Mecha Madness Virtual Battles
Everyone's live changed one day when figures of mechas from the popular mecha anime were released to the world. Ranging from Gundams, Mazingers, Evangelions, and Transformers. And then people decided to create a virtual new game, pitting players with their mecha figures. With the virtual projection, players can find themselves on the battlefields from various mecha anime where the mechas are projected as if from another world. Let the mecha battles begin!
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Mech Appearance:

Mech Weapons:

2/20/2019 #1

Name: Terri Ace

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Appearance: She has blue eyes, slightly tanned Asian skin, midnight black hair in short Multi-layer mop with a naturally white highlighted heavy bang. Her height is 5'8" and weighs around 150 lbs. She has an athletic build. She is usually found wearing a t-shirt with windbreakers and hiking boots during most days.

Personality: She is an enthusiastic prankster, detective and extreme magician with exceptional marks and an optimistic attitude though she also hates people being upset and tries to cheer them up through magic tricks or simply comforting them.

Mech: Gespenst

Mech Appearance: Black overall with silver accents with foldable Jet wings on the back.

Mech Weapons: Plasma Cutters on the left, mega blaster beams on the right arm, T-Link Rippers (If Phantom is in Control) from the back

2/20/2019 . Edited 2/20/2019 #2
Microsoft Sam-95

Need help with mecha?

2/20/2019 #3

Yeah actually :)

2/20/2019 #4
Microsoft Sam-95

How do you say for a black colored Gespenst?

2/20/2019 #5
Sounds good and it probably should be modified to be more for her style :))
2/20/2019 #6
Microsoft Sam-95

That's a good idea

2/20/2019 #7
What are some good close combat weapons?
2/20/2019 #8
Microsoft Sam-95

Plasma Cutters which are beam sabers, steel knife, and it's equipped with the Jet Magnum, where the Plasma Cutter hilts and the right arm of the wrist become energized and grabs hold of the enemy and discharges the stored energy from the stored energy against the target.

2/20/2019 #9
Nice :3
2/20/2019 #10
Microsoft Sam-95

Now for long range we have split missiles, mega blaster beams, M95 machine guns, and T-Link Rippers, which are remote spinning blades that are controlled telepathically if a person is a Psychodriver. Kinda like the Newtypes from Gundam.

2/20/2019 #11
Alright and I think what really suits her :))
2/20/2019 #12
Microsoft Sam-95

Cool. Of course, since they can be customly made, you can add anything you want to it. Maybe twin barreled cannons on the right arm, wings that act like funnel drones like in SEED, shoulder cannons, mechanical tails. Whatever suits Terri.

2/20/2019 #13
I might clean this up a bit more as we RP.
2/20/2019 #14
Microsoft Sam-95

Alright then. Btw, you thought Eva-01's roar was scary to hear?

2/20/2019 #15
Yeah actually.
2/20/2019 #16
Microsoft Sam-95

I just heard Ideon can roar too. Something that shouldn't even come from a designed robot like Space Runaway Ideon.

2/20/2019 #17
Wow and shall we set up an RP thread for this?
2/20/2019 #18
Microsoft Sam-95


2/20/2019 #19
Alright :3
2/20/2019 #20
Microsoft Sam-95

Name: Vakam

Age: 24

Appearance: He is in his mid-20s, with a red jacket, blue hair, silver jeans, black boots, and white T-shirt underneath.

Personality: A heroic and selfless man after receiving the Nazareth Armor, he is willing to fight against all odds. He uses this power to stop the monsters, Zeon, Angels, and Xiliens so that no one suffers from evil.

Mech: Uriel

Mech Appearance: A mech suit which acts like an armored suit, once the gauntlet is put on, Vakam is encased in the armor and then grows to the size of a Mobile Suit. It's said to be blue in color, with a scarf, three stakes on each limb, blade feet, a head with a white visor, and blue chestplate.

Mech Weapons: Ariel Punch, Azrael Scythe, Chamuel Beam Cannon, Gabriel Saber, Zadkiel Lance

2/20/2019 #21
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