Brave Crimson Academy R3
An Academy that has stood open for decades, raising and nurturing the best students in the world into becoming the fine adults that will lead the new generation...has now re-opened it's door after closing down for a year. Arise o' youth and become the foundation of society. [Invite Only RP]
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A huge park surrounded by trees with a Lion Statue in the middle. This park seemed to follow a different theme than the other parks. It had a Tennis Court, Basketball Court, and Soccer field on it. Vending Machines with snacks and drinks were placed next to a small plaza with benches and picnic tables.

Above the Lion Statue was a Hologram with the letter BCA in Crimson Red.

4/14/2019 #1

Nick was poking his sword through the hologram of the lion.

"Woooaaah..." His eyes sparkled as he saw the artificial light bounce off of his sword. "So cool...!"

4/15/2019 #2

Huh, guess Tyson was right.

"Yo, Sword Guy."

Jason called out as he entered the park.

"Having fun there?"

4/15/2019 #3

"My name is Nick Icarus! And I am having a lot of fun, thank you!" Nick grinned. "This is such a fun device!~"

He kept poking it.

4/15/2019 #4

"Nick, got it."

Jason nodded.

"You want to go for a jog together?"

4/15/2019 #5

"Well, I don't see why not!" The boy beamed. ".... Where are we jogging, though? This academy feels far too confined for a traditional across-town jog!"

A-Across town...

my legs hurt just by typing that

4/15/2019 #6

"Hehe, you gotta think outside the box my friend...or inside the box in this case!"

Jason grinned.

"We can run across the edge of campus! A small warm up of 100 laps should be a good start, wouldn't you agree?"

4/15/2019 #7

"That would get boring." Nick admitted. "I like it when my jogs have different sights at all times... But I guess we don't have a choice, do we? Very well, friend! A hundred laps it is!"

4/15/2019 #8

"Woo! Are you going like that or do you want to change? People like to kog in their own ways, just asking."

Jason laughed.

4/15/2019 #9

"... Ah, right. Gym clothes..." Nick probably shouldn't jog in his sweater-vest. He had enough common sense to know he needed new clothes. "Hmm... Do you think the school supplies their own gym clothes?"

4/17/2019 #10

"To be honest, I haven't checked. But I did pack my own just in case, you never know. Do you need some work out clothes?"

Jason blinked.

4/17/2019 #11

"Yes, I do! I completely forgot to bring workout clothes!" Nick admitted quite blatantly and loudly. "I assumed that BCA would supply some for us!... Hmm... Do you have anything in XXL?"

4/17/2019 #12

"Probably an old shirt or something that I would use to sleep in. Come on, let's go to the dorms real quick."

Jason laughed.

4/17/2019 #13

"Alright!" Nick smiled. "I need to put down my things somewhere, anyway!"

He had a big-ass sword, after all....

4/17/2019 #14

To the dorms!

4/17/2019 #15
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