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My Name is Sophia

I didn't like that episode. It was too similar to Carrie, a horror film. But then again, it might be the point.

1/2/2009 #181

Really? I've never seen Carrie, but I have heard about it. Interesting...well...

1/2/2009 #182
My Name is Sophia

There are a lot of similarities, actually, even in season four. Let me explain:

* Rick is an unpopular student, although their is reasoning. Carrie is unpopular, as well.

* Just when Rick might be accepted, a bucket of tar and feathers falls on him. When Carrie is almost accepted, pigs blood is draped on her.

* Rick snaps and goes into a shooting. With Carrie, who has the power to move objects, kills everyone at the prom.

* Rick dies. Carrie dies.

* At the end of the special, Holly J. is about to drop the glasses into the trash when Rick's hand pops out and grabs her. At the end of Carrie, the one girl who didn't attend the prom is laying flowers at Carrie's death site when Carrie's hand pops up and grabs her, the first instance of this cliche. However, it turns out to be a dream, and the girl has apparently been trumatized.

1/2/2009 . Edited 1/2/2009 #183

Oh. Wow. There are a lot of similarities. I suppose then they did mean to do it, just like when they did Take On Me.

1/2/2009 #184

Actually in Time Stands Still part 1, the bucket is full of yellow paint, not tar, and white feathers. I should know, having seen it.

1/2/2009 #185
My Name is Sophia

Oh, right. It was yellow paint. It's just been awhile since I've seen the episode.

1/2/2009 #186

Right. I remember now, I haven't seen that episode in a while either.

1/5/2009 #187

I'm glad I cleared that part up for you guys. I think Rick is a neat character. You never know what's hiding behind his personality. He reminds me of Harry Potter with the glasses - except Harry was a wizard, he never had anger issues and he never shot anyone with a gun. (I've been reading the Harry Potter books, so I know the differences.)

1/5/2009 #188

True. I never would have thought any comparison with Harry and Rick.

1/5/2009 #189

Now, I'm about to post a poem about Emma from Rick's point of view, and I hope it's really good!

4/10/2009 #190

Actually, Holly J was about to put Rick's glasses back in her locker.

4/10/2009 #191

Anyway, I have some exciting news to share with you guys! :)

4/11/2009 #192

Cool. What's your news? And I didn't see your poem.

4/13/2009 . Edited 4/13/2009 #193

Well, for starters, I'm 21 years old, and on April 11, my mom and dad took me shopping at Clackamas Town Center to celebrate my birthday early (as this year my birthday falls on a school night). It was a great idea! :)

And as for my poem, I'll publish it as soon as I get the chance. :)

4/13/2009 #194

Oh, well Happy Birthday! I hope you had fun!

Okay, that's cool.

4/14/2009 #195

Thanks. I did have a lot of fun.

I published the poem on my birthday, so be sure to check it out! :)

4/15/2009 #196

Good. I'm glad.

Cool, thanks for the tip!

4/16/2009 #197

So did you get the PM I sent you? I hope so.

And another muse of mine is Jay Hogart. I'm working on a story called "Cold Hearted Snake" (named after the song by Paula Abdul, which is a great song for getting inspiration) with Jay as the central character. Only I made him a bit more...evil, if you will, especially with the girls.

4/17/2009 #198

I did get the PM you sent me. Thanks.

Jay is an interesting character, not one of my favorites, but still cool. I like that song. That's cool that you're using that as an inspiration.

4/20/2009 #199

You're welcome. And thanks for the compliment. I love that song as well, as it describes some guys. But not all guys are cold hearted or snakes.:) Most of them are pretty nice, cool and neat.

Plus, I don't know why, but Rick - there's something about him that just screams "HOTTIE!"

4/20/2009 #200

You're welcome. I agree, some people don't always use songs the best that they should be, but some do. Not everyone fits every song.

I don't really think Rick is hot, sorry.

4/21/2009 #201

I understand. To each his own. Plus, I agree with you about Rick not being crazy. I'll always be inspired by him, and he gives me so many ideas, that I sometimes try to pick just the right one.:)

4/21/2009 #202

Thanks. I agree, to each thier own.

Rick had issues and kids are cruel. Kids snap. Rick wasn't right. Neither were the other kids.

Inspiration is inspiration as long as it doesn't cause you to do crazy, dangerous stuff you know?

4/22/2009 #203

You're welcome.

And I never do crazy, dangerous stuff. I only think about it. Everybody thinks about doing wild, crazy things once in a while. :)

4/22/2009 #204

That's cool. Makes sense. :)

4/22/2009 #205

Now, I'm planning a new story - this one's about Jay - but I'll put that one on hold until my other story is finished. It's called "Cold Hearted Snake", and I was inspired to write it by the song of the same name by Paula Abdul. :)

5/2/2009 . Edited 8/9/2009 #206

That's cool. Is it a one-shot or a multi-chapter one?

5/4/2009 #207

I'm not sure; I'm still working out the details.

5/4/2009 #208

That's cool.

5/5/2009 #209

I agree. :)

5/5/2009 #210
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