Brave Crimson Academy R3
An Academy that has stood open for decades, raising and nurturing the best students in the world into becoming the fine adults that will lead the new generation...has now re-opened it's door after closing down for a year. Arise o' youth and become the foundation of society. [Invite Only RP]
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A place where BCA students needed to treated by illness or injuries.

BCA has it's own Doctor and Nurse...but due to the short staff, it seems like there's none of that here. Care to guess who your 'doctor' is?

There are 2 Floors with 4 Patient Rooms on each floor.

4/14/2019 #1

Checking around here.

"No doctor or nurse." Tyson sighed. "Of course not."

4/15/2019 #2

"There's medicine everywhere though."

Jason said as he checked the cabinets.

"...Prescribed meds are locked but the over-the-counter stuff seems to be accessible. Think that Teach has the keys?"

4/15/2019 #3

"Probably. So we'd have to ask him if we need anything strong." Tyson frowned. "... Unless anyone here happens to know how to pick a lock. I sure don't."

He looked to Jason. "And I barely know medicine, either... Do you?"

Nick might know some things from hanging around Aaron so much...

4/15/2019 #4

"I know a bit. It helps if I get injured in boxing."

Jason nodded.

"But I don't know more than that, sadly. Maybe one of the other studenfs has more proficiency in this area."

4/15/2019 #5

"Yeah, maybe we'll get lucky and find a thief." Tyson shrugged. "... And by 'lucky' I mean 'terribly unlucky'."

There are only so many Rye-like people I can afford to have in my life before I shoot myself.

"I'm not sure if anywhere else will be particularly... Useful." Tyson admitted, thinking about how the academy looked as he walked around. "... Unless you want to check out the classroom building."

4/15/2019 #6

"I mean, I have nothing else to do."

Jason laughed.

"Except maybe train, but I can do that later. Nothing to lose except a bit of time if we go, but we do gain the benefit of getting to know each other better and the possibility of valuable info. I'll leave it up to you to decide."

4/15/2019 #7

"Get to know each other better?" This guy was getting cheesier by the minute. "Alright. Let's check it out. So, what's your favorite color?" Tyson joked, heading out.

4/15/2019 #8

"Red, what about you?"

Jason non-joked back as he followed out.

4/15/2019 #9
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