Brave Crimson Academy R3
An Academy that has stood open for decades, raising and nurturing the best students in the world into becoming the fine adults that will lead the new generation...has now re-opened it's door after closing down for a year. Arise o' youth and become the foundation of society. [Invite Only RP]
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From the Monorail the Academy seemed huge...but that's nothing compared to how huge it really was.

Once you reached the School Gates you noticed all the buildings the school actually has.

You can see the:

  • Classroom Building
  • The Dormitories
  • The Changing Rooms with a Pool next to them.
  • The Auditorium
  • The Girl's Large Bath
  • The Boy's Large Bath
  • The Infirmary

There are also various parks, each with an animal statue to identify them:

  • There's the Lion Park.
  • The Eagle Park.
  • The Snake Park.
  • and the Wolf Park.
4/14/2019 . Edited 4/14/2019 #1

"We're hoping you kids will be the first step towards getting this Academy back to its feet."

Anthony explained as he stood in front of the gates.

"When you're not in class, you can do whatever you want with your time."

4/14/2019 #2

Nick rose his hand. "Oh! Ooooh!" He waved it willy-nilly, looking like he very badly wanted to ask a question.

Tyson sighed. This was going to be a long... Long... Year? Week? However long they decided to stay in this hellhole.

4/14/2019 #3


Anthony looked at Nick.

4/14/2019 #4

"If you're not a pharmacist, what are you?" He smiled. "A chemist? Biologist? Pedia... Pediatrishion?"

4/14/2019 #5

"...Right now, your teacher."

Anthony replied.

"I have a side project for the academy as a biologist if that helps ease your endless curiosity."

4/14/2019 #6

"It does!" Nick beamed, crossing his arms. "Thank you, Biologist Anthony!"

"Anything we want?" Tyson rose a brow. "What rules are in place?"

And who is around to enforce them?

4/14/2019 #7

"I mean...dont kill, dont vandalize the school, don't break anything. School Building will be closed at night."

Anthony nodded.

"Basically behave like someone who has been entrusted with the future of society, like the Academy wants. Try not to break a rule please, don't want to have to throw you out".

4/14/2019 #8
Luigi man21

"So what happens now? Are we going to have to go to an assembly or something, or can we go set down our bags and shit first?" Robin asked Anthony.

"I'd like to set down my bags, if I can." Hank nodded.

"...are you leaving that cooler too?" Robin asked as he turned to Hank.

"No that's staying with me." Hank smiled in response.

4/14/2019 #9

""It's Friday...I don't feel like teaching guys can do whatever till Monday. Explore, look around, have fun. I dont care."

Anthony unlocked the gates.

4/14/2019 #10

"... You don't feel like teaching... Great." Tyson mumbled.

So much for classes where I actually learn something. Might as well go back to re-playing the Endless series... Again.

Well, what am I going to do first?

Nick went on ahead, excited to see what the dorm rooms looked like~

4/14/2019 #11

"Your friend sure has lots of energy."

Jason popped up next to Tyson.

"Think he'll be willing to start up a club with me?"

4/14/2019 #12

"Probably." Tyson admitted quickly, crossing his arms. "Nick gets along with just about anyone. I'm sure he'd be up for it."

He turned to the man. "... What's your name, again? I'm Tyson Jin."

4/14/2019 #13
Luigi man21

"Guess its time to go unload this stuff." Robin gave a small smile as he left for the dorms, with Hank following not too far behind.

4/14/2019 #14

"Jason Phoenix."

Jason nodded.

"...Something is off, it doesnt take a genius to understand that."

He lowered his voice a bit.

4/14/2019 #15

"Yeah." Tyson kept his voice a bit low, too. "A prestigious academy with only one class, low staff, a teacher who barely wants to teach, not to mention all the weird stuff that went down...? Something's wrong with this place."

He crossed his arms. "... We could probably still leave. But admittedly this place has got me curious." He looked to Jason. "What about you?"

