Mecha Madness Virtual Battles
Everyone's live changed one day when figures of mechas from the popular mecha anime were released to the world. Ranging from Gundams, Mazingers, Evangelions, and Transformers. And then people decided to create a virtual new game, pitting players with their mecha figures. With the virtual projection, players can find themselves on the battlefields from various mecha anime where the mechas are projected as if from another world. Let the mecha battles begin!
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Microsoft Sam-95







Mecha Model:

Attack Cards:

2/10/2019 . Edited 2/20/2019 #1
Microsoft Sam-95

Name: Shora Kuwagimoto

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Nationality: Japan

Appearance: Red shirt underneath a short jacket, black jeans, white sneakers, blue hair with turquoise highlights, and green eyes.

Personality: He is friendly and gets inspired by other popular mecha fighter players. This is what led him to receive his first mecha.

Mecha Model: RX-78-2 Gundam

Attack Cards: Vulcan Guns, Beam Saber, Beam Javelin, Gundam Hammer, Beam Rifle, Hyper Bazooka, Shield

2/10/2019 #2
Microsoft Sam-95

Name: Brandon Wilkerson

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Nationality: America

Appearance: Black long shirt, black jeans, white hair with black highlights, yellow boots with camouflage, blue eyes.

Personality: but perhaps most important is that he's cooperative and loyal. Of course he's also surprising, daring and good-natured, but they're tainted by and mixed with habits of being thievish as well. His cooperation though, this is what he's pretty much loved for. People regularly count on this and his appreciative nature when they're in need of support. In battle, he can be hot-blooded and competitive

Mecha Model: Mazinger Z

Attack Cards: Rocket Punch, Iron Cutter, Rust Hurricane, Koshiryoku Beam, Drill Missile, Big Band Punch, 100 Rocket Punch Barrage

2/11/2019 #3

Name: Terri Ace

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Nationality: French Japanese

Appearance: She has blue eyes, slightly tanned Asian skin, midnight black hair in short Multi-layer mop with a naturally white highlighted heavy bang. Her height is 5'8" and weighs around 150 lbs. She has an athletic build. She is usually found wearing a t-shirt with windbreakers and hiking boots during most days.

Personality: She is an enthusiastic prankster, detective and extreme magician with exceptional marks and an optimistic attitude though she also hates people being upset and tries to cheer them up through magic tricks or simply comforting them.

Mecha Model: Tobikage

Attack Cards: Energy Shuriken, E-Katana, Shadow Clone, Pilot Merge, Black Lion (Beast Demon Kurojishi), Phoenix Thunderhawk (Sky Demon Hōraiō), Burst Dragon (Sea Demon Bakuryu)


As Phantom Ace (Terri's spirit half.)

Appearance: She wears a dark purple cloak over a black tuxedo jacket with a purple trim, white dress shirt, black dress pants, white socks, black dress shoes, black belt with a case large enough to hold 8 decks of playing cards and is filled with various tools, and a black fedora with a white band, and black sash that wraps around her waist and forms a flowing fox-like tail from the back.

2/13/2019 . Edited 2/13/2019 #4
Microsoft Sam-95

Need help with a mecha?

2/13/2019 #5
Yeah and deciding on what actually suits her.
2/13/2019 #6
Microsoft Sam-95


2/13/2019 #7

Yay :3

2/13/2019 #8
Microsoft Sam-95

Do you have other OCs?

2/13/2019 #9

Not really at the moment and I'll Edit my post to have Phantom in the same post as well.

2/13/2019 #10
Microsoft Sam-95

So Phantom is a competitor as well?

2/13/2019 #11

To the same mech?

2/13/2019 #12
Microsoft Sam-95

I got confused sorry.

Whoa I got an idea. Why not like a human version of Lupin?

2/13/2019 #13

Sounds good and what's a good mecha for it?

2/13/2019 #14

Also would Lupin be like the Guardian for Terri?

2/13/2019 #15
Microsoft Sam-95

A guardian would be cool.

As for mecha, I got it. How about this?!

2/13/2019 #16


2/13/2019 #17
Microsoft Sam-95

For Lupin, GaoGaiGar!

2/13/2019 #18

Name: Lupin

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Nationality: French Japanese

Appearance: Long black hair done in the style of a rogue samurai ponytail. He's 6 1/2 feet with muscles of a professional MMA fighter.

Personality: He's more like a caring big brother to Terri but to others, he seems like the terrifying type at first glance

Mecha Model: GaoGaiGar

Attack Cards: Broken Magnum, Hell and Heaven, Protect Shade, Dividing Driver, Plasma Hold, Goldion Hammer

2/13/2019 . Edited by Microsoft Sam-95, 2/13/2019 #19
Microsoft Sam-95

Ok so why not have the nationality be the same as Terri's. You know, since he's Terri's brother?

2/13/2019 #20
2/13/2019 #21
Microsoft Sam-95

Got an idea for appearance?

2/13/2019 #22
How about we give him a bit of a rogue samurai look with the long hair in a ponytail?
2/13/2019 #23
Microsoft Sam-95

Whoa! Cool!

2/13/2019 #24
Ye :3
2/13/2019 #25
Microsoft Sam-95

Ok so attack cards, leave this to me.

2/13/2019 #26
Alright and you can edit that part in the post if you like to.
2/13/2019 #27
Microsoft Sam-95


2/13/2019 #28

Alright and where to start?

2/13/2019 #29
Or better yet how do we start this off?
2/14/2019 #30
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