fall behind

When I'm talking to you and you say we'll be fine

…but I don't think so."

The strumming spills into a short solo at which point Declan's strumming falters before slowing to a stop.

He feels better, considerably better. He glances at Shades, shy almost as he awaits judgment.

Holly squirms, nearly waking Olivine. "Oh, he says abruptly. "I should take Olive inside. It got cold."

"Me, too," Fern says, hefting Chalcedony up.

"Don't be too long," Juniper calls.

"We won't!" Holly says cheerfully as he and Fern carry Olivine and Chalcedony to the Fragment House.

"Okay," Ethan repeats before falling quiet.

He stares up at the sky, watching the fireworks pick up, crescendoing to the grand finale, a dazzling display of fireworks lighting up the sky.

8/9/2019 #65

Mist shivers once more when the heat increased but he sighs, the shivering not becoming less.

Mist felt his clothes begin to sag and soak from the frost that coated them and his hair is becoming dead weight now that it is drenched from the melting ice, causing a puddle to appear. Mist winces at that, feeling terrible seeing the hardwood floor and carpet getting stained by the water. He doesn't like causing trouble for others.

When Halo returns to him some thick fluffy towels and dry warm clothes he gives a grateful smile to both of them. "Thank you both...," he say warmly, so very grateful not only to have Shoko but also Halo and Sasha as well. He nods at them, taking one last sip of his hot tea, enjoying the effects it's causing within his own body, he set it down on the coffee table before him before standing. He shivered when cool air grazed his exposed parts of himself even though it's clothed. He gives a apologetic smile.

"I'm sorry for the mess," he says, nodding towards the very growing puddle that surrounds his now drenched hair. "If it's alright with can you aid me towards the guest bathroom? I..need to care of something first before I change..." And when he says aid, he means he needs help with his hair. It's extremely long and went wet, it weighs a ton. It's dead weight now it won't dry unless surrounded by extreme heat which will take a while since it's late in the evening until the sun comes up.

Nick gives a loving smile before asking, "May I pat your hand?"

Si gazes at Kayden and Shiro with concern for them then gaze at Rosado and Phil who is being constantly around the clock care by Torle and Winter to make sure the two are alright, especially Phil. Phil looks half asleep but still conscious.

Fred's perk forward before pressing back against his head.

When the singing stops and Declan's comes to slow faltering end, Shades slowly blinks before looking toward Declan with wide red eyes of wonder and adoration.

"That amazing," Shades says in awe then shifts in his seat, ducking his head as faint heat touched his cheeks and face. "Your playing was absolutely tremendous and...and...," Shades then ducks his shyly, his face turning beet red, heating it up. "...and your voice is just...beautiful..." There he said it. It was so embarrassing but he didn't lie. He loved it. He loved every minute of it. He would to hear that voice again.

Tulok blinks at Holly as he watches him leave, still he gives a small smile while Yuka coos sleepily in his arms.

Hunter glance over Sorrel as the two fragments leads the other two back into the Fragment house.

Aurora smiles as she watches Fern leave to take Chalcedony inside while hold Thistle close to her.

Zed watches along side of him, gazing at the crescendoing fireworks, naming the many colors as he sees, feeling content and calm now that he's near Ethan again.

8/9/2019 #66

Halo nods before looking to Sasha helplessly.

Sasha sighs and slides off the sofa, shooting Halo an exasperated sigh. "Alright."

"You're better at this stuff that I am," Halo says, checks flushing light blue.

Sasha smiles, his exasperation softening to fondness. "Yeah, I know." He shrugs his sweatshirt off and offers Mist a small smile. "I'll help you," he says softly.

Morgan glances over at him shyly. "Okay," he says softly.

Kayden glances at Declan then Morgan, sighing softly. "That poor group," he sighs softly. "The new set of outsiders are going to tear them apart."

"They're not," Caleb insists, chest aching at the sharp gleam in Kayden's eyes. "They seem very nice. Morgan and Declan and Halo seem happy."

Kayden snorts, shooting Caleb a look that makes it clear he thinks Caleb is being stupid. "Yeah. So did we because they acted perfectly nice in the beginning. Now look at us. Shiro's a wreck, I'm not right, and you don't trust anyone."

"I trust plenty of people," Caleb says exasperatedly.

"Oh, yeah? Name someone who isn't me or Shiro," Kayden snaps back.

Caleb falters. He trusts plenty of people, he does.

"Exactly," Kayden says sharply, smugly. "You can't."