4/14/2019 #16

"Monorail is off...we're stuck here whether we like it or not...unless youre a fan of dropping over a thousand feet into the ocean or however high we are."

Jason frowned.

"You two going to whisper sweet nothings to each other all day or get inside?"

Anthony called out.

4/14/2019 #17

"Well. Shit." Tyson grumbled. "... Maybe we'll find something useful inside. C'mon."

"Coming, sir!" He shouted out, heading inside the gates.

4/14/2019 #18

"Hmm...not sure if I'm all up to go exploring with a guy when there's this really cute girl I want to talk to..."

Jason stared at Tyson as he walked next to him.

"Just kidding."

He grinned.


4/14/2019 #19

Guess there's no better place to start than the beginning...

Jason had jogged from the dorm to the gates.

"Aight, time to warm up."

He stretched, taking in the view of the academy.

If this place was full of students, would it be as peaceful as it is right now.

A small smile appeared on his face as he took a deep breath.

"No matter how you look at it...its beautiful."

4/17/2019 #20
Foreteller Ava

Emeline cursed as she ran off the monorail.

She'd fallen asleep and actually forgotten to leave.

Ah well, at least she was finally at school now. And there was somebody else there too.

"Hey awesome! I'm not the last to arrive!"

Or at least she wasn't going to enter the school alone.

And then she heard his comment about the school and actually decided not to ignore what he was saying. "Oh yeah, I guess it is really pretty, isn't it?"

4/17/2019 #21


Jason blinked, literally not expecting anyone to pop up.

"Yeah, imagine how we have all this for ourselves. Isn't thar kinda cool?"

He grinned.

4/17/2019 #22
Foreteller Ava

"Definitely!" She nodded in agreement and stuck out her hand. "I can't wait to see what's here, there's gotta be a ton of language classes for me to take."

And also classes that she needed to pass in order to actually graduate this year, but that wasn't all that relevant.

"...Of course I have to actually explore the campus first, but I can do that eventually."

I'll...just have to find a map first.

4/17/2019 #23

Jason reached out and shook the girl's hand.

"Jason. If you want, I can show you around."

I was gonna jog first but not everyday I get to hang out with a pretty girl.

"Not that im familiar with the entire place, I've only visited a couple of buildings."

He laughed, rubbing his neck.

4/17/2019 #24
Foreteller Ava

"I'm Emeline!" She smiled. "And if you could give me a tour that would definitely be helpful. I kinda...fell asleep on the monorail so I haven't had a chance to look around juuust yet."

She would soon at least., thanks to Jason.

4/17/2019 #25

"Aight, but first a question: What do you like? extra period wise. PE? Choir? Band? Sports Club?"

Jason nodded, already looking out at all the buildings.

4/17/2019 #26
Foreteller Ava

Did languages count as a hobby?

Emeline had to actually think about that for a moment before deciding yes, they do. "I spend most of my free time studying foreign languages. My goal is to learn as many languages as physically possible! I'm already on...language eight I think? Might be nine."

Emeline how much free time do you dedicate to this???

4/17/2019 #27

"...Okay wow."

Jason blinked.

I know like...3...4 if you count weeb but she doesnt need to know that. Library is closed so I cant take her there.

"You must be really dedicated to it. Any reason why? Or you just do it can."

He grinned.

4/17/2019 #28
Foreteller Ava

"Well it started when I was...five I think? I wanted to be closer to my mom and since she was French that meant learning the language and all. And then that was pretty fun so I just learned it and well...kept learning more languages. I'm not fluent in all of them yet, a couple I'm still trying to understand grammar structure and one I'm only just starting to understand the words. But the rest, I got down pretty well." She grinned. "So I guess for the most part, it's just because I can."

Not that she was good at literally anything else.

4/17/2019 #29

"Oh? Tu parle francais?"

Jason gave her a small smile.

"I...know a bit."

Totally not cuz i read in a book that girls like French.

4/17/2019 #30
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