the farm house
the farm house
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Morgan stands at the gate, bouncing with half-nervous, half-eager energy. Surya is sitting at his feet, licking his paws and cleaning his face.

8/11/2019 #1

Nick walks towards with a grin on his face, shouldering a black travel backpack with all his ensiles and clothes to spend the night or several nights, he hopes, with Morgan.

Once he reaches the gate, he grins and waves. "Hey," he greets and comes to a stop, waiting for Morgan to open the gate.

8/11/2019 #2

Morgan brightens and the gate swings open.

"Hi," Morgan chirps, leaning down to pick Surya up. "Are you, um, ready?"

8/11/2019 #3

Nick smiles and nods. "Yea, totally!" Thumbing at the pack on his back. "I'm all set and ready to go!"

8/11/2019 #4

Morgan smiles, shy and sweet, as baby pink spills over his cheeks. "Okay," he says, adjusting Surya in his arms. "This way."

Once again, Morgan leads Nick into the Farm House and up to the second floor. He fiddled with the tablet on the small podium in the middle of the circular second floor before nodding.

"Let's go," Morgan says softly, opening the single door that will take them to Terra, Morgan's home.

8/12/2019 #5

Nick smiles and nods as he follows.

Nick looks around the farm with a lopsided smile, already expecting from what he experience before. He waited behind Morgan as the boy fiddles with the tablet on the podium on the second floor and when the Morgan nod, it means its the door he wants.

Nick smiles and nods and follows, still getting use to the thick sensation of magic surround him before entering Terra, standing before Morgan's home.

Nick grins brightly at the sight.

He'll be spending the night here for a few days with Morgan. He's so excited!

8/12/2019 #6

The countryside cottage is as idyllic as ever.

Morgan sets Surya down, and the kitsune stretches before trotting off ahead to the house.

"Here, come inside," Morgan says softly, opening the front door and letting Nick step inside first. "Are you hungry? Thirsty? Do you want to put your things upstairs?"

8/12/2019 #7

"It still looks cozy as ever," Nick compliments softly. He feels warm and content whenever he gaze upon the cottage.

Nick chuckles and walks in first before turning to Morgan. "I like to put my things upstairs, if that's alright," Nick says softly first before answering the first two. "And no, I'm not hungry yet but I am thirsty, thank you..."

8/12/2019 #8

"Thanks," Morgan chirps shyly before gesturing to the stairs. "The guest bedroom is the third door to the right. I have apple juice, lemonade, milk, and water, which would you like?"

Surya circles Morgan's feet and yowls impatiently.

8/12/2019 #9

Nick smiles warmly and nods. "You're welcome!" Then nods when Morgan told him the directions of the guest bedroom. "Alright, thanks and lemonade sounds great, please...," then went over to the staircase and climbed towards the second floor.

8/12/2019 #10

Morgan nods quickly. "Alright," he says, turning in the direction of the kitchen. "It'll be ready for you when you come down!"

Upstairs, the guest room is spacious but simple. The door is to the right side of the room, and directly across is a small desk. To the left, ahead, there is a full bed, and directly to the left, there is a large wardrobe.

All the furniture is done in the same dark brown wood as the floor, and bed sheets and comforter and the the curtains hanging from the window between the bed and the desk are deep azure.

The room smells faintly of clean linen, and overal it's a very cozy room.

8/13/2019 #11

"Alright!" Nick calls down as he walks down the corridor towards the guest bedroom that Morgan directed him to. Once he opens the door to reveal the warm cozy room that's similar to the cottage Morgan lives in, Nick couldn't help but smile at that.

Walking in, he looks around, taking in the details before placing the bag onto the mattress. He then walks over towards the window and move the curtain, giving him a wonderful view.

"What a view...," Nick comments softly, taking it all in before turning from it, walking over towards the door and out into corridor and down the stairs to kitchen.

8/13/2019 #12

Downstairs in the kitchen, Morgan is fussing at the stove. Surya is curled up on a pink pet bed patterned with cheerful watermelons on the outside sitting on the counter. The fox kit is napping lazily, ears twitching occasionally.

A glass of lemonade sits invitingly on the table, condensation running down the sides of tall, square-bottomed glass.

8/26/2019 #13

Nick came downstairs, walking through the living room towards the kitchen. He blinks up at the sight before smiling softly as he continues walking into the threshold of the kitchen.

He glance at the inviting glass of lemonade before taking it as he sits in one of the chairs. "Thanks," he says before taking a sip, humming at the refreshing taste.

8/27/2019 #14

"Oh, of course. I'm making fruit salad," Morgan says softly. "I asked— I asked my neighbour if we could pick some of her apples, and she said yes, so maybe we can go do that later in the afternoon when it's a bit cooler." The soft sound of chopping fills the air before stopping. "I think by the time we get back and finish up a pie, Bee will be ready to wake up."

Surya blinks his eyes open. He stares at Nick for a moment before immediately going back to sleep.

8/27/2019 #15

Nick grins. "That's sounds like fun... I always wanted to pick apples but never had the time when I travel...," he says softly as he takes another sip before continuing to smile at Morgan. "Sounds perfect... I'm happy to see Bee again... I can't wait..." Then looks at Surya with a grin. "Though it doesn't mean I'm not just as happy to see you, too, Surya..."