"I do trust people," Caleb says, willing himself to calm. "I still trust people and care about them, and I still like being helpful—"

"Oh, yeah, the resident therapy mutt," Kayden snaps hotly. His cup goes crashing to the grass, the lid popping and tea spilling all over the grass, the light, floral scent of chamomile wafting up. "I'm going inside. You stick around them if you want, but I'm not going to let them hurt me anymore."

"Kayden," Caleb calls, but Kayden is up the steps and inside the house without a single backwards glance.

"He's just mad," Shiro says softly, scooting over to press against Caleb.

"Well, so am I and so are you, but neither of us are throwing tantrums," Caleb says sensibly, holding onto his anger because if he doesn't, he'll panic.

"We're not unbalanced," Shiro says softly. "I bet Maya and Maribell are pissed, and I don't think Adrian's really in the place to keep them in check."

Caleb exhales sharply. "Right," he says softly. "Right, I'm sorry, come here." He pulls Shiro onto his lap.

Shiro folds into him like a child, and Caleb wishes desperately that he was, once again, a child. Maybe then Caleb could make things better this time around.

But Shiro isn't a child anymore.

Caleb exhales sharply, the breath stuttering out of him as he buries his face in Shiro's hair. "I wish you were a baby again," he admits softly, squeezing at Shiro's hips, his waist, remembering how small Shiro used to be, scrawny instead of lean, bony instead of toned. "I wish you were soft and little, so I could take better care of you."

He isn't sure if he feels wetness against his collar bones or if he's just imagining it. "That'd be nice," Shiro whispers, his breath hot against Caleb's neck. "But it's okay. You did you best. It's not your fault."

"It's not your fault either," Caleb says firmly, squeezing him tightly, and in the back of his mind he thinks that he could've done better, he could've done a lot better.

Declan's face flushes darkly. "Thanks," says softly, embarrassment curling in his stomach alongside mild, slightly surprising pleasure. "I appreciate it. That's one of my favourite songs."

Juniper nods, kissing the top of Sorrel's head. Sorrel squirms out of Juniper's hold to lay down and splay out beside him. Smiling softly, Juniper reaches down to card his fingers through Sorrel's hair.

Declan is filled with relief to see Sorrel so calm, so content.

The sky goes dark, and the fences light up with fairy lights, providing a soft, muted glow.

"It'll be getting time to leave soon," Ethan says softly. "Ya wanna grab something to take back?"

8/10/2019 #67

Mist smiles a bit before biting his lower lip, keeping himself from giggling at the adorable sight of Halo blushing even though it's faint. He finds this awkward blushing Halo sweet and if not cute.

Mist gives a happy and grateful smile to Sasha. "Thank you...," he says softly as he bends over and lifts his hair on his end though it wasn't easy since the hair is beyond heavy now that it's drenched in melted ice. He gathers as much as he could before waiting for Sasha to lead him away towards the guest bathroom since he never seen anymore part of the house expect this room.

Nick smiles even more, tenderly and lovingly at him and reaches over, gently patting the back of Morgan's hand.

Si's eyes widen, nearly forgotten how Kayden can be when he's beyond upset, hurt and betrayed.

Torle didn't seemed stunned by that since he understands Kayden's feelings and focus on keeping both Phil and Rosado warm.

Winter winces, anger growing within him by the insults throwing at Shades and Mist's way. Even Rosado stiffen, his cup mid pause in the air before he continued drinking his tea. These two he will defend. Shades and Mist are just as innocent as Kayden and them. But now thinking about it, he has no right to since he did defended another twin that hurt them in the first place so he kept quiet and focus on Rosado right now.

Phil curls within himself, he shudders and shakes trying to keep warm while holding back a soft cry at Kayden's words.

Fred bits back a bite from that insult but he knows being angry at someone who has the right to be won't change anything so he remains quiet.

What could any of them say? After what Kayden said? Hearing Caleb comforting Shiro and wishing he done better to protect them? All they know is that road ahead of them will be difficult and painful but they hope they would at least ease everyone's pain even if they have to be in pain to make them better.

Si sighs through his nose as he watches Kayden dash back into the house before returning his gaze to the property, noticing the lights on the fence coming on. It's getting close for them to leave.

Shades blushes brightly, ducking his head shyly. "It's a meaningful song...," and he means it. That song he feels a kinship towards it and understands what the song is saying.

Tulok smiles a bit more as Yuka coos softly in his arms, looking around with his large black eyes.

Hunter sits down though not far from Sorrel as he watches the boy fondly.

Aurora grins, nuzzling Thistle with a soft coo while holding him close.

