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Shoko parts his lips to speak before sitting back and poking his food with a frown. "Well, you don't have to, I guess, if you really don't want to. I just thought it'd be fun. Besides you'll mostly see everyone in passing on easter anyway."

Abruptly, Kayden stills. His breathing goes shallow. "Hey," he says softly, face growing warm, eyes growing shiny. "Do you remember when— You remember that time Caleb got into that awful fight with Mani? And me, Lia, and Shiro were all sitting around because Jezi needed to conduct interviews without us kids there? And I was so upset and so scared and I was crying and shaking and— Remember how mad Mitch was that Shiro and Lia wouldn't let Winter touch me? Remember how he didn't even give a shit about me, he just wanted me to roll over—while I was so fucking upset and begging Winter not to touch me—and just let Winter do whatever he wanted to me? Even though Shiro and Lia told them it would only make me more upset? Remember that? Because I do."

He shakes his head, scrubbing tears from his eyes. "I don't think you were there, actually. But I think about it sometimes. Sometimes I think about all the shitty things that happened when we visited you guys, and I can't— I just can't understand you guys. I don't understand any of it."

Sasha tilts his head to the side. "You sure? Do you want to watch something else? We can watch something else if you want?"

"Alright— Alright, alright, alright enough already." Holly's voice cuts in clear as day. "You're all out of sorts, I know, but really? This is just pathetic. Get up." He crouches down beside Basil, glaring down at him, not sparing Cole so much as a glance.

"Hey," Juniper snaps, always a half-step behind Holly. "You don't get to talk to him the way you talk to us."

"I agreed to help. I'll talk to them however the fuck I want to," Holly snarls up at Juniper.

Declan breaths in, holds his breath, exhales slowly. Sorrel squirms against him, embarrassed and anxious all at once.

"I agreed to do this," Holly says, lowering his voice to something hard and poisonous. "I'll do it however I damn please. If you don't like it, I don't have to do this."

Declan watches Juniper's jaw work, watches the very physical way his childish desires conflict with his stubborn anger, and in turn, the way his stubborn anger conflicts with his desire to be reasonable.

And well, Holly is fey, but Juniper is only human.

"Fine," Juniper growls out.

Smugness settles over Holly, but it's gone as quick as it'd come. He turns back to berate Basil again. "You are ideal. Get up and stop letting him push you around. You don't let anyone push you around—especially not some goddamn secondary."

"I'm sorry," Declan sighs, rubbing the bridge of his nose. He's always been hard on himself. He tells Zed so. "I'm— Just like that with myself."

Juniper shakes his head, unhappy with his counterpart. Even so, he steps down, lets it go and sits beside Arthur with a sigh. "Come here, I'll take care of you," he murmurs, and his voice is so soft and gentle, so at odds with Holly's much sharper tone.

Fern merely throws himself down on the ground beside Zeke, laying on his back beside the other sadness based fragment and staring up at the sky. He's tense, though, not entirely comfortable.

Thistle would come later, and likely settle with Juniper and Arthur, but for now, his presence isn't particularly needed.

"There," Declan mumbles. "Everyone's all paired up." Well, mostly—Sorrel is still cuddled up to him. He breathes deeply, sighs, and squeezes Sorrel to him, trying not to feel too anxious.

"Then drop it because that's all he wants," Oliver says. "You know you hurt him—you don't need to hear it from him. You know you hurt him, and you'll make it up to him by dropping it. You drop it, he gets over it, everything goes back to normal. You're the one making a big deal about it."

Oliver shakes his head. He's starting to look tired.

5/18/2020 #91

Si smiles softly. "Hey, I would love to meet everyone so I don't mind, really..." He soft reassures Shoko.

Torle blinks and shifts, staring at Kayden, eyes widen a bit. If Torle remembers correctly, he wasn't present for that event but he did heard about it from the others but after that, it was silenced as if everyone was unsure and awkward of even mentioning it again.

Torle looks down at his lap, shame and guilt continues to build within him. "I'm sorry... I am really sorry..."

