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Jazzy Raveler
Ok so who is thinking when are they gonna do an episode about Liberty trying to visit her baby? I really need there to be some kind of closure on that ever since the episode when she said that the baby moved away...and now that Jt is gone? Omg...can you imagine what that must be like? I think that Liberty will probably wanna connect with her baby even more now tho... Anyway, even though JT died for some reason I find myself being so happy that they had a baby because now it's like he left someone behind, you know? I think Liberty is probably gonna wanna reconnect with her baby even more now...what about you guys?
2/23/2007 #1
Liberty needs to find her baby. That's all I got to say. He's all of JT that she has left.
2/23/2007 #2
You make a very good point. The baby is part of JT, so he's not completely gone. Hopefully they will have an episode or more than one about her finding their baby. I hope all goes well.
2/26/2007 #3
Jazzy Raveler
I agree. I think that they need to do a show about it. Also, it's an open adoption so the parents shoud probably know that the biological father is dead...sniff, that is so sad...anyway, does anyone have any idea what the baby was named? I don't think they ever said...hopefully, Liberty will be able to find the baby and figure everything out. Plus, have I mentioned that I think Liberty will want the baby back...? Maybe not soon but sometime later on in life...
3/21/2007 #4
You're right, they should know that he is dead. Did they ever say the name of the baby? I can't remember... You're right, it might be a little while before she wants the baby, that'll still be interesting.
3/22/2007 #5
Jazzy Raveler
I don't think they did Jusea you're right... anyway, I am really glad that they did that Mini but also really sad...I forgot how much i really liked Jt/Liberty together...I guess I hadn't seen them together for a while but there were really good for each other and they balanced one another out...Man i miss them...anyway the ending was what really did it for me...for any1 who hasn't seen it I'm not going to spoil but JT says something and it just almost made me cry... Pls someone get on I need to talk...
4/14/2007 #6
I'll tell you this sisters, I totally bawled when I saw the mini. The end caused me to sob and then I just full out cried. :( JT: I can't wait till we live together, that way we can do this every night. For a second when he said that I thought they were going to make an AU mini. But then they burst my bubble. Liberty: But that can never happen... JT: Why? Liberty: Because you died JT... Oh gawd I think I'm going to cry again.
4/16/2007 #7
You guys, that's soooo sad and it'll be even sadder when I watch it. JT and Liberty really do seem to suit each other. Do you guys have the first season on DVD? They have a couple of JT/Liberty deleted scenes that were soooo cute.
4/17/2007 #8
I KNOW! They were supposed to hook up in the season finale!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..........
4/17/2007 #9
you're my Star
That mini?! KILLED ME. Dude, I sobbed. The way JT was looking at her broke. my. heart. Seriously. My mother thought the fact that I was bawling over a fictional character was insane. And, anyway, back on topic, I think it's going to take a while before Liberty is in any state to go visit her baby. She's probably still a little bitter about the whole matter, not to mention weighed down with a whole lot a' regret. She probably realizes now what a mistake it was to give up her baby in the first place. I imagine it's gonna take her a while to work up enough courage. Do we even know how far away the baby is? *suppresses anger* Could the writers POSSIBLY make things harder for her?
4/21/2007 #10
You have a good point. That mini episode was really sad. Beautiful, they were supposed to hook up?! That makes it even more depressing. I think the baby is all the way in British Columbia, but don't quote me on that.
4/27/2007 #11
The baby is in Seattle, as said in "total Eclipse of the Heart". They were supposed to hook-up?? That sucks!!! Ugh, it's all Ryan Cooley's fault--he wanted to go to college. Mina
8/30/2007 #12
Seattle, that's right. Thanks. Well, you gotta give him a break, although I wish they didn't kill him, they didn't kill Sean (althought they almost did).
8/30/2007 #13
Yeah, Ryan wanted to go to school and better his education, but I wishs they didn't kill him off.
8/30/2007 #14
They could have come up with another reason. I mean, maybe he had to go to a drug rehab, past season. Hmm...something, anything.
8/31/2007 #15
Yeah, keep options open if he ever wanted come back or if they need him, like with Daniel.
8/31/2007 #16
Jazzy Raveler
I was thinking that just the other day...But I think the writers just wanted to open up reasons for more drama...especially since lakehurst is coming to Degrassi next season, What the heck?! *screams* I want JT back!!!!
9/1/2007 #17
Oh, yeah, I'm totally with you! Whose idea was that? Ms. H perhaps. Like Mother like son.
9/1/2007 #18
Jazzy Raveler
This cracked me up!! Yes, like mother like son indeed. She is so immature. Did you see the way she was arguing with her ex right in front of students?!! How know it really makes my blood boil to think that she usta be "Mrs. Hot Sauce" back in Season 2, and the girls coach. *tsk tsk tsk* Look what custody of Peter has turned her into...