Zed's ears perk up as he glance around him, noticing the fairy lights on the fence, too before turning back to Ethan, nodding. "Yea...sure...," then stands, keeping the blanket wrapped around him as he walks over the table, each footstep crunched under his weight as the frost and ice cracks and pops.

8/10/2019 #68

Sasha does his best to help gather up Mist's hair, before leading him to the guest bathroom.

It's a large, spacious bathroom made of pale, blond wood and light blue granite and light blue paint. It smells faintly of lemon.

Halo follows them only to put the pajamas on the counter before heading back to the living room.

Sasha guides Mist to the alcove tub before speaking. "I can try wringing it out and then brushing it, but I think that might take too long. Is there anything else I can do?"

Morgan's face goes baby pink, and he squeezes Surya gently before clearing his throat. "Um, definitely ask about spending the night," he says softly in an attempt to distract himself. "Autumn will be setting in soon, and it's very nice. Maybe we can bake an apple pie. Or I have maple syrup. Maybe we can do something with that."

Caleb sits, holding Shiro to him like the boy is going to run off like Kayden has.

Mutt. God, Kayden hasn't called him that in years, especially not like that, with the intention to hurt. It had always been fond, a slur reclaimed and turned into a sweet term of endearment.

Caleb's breath stutters out of him.


Years of backlogged punishment seep into his very core, and Cameron and Rory, his softest parts, ache deeply. The foundation of his hope is cracked, and if he, the one put through the least pain, feels this way, how must Kayden and Shiro feel?

I was never enough.

His chest aches as he recalls Kayden's tired, defeated tone.


"Stop overthinking," Shiro murmurs. "We'll be fine. Aislinn will wake eventually. None of 'em sleep forever."

"I can't help it. I just— I wanted to do better," Caleb says softly. "I didn't want you two to hurt anymore, and here we are. Aislinn and all of you."

"We're always going to hurt," Shiro says, sounding tired. "I appreciate that you care so much, though. I always have. You and Kayden— You guys've always accepted me, no matter what."

Caleb shrugs, drawing Shiro in closer. "How could I not? You were just a baby. You just needed someone to love you."

"Yeah, well, that was just too much to ask apparently, considering my annoying, sparky personality," Shiro says, voice low and so full of self-loathing it stings.

"I always liked that about you," Caleb says softly. "You were so full of life, and I loved it. And I know Kayden did, too. I'm sorry the other people in your life couldn't appreciate it."

Shiro shivers against him, shaking with the effort of not crying.

"It's okay," Caleb murmurs, burying his face in Shiro's hair and breathing deeply. He smells like ozone — sharp and chemical and clean and sweet. "We'll be okay."

Shiro nods, but doubt fills the air around them along with the faint glow of the fairy lights.

Declan's eyes light up, shining even in the weak glow of the distant fairy lights. "You think so? Thanks," he says. "It means a lot to me."

"The lights," Juniper minds.

Sorrel whines a bit, stretching rather cattily.

Declan blinks. "Oh. Right. It's almost time to go," he tells Shades. "Does anyone want to grab something to eat or drink?"

Ethan nods, leaving his blanket as he follows Zed to the food table.

"I made mini-apple pies," he says, pointing out round hand pies with lattice tops. "They'll be good reheated and eaten with a dollop of vanilla ice cream."

8/10/2019 #69

Mist smiles happily at both Sasha and Halo as he enters the guest bathroom, looks around in a awe at the spacious room, already feeling at home at the feeling.

Mist then place his hair into the alcove tub and waited for Sasha to do the same. Mist gives a smile and nods of thanks to Halo before leaves then set his warm gaze to Sasha.

"Oh I know, trust me," Mist giggles at his own joke about how it took to dry his own hair when he was younger before smiling down at Sasha. "But yes, there is something you can do for me..." Then sits on the lip of the tub, back to the tub before looking at Sasha with a smile. "Can you cut my hair?" And points to where Sasha can cut which is just below the nap of his neck. "My will take a long time to dry and the only few ways to do it is either drying manually, asking a fire user to heat it until it turns into mist or cut it..." He lips his lips, waiting for Sasha's answer.

Nick gives a soft chuckle. "I'll ask," he promised. "That's sounds really fun! I can only imagine how beautiful your place looks during autumn... And mmm, apple pie and maple syrup sounds delicious!" He chuckles. "Now I really can't wait!"

Si listens on to the conversation while Torle does the same with Winter as both try to keep Rosado and Phil warm.

Fred's ears pressed against his head as he listens, trembling as he wants to say something, anything but what could he say?

Si watches on, thinking before turning to the others. "Get everyone ready... We're about to leave," Si commands softly which Winter and Torle nods.

