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I'm actually surprised that there is't any thread about them despite the developements in recent chapters. I supported this pairing since beginning of the series although it looked as though Rukia belonged with Ichigo and Orihime with Uryu. After seeing what happened in Soul Society, I thought my hopes for this couple would break completely in next arc but no. It seemed that Orihime likes Ichigo more than before and she's willing to sacrifice herself to make him safe(she's actually about to). Shinji said Orihime would never get along with Ichigo and it is quite true if you see it somehow. I think Orihime needs to change her personality a little bit. Still, they are a cute couple
7/23/2006 #1
I think they're cute together too! It reminds me of NaruHina of Naruto, sorta... Usually pairings of these kind sorta spark my interest where there is this girl of some soft-spoken nature likes this guy, but the guy is dense enough to not realize this.
7/25/2006 . Edited 7/25/2006 #2
Yeye. I agree. Most of the times, guys in anime are denser in love... lol!
7/29/2006 #3
OMG!! Have you people read chap 237 yet? Well, spoilers from here: Orihime TRIED TO KISS sleeping Ichigo goodbye!!! Ahhh, only if she was a little braver or tripped over something like usual!! As I said above, she needs to change her personality!!! Still, that last scene was sad and Orihime-ish... Maybe something that Aizen does to her will change her personality...
7/29/2006 #4
Jeebus dirtface
[q]but the guy is dense enough to not realize this.[/q] I have to disagree. Ichigo isn't actually dense to not realize this; it's that Orihime hasn't given him the slightest hint about her feelings. When have they shared a proper moment where they've been alone together in the manga? I'm just saying it's not like Naruhina in that sense.
8/1/2006 #5
[q]When have they shared a proper moment where they've been alone together in the manga?[/q] None. It's partly because Orihime is shy in front of Ichigo.
8/1/2006 #6
lil Kisara
Well... it wpuld also be the other way around, if Ichigo develops strong feeling for an other girl. Maybe we are going to see/read a few more scenes they share together. I mean... all her friends went to HM and it's unavoidable that those two will share a few moments together. Anyway... it's true that after the last few chapters the Ichigo & Orihime Fan Community grew up. The C2 Archiv has get a few more subscribers. I'm happy about it. I was right from the beginning of the manga series onwards a fan of this pairing... and now I'm certainly not alone with that opinion. *gg*
9/23/2006 #7
Lol, I actually began the manga with the intention of liking Rukia x Ichigo (that is, before I actually read it). But then Orihime just came into the light and all I could think about was her role in the manga and particularly her with Ichigo. It was a main factor that drove me to read through the whole of the Soul Society arc (which, frankly, was a bit boring at times). The new arrancar arc is terrific so far because, of course, as IchiHime supporters, this time it's finally Orihime's turn to get noticed. As to Orihime changing her personality to fit Ichigo... that would defy the Orihime x Ichigo'ness that I adore. I'd rather let her develop a deeper character than to change. It seems almost impossible to imagine them too actually together as a couple but there's just something about their chemistry that's just so great.
9/24/2006 #8
I absolutely LOVE this couple XD! They are so cute! Yes, I have read the recent ch. in Bleach, and I have to say that Hime said the most adorable thing ever, it was so sweet(esp. the "I would fall in love with the same person" part). It is just what I have been waiting for in the manga. There is hope for them yet.
3/12/2007 #9
they would be a very cute couple!!yes orihime needs to change,but i think she'll do!she isn't so stupid than she seems!she's preparing some thing in the soul society...maybe it could semm ridiculous from her!and i think that ulquorrio start to fall in love with her? if he's an allanquar,he may can have feelings?...(ps:sorry if i've did mistake,I'm french^^)
3/14/2007 #10
I do NOT think that Hime needs to change!! She is fine the way she is. The reason she is my favorite character in Bleach is because she is the way she is. I think Hime will soften Ichigo a bit, but also support him wholeheartedly(which is what he needs, since he is in a lot of danger). If ANYONE doubts this couple, I would advise pointing to them anime eps. 114 and 115, and manga ch. 237 ^_^.
3/15/2007 #11
Gladiator Heels
Yeah, I love IchiOri. I like RukiRenji better than IchiRuki. . And Ichigo and Orihime kind of knew each other before Rukia. And Renji and Rukia are childhood friends. It makes sense.
3/15/2007 #12
yes,I agree!but orihime will become more and more mature,and she needs that!she's very fine like she is,and she a litlle distress me(because of IchiRuki),but I think that it what will happen!
3/17/2007 #13
the fact that they know each other for long time,make sense,but it isn't very important for me!because ichigo seems to have feelings for rukia,and he even don't know that orime is in love with her!so even it makes me sad I thin that ichigo and rukia will probably be together...
3/17/2007 #14
lil Kisara
Rukia never said something like "love" and "Ichigo" in one sentence. She never even thought about him in that way. Maybe deep in her heart but she herself has not realized it yet. Ichigo is a boy... boys do not think about romance... lust, maybe... but not such deep feelings as love. Uhm... Orihime is the only character in the whole series who really SAID out loud that she is in love with Ichigo. I have nothing against IchiRuki... but there is still a long way to go. As for IchiOri... they are a step closer to a possible relationship. Ichigo&Orihime!!! Renji&Rukia!!! YAYZ!!! xDDD
4/12/2007 #15
exactly ^_^. Hime stated from the very beginning her feelings, and Tatsuki questioned her about why she liked him despite his weird hair, etc. She said he was funny because his face was always in a scowl and it made her laugh. So cute. But anyone that's ever been in love, knows how scary it is to make it known to the other when they seem so aloof. I don't like the idea of Ichigo and Rukia. It's so oddly popular though. I mean, they are the two main characters, but I just don't see a romantic chemistry between the two, and she is so much older and still a bit in love with someone else (despite him being dead and you know, married). lol. I dunno. I'm way excited for the manga this week! IchigoxUlqy and InouexGrimmjow--so many questions!
