Mecha Madness Virtual Battles
Everyone's live changed one day when figures of mechas from the popular mecha anime were released to the world. Ranging from Gundams, Mazingers, Evangelions, and Transformers. And then people decided to create a virtual new game, pitting players with their mecha figures. With the virtual projection, players can find themselves on the battlefields from various mecha anime where the mechas are projected as if from another world. Let the mecha battles begin!
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Microsoft Sam-95

The main hub.

2/11/2019 . Edited 2/20/2019 #1
(Let's start!)
2/17/2019 #2
Microsoft Sam-95

Shora was running a mecha model shop while his parents were out shopping. He was making sure the models were neatly in the aisles and shelves.

2/17/2019 #3
Terri was out as she spotted the shop with Lupin by her.
2/17/2019 #4
Microsoft Sam-95

"Well, that about takes care of that. Now to wait for customers." Shora said as he went behind the cashier counter and waited for a customer.

2/17/2019 #5
They head into the shop with some curiosity.
2/17/2019 #6
Microsoft Sam-95

"Welcome." Shora greeted.

2/17/2019 #7
"What do you have here?"
2/17/2019 #8
Lupin was eyeing on a couple mechs.
2/17/2019 #9
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