Brave Crimson Academy R3
An Academy that has stood open for decades, raising and nurturing the best students in the world into becoming the fine adults that will lead the new generation...has now re-opened it's door after closing down for a year. Arise o' youth and become the foundation of society. [Invite Only RP]
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Couple of Rules:

Must be High School age No fantasy/supernatural powers of any kind. This is an RP just to chill.


Age: [High School Age]






Confirmed NPCs:

Jason Phoenix

4/8/2019 . Edited 4/8/2019 #1

Name: Clover Carillo

Age: 17


Background: Clover was raised by a mortician and a famous artist in a small town. Never had a lot of friends besides some foster kids raised by her neighbors, and always considered the neighbors a second family. Her own parents were always sort of distant, so Clover always tried really hard to connect with 'em, to no avail. Mom taught her how to make puppets at least, and that was a nice bonding thing for a while. Clover kept at that, perfecting her craft, becoming very, very passionate about her craft, making little puppet shows for neighbor kids, even putting some puppetshows online, and, well... Now she's really fucking good at that stuff. Yaaay~

She has one particular marionette puppet that's her favorite, Aster! Is an older one of hers, not quite her first, but still far from her best. Clover loves Aster to death though.

Hobbies: Puppet-making, puppetry, walking around graveyards, playing video games, being a shitty little gremlin who does shitty little pranks and general shenanigans

Likes: Puppets (Aster especially) horror books/movies, ghosts, tea, being showered in attention

Dislikes: Solitude, mornings, cold attitudes and apathy

Name: Dia Lee

Age: 16

Appearance: (except think sleepier looking)

Background: Dia was raised by some decently wealthy tailors, and so had what most would probably consider a good life. Never really in need of money or anything, and her parents even taught her the craft! So she could sew all sorts of things, like pretty clothes and pretty plushies! She makes her own clothes because of this. And plush. So many plush that she's named and given a roll within her 'Moogle Kingdom.' Kookah is her main one, one she keeps with her at all times, as Kookah is her right hand man, her main confidant!

She clearly has.. a very, very overly active imagination. One that her brother has teased her for a lot. But she's kind of sheltered and never really had any other friends, so she instead indulges herself with her own imagination...

Hobbies: Sewing, drawing, plotting out the conquests of her moogle empire, playing harmonica

Likes: Napping, plushies, pretty clothes, her moogle empire

Dislikes: Judgmental people, eye-burning neon colors, loud noises, crowds

4/9/2019 #2
Kaylee Ukes


4/9/2019 . Edited 4/9/2019 #3

Name: Arista Reilly

Age: 16 (September 22nd) (Sophomore/2nd Year)


Arista is small-statured, only 4'11" or about 151cm. She is almost ridiculously pale and has lavender hair that flows down her back, though it's extremely prone to getting tangles. She's almost always in dark clothes, primarily black and reds. She'll rarely be seen in anything less than full-length pants and a jacket. Anything else is

She'll very often be seen with a cat-ear headband on her head, the same color as her hair. A matching tail isn't uncommon, but she doesn't wear it as much anymore, after bullies started pulling on it...If she's feeling particularly festive, she's have a black choker with a pretty little bell hanging from it.

Personality: Arista mostly keeps to herself. She's never been a huge people person, and she's always afraid of doing something stupid and embarrassing herself. Not like she talks much when she's with people she knows, anyways. She usually sits in the background, listening, putting in witty little remarks when she feels confident enough.

She has a very limited set of interests, and she'll be obsessive in a way about them, fantasizing and rambling about them whenever she gets the chance. Her imagination knows no bounds, and she'll willingly spend hours in her own head rather than with people she fears. But this means she'll suppress stress, even dissociate if it's great enough...all until she explodes for the most minor of things. Then the cycle starts again.

She's a perfectionist, socially awkward, can be kinda bratty's a miracle people put up with her, frankly.