5/7/2007 #16
lil Kisara
You mean Kaien, right? I don't think that Rukia was in love with im to begin with. The relationship between Kaien und Rukia was more like the one between siblings or father and daughter.
5/7/2007 #17
ah...i don't get it...rukia seems to know her feelings for ichigo are something more than you'd have for a friend...we're just not that privy to their thoughts and she doesn't always wear her heart out on her sleeve like orihime...or have you forgotten chapter 52. needless emotions? and just because orihime said it out loud...? and what do you mean by 'ichiruki still have a long way to go'? chapter 199. orihime knows there is a bond between rukia and ichigo that she herself has witnessed and addressed which ended with her feeling jealous of rukia...i really like orihime because she's gentle and kind and pretty and lalalala...but if they end up together she had lots to catch up to if she's going to replace rukia's import in ichigo's life...i can't see ichigo being himself around orihime, or have you forgotten that ichigo gives most of his faux grins at her....? sorry for ranting here but, it's just that i get pissed off when you base it on the fact that she have announced to all and sundry that she would love him in all of five lifetimes...that's not the only ground for a meaningful relationship...
5/30/2007 #18
Hey jackasskitty, apology accepted. To the rest: I LOVE ICHIHIME! And yes, chapter 237 was the best. But, we have to see what else happens!
6/12/2007 #19
Raven the Ravenous
I'm sorry if I've not read up to the Hueco Mundo arc in the manga *smacks head, repeating stupid over and over* or even watched up to the anime version of the arc *again smacks self on head, repeating baka over and over* but I really support Ichihime and Renjiruki. To be quite frank, I really don't like Ichiruki. Why? Let's just say this canon pairing just...well, I just don't like it. I got nothing on Uryu, besides, it'd be interesting to see him with Nemu instead, wouldn't you agree? I believe Orihime's a very unique female-character-that-has-a-crush-on-the-main-male-character. I don't see why one could hate her but then again, the question to me would be, why do you hate Rukia? Well, I don't but her character tends to be...out of character and p*** me off. I mean, she likes bunnies, can turn out to be emotionally weak (ahem, there are those weak moments) and for the supposed female protagonist, is sadly weak. Furthermore what about Renji? I mean, the guy's almost playing Orihime in a way, he's vying for her attention but in the end Ichigo's got him beat. If you ask me, Bleach has a crazy romance that just confuses and p*** me off at times. That said, if I hope to back myself, I'll need to watch the anime up to the latest episode; the manga can't do since I'd need millions of bucks or in reality, about five hundred dollars worth of manga. So, IchigoxOrihime, RenjixRukia yay; IchigoxRukia, UryuxOrihime, Renjixfemale Bleach character that may not have been introduced, nay.
6/25/2007 #20
What is it about Ichihime that you guys like so much about? I'd rather see her with gay Uryuu than Ichigo.
6/27/2007 #21
Winter Bean
I'm not trying to be b*tchy or anything here but I just can't see the the pairing of Orihim and Ichigo. I'm open to ideas sbut I just can't see them fitting together.
7/2/2007 #22
hmm...i like renjirukia and ichihime, and i wish they would happen. but in the past i like ichiruki and uryhime. Personally i think the series will end with us left with no pairings. Sadly.
7/24/2007 #23
I guess it's more likely that way, eh shirochan? Since Bleach is a shonen series, it's more likely not to have pairings...
7/25/2007 #24
i adore this pairing! but at the moment im squashed between ichiruki, renjiruki and ichihime. So in the end i'll be happy with who ends up with who...unless it gets twisted at the end...
7/27/2007 #25
They are a cute cppl, and she does say she "loves him" in the manga.
7/28/2007 #26
Raven the Ravenous
Don't you find it odd for the fans to be interested in romance in a manga/anime that isn't really built on romance? Guess we all just love the implied and sometimes surefire hints? Yeah, Bleach is a shounen, I'm just surprised how popular it is because of the 'implied' romance, well that and the action, art, characters and etc!
7/29/2007 #27
i adore this couple, plus ichiruki...but what bothers me is when someone says that if orihime and ichigo were to get together then ichigo wouldn't be happy, he would be happier with rukia. That ticks me off, who wants someone they only argue with?
7/29/2007 #28
Bella Shia
So cute. I find the two of them absolutely adorable as a couple. -hearts-
7/29/2007 #29
Ok, First Of All I Luv IchiHime And I luv IchiRuki As Pure Friendship...Anything more and it seems completly out of context for Rukia and ichigo. Their Personalitys are too similar. Second, If anyone has taken a notice that Ichigo is completely different in his way of acting with both girls. He acts around Rukia like she is one of the guys... and with Orihime he is just damn soft. A quote from my lovely friends at the Five Lifetimes, One Love Forum "Rukia is a Football and Orihime is a sack Of Potatoes"
8/6/2007 #30
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