Mecha Madness Virtual Battles
Everyone's live changed one day when figures of mechas from the popular mecha anime were released to the world. Ranging from Gundams, Mazingers, Evangelions, and Transformers. And then people decided to create a virtual new game, pitting players with their mecha figures. With the virtual projection, players can find themselves on the battlefields from various mecha anime where the mechas are projected as if from another world. Let the mecha battles begin!
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Microsoft Sam-95

1. No sexual content

2. No blood or gore

3. Wait til character acception

4. No swearing

5. This is pure mecha, so mechas from tokusatsu, other Western franchises like Pacific Rim, and video games are allowed. However no humanoid machines like Astro Boy, no vehicles, no non-mecha anime with no mechas allowed, and finally no kaiju.

6. Please get along.

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Microsoft Sam-95


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Microsoft Sam-95

Ok so be sure to check the rules of how the game is played.

2/11/2019 #5
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I'll check 'em.

2/11/2019 #6
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