Both Rosado and Phil shivered and shake under their watchful eye, soaking up as much heat as they could. Phil was getting sleepy and Rosado's pink hair seem to be fading while the flower pinned into his locks seem to be wilting.

Si then looks at Fred before looking back at Caleb and Shiro, looking on with concern and shame, knowing nothing he could say would do any good. Not until they actually spoke in their visitation but he doubts if they will.

Shades stares, loving the way how Declan's eyes light up, brighter than the faint lights of the fairy lights which cause his face to turn deep red. He quickly ducks his head, hiding it behind his bent knees, nodding. "You're welcome...," he replies in a muffle behind his legs.

Tulok blinks at the lights that Juniper mentioned. Hunter and Aurora gaze over while Yuka gives a confused coo.

When he hears it's almost time to go, Shades is devastate. He doesn't want to leave yet. He wants to stay a little more. He's worried and relieved about Declan but he understands and staying any longer would be more trouble than good. Still though...

"I wish we didn't have to leave..," Shades mumbles sadly as Aurora clutched Thistle tighter to indicate how much he really feels. But Shades quickly smiles a bit, nodding as he stands. "Well did I say I always want to try everyone's cooking..." He chuckles softly though it sounds faint.

Aurora gives a soft whine, not wanting to disturb the sleeping Thistle while Tulok holding Yuka and Hunter stands.

Zed gives a smile even though it's small and a faint purr can be heard while his tail swish back and forth.

A familiar glint in his green eyes as they brighten as Ethan mention of his homemade baked goods as warm memories flood back, causing him to choke up but he quickly swallows and nods.

"Sounds good...," then walks over towards the pies. To eat Ethan home cooked pastries once again was heaven to him. He will enjoy every second of it.

8/10/2019 #70

Sasha blinks, looking startled. "Oh," he stammers, "okay. Sure."

He begins rummaging through one of the drawers before pulling out a small hair cutting kit. He's nervous, but his hands are steady as he gathers up Mist's hair.

Loud snips echo as Sasha cuts. He seems to know what he's doing as he cuts, lifting here and snipping there and separating that. When he's done, Mist's hair is left in a messy but cute bob, just slightly longer in the front than in the back.

"Is— Is that okay?" he asks nervously as he begins cleaning off the scissors and putting them away.

Morgan's face pinks up a bit more as he nods. "Me either," he says softly, shyly.

Caleb glances up before easing Shiro off of him. He sheds his sweatshirt, pulling it on Shiro easily. "I'll be right back," he says, kissing Shiro's cheek gently.

"Okay," Shiro says, nervous to be alone. He fidgets with the strings of the sweatshirt, eyes trailing Caleb anxiously.

Caleb stares at the guests. Outsiders. For the first time, he understand why they're called that. They're strangers, suspicious, untrustworthy.

He inclines his head towards the gate, leading them over wordlessly.

Amir is waiting for them at the gate.

"They need to leave," Caleb says, the words much sharper than he intends for them to be.

"Other three aren't here," Amir says shortly. He smells like rose and jasmine incense.

"They need to go. They don't do well in the cold," Caleb says, gesturing to Rosado and Phil.

"Dogs are dirty, disgusting things, you know," Amir says, raking his gaze up and down Caleb in displeasure. "They're meant for hunting and herding and are to be kept outside. Maybe we should throw you out along with them, hmm?"

Caleb bites his tongue.

Amir hums softly when Caleb doesn't take the bait. "Alright, they can go."

The gate swings open wordlessly, and Caleb stays only long enough to watch them all step out before returning back to Shiro without a single goodbye.

"Fuckin' outsiders," Amir mutters to himself while he waits for the other three.

Declan smiles softly. "It's okay," he says softly. "We'll see you next time, okay?" He sets his guitar aside and stands to lead everyone to the food and drink tables. "Take as much as you want."

Juniper puts his arms out for Thistle wordlessly, and Sorrel stretches again before huddling into a tiny ball. He looks comfortable, though, content with his back presses against Juniper's thigh.

Ethan nods, waiting patiently for Zed to pack up any food or pastries that he wants to take home.

8/10/2019 #71

Mist smiles warmly as he waits patiently as Sasha rummaging through to find hair cutting scissors before standing at his side and begins to cut.

Mist smiles as he feels each strand snapping off from his shoulders, lightening the weight from his aching scalp. Once done, he sighs with relief as his braided hair falls into the tub with a loud splash. The hair instead of turning instantly into mist, it turned into water instead which created a good amount of water before it falls into the drain, leaving few of Mist's gray hair pins and stretchy bands.