Background: Her whole life, Arista's been pressured to be perfect. As, occasional Bs...but never Cs. Ohhhh boy, if she got a could bet there would be major consequences. She was raised by an authoritarian mother who wasn't all that involved in her life...her father even less so. It heavily influenced her many social issues...

She's tried many things. Been pretty good at most of them. But they often don't stick. She'll lose interest in them, or be so pressured into keeping up on them that she just starts to hate them...

She just wants to coast through life, doing the things she's happy with. She hasn't figured out what she wants to do with her life, despite the pressure to do something with what she's good at...

Hobbies: Arista's never been into what's deemed to be 'girly stuff'. She's a video game nerd...though I put that term very lightly. It's more like a very specific set of series in one or two genres that she's absolutely crazy about...though you'll rarely hear her gush out of embarrassment.

She's also a writer...or at least she tries to be. Her inspiration is very fickle, even when she has what she wants to do right in her's just trying to explain it, y'know? No wonder she sucks at English...

Likes: Alone time, animals (particularly the furry ones), sweets, warmth - as for obsessions...genetics, fantasies, mysteries, math, a couple specific RPGs that she doesn't want to name...

Dislikes: Crowds, spicy and bitter food, the cold

Her Theme Song: Imaginary by Evanescence

Name: Luka Holt

Age: 15 (December 9th) (Freshman/1st Year)


Luka is a tiny boi, at only 4'10" or about 148cm. Growth spurts seem to not exist for him. He's pale, with messy dirty blond hair and wide, bright icy blue eyes. He has a pair of blue-rimmed glasses and dresses in nothing but shades of blue. He much prefers comfort over anything else.

Personality: Luka is the crazy hyperactive little dork that's hard to hate. He's always running around, being either a nuisance or entertainment to people, depending on how they view him. He's the fourth-wall breaking comic relief everyone needs.

But still, he has a darker side...he's prone to depression, severe depression...he needs a stable social structure, or he'll fall into despair...

Background: Luka...hasn't exactly had the best home life. His mother died when he was little, and his father was nothing but increasingly abusive as the years went on. He didn't receive nearly as brutal treatment as his older brother did, but he still was left with that nagging feeling of uselessness...he couldn't do anything. Especially when his brother graduated and refused to go to college in order to protect him from their father...

This school was his way out. He could be away from his father...his brother could go away to college and work on being able to afford a home for the two of them to stay in, away from the abuse. Things were looking up for them. As long as their businessman of a father didn't try to pull any strings...

Hobbies: Luka has an active imagination, so that leads to a lot of writing and project planning that never actually goes anywhere. He also likes running around, burning off all of the energy pent up throughout the school day. He might also expend his energy killing stuff in video games.

...One of these things is not like the other.

Likes: BLUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUE, his brother and Cato, floofs, sweets

Dislikes: His father, bullies and other rude people, being alone

Name: Cato Pyore

Age: 15 (April 25th) (Freshman/1st Year)


Cato is about 5'6"-5'7" with a medium complexion and deep red messy hair and eyes. He tends towards casual but generally still professional, often in shades of red, brown, and even deeper purples.

Personality: Cato is generally calm and easygoing; he will crack jokes and often ends up freaking out over the messes Luka gets them into....He takes his responsibilities very seriously...almost too seriously sometimes...But he is a natural problem solver and can figure things out quickly...he's kinda had to, given how Luka always keeps him on his toes...

Background: Cato was adopted into the Pyore family early in his life. He doesn't remember much of the time before then, except through his mother's drunken screaming. He doesn't think much on it, though. This was his family now.

He's been a regular kid. Does sports, gets good grades, has a solid social structure...the works......And then Luka came along.

They had known each other since the second grade, and as soon as they met, Luka latched onto him, and he protected the smaller boy from the bullies who would harass him. He still does, even now. Yet he manages to have time for the boy, his classes,'s a wonder how the stress doesn't overwhelm him.

