Brave Crimson Academy R3
An Academy that has stood open for decades, raising and nurturing the best students in the world into becoming the fine adults that will lead the new generation...has now re-opened it's door after closing down for a year. Arise o' youth and become the foundation of society. [Invite Only RP]
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Brave Crimson Academy's Monorail Station...the only way in and out of the Academy. BCA is built on an offshore island which can only be reached via a monorail connecting it to the mainland.

All the new and old students have gathered at the Station for the start of a new year. From the Station you can see the entire Academy, It has a decidedly futuristic look, with all its domes and a branch-like tower in the middle of it. There are plenty of trees and parks to tone down the metallic look. The buildings are designated in different places to differentiate their purpose, such as the dormitories being next to a small bridge with trees and a small river under it.

The windows were completely technological, they could be switched between various different views and settings tho it seems like you can't mess with them right now. One of the windows was showing a movie, some movie no one cared about probably Cat in the Hat or something you don't know.

The Monorail had space for all the students, it was like the size of a single train carriage, even the seats were lined up as such.

[Everyone starts the game here, you're already inside the Monorail on your way to the Academy.]

4/8/2019 #1

Luka's face was already smashed up against the window, staring at the scenery as they passed. "Wooooooah....iz so cooooooool~"

Meanwhile, Cato was sitting beside him, reading a book and occasionally glancing up to see what was so interesting to the boy.

Aaaaand then you had Arista as close to a corner away from everyone as she could get, absorbed in something she was doing on her laptop.

...Interesting trio here, amiright?

4/9/2019 #2

A pair of dark gray eyes peeked over the seat in front of the trio, staring at each one of them.

4/9/2019 #3
Kaylee Ukes

Pip sat in her seat, looking out the window and watching the scenery with sleepy eyes.

She had stayed up late doing research on the school, trying to see if she could cook stuff for any friends she made... but alas, it seemed no one in on online forums could tell her what the hospitality sector was like.

She also wondered if there was a band... maybe she could get in playing the cymbals or the drums. She wasn't exactly coordinated, so being taught how to march might help her with that.

I hope the people in my year arent mean... i wanna make as many friends as i can!

4/9/2019 #4
Foreteller Ava

Serafine was looking out the window of the monorail, waiting to get to school for another year of school to go by. She'd transferred to BCA on her parents recommendation, something about getting out of the house being good for her and a school with dorms being a good way to prepare for college, and she was eager to go. Not that she wouldn't miss her home, but it was a chance to see something new for once.

Emeline was sleeping, her head resting against the wall next to her seat.

This was probably pretty typical for her.

4/9/2019 #5

Reggie was sitting on his seat on the monorail, hands on his knees as he tapped his foot furiously. Melissa, sitting next to him, noticed this, poking him in the shoulder. "Huh? What is it?"

"Your tapping. Annoying." The girl pointed out to him, looking annoyed.

"Oh! Pardon, pardon. My excitement seems to be getting off the scale, wouldn't you agree?" Reggie snickered, covering his mouth with his hand.

"Yeah. Again, annoying." Melissa replied nonchalantly.

"Oh do not be like that. I am excited because I get to go to this beautifully sophisticated school with my favorite person in the whole world." Reggie said, stretching his hand out to the girl, who inched away from him. "Are you not excited that we won't get to be separated?" He asked, tilting his head.

"... I mean... It sounds cool in theory... But I won't only get to be with you... I'll be with other people... And you'll force me to talk to them... Disgusting..." Melissa muttered, sticking out her tongue in disgust.

"Oh. Well, social interactions are a valuable part of-"

"Yeah, bye." Melissa said, grabbing the end of her cape and turning around, deciding to just feign sleep up until they arrived to their destination.

4/9/2019 #6

Oh! Those guys are pretty active!

The pair of eyes slipped away from the trio and popped up in the seat in front of Melissa and Reggie.



The pair of eyes closed in happiness.

4/9/2019 #7

"Oh, salutations, new person!" Reggie greeted the new person. "You are one of the other students boarding this vehicle, are you not?"