Mist smiles as he stands, looking into the mirror to look over Sasha's work. It was nothing he isn't use to but it find it cute and light. His hair will grow back as always if not even longer than before so he will enjoy the cute bob cut.

Mist smiles brightly at Sasha as he says warmly, "It's perfect, thank you..." He shakes his head, letting his wavy hair swish in front of his eyes before framing his face, making him appear much younger than with his hair long. "I love it..." Then bends over and picks up his pins and hair bands. He looks unsure if he should show some time of affection to Sasha but he asks anyways, "May I show my gratitude for the aid?" He's always want to nuzzle or hug Sasha but still he has some common curtsy and manners. It's always good to be polite as his mother would always say.

Nick chuckles softly before blinking over at the others leaving before sighing. "I's time for me to go now...," he says sadly. He doesn't want to leave but he has to. At least there's next time and Morgan and him would have an awesome sleep over.

"Si...," Winter calls in a panic worry as Rosado looks really weak, wilting slowly away in the cold while Phil shivered and trembled in Torle's grasp.

Fred bit his lower lip as he watches his brother but his green eyes did darken with concern for his twin's wellbeing.

"What should we do?" Torle asks softly to Si, worry written over his face.

"We need to get them going," Si says like a professional doctor that he is as he looks them over. "They can't stand this type of cold any longer...not without proper wear..." Then Si notices Caleb and nods before commanding every to follow.

Both Winter and Torle nod as they aid Phil and Rosado onto their feet though with Torle gathering a still trembling Phil into his arms and Winter kneeling, placing Rosado onto his back. He's strong for someone who looks like he could break easily.

Fred gets up and follows but more close to Torle's side as he side glance at Phil who's becoming more sleepy every second they walk through the chilly air.

Once they reached the gate, they noticed Amir is already there waiting. Torle, Winter and Si hold back their tongue as well at the insults flying at Caleb's way but they silently applauded Caleb from not indulging Amir by respond to his harsh taunt.

With a nod, all of them walked but not before Winter and Si thanked Caleb before leaving altogether.

Shades gives a smile and nods as he looks around what to take with him. The last food they've packed with them was pretty good and this is even more so. So with careful though, Shades packed amount for everyone to try at home.

Tulok smiles as Yuka begins to nibble on one of the food while Hunter hums, not exactly thrilled of leaving Sorrel.

Aurora whines a bit but she reluctantly place Thistle into Juniper's hands but not before giving the toddler a kiss on the forehead then rushed after her host.

Zed did just that

8/10/2019 #72

Sasha's face pinks up a bit,. "I'm glad you like it!" he says softly.

He startled a bit at Mist's question. "Um, sure?" he agrees, looking a bit nervous.

Morgan nods. "Yeah," he says, hefting Surya up. "I'll walk you over. Do you want to take something to go first?"

Declan waits patiently, watching Shades pack up food.

He startles when Ethan greets him. "Hey."

Declan's stomach churns, dread creeping in. "Oh, hey," he says a bit awkwardly.

"Sam misses ya," Ethan says, glancing at him curiously.

"Oh." Declan is at a loss for words.

"You can come around, I don't bite," Ethan teases gently.

It's not you I'm worried about, Declan wants to say. Instead, he bites his tongue.

Ethan mistakes his anxiety induced speechlessness as his typical reserved demeanor, so all he does is smile. Something about him is tired though. "Well, how 'bout I let Sam know you'll be over tomorrow, hmm? No need to be shy about it."

Declan nods. "Okay," he says, voice soft and muted.

Ethan offers him a slightly fuller smile. "Alright. I'll do that for ya." With that, he whisks his guest away, and Declan swallows down bile.

Turning back to his own guest, Declan offers Shades a slightly wobbly smile. "You, um— Are you ready?"

8/10/2019 #73

Mist smiles and nods before giving a warm smile. "Is a hug alright?"

Nick stands with a smile. "Okay..," happy to have Morgan walk him over then shakes his head. "Nah, I'm alright... But I know I want to take that apple pie home with me after our sleep over though.." He chuckles softly as he walks over towards the gate.

Shades nods once he makes sure everyone take their own small portion of food. He then quickly notices Ethan and Zed approaching the table. Shades is stunned how terrible and cold Zed looks but the tiny twinkle in his green eyes states that he's a way...

Shades side glances at Declan, noticing the male acting strangely around Ethan then quickly glance at Zed who too noticed Shades' and Declan's presence. Zed waved at them with a small smile then let that hand drop at his side.