Hobbies: Cato's an active boy, always taking part in some sport or another. Depending on what's available at the school, he'll go from cross country to soccer to basketball to swimming. If he has free time alone, he'll settle down with a book, maybe get some writing in, though not as crazy imaginative as what Luka does. He also enjoys the occasional video game. Whatever makes Luka happy.

Likes: The rain, free time, sports, Luka

Dislikes: Being bogged down or told what to do, bullies and other rude people, unfairness

4/9/2019 #4

Name: Reginald Battle

Age: 17

Appearance: Reginald is a tall, pale person, standing at around 6'0. His hair is black and messy, and his eyes are of a deep blue. He tends to use more formal clothing, which usually consist of a shirt and tie, accompanied by a waistcoat.

Background: Reginald has lived a relatively easy life, having been born to a rich family, owners of some important manufacturing company. Despite the money and influence held in his hands, Reggie has always preferred a much moderate life, away from luxuries and as utalitarian as possible, which his father has taken in as a sign of great positive changes in the industry once Reggie is old enough to take charge, and his mother thinks it's just the babbling of a snotty brat who's no idea what his position in the world is. Either way, he's enjoyed his life.

Hobbies: Reading, cricket and fencing.

Likes: His hobbies, Melissa, animals, helping others.

Dislikes: Bad or rude people, injustice, unpunctuality.

Name: Melissa Kubrick

Age: 17

Appearance: Melissa is a short girl of about 5'5. Her hair is a swirly mess of black and white, her eyes black in color. She tends to wear dark clothes, in a sort of punk fashion. Most of the time, she also adds a black cape to her clothing set.

Background: Melissa was a kid born from a couple of drug addicts who ended up in foster care, and then ran away. After months in the streets, she ended up scavenging the trash at Reggie's house. Skip a couple of years and they became really good friends/siblings, with Melissa being half adopted into the household (Only partway through legal tuitions and the like, never completely getting into adoption papers due to Reggie's mother.), living a much better life than, you know, the streets.

Hobbies: Practicing the way of the sword, collecting weapons, spending lots of money that are technically not her own.

Likes: Reggie, weapons, spending time alone.

Dislikes: Crowds, attention, people hurting Reggie.

4/9/2019 #5
Kaylee Ukes

Name: Pip Brightsprout

Age: 16



  • Her birthmother dropped her off at a religious orphanage as a newborn
  • Raised by nuns until she was five.
  • She was adopted by two men; Adrian Brightsprout and Luke Journeyman. Loves em dearly.
  • Lives a pretty happy life with em and her grandma, Velma Journeyman who taught her how to cook
  • Has an older sister, Terra, who is in college studying law.

Hobbies: Cooking! She also likes knitting and making everyone's day better~

Likes: helping people, cooking, life, happiness, consent

Dislikes: Bullies, war. Das it, she's a very optimistic baby uwu

4/9/2019 #6
Foreteller Ava

Name: Emeline Fujiwara

Age: 19


Background: Emeline was an only child raised by a single father, her mother having passed away due to childbirth complications. Because of her mother's death, her father decided to name her in her honor. In order to gain a connection with her mother after death, Emeline decided that she wanted to learn about the culture from which her mother came from, as while her father is Japanese her mother was a French woman. She decided to take it upon herself to learn all sorts of things about French culture, when she discovered the language. Emeline spent hours pouring over book after book, learning vocabulary, grammatical structure, and nuances of the language, and could be considered fully bilingual at the age of ten.

Upon realizing how much she enjoyed learning French, Emeline began studying other languages, taking it upon herself to learn second, third, and fourth language, each one learned earlier than the last. And she continued these studies throughout her time in high school. Unfortunately, it was just about the only thing she was good at, as Emeline basically flunked out of her classes and got held back a year, but hey, at least she's good at languages?


