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Who's the ugliest WWE Superstar today?
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Regal is pretty fugly. And Boogeyman's not ugly, that man has a hott-a** body! =D
6/30/2007 #31
wousy wabbit
another guy taken off of the list...i guess boogeyman is hot...sigh...... but replaced him is WILLIAM REGAL! yes...yes... should we also diss the divas or should we stick to the guys?
6/30/2007 . Edited 6/30/2007 #32
If I had to diss divas, I'd say Layla and Candice. Layla's accent scares me, and her hair's kind of creepy. Candice is too much of a s*** and usually looks all white-trashed out. .
6/30/2007 #33
i have, do, and allways will hate lita..... end of story.... i do kinda belive ya on layla and candice too
7/1/2007 #34
Lita? Lita's the sexiest, best, most amazing woman's wrestler to ever grace the WWE... in my mind. =D
7/1/2007 #35
well i dont like her..... and to me the best womans wrestler will allways be molly.... she didnt have to strut her stuff to beat em ^_^
7/1/2007 #36
wousy wabbit
i like lita when she was part of team extreme, but she's S.L.U.T.
7/1/2007 #37
wousy wabbit
i can't believe i didn't thought of this earlier for the dudes: finley and booker t or king bookaAaaaaa! does horsewoggler and little boogey count too?
7/1/2007 #38
*smirk* yup ^_^ finlay yes..... booker is ok but his not hot um.... lepricorn guy yes.... and boogie man yes ..... in my opinion... quack
7/1/2007 #39
For the ugliest guys list I'd have to say, in this order: 1)Snitsky 2)Umaga That is it......*twitch* And ugliest gals...1 name: 1)Beth Pheonix....I hate her....but its ok if ya'll like 'er...i jus' don't...
12/2/2007 #40


I think Beth is Pretty.

Kane is hot too. (:

But seriously. Trevor Murdoch is like, despicable. UUUGH.

10/13/2008 #41

Paul Bearer.


4/22/2009 #42

Yeah, he is ugly. I also think Khali is ugly as well as Umaga, but he isn't wrestling anymore. And you know what? While I like Triple H as a wrestler, I think he's kinda ugly. I mean, look at his nose. It looks like a witch's nose.

7/23/2009 #43

Sheamus!! I don't like him one bit, I think is the hair (not the color, actually my bf is a redhead too) and the beard *yuck*

3/30/2010 #44

lol, you mean you don't like his humgungus milky white thighs... Seriously, they're huge... Anywho, does anyone else agree that Edge's face is really flat? i mean, that guy's facial expressions are hilarious but....

3/30/2010 #45

In the past, I would definately have voted for Snitsky but as he's no longer wrestling for either WWE or TNA, I'm gonna go with Vladmir Koslov!

10/11/2010 #46

Jesus Punk was ugly.

2/23/2011 #47
Devils Favourite Angel

Dolf Ziggler

Alberto Del Rio

Ricardo Rodrigez

3/5/2011 #48

HA!.... true.... all that long nasty, greasy hair... guh!

3/15/2011 #49
Drew McIntrye xD
3/11/2012 #50
U r sooo right about the list
7/13/2012 #51
The Hardy Brother's Fan

only person you missing is triple H, lol! :)

8/28/2012 #52
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