"Of course he is... He wouldn't be here otherwise..." Melissa muttered, still wrapped on her cape, trying to ignore life.

"Excuse me, but I did not hear you greeting this new person. Why is that?" Reggie frowned.

"... Yeah, no thanks."

"... I apologize in her stead. She is not good with other people." Reggie chuckled, stretching his hand, expecting the new person to leave his position and get closer. "My name is Reginald Battle, a pleasure to be meeting you."

4/9/2019 #8

"Jason Phoenix!"

The boy grinned, lifting himself up and stretching his hand to shake Reggie's.

"Want to join the Boxing Club?"

You look like you'll do great~

4/9/2019 #9

"A pleasure to meet you, mister Phoenix." Reggie nodded to the guy. "And while I consider your invitation tempting, I apologize, for I am not interested in such activities. It is for this reason that I must deny your invitation." He bowed, apologizing. "However... This here is Melissa Kubrick. She would be interesting in participating in such a club, are you not?"

"... Pass." Melissa muttered.

"I know you are fond of brawling. Why don't you try it?"

"I said pass."

"... She cordially accepts your invitation."

"REGGIE." Melissa jumped up, sitting like a normal person as she glared daggers at the man sitting next to her.

"Well, I have gotten your attention. That's excellent." Reggie warmly smiled at the girl before turning to Jason again. "Why do you not make a sales pitch for the club? Maybe then Melissa will truly join it."

"I wont..." Melissa sighed, crossing her arms, already regretting leaving the safety of her cape.

4/9/2019 #10

"You'll stay in shape! You can enter tournaments! You get to work out with some cool people!"

Jason laughed.

"You get a place to hang out afterschool that isnt your dorm. Its awesome!"

4/9/2019 #11
Foreteller Ava

Serafine turned away from the window as she heard conversation, and walked over towards Jason, Melissa, and Reggie. "A place to hang out?"

She wasn't really sure what he was encouraging people to do, but she was interested in some place that would help her make a friend or two early on.

4/9/2019 #12

"... I hate all of that- Oh god more people."

And just like that, Melissa regretted life, and went back to hide behind her cape, trying to act like she was sleeping even though it was obvious she wasn't.

"Oh, salutations miss! Indeed, we were talking about a place to hang out, which in this case refers to a boxing club. But let me pause the thought for a moment to introduce myself. My name is Reginald Battle, a pleasure to make your acquaintance." He said, stretching his hand as he pointed at the dumb girl. "And this here is Melissa Kubrick. Nevermind her attitude, she is not good with people."

4/9/2019 #13

"Yeah! A place to ha-"

Jason turned to look at Sera and froze for a full second before continuing like normal.

"-ng out that isn't your dorm! The academy is strict so once we're in we can't leave. Though, tournaments are an exception, those are times you're allowed to go out of campus. You new?"

He asked Sera.

'Never seen a girl as pretty as you before' would be a great line but i dont want to sound like a creep.

4/9/2019 #14
Foreteller Ava

Serafine nodded. "I'm a transfer student, even if I'm starting here for my last year."

"My name's Serafine. It's nice to meet all of you." She smiled at them. Even the grumpy Melissa.

4/9/2019 #15

"Jason Phoenix. Captain of the Boxing Club. Winner of the National Rookie Boxing Tournament last year even though it was for Seniors only."

Jason bowed his head at Sera.

"All around chill guy. If you have any questions about the academy, feel free to ask me for help! I was here as a Freshman and Sophomore."

4/9/2019 #16

"Pleasure to meet you." Reggie repeated, turning to Jason. "And that is both an impressive achievement and a generous offer. If it may not be too much of a bother, may I inquire about the atmosphere of the academy? I assume it is quite the tranquil and amicable place, is it not?"

"... So ya can skip requirements if yer good enough? That doesn't sounds legal..." Suddenly, Melissa came back to life, interested about the tournament. She was still hiding behind her cape, but hey, progress.

4/9/2019 #17

"Yup, I had to beat all the other club members back to back in order to get them to let me join."

Jason nodded at Melissa.

"We were a big club 2 years ago, I hope we get as many or more members fhis year."

