Brave Crimson Academy R3
An Academy that has stood open for decades, raising and nurturing the best students in the world into becoming the fine adults that will lead the new generation...has now re-opened it's door after closing down for a year. Arise o' youth and become the foundation of society. [Invite Only RP]
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"You make it seem like I'm the one who fixed it."

Anthony sweatdropped again.

"I'm not the 'tech guy', the 'tech guy' said it was going to be a month. Take it on him, not me. I've been here the entire time since you guys stepped out of the monorail."

4/14/2019 #151

That didn't really make Cato any less suspicious. "What did you mean when you said 'cops would be too busy to come here'?" Did he expect a true response? No, not really. But maybe he could gauge this man based on the answer...

4/14/2019 #152

Anthony sighed.

"It was a joke, okay? Sheesh, please don't call the cops on the campus. I have literally 0 power over what's happening, I was just hired to teach you guys. It was a real pain to get the job so I'd rather keep it if I can. Choppers can be here in like 30 minutes or so, I don't know."

He sweatdropped.

"...I don't joke you can tell."

Jokes are a pain, they only cause more trouble...

Last time I listen to my friends.

4/14/2019 #153

Cato blinked at the man. It was all...a joke? "You're kidding me."

4/14/2019 #154

"I'm just...gonna go work on my biology paper."

Anthony sighed.

"No more jokes, I swear."

He left.

4/14/2019 #155

Cato just stood there, dumbfounded. There was no way it was all just one huge joke. Absolutely no way.

Luka blinked. "I'm confused."

There was a long silence from Tydus. "....Something is still wrong here, but it's certainly not him."

"You think so? So you're not gonna try and leave college, right?"

A pause, then a sigh. "I suppose not....if you do stay, now that the connection does work, call me and let me know what's going on. The moment things start seeming treacherous, I'm calling someone, understand?"

"Yeah, I got it...I was gonna call you every day anyway." Luka looked up at Cato and poked his face. " alive still?"

Cato didn't move.

Luka continued poking him.

Seeing the display, and seeing that no one would be paying attention to her, Arista inched closer to the building. It wasn't like she had the courage to dare and leave, anyways. And having at least the chance of not dying was better than staying outside and being guaranteed to die, so...that was a thing.

4/15/2019 #156

After enough poking, Cato swatted the hand away. "Do you really want to stay here?"

Luka hesitated, then nodded. "At least we know the weird guy isn't actually evil like you thought he we gotta stay! So Tydus can stay in college!"

"Hold on, why is it my fault now??"

After a moment, Cato sighed. "...Fine, we'll stay. But anything dangerous pops up, and I'm getting you out of here, got it?"

"Yeah, yeah..." Luka huffed and rolled his eyes. "You two worry too much..."

"Well, I'm sorry for caring about you." Tydus looked away from his screen. "I have class soon, so I'm going to have to go. Call me later tonight, alright? I love you, Little One."

"Love you too," Luka said as he ended the call. "So that's that!" he chirped. "We're staying~"

Cato sighed again, pinching the bridge of his nose. "This is going to be just great, isn't it...?"

"That's the spirit!"

"..." Cato turned his attention away. "What are you going to do, Dia? Are you leaving like you wanted to?"

No attention...perfect.

Arista took the opportunity to make a beeline for the a way that would draw the least amount of attention possible...hopefully.

4/20/2019 #157
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