Zed gives Ethan and Declan a quick look over before giving a small smile, that spark now instantly lost as he focus on his food, giving Ethan some privacy to get food for himself.

Shades frowns a bit then looks at Declan and Ethan then back at Zed but he remains quiet as he too finishes with his food.

After what seems like enternity even though it's been a minute, a long awkward minute, Zed finishes with his food packing, he and Ethan walks away.

Shades frowns at this, finding their interaction odd. Quickly he focus on Declen worry begins to gnaw at him.

"Yea..," he says softly. His fragments react with him, Hunter seems more on edge, Tulok looks at Declan worryingly, Yuka coos and Aurora gives a tilt of her head though she appears to be concerned for Declan.

They walked back in silence for a few seconds before Shades asks softly, "Declan...are you alright?"

8/10/2019 #74

Sasha blinks before nodding slowly, shyly. "Sure," he repeats, voice soft.

Morgan laughs softly, a faint, pink blush colouring his cheeks. "We can make several of them so that there'll be plenty left over," he says as the walk.

The come to idle at the gate where Ethan is standing with Zed.

Amir is leaning against the gate, looking bored. He takes stock of them, staring at Zed, confused almost. He hums softly, glancing over at Declan and Shades, then at the Farm House. "Guess I miscounted," he mutters.

Declan shakes his head. "I'm fine," he says. He feels ill, though, as he leads Shades and his fragments to the gate.

"Ethan," he calls over sharply. "I don't— I'm not going over tomorrow."

Ethan turns, tilting his head. He looks confused. "Oh? Well, maybe some other time then? Ya haven't been in a while."

Declan nods, ignoring Morgan sympathetic glance. "Maybe," he says shortly.

"We're still waiting on the one," Amir says coolly. "I don't wanna hear till then. Don't need the lot of you giving me a headache, too."

8/10/2019 #75

Mist smiles brightly then bends a bit to give a hug to Sasha, nuzzling his cheek against the other male's. Sasha feels so warm and safe. He really grateful to have someone like him.

"Thank you," and he meant it. He really is thankful then once he's comfortable that his message got through, he slowly if not reluctantly release Sasha, already missing his warmth.

Nick chuckles and pumps his fist into the air in excitement. "Alright!" Then he quickly notices the others but mostly Amir as he let his arm dropped to his side. Nick heard the mutter and gives a quick glance at the farm house now that he thinks about it. Mist haven't return from the house for a while now. But he worries about that later as he turns back to Morgan with a smile.

Shades gives a small smile, nodding though still worried before willing his fragments back into himself, carrying the packed food in each hand.

Zed stands beside Ethan, blinking at Shades and Nick but no Mist. He then glance off at the Farm house, frowning in curious confusion.

Shades and Zed hears their conversation but remains quiet while Nick just causally relaxes as he waits along Morgan, willing Mist to take his time. The longer he hangs out with Morgan, the better.

8/10/2019 #76

Sasha hugs Mist back with careful, nervous hands. "You're welcome," he says. "I'll, um, step out while you change."

With that, he slips out of the room, leaving Mist alone.

"You really should be flattered," Amir says abruptly. "We think it's really cute how Pet chases after you."

Declan glances up to meet Amir's gaze. "What are you talking about?"

"You should be flattered," is all Amir repeats. "A lot of people like you."


"It really isn't any of your business," Declan says shortly.

Amir sighs, looking exasperated. "Isn't it? He's my jurisdiction."

Declan chews on the inside of his cheek. "Then talk to Petra about it since I'm his jurisdiction or whatever."

Amir smirks, surprising Declan a little. "Maybe I will."

Morgan is staring at him worriedly, as is Ethan. They must think he has a death wish.

Well, maybe he does.

8/10/2019 #77

Mist smiles and nods as he watches Sasha slips out of the bathroom before shutting the door.

Mist feels warm though still wet and shivering from his soaked clothes, still happy and warm.

He then carefully remove his long sleeve shirt and pants, very glad that Sasha left or else they would see more of those odd looking tattoos or markings decorating o his skin.

Silver tribal tattoos that states his species of fey or a type of magic as they gracefully displayed over his chest, stomach, hips thighs and lower legs. He gives a shudder at the warm yet stuffy air within the bathroom reheat his bare skin before he reaches for the dry pajamas that Halo placed.

He shrugs on the long sleeve shirt then the sweats before nodding with approval, finding his look something he hopes he can have a little longer before his hair grows back then slips his shoes back on and walks back out the door, carrying his wet soggy clothes.

He smiles as he returns back to the living area where Halo and Sasha are waiting.