8/27/2019 #16

Sorta blinks his eyes open again, and his ears twitch. He sneezes delicately before getting up and circling.

Morgan smiles softly before turning back to Nick. "Okay," he says, cheeks flushing pale pink.

Once more, the sound of chopping fills the air. The sweet smell of fruit begins to fill the kitchen.

8/28/2019 #17

Nick chuckles softly at the little fox before reclining into his seat, taking good sips of his lemonade while gazing out the window close to him, smiling at the warm and cozy atmosphere surrounding him. He listens to Morgan chopping away while smiling contently.

8/28/2019 #18

The atmosphere in the house is cozy and warm, inviting.

For a short while, the only sounds are Morgan chopping and Surya snuffling in his sleep, then Morgan is brining bowls down from the cabinets. He fixes two bowls of fruit salad and carries them over to the table. It's the same as last time, all manner of fruits cut up and drizzled with honey.

"Here," Morgan says, sliding one of the bowls over to Nick.

8/28/2019 #19

Nick smiles warmly, feeling at home as the atmosphere settles within his very being. He always feels content and happy whenever he can but this sensation is more so than the other times.

Nick glances up at Morgan as he walks over, sliding a bowl of chopped up fruits with honey drizzle over each piece. He smiles up at Morgan and nods with a warm, "Thanks.." he then reaches out, picking up a piece before plopping it into his mouth. Hummed as the sweet and juicy snack bursts onto his tongue.

8/28/2019 . Edited 8/28/2019 #20

Morgan smile softly as he scoops fruit into his mouth. "So tomorrow, we can go into town, I need groceries. Is there something in particular that you want for dinner?"

8/28/2019 #21

Nick perks up at the mention of going into town. He is very curious of the place Morgan calls home and wants to explore more of it. Now he's getting that chance. He then hums in thought as he sucks and licks his thumb and finger of the sticky mixture of fruit juice and honey. "Honestly, I really haven't thought that far ahead but if I really want anything I'd say steak. I want steak for dinner," Nick answers thoughtfully with a smile. He also excited to go to town in the plane that Morgan lives. He really can't wait for tomorrow.

8/28/2019 #22

Morgan nods. "Steak is good," he says around a mouthful of fruit. "I need bones for Bee anyway."

Surya keens sharply, making Morgan laugh. "And of course for you, too," he says. "I'll bring you back some eggs, too, okay?"

Surya sneezes but looks placated as he stretched and jumps off the counter. He trots over to sniff Nick's shoes.

8/29/2019 #23

Nick nods with a hum, now knowing Bee likes bones as well which made him smile a bit. He slowly starting to find Bee likes and dislikes, especially about Surya.

Speaking of the little fox, Nick side glances down at the fox that sniffs at his favorite black boots which made Nick smile though more lopsided, already guessing what the fox want. But he wonders if Morgan would care if he does give the fox some of his honey covered fruit.

Nick then turns his head to look down at Surya with a smile then picks up a piece of fruit; one for him and one for Surya. He looks at Morgan, "Surya likes fruit, right?"

8/29/2019 #24

Morgan blinks before smiling. "Oh, Surya will eat just about anything," he says with a soft laugh. "He's not as easily bribed as Bee though."

Surya chitters softly, nose and whiskers twitching. He stands, putting his paws on Nick's knee to balance himself.

8/29/2019 #25

Nick chuckles a bit. "For real? Anything, huh? That's pretty neat...," then hand a piece of honey covered fruit to Surya as soon as Morgan mentions about the fox's diet. "That's fine... I like a challenge..." He chuckles softly before shifting in his seat to pop a piece into his own mouth then reach another for Surya.

8/29/2019 #26

Surya snaps the fruit up, taking it over to a little dish to eat it.

"Well, he prefers meats, eggs, and tofu, but he really isn't picky," Morgan explains. "He'll eat just about anything I cook." He smiles softly, soft breathy laughter escaping him. "Surya is an experience for sure, I'm sure you'll have fun trying to bribe him."

Surya's back a moment later, chirping for more fruit.

8/31/2019 #27

Nick chuckles softly as he watches the fox trot back to his own dish to eat it before turning back to Morgan.

"Ahh, now I know," he giggles softly then snorts. "I think I already am...," then looks down at the fox when he returns, chirping for more fruit. Nick snickers before picking up another chopped fruit and holding it out to Surya.

8/31/2019 #28

Morgan laughs softly.

Surya takes the fruit, scurrying back to his food bowl. He snaps the fruit up with his sharp little teeth. He sits and licks his paws, staring at Morgan and Nick with shiny, red eyes.

"Oh, stop sulking," Morgan coos gently. "Come here, Suri."

Surya chirps, the sound indignant. He does as he's told, though, trotting over and hopping up on Morgan's lap. He licks Morgan's chin before circling and settling down, whiskers twitching as he blinks at Nick.

9/4/2019 #29

Nick laughs along with him before glancing over at Surya and giving a soft smile.

Nick watches as Surya trots over and hops onto Morgan's lap, smiling warmly as the fox licks Morgan's chin, finding the scene adorable before the fox focus on him.

Nick chuckles softly before picking up another fruit and reaching across the table towards the fox. "Want another?" He asks with a grin.

9/5/2019 #30
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