Brave Crimson Academy R3
An Academy that has stood open for decades, raising and nurturing the best students in the world into becoming the fine adults that will lead the new generation...has now re-opened it's door after closing down for a year. Arise o' youth and become the foundation of society. [Invite Only RP]
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A huge park surrounded by trees with a Wolf Statue in the middle. There's a small lake with what seems to be 2 small lookout spots on each side. There are tables all over the park. There are also benches to sit on and trash cans to dispose of waste.

A huge logo is floating above the Wolf Statue, kinda like a hologram, with the letter BCA in Crimson Red.

4/14/2019 #1

Tyson Jin is now sitting at a table here, with his laptop, playing some sort of strategy game.

Anyone want to interact with a possible psychopath?

4/15/2019 #2
Foreteller Ava

Her rper sent Serafine here because she wants some interactions.

Which means she noticed the laptop, and sat down next to him. "What are you playing?"

She wasn't a huge gamer, but she was curious.

4/15/2019 #3

Tyson looked up, a little surprised. He hadn't expected to see anyone here so quickly-

... Wait. He'd been here for two hours.

... Shit. This game really was addicting..

"Endless Legends. It's a tactical 4X game... The main challenge is basically just all the stuff you have to keep track of. I'm challenging myself to win a Deity-level game without losing any units." He sighed. "But it feels impossible. Too much randomness. I'm trying to figure out if there's a way to keep everyone safe and still win..."

4/15/2019 #4
Foreteller Ava

"There's always a way to keep people from dying." Serafine looked over the game, not that she really understood any of what was happening. "Sometimes you just have to think a little creatively. Like you could just..."

She was about to suggest something before realizing she understood none of it. "...Actually, never mind, I don't really know what's going on in the first place."

4/15/2019 #5

"I wish I could agree. Sometimes it feels impossible to complete a mission without sacrifice." The budding tactician sighed, scratching the back of his head, staring at the screen. "... 'Acceptable losses' are what they're called. I'd like to change that, but... All I can do right now is save as many as I can."

That's reality.

4/15/2019 #6
Foreteller Ava

"Hmm...sounds like a true and more fun challenge then to figure things out without acceptable losses." Serafine pointed out. She did at least believe that death wasn't going to have to be necessary, even if a lot of things came to the conclusion of some people being more disposable than others. But if they were all on the same time, there had to be a way to save everybody.

She wasn't a practical strategist maybe, but she was an optimist, at least.

4/15/2019 #7

"Exactly why I'm doing that now." Tyson smirked, looking back to his screen. "... See, in this game, it's even more challenging because one 'unit' is made up of dozens of troops. Whenever you take even one bit of damage, somebody dies. That means you need to launch perfect sneak attacks, always strike first, always kill the enemy before they can even hit you, and never get attacked... It is... Difficult, to say the least..."

"You sound hopeful about it, though. Maybe there's a chance." The tactician shrugged.

4/15/2019 #8
Foreteller Ava

Serafine blinked. "I mean, I don't know about in game, since I don't know a lot about its mechanics, but if it's possible to do it in real life, it has to be possible to do it in the game, right?" It wasn't foolproof logic, but she didn't even know that fact about units.

She was definitely glad that she hadn't tried to make any moves in the game to help. She honestly would've just assumed a unit was equivalent to a person.

"My name's Serafine, by the way. It's nice to meet you."

4/15/2019 #9

"It's probably even harder in real life... There are no do-overs here. We can only do what helps save the most amount of people we can..."

Tyson shook his head, holding out his hand. "Tyson Jin. Pleasure to meet you, Serafine."

4/15/2019 #10
Foreteller Ava

She nodded, but decided to drop the debate. There was no such thing as acceptable losses in her mind, at least. "You can call me Sera, by the way. Most of my friends do, and I'm hoping to make friends while I go here."

Most of her friends. Ah yes, Marina, Landon, and Sky. A full friend group of four people five years older than her.

4/15/2019 #11

"Well, all of my friends just call me Tyson. Nice to re-meet you, Sera." Tyson shrugged it off. "You have friends back home, too? Starting to think I shouldn't have left them behind. I don't really think I'll fit in here..."

Not without more time in the library, anyway.

4/15/2019 #12
Foreteller Ava

She nodded. "Some people from dance class, and then there's my sister's friends. I spend a lot of time around them." Although at that point, they were probably all like family at that point. "I left them behind on purpose though. I wanted to get to know some more people before I went to college, learn more about the world and people in it, see things I wouldn't have gotten to see if I stayed at home."

"Besides, even if you don't fit in, that's not necessarily a bad thing."

4/15/2019 #13

"That's probably wise. You should get a chance to get to know the world before you have to make your first big choices in it." Tyson scratched his nose. "... At least I get to travel for my side job now. It's fun."

He crossed his arms. "Eh. Well. Sure. But back home, I at least felt pretty comfortable with my social life. Now it's like I have to rebuild it all from the ground up... And that takes a lot more effort than I'm willing to put in."

I just want to focus on my studies. Sigh.

4/15/2019 #14
Foreteller Ava

"Side job?" Serafine looked at Tyson, confused.

4/15/2019 #15

"I... Do stuff for the military, sometimes." Tyson had to keep it quiet for right now, not quite trusting Serafine to go into more detail just yet. That's further in the social link. "It's an opportunity I don't want to screw up. So I do research like this."

He gestured to his laptop. "... It's just a game, but some can consider 'war' to be a game, too. A cruel, terrible game, where the goal is to not be at war."

4/17/2019 #16
Foreteller Ava

Serafine frowned, but didn't really say anything. Viewing war as a game was kinda trivializing, but then again, he was the strategist, not the actual soldier. Plus it wasn't like she had ever been in a war.

"I get it, it's top secret. I won't pry."

For now.

4/17/2019 #17
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