Nick raised a brow at that.

Shades blinks and looks between Declan and Amir but seeing how Declan reacting to Amir's words, he begins to worry for Declan.

Zed shifts, not liking how this conversation is going. His ears is pressed against the top of his head.

8/10/2019 #78

Halo is sitting perched on the edge of the sofa while Sasha presses towels against the wet spots on the sofa. He stands when he sees Mist, bright, royal blue spilling over his cheeks as he stares.

Sasha glances over. "Are you ready? Halo said it was time," he says, not seeming to notice Halo's speechless state. "I'll grab you a plastic bag for those real quick." He darts off quickly, scurrying into the kitchen.

Amir looks fucking smug, Declan wants to sink into the ground. He wishes Halo would hurry the fuck up.

"So tell me," Amir purrs, seeming to delight in antagonize Declan. "The next time you have a little meltdown, which outsider should we give your heart to?"

"Neither," Declan says sharply, "because no one is putting their hands on Sorrel."

"Are you sure about that?" Amir asks, lighting up another sweet smelling cigarette. "If I recall, you told me to take the matter up with Pet. I'm doing you a courtesy by asking."

Declan grits his teeth. A warm hand settles against his back, and he turns to snap, "Don't fucking touch me."

Ethan startles, jerking back a step. "Sorry—" he stammers. ""It's just Sam's always— I— I'm sorry for assuming."

Declan forces himself to calm. "I'm sorry, I should've have yelled," he tells Ethan lowly.

"It's fine," Ethan says carefully, regarding him like he's a wounded animal. "I shouldn't have assumed."

Declan nods but doesn't say anything more.

Morgan clears his throat softly, trying to distract for the more than slightly awkward situation.

8/10/2019 #79

Mist smiles and nods. "Yea, I am...," he says softly. "Alright...," and there he stands before noticing Halo staring at him. It instantly dawned on him why there's flush on Halo's cheeks. He nearly forgot that his hair is cut short into a cute bob cut. He blushes brightly, ducking his head shyly as he reaches up to brush some wavy locks behind his ear as he looks back at Halo in a shy manner. He's reacting like a school girl with her crush but then again, that's not far from the truth. "Um...m-my hair was wet and it will take a while to dry s-so I asked him to cut it...,"as if the explanation would justify his new look. "It doesn't look weird?" He feels subconscious about his new look now. He hopes Halo doesn't find it weird or wrong since the male did met him with his long hair.

Nick raised a brow at that further.

Shades begins to panic and wants nothing more than to aid Declan at his time of need but if he says something, what would that be the consequences of his actions?

Zed frowns deeper, rage begins to fill him, making his tremble and not from the cold. He met several characters but Declan came out to be his favorite person he likes to be friends with some day. And even though he messed up with everyone, he really hopes to become Declan's friend. So to hear someone goading a reaction from Declan pisses him off.

Zed is furious but he doesn't show visible on his face, just frowning deeper and his green eyes brighten considerably.

Nick glance down at Morgan with a smile. "Yea?"

8/10/2019 #80

"No—" Halo stammers, putting his hands up. "No, I, uh— I think it looks nice. I think it looks … really nice. I, um, like it a lot actually. It suits you."

"You're babbling," Sasha says, taking the wet clothes from Mist and depositing them in a plastic bag.

Halo's blush deepens. "Right. I just think it looks nice. I mean, not that you didn't before but—"

Sasha snorts softly. "We have to go. You said so."

"Nothing," Morgan says nervously. "I— I'm—"

"It's fine, Morgan, really," Declan assures him. There's an edge to his voice, though, that makes it clear he's still pretty pissed.

Morgan nods. "If you say so," he says softly. He doesn't look so sure as he fidgets.

Ethan glances at them warily, sighing sharply.

Amir seems pleased with himself as he continues to smoke, sweet smelling smoke pluming around them.

8/10/2019 #81

I, um, like it a lot actually. It suits you.

A small choked squeak erupts from Mist's throat, heat rising making his whole body flushed. Any redder he'll look like a cooked lobster but he didn't care.

Mist ducks his face to hide his darken face though it's hard to miss against his pale skin and white misty hair which by the way is turning to more steam or a bit fluffy like the clouds but still retain it's misty form as it shimmers under the artificial lightening in the living room.

His body vibrates with pleasure and joy from Halo's compliment. Maybe...he can convince his brother to find a way to keep his hair shorter? Maybe...

Mist gives a blink at Sasha and gives a bashful smile as he let Sasha take his clothes before placing them into a plastic bag.