  • Languages
  • Piano (Specifically because it's the closest to just straight up reading languages.)
  • Reading and Writing


  • In general, cultures, but she holds a specific fascination with French culture due to it being a part of her heritage as well as languages.
  • Coffee. Late nights have turned Emeline into a coffee addict, not that that stops her from sleeping in most classes anyways.
  • Music. She is not good at playing it, but she does enjoy listening to it.


  • Literally any subject that requires math or studying or anything of the like.
  • Sweets and other forms of candy
  • In general, she isn't fond of people? Like she doesn't hate them but she isn't the life of a party either.

Name: Serafine Robins

Age: 18


Background: Born five years after Sky, Sera views her older sister with a kind of reverence reserved for stars due to her Keyblade training. As a young girl, she always dreamed of being a Keyblade Master, and would frequently travel to Daybreak Town to visit her and her friends. It was during one such meeting that Landon lost control of his darkness, the young boy blinding her in one eye in the process. With it determined that Sera could not be trained to use the Keyblade because of this, she became reserved for a while, keeping to herself about the incident. Though learning how to dance and heal others managed to slowly bring herself out of the isolating state, Sera still harbors a small bit of resentment over the fact that she can't quite be like Sky...

I do know this is KH but she doesn't have powers so I'm just praying I can make an exception so I don't have to come up with a full bio rewrite.


  • Dancing
  • If you've been a professional dancer you'd know it's difficult to have any other hobby that shit is supposedly very intensive if you want a social life.


  • Dancing
  • Her sister
  • Any sort of musical anything
  • Sweets, lots and lots of sweets


  • Liars. She herself may not be the most honest but she appreciates honesty in others.
  • Fighting. Her lack of vision in her right eyes results in her taking a more pacifistic view of the world.
  • Scary movies. Don't ask.
4/9/2019 #7
Luigi man21

Name: Robin Raven

Age: 17


Background: Robin comes from a pretty standard background, a pair of disapproving parents, a loyal and lazy cat companion. He seeks to get away and earn pride in himself.

Hobbies: Robin has an interest in make up and a curiosity in drag races. He also enjoys writing from time to time.

Likes: Cats, books, cold weather, Japanese food, manga.

Dislikes: Hot weather, uncooperative people, generally boring people.

Name: Hank Palmour

Age: 16


Background: Hank used to live a happy life with his parents, but he had a falling out with them and went on his way to BCA, so he could finish his education and move onto pursuing his goal of becoming a bodyguard.

Hobbies: Exercising, reading, cooking fish, training.

Likes: Fish, friendly people, cold weather.

Dislikes: Hot weather and jerks, mostly.

4/9/2019 #8

Name: Tyson Jin

Age: 15 [Sophomore]

Appearance: Can send a ref.

Background: A budding tactician who discovered his abilities at a very early age. As-is, Tyson is a great asset to his home country's military, and is shaping up to a tactical mastermind... And his noble goal to 'save everyone he can', while admirable, is something that he clings to a bit too tightly. Tyson is ruthless in games of strategy and in games of life and death, able to craft clever schemes and break every rule in the book to save people.

Hobbies: 4X computer gaming, military strategy gaming, basically anything that requires him to use tactics.

Likes: Strategy games, loyal people, Italian food.

Dislikes: Riddles, Scrabble, seafood.

Name: Nick Icarus

Age: 16 [Junior]

Appearance: Can send a ref.

Background: A boy who has long since wanted to be a knight. He takes his dream a little too far, acting quite a bit like a 'hero' from medieval times, but without all of the pompous "m'lady" bullshit. He's a sweet boy who cares deeply about his friends, a result of his old mother's teachings. He is a master with a sword, able to defeat people who are twice his age. His large build and impressive strength makes him a great physical asset, and while he doesn't have a great amount of common sense, he is far from dumb.

Hobbies: Sword-fighting, role-playing, hanging out with allies.

Likes: Allies, two-handed swords, BBQ.

Dislikes: Villains, cheaters, pepperoni pizza.

4/11/2019 . Edited 4/11/2019 #9
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