Mist hums in thought as he thinks of another show to watch but shakes his head with a smile. "No, I'm fine now... Thank you though," he says with a content smile.

Basil let out a startled yelp at Holly before glancing in terror at Cole who seems to be staring intently at Holly. Basil gives a shudder as those green eyes glowed brighter and turn ugly even though the angry fragment's expression remains blank.

Basil trembles, gazing down at the ground he kneels, fingers digging into the grassy blades as if in hopes it stabilizes him. Terrified and ashamed as he continues to stare down at the ground, not daring to look at Holly. Those words did sting a bit which cause a few tears to welled up in his eyes but he couldn't help it. It's not the same. He's no longer the same. He's so tired of being perfect ideal when really all he ever wants is to disappear right now.

Cole stares at Holly, green eyes glowing brighter as he begins to calculate.

Arthur nearly jumps out of his skin when Juniper speaks to him. So soft, so gentle. He almost gave in to the temptation of just entering that safezone but then it brought memories. Memories of his past trauma and his failure with Titus. Those words still float around his head, staining his mind with dark foreboding. No, he couldn't risk it. Not again. So with that in mind, Arthur gives a broken whimper, it sounded in agony but also in fear as he quickly scuttles away, increasing the distance between him and Juniper. His ears are press flat on his head, large terror filled amber eyes darken to near black, his body hunched over while his tail curls about himself as if it could protect him. He looked and acted like a trapped animal or more close to a small broken child reliving his worst nightmare which is not far from the truth. As Zed states before, Arthur loves to be held but not anymore. He's more scared of the though of even being near anyone.

Cole sensed this as he glance over where Juniper is, eyes glowing brighter than before, tail swish back and forth with agitation.

Zeke didn't react, he just lay there listlessly. He rather drown himself then be here. His dark depression begins to swallow him whole as he continues to lay there in silence.

Once again, Cole takes note of this as he then turns to Fern. Those eyes looked hauntingly murderous.

Zed swallows as he waves a hand at Declan as he reassures the male, "It's okay... Trust me, I get what you mean..." Zed really does but at the moment his eyes are souly focus on Cole. Zed could feel his anger rising up to the point of suffocation. He's not sure if he should step in or not. After seeing Samael, Cole is now riled up and even more so now there's more people trekking his territory.

Zed licks his lips as he shifts from where he sits. He may be tired but there's no way he's going to let Cole ruin this.

Cole then takes a step forward, blandly ignores Holly altogether just like the fragment did to him earlier. His main focus is only for Basil. Cole then reached over and tugged at Basil's hair, pulling at the roots which cause the fragment to let out a cry of dismay and horror. Cole continues to pull at Basil's hair before dragging the fragment away from Holly, not caring one bit if he's hurt his brighter counterpart. Right now, his main concern is to put them in their place and away from anyone who dares try to take them away.

Basil cries out as he struggles for Cole to release him, claws digging into skin as tears roll down his cheeks while the dark fragment continues to drag Basil away. Cole is heading towards Arthur who in response, shifts his eyes quickly to Cole, curling his body tighter if it could be possible. Those amber eyes glisten with tears begging for Cole to leave him alone.

"Cole!" Zed calls out to the fragment.

Shockingly, the fragment paused with a whimper and trashing Basil in his vice grip grasp.

"Let him go," Zed grounds out through his teeth, his fingers curled into fists. "Remember what Sorrel said earlier? They're safe here. Let them help."

Cole remains still and silent, still gripping a now whimpering Basil in his claws.

Shades stares down at his cup of tea, black and red eyes before nodding. "You're right... I'm sorry...," then he shuts his eyes before taking a deep breath. He needs to calm down. He knows he did wrong and like Oliver said, he needs to drop it like Declan wants.

Shades exhale slowly as he rein in his emotions in check. He could feel the many thoughts and emotions running a muck within him but won't help him with Declan. That is if there is possible future with Declan at all.

The familiar painful ping erupt in his chest but he quickly dismissed it as he finally calms down. The black fades, returning the whites of his eyes as his red irises soften a bit now. His head shifts as he lifts it up to smile at Oliver.

"Thank you.."

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