Oh if Mist's blush get any darker at the passing minute...

"I...m-maybe I'll keep this...," Mist bashfully, twisting and curling a lock with one finger, squirming where he stands. Not only does it pleases Halo but it's a first cut from Sasha so maybe he can find a way to keep it like this though it's gonna take a lot of persuading on his part but it'll be worth it.

Nick gives a hum and small smile before waiting for the others.

Shades looks worryingly at Declan, wanting nothing more than to comfort him.

Zed waves his hand across his face, still frowning but remains calm though the firry look in his eyes tell many otherwise.

8/10/2019 #82

"I mean— You don't have to! I think you look nice either way!" Halo says quickly as he leads them over to the lounge. "Not that I— I mea, you can do whatever you want, obviously." Halo's blush hasn't abated in the slightest, the deep blue over his mahogany skin along with his unique freckles makes it look he has the night sky painted across his cheeks.

Sasha is thoroughly amused as he walks beside them.

Silence falls upon the group.

Morgan and Ethan both look nervous while Declan seethes.

8/10/2019 #83

Mist ducks his head, smiling, pleased to hear that Halo find even with his long hair, he looked nice. He didn't mind really. Either way, Mist still love the fact that Halo even found him attractive. It made his heart beat against his ribcage and the warm fluttering in the belly of his stomach. He never felt this type of pleasure of hearing someone complimenting him to where he's blushing like a virgin maiden.

Then he side glance at Halo. Halo, a stoic male one minute and blushing fiend the next. Actually to get even Halo riled up made him very happy. He finds a blushing Halo adorable...

"Thank you...," he says in sweet voice, happy and pleased as he smiles warmly if not lovingly at Halo, still blushing him while he walks along with them.

The lips on Nick's lip when into a thin line as he stares between Amir and Declan, not liking how the situation made Morgan nervous.

Shades looks just as nervous as Ethan and Morgan, if not more.

Declan was not the only one seething as Zed mentally raged within himself.

8/10/2019 #84

Halo falters at the door. "It's still cold outside," he warns before swinging the back door open.

With that, they finally step down the stairs and join the others. Halo pauses, and Sasha falters at the tension.

"Sorry we took so long," Halo says carefully. "We had some … issues."

Amir's cigarette disintegrates to ash. "It's all the same to me," he says. "You lot are certainly more interesting than the others." He flashes Declan a smug grin.

Halo blinks slowly, noting the tenseness of Declan's shoulders. "Right," he says, voice quieting considerably. "We're ready." He glances at Mist, and Sasha hands him the bag of clothes. "We'll see you next time. Me and Sasha and Shoko. I promise."

Amir swings the gate open.

Morgan turns to Nick, still nervous but calming slightly. "I'll see you next time," he says softly. "I'm really excited. Bye."

Trying desperately to let his anger melt, Declan turns to face Shades. "I'm sorry," he sighs, reaching up to touch Shades' cheek with the back of his hand gently. "I'll see you next time, okay?"

Ethan glances at Zed. "Well… We'll see ya."

8/10/2019 #85

Mist nods, wrapping his arms about himself as he walks out. He shudders, already feeling his warmth leaving him and the edges of his hair becoming frosted and ice once again. His breath escapes in small mists as he walks along side Halo and Sasha.

When they reaches the others at the gates, Mist blinks at the tension in the air surrounding them. With a question in his expression, Shades only motions in a 'I'll tell you later' look. Mist nods as he bows in apologetically towards Amir. "I'm sorry for the trouble," he says to them. Then he turns to take his clothes that Sasha returns. Mist turns to Halo, blushing a bit before smiling and nodding. "Okay...," he says softly before turning to both Sasha and Halo. "Again, thank you... See you all again...I'll miss you.. Bye..." He can't wait to see Shoko again. He wants to hold the boy and never let go but now he'll wait till next visit. He loved being around all three of them and is excited for his next visit.

Nick smiles softly and nods. "Yea...see you next time..." Then chuckles. "Yea, me too... Bye."

Shades blinks and smiles before shaking his head. "No, it's oka-" then his breath hitches when Declan touches his cheek with the back of his hand. Poor Shades blushes brightly and quickly ducks his head as he nods. "Y-yea...o-okay... S-s-see you again...," he replies shyly, twiddling with his fingers and thumbs as he squirms where he stands. Just a sweet tender touch nearly made Shades swoon.

Zed nods at Ethan and nods with a tiny smile. "Yea...see ya." He gives a awkward wave to the male before turning to the gate.

And then all four walked out together with hopes of seeing the others soon.

8/11/2019 #86
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