9/1/2007 #19
LOL! You are on a role today. Yeah, I guess Peter my have that influence on her, but I think it's the other way around. It's amazing how Peter make people change for the worst. The little weasel needs to leave.
9/1/2007 #20
you're my Star
[q]The little weasel needs to leave.[/q] OOOH. Maybe he can take Darcy with him. And, yeah, I was MAD they called JT off, even when I found out the reason of Ryan leaving... just, er! THEY DIDN'T HAVE TO KILL HIM! I don't think Liberty will ever see her baby again. I don't even think we'll ever get a good look at Liberty again. Degrassi has remarkable disregard for their own characters. The level of uncaring toward them is impressive, really. At the rate the writers are going every character is going to end up abandoned, permanently injured, causing death, in jail, universally hated, addicted to drugs, dropping out of school, diseased, or dead before they hit 20. Except Emma, of [i]course[/i]. She's their resident golden girl. Whoo, yay for the kids of Degrassi! *shoots streamers*
9/1/2007 #21
It is horrible and yes the students get the brunt of it in order for us to see what it's like you know. [q]Oh, yeah, I'm totally with you! Whose idea was that? Ms. H perhaps. Like Mother like son. [q]This cracked me up too. Ms. H. is a pain in the rear end. It was so irritating, every thing about her. Peter and Darcy do need to leave. you're my Star [q]Except Emma, of course. She's their resident golden girl.[q]I don't think Emma is an exception, I hear what you're saying, but really think about how others are like that too. I see that every thing will go back to her, but understandably why.
9/4/2007 #22
Jazzy Raveler
Exactly. I do think that in order for the writers to have us see these reallife experiences a lot of things happen to the characters. It wouldn't be realistic if it was only one character like if Emma was a cutter, and bulimic, and pregnant, and got an abortion, and had an internet stalker, and her dad died, and her stepdad had cancer, and her boyfriend beat her, and he died and the list goes on. So in order for them to make us be able to believe it they have to put the characters through the ringer... Exactly!! Ms. H needs to be fired just like Mr Raditch for showing favoritism and ruining various lives all because of that stupid son of hers... Bye bye Sparcy And Emma has gone through a lot I must say. I do understand what's being said but at the same time Emma's characters has gone through quite a lot herself over the past few seasons so I don't think it's fair to single her out. It does always lead back to her doesn't it Jusea? She's Spikes baby!!!
9/9/2007 #23
Ms. H sucks. I couldn't even spell her names if I wanted to and she kicked Sean out with no actual proof. My goodness! Peter's your kid and you shoud know how much of a weasel he can be. Besides, haven't you ever heard of fingerprints. I doubt Sean's hands were on it. Emma is character that I feel gets all the attention and if weren't for Manny still being her sidekick, that wouldn't annoy me as much. Emma's been through a whirl of messes, but somebody was always there to comfort her. Sadly, I never got see Jt really help her out, but maybe the other way around. That's important to me, because lately I've missed the "Fantastic Four" and now it's gone for good. There's no getting it back or hoping. Emma's like any other character on Degrassi. She's going through problems, and she's like any other person you would probably see at school.
9/10/2007 #24
All this doesn't happen to all the same kids, but if they got a new person for a new topic each time the cast list would be quite large. I agree. Ms. H needs to go, but of course that would be fair and we're not dealing with fairness, how ironic. She probably didn't want to chance anything with Peter, no explanantion, if it was her son, she'd give him so much more. It does lead back to Emma, the start of the story line. Yeah, but so have the other characters, I just don't see how people think Emma is the only one to have gone through a ton of things. I don't know, perhaps I just haven't sat down and wrote down all the things that each person went through and count them up. JT helped in the first one. [q]Emma's like any other character on Degrassi. She's going through problems, and she's like any other person you would probably see at school. [/q] Good point.
9/11/2007 #25

I would have LOVED them if they hadn't killed J.T. till he got to see his baby that Liberty had.

7/13/2010 #26

It would have been better if they had saved JT, tis a pity that they didn't.

9/15/2010 #27
Pepper Walker

Yeah it was sad. I mean, just because the actor playing J.T. was leaving the show didn't mean they had to kill him! I'm glad they had the baby though. Hey, here's a thought. They made TNG when Emma was old enough to get into middle school after the original Degrassi ended. Maybe they'll use J.T. and Liberty's baby to bring it back if they end the show again?

9/16/2010 #28

Huh, I hadn't thought of it. But that would be interesting. If they stop the show but decide to bring it back later they could always use their baby...

9/18/2010 #29
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