He turned to Reggie.

"The academy is nice, overall. In the time I was there it was a great place, then last year there was an incident with a science teacher using his students for an experiment and they closed it down for a year."

He sighed.

"Never met those guys but their faces seemed familiar which was weird. Anyways, professor was fired and then they updated their process of selection for staff members...I follow their Facebook page."

He laughed.

4/9/2019 #18

"Wait, sorry, fucking excusez moi? What's this about an incident?" Melissa asked, frowning. She quickly turned to Reginald, who looked elsewhere. "YOU KNEW!? WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME!?"

"If I had, you would not have wanted us to come." Reggie spoke up.

"Of course not! What the fuck, experiments!? Ya really sure this place is safe?" Melissa asked Jason, gritting her teeth.

"It is. You mustn't worry." Reggie spoke up again, getting glares from Melissa.

"Shut up. Let the guy who knows his shit to answer."

4/9/2019 #19

"I mean, they added more steps to the staff recruitment process...even fired all the old staff until they passed the new regulations."

Jason blinked.

"Must be safer than before now."

4/9/2019 #20

Arista poked her head up above the top of her monitor at the talk of experiments with a nearly silent 'wait, wut?'. That...totally wasn't concerning at all....why was her mom making her go here, again...?

Cato also glanced up curiously. The talk of a boxing club was interesting in itself, but...even moreso the school history. They had come here because Luka had needed to get away, but...if there was danger, then was it worth it?

Luka...Luka wasn't paying any attention to what was going on inside. Go figure.

4/9/2019 #21

Two girls sat closish to each other on the monorail, even if they didn't know each other. They didn't purposefully sit just a few seats away from each other, that's just how things happened to be.

Dia, a younger-looking silver haired teen, was just napping away as the monorail moved along, hugging her precious favorite moogle plushie close to herself.

Clover meanwhile just hummed to herself, fixing the flower hairpiece that kept her lavender hair in a bun.. glance to the sleepy girl... fidget with her bracelet... glance to sleepy girl again... kick her feet in front of her impatiently, wanting for the monorail to arrive at it's destination...

...That girl's plush is so cute though.

4/11/2019 #22

Dia suddenly had a weird ass little kid sitting on the floor in front of her, staring at the plushie, slowly reaching out to poke it.

Cato just facepalmed loudly enough to echo throughout the train. Monorail...Same thing.

4/11/2019 . Edited 4/11/2019 #23

Dia woke up a bit at someone appearing in front of her, opening her eye up just a bit to see some weird ass little kid trying to poke at her plush.

"Hwuh...? Uhm, hi-" She started to greet, her tone a bit sleepy as she still seemed half asleep, not seeming to process that some random person had approached her-

Or, well, not at first, but it only took a fer moments before her eyes widened; she kicked the guy in the face and scooted back in her seat, hugging her moogle plushie clover to herself. "H-hey, don't - who are you!?"

4/11/2019 #24

"Owww..." Luka held his face and sniffled. "That hurt..." He looked up at Dia. "I just wanted to poke the floof...."

4/11/2019 #25

Dia stayed scooted back at that, eyeing Luka for a few moments. "The floof...? I'm not a floof- OH!"

She held her plush out a little bit. "You just wanna say hi to Kookah? That's nice, but.. but pokin' around when ya don't know someone yet isn't very nice."

4/11/2019 . Edited 4/11/2019 #26

Luka sniffed again. "I'm sowwy....."

He slowly reached over to Kookah again.

4/11/2019 #27

Dia nearly instinctively went to kick again, but stopped herself this time. She allowed the poke.

Kookah was very soft and fluffy to the touch. A worthwhile poke indeed.

4/11/2019 #28

Finally being able to feel the soft plushie, Luka brightened up with a cute little grin. "He's so floofy~"

4/11/2019 #29

"Mhmm, he's the floofiest of all~ He's also kinda shy though, so don't poke too much, ok?" Dia smiled, giving her little moogle plush a pat on the head. "Might spook him, and that'd be no good."

4/11